When and How To Clean Your Ducts

For many homeowners, “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t apply when it comes to keeping a clean, well-maintained home. In fact, what we can’t see is often one of our greatest concerns. After all, mold, pests, and other unhealthy substances often lurk and grow in the dark recesses that we can’t see or reach. It’s natural that the clients that I work with are often disturbed about the state of their home’s ductwork, considering the volume of dust and debris that gets filtered unnoticed through them. But in truth, duct cleaning is largely unnecessary except for a few circumstances. Instead of relying on the word of a professional duct cleaning service, understand that your ducts can remain mostly untouched without routine maintenance except for a few situations.

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Signs of Excess Dust

dustThe dust that thickly accumulates on the walls of ducts actually presents no risk to your indoor air quality or HVAC system efficiency. However, it’s crucial to recognize when a cleaning is necessary.

  • When particulates are visibly emitted from your system, it could signify an excess of dust and dirt in your ducts.
  • If you’re having unusual humidity issues, such as air that feels “sticky” or abnormally dry, your ducts may not be allowing airflow as it should. Given the issues that improper humidity levels present, balanced humidity is what you want all year long.
  • If your ducts are inexplicably less powerful, or if it produces weaker “stale” air, a large blockage could be limiting your airflow.
  • When you’re experiencing an unexplained lack of efficiency despite well-maintained equipment and regular energy audits, your clogged ducts might be culpable (and can result in up to 40% improved efficiency once cleaned.)
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Signs of Excess Dust

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