What's Your Front Door Personality?

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Before guests take a seat on your most comfortable couch, before they peruse your painstakingly arranged pictures, indeed, before they even step foot inside your foyer, their first impression of your home has been painted.

what is the personality of your front door?
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The front door of a house is like a handshake, a “How do ya do?” welcoming visitors into your personal domain and giving a nod to your style personality. So be sure that your home’s hello is an authentic reflection of what lies beneath. Both color and design contribute to the picture that an exterior door puts forth, so what does your home front say about you? Below, I’ll introduce you to some common personality perceptions associated with various door shades and shapes.


Symbolizing everything from good luck to holiness to safety, depending on where you are in the world (or when), a red door announces the presence of a vivacious and exciting household. Want to further extend your lively look? Opt for a design that features a few small windows (such as a six- or nine-light style) for a peek at the party inside.


Blue calls to mind the calm heavens and the soothing sea. On a front door, the hue emits a sense of private sanctuary just beyond the threshold. Wish to keep your secret retreat all to yourself? Turn to a windowless colonial style for perfect privacy.


Green symbolizes growth, prosperity, and health, so this fresh shade indicates a renewed feeling of lush living in a home. You can also find balance in symmetrical sidelights flanking either side of an entrance.

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