When and How To Clean Your Ducts

For many homeowners, “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t apply when it comes to keeping a clean, well-maintained home. In fact, what we can’t see is often one of our greatest concerns. After all, mold, pests, and other unhealthy substances often lurk and grow in the dark recesses that we can’t see or reach. It’s natural that the clients that I work with are often disturbed about the state of their home’s ductwork, considering the volume of dust and debris that gets filtered unnoticed through them. But in truth, duct cleaning is largely unnecessary except for a few circumstances. Instead of relying on the word of a professional duct cleaning service, understand that your ducts can remain mostly untouched without routine maintenance except for a few situations.

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Methods of duct cleaning

ductwork cleaningCleaning your ducts can range in difficulty depending on the method you want to use, which can affect how thorough and widespread your cleaning goes.

  • If you lack the necessary tools to clean ducts on your own or would prefer the service of a professional, make sure to follow the quality of their work with this checklist.
  • In handling mold, beware of using harsh chemicals in your ducts and allowing the harmful fumes to spread throughout your house. A mild bleach solution is sufficient in killing mold on surfaces like sheet metal, though be mindful to vacuum out any dead matter.
  • Using a high powered HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner in each of your supply registers can help in removing most of the dirt in your system. While not as thorough as professional vacuuming machines, commercially available vacuum cleaners can be sufficient for most duct cleaning situations.
  • Do not use poisons in dealing with pests in ducts, such as mice, since the poison and decay can spread disease throughout your home. Using snapping or glue-based traps in accessible areas is best to remove their presence entirely. However, the best method is preventative measures: keep them from entering your house in the first place.
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Methods of duct cleaning

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