Window to the Web: Halloween Decorations, Hiding Nails, Funny Fail and Smart Energy

Halloween Decorations – Get your home into full swing for the Halloween season. Find plenty of clever and funny decorations at Houzz.(Read more)

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Hiding Nails in Wood – A nice clean surface wood always looks good around the house. This trick uses a drill to create a pilot hole and counter bore so a screw can be hidden in the wood and create a more professional look.(Read more)

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Funny Fail: Power Strip – Everyone can appreciate a little humor around the house and we’ve all made our fair share of mistakes. But it is funnier when it’s not you making the mistake! (Read more)

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Smart Power – Whole house smart meters can be expensive and difficult to install. This system, developed by Intel in Austin, uses only two outlet plugins to create an energy profile for your home. (Read more)

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Home Maintenance Posts this Week

In case you missed any, here are the posts from this week:

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Milestone: HomeSpot HQ Hits 10,000 Users – There are now over 10,000 users registered and busy maintaining their homes with the help of HomeSpot HQ. I hope HomeSpot HQ has helped you, too. Feel free to send us feedback or suggestions.

Yard and Garden Preparation for Winter – Prepare your yard and garden for the coming cold of winter so everything turns up rosy in the spring.

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