Window the Web: Halloween Decoration Ideas

Need some Halloween decoration ideas? Check out these articles we found from across the web that might help for Halloween.

Flamingo Skeletons – Making your own decorations can be fun and open up the possibilities. My favorite part of this article is taking the stereotypical pink flamingo lawn decoration and turning it into a skeleton bird. (Read more)

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Painted PumpkinsCarving up pumpkins is a must for every Halloween. I love the creativity and the added bonus of being to make pumpkin pie from the “guts” of the melon. If you want to take it different direction this year, try painting your pumpkin. Even if you paint it orange, it will have a much more vibrant color. (Read more)

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40 Best Pumpkin Carvings – Find ideas on how people are getting creative with pumpkin carving this year. This article features 40 of the best pumpkins for this year. (Read more)

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Home Maintenance Posts this Week

In case you missed any, here are the posts from this week:

Reverse Osmosis System – Install a reverse osmosis system underneath your sink to bring clean drinking water to your kitchen.

5 Energy Efficiency Tips – Utilize these 5 simple tips for lowering your energy consumption this winter.

Concrete Spalling and Repair – Unfamiliar with concrete spalling? It is those spots on a driveway or sidewalk where the top layer has eroded away.

Home History Report – Use this HomeSpot tool to create a home history report for your archives or for showing prospective buyers.

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