What Is So Special About Doormats

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Typical NYC Welcome Mat
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Door mats are more than just an outdoor carpet to wipe your feet on.  They’re the first thing people see when they come to your home, and can set the tone for a visitor entering your abode.  There are plenty of cool doormats for sale out there, but you can add you own personal touch at the front door with a bespoke, home-made custom doormat.

Hopefully this guide will give you the means to get started on a custom “Welcome” to your home.  I’ve also squeezed in a few pictures of my favorite doormats to give you some inspiration.

1.       Get a doormat

Go to your front door and look down.  If you’ve found a doormat, step one is complete.  If there’s nothing there, it’s time to get to the shops.  Ideally, you want something plain, without an existing design and in a solid, light color.  Doormats come in all shapes, sizes and materials, so make sure you’ve got one appropriate for the space at your front door and take measurements in advance.  Material is also important, it’s no good having something that looks pretty, but won’t actually clean shoes.

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