Will My Property Taxes Increase If I Remodel My Home?

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Examples of Taxable New Construction:

  • -New buildings or significant enhancements that change the size, condition or usability of a property.
  • -New additions to real property including room additions, swimming pools, spas, patio covers, central heating/air conditioning, fireplaces, decks, fences or flatwork.

Examples of NON-Taxable Maintenance or Replacement:

  • Maintenance or replacement of existing improvements including roofs, garage doors, kitchen cabinets, counters, bathroom fixtures, heating/air conditioning units, flatwork or fences.
  • -Certain types of new construction are specifically excluded from assessment. These may include alterations to make a building more accessible to, or more usable by, a disabled person; active solar energy systems; seismic rehabilitation or retrofitting or a fire sprinkler or detection system.

So, if you’ve been putting off that Kitchen, Bathroom, or other interior remodel for fear that it will affect your property value, remove Proposition 13 protection, and raise your property taxes, rest easy. Simple things like new cabinets, counters, and more will not trigger a new assessment or affect your taxes.

For more information regarding how to reduce property taxes, what is and isn’t taxable and how to request a new appraisal – visit the Assessor’s website at www.ocgov.com/assessor.

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