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At HomeSpot HQ, we make it easy for you to manage and improve your home. Our platform is designed by homeowners for homeowners. Founded by three homeowners who understood the need for a better home improvment tool,

HomeSpotHQ is all about making your life simpler and more efficient, especially when it comes to home improvement. We know from our own experience that staying organized saves both time and money, and it’s essential for successfully managing home projects and maintenance.

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Our Core Values

At HomeSpot HQ, our core values guide everything we do and shape how we interact with our users, partners, and the wider community. These values are the foundation of our commitment to providing exceptional service and support to homeowners everywhere.


We prioritize connecting our users with the most dependable professionals.


Streamlining the home maintenance process saves time and reduces stress for homeowners.


We believe in making home maintenance and improvement straightforward and stress-free.

Our Team at HomeSpot HQ

Tyler Golberg
Tyler Golberg

Founder of HomeSpot HQ

Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee

Content Manager

Linda Lim
Linda Lim

Marketing Manager

Joseph Lai
David Chow

Content Editor

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