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Changing out or updating the window coverings in a room can change the look and feel of a room.  Windows can take up anywhere from 20% or more of a typical rooms wall surface area.  This is generally a quick and easy DIYer activity for most homeowners. This update can also be done very inexpensively.  Most windows have either some kind of blind or shade designed to block our sunlight and add privacy.  Some windows may or may not have a curtain or drapery, valence or other fabric that adds decoration, texture and color to the window and the room in general.


Get a tape measure and paper and pen as the first step in planning is the measure the windows and record those numbers and diagram your window.  You will want to know the inside measurement, that is the measurement on the interior of the window trim as well as the outside measurement, that is the measurement on the exterior of the window trim.  If you have existing curtain rods that you plan to reuse you will want to record their dimensions as well.

a great cheap home improvement is window treatmentsWindow Coverings

There are so many different choices of styles for blinds or drapes to cover your windows.  Styles range from roman, plantation, vertical, honeycomb, venetian, mini, and bottom-up on the blind side of window coverings.  The draperies includes:  pleated, rod pocket, grommet, roller, tab top, insulated, and lined.  In addition to style, you will need to select a color, pattern, and for curtains a fabric style.  To help you discover a window covering to select, do research on the Internet, review design and architecture magazines, visit a home improvement store, and keep you eyes wide open when visiting others houses.  Many choices that make for wonderful updates to your room.  According to LMD Interior Design of Cary, NC  hanging a set of coordinated sheer delicate drapery panels can be done in just two hours.

Prep and Install

Decide whether you plan to do the project yourself or hire this task out.  The largest part of prepping for this type of project is to use a measuring tape to get the proper curtain measurements, as mentioned earlier, so you can order the products.  Once your products have arrived you can remove the old window coverings.  Now is a good opportunity to wash your windows as well.  Follow the installation instructions that come with your product.

Sit back and enjoy your new look!

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