Window to the Web: Kitchen Inspiration, Mortgage Rates, Floor Fixes, and LED Lights

Kitchen Inspiration – Check out kitchens from everyday homes that might inspire you for DIY projects or professional remodels. Often times it is helpful to view everyday kitchens versus “dream” kitchens for more realistic ideas. (Read more)

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Record Low Mortgage Rates – The average 30-year fixed mortgage to an all time low this week. According to Freddie Mac, the rate dropped from the precious rate of 3.40% of last week to a rate of 3.36% this week. Undoubtdely, this is good news that adds to the boosted housing barometer. (Read More)

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LED Bright Future – IKEA has announced that they will be phasing out all incandescent and fluorescent lights by the year 2016. It makes sense. LEDs are far more energy efficiency, last longer, more durable and are intrinsically safer. (Read more)

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Cheap Floor Fixes – Installing new floors can be very expensive. The better alternative is to fix up your current floors with these cheap solutions. (Read More)

Home Maintenance Posts this Week

In case you missed any, here are the posts from this week:

DIY: Temporary Roof Patch – Use this temporary roof patch if you have a leaky roof. You never know when a storm will do damage and temporarily preventing a leak until a professional arrives is essential.

Gutter Cleaning and Guards – Fall has arrived and the leaves are dropping in and plugging up the gutter. Clean out the gutter and downspout strainer to prevent clogging and ice damming. Also, consider adding a gutter guard.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist – A complete home maintenance checklist for all the tasks this fall. Take care of these items and your home will be ready for the cold of winter.

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