5 Best Home Remodeling Contractors in Alabama

Embarking on a home remodeling journey can be as thrilling as it is daunting. With a plethora of contractors out there, finding the right one to bring your vision to life is no small feat. That’s why we’ve rolled up our sleeves and done the heavy lifting for you. At HomeSpot HQ, our team of experts has spent hundreds of hours researching and vetting the best home remodeling contractors across Alabama. We’ve sifted through countless reviews, analyzed project portfolios, and even chatted with past clients to ensure we bring you a list of the crème de la crème.

Our goal? To make your search for the perfect remodeling partner not just easier, but successful. Whether you’re dreaming of a modern kitchen overhaul, a luxurious bathroom update, or an expansive new addition, we’ve got you covered. Jump into our roundup of the 5 best home remodeling contractors in Alabama, and take the first step towards turning your house into the home of your dreams.

SouthFace Renovations & Construction, LLC

When tackling the task of finding the best home remodeling contractors in Alabama, we stumbled upon SouthFace Renovations & Construction, LLC. This company stands out for its unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction and professional service in Birmingham, AL. Here’s what we found.

Website: https://birminghamremodelers.com/

Comprehensive Services

SouthFace offers an impressive array of services. From kitchen remodels that breathe new life into your home, to custom cabinets that offer both beauty and functionality, their portfolio is extensive. They also specialize in countertop installations, roofing repairs, and even commercial painting. This range means you can count on them for a vast array of projects.

Praise-Worthy Professionalism

Clients like Brett Hollett and Sharri Thompson have personally vouched for SouthFace’s professionalism, timeliness, and budget adherence. This trio of qualities is essential in a contractor. Besides, Johnny and his team have been recognized for their craftsmanship and polite service. For households undergoing renovations, their ability to work around families with minimal disruption is a significant advantage.

Quality Work and Cleanup

The attention to detail doesn’t end with the project completion. Dickie Tant Knopf highlighted their thorough paint jobs and rigorous cleanup process. Such meticulousness underscores their goal to leave your home better than they found it, every time.

Problem-Solving Skills

SouthFace’s approach to addressing issues like roof leaks—getting it right on the first attempt—avoids the hassle and costs of recurrent problems. This proactive problem-solving ensures long-term satisfaction with their work.

Competitive Pricing

Even though the high quality of work, SouthFace maintains competitive pricing. This balance of affordability and quality places them as an expert-recommended contractor in Alabama.

In sum, if you’re looking for a contractor that offers a wide range of services, values professionalism, and commits to quality, SouthFace Renovations & Construction, LLC should be at the top of your list. Their dedication to creating satisfied customers with each project they undertake makes them a standout choice for your next home improvement try.

One Call Remodel

After examining the spectrum of home remodeling contractors in Alabama, we place One Call Remodel prominently in our assessment for several reasons. Specializing in basement and attic renovations, they turn often overlooked areas into vibrant spaces that enhance the whole home. They stand out not just for the range of services but for the meticulous attention to detail they bring to kitchen and bathroom remodels, marrying beauty with functionality in every project.

Their expertise doesn’t end indoors. One Call Remodel excels in creating outdoor living spaces and room additions, making them a go-to for those looking to expand their living areas without the hassle of moving. The seamless integration of new spaces with existing structures speaks volumes of their craftsmanship and understanding of home aesthetics.

Value is a significant factor in home remodeling, and here, One Call Remodel shines. They guarantee their work, a testament to their confidence in delivering quality. Clients have consistently noted the peace of mind this brings, coupled with the team’s respectful and communicative approach throughout the remodeling process. With over two decades of experience, their reputation for reliability is well-earned.

Also, they manage all aspects of the project, from securing permits to the final clean-up, streamlining the process to minimize disruption for homeowners. Their licenses and insurance coverage offer an additional layer of protection, ensuring that every project is as stress-free as possible.

Comparing One Call Remodel with other contractors in Alabama, their comprehensive services, stellar craftsmanship, and robust client protection policies set them apart. For anyone in Birmingham, AL, looking to remodel their home, One Call Remodel stands out as a premier choice for quality, value, and peace of mind in home renovations.

Website: https://www.onecallremodel.com/

Toles Remodeling & Addition

Transitioning from other high-quality contractors in Alabama, Toles Remodeling & Addition Inc. stands out as a beacon of excellence for home renovation projects in Montgomery. With a remarkable 30-year legacy, our experience has shown that Toles Remodeling excels in transforming homes into personalized spaces that reflect the unique tastes and functionalities desired by homeowners.

Website: https://tolesremodeling.com/

Expertise and Services Offered

Specializing in comprehensive home makeovers, Toles Remodeling provides a full spectrum of services. This includes custom room additions, kitchen and bathroom renovations, and a wide range of other remodeling projects. What sets them apart is their ability to merge innovative design with practical functionality, all within the client’s budget and timeline. Their proficiency ensures your home renovation project is not just an improvement but an enhancement of your living experience.

Commitment to Quality

As a licensed, bonded, and insured general contractor, Toles Remodeling’s commitment to quality is evident. Their membership with the Greater Montgomery Home Builders Association and the Remodelers Council further highlights their industry recognition. Clients consistently praise the company for their meticulous attention to detail, transforming living spaces into works of art that exceed expectations.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

We’ve observed that customer loyalty towards Toles Remodeling stems from their unwavering dedication to service quality. The team’s expertise and guidance through the remodeling process make it a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for homeowners. Their ability to listen and adapt to client needs ensures customized solutions that fulfill both aesthetic and functional desires.

Value Proposition

In comparing Toles Remodeling & Addition Inc. to other contractors in Alabama, it’s their blend of customer-centric services, exceptional craftsmanship, and adherence to quality standards within reasonable pricing that distinguishes them. Whether you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, add a new room, or embark on a complete home renovation, Toles Remodeling stands as a solid choice for those seeking reliability, expertise, and outstanding results. Their projects are not just renovations; they are transformations that elevate your living space to new heights.

BMR Homes, Inc. Remodeling and Restoration


In our quest to spotlight the best home remodeling contractors in Alabama, BMR Homes, Inc. Remodeling and Restoration firmly holds its ground as a top contender. Established in 2005 and based in Homewood, AL, this company impresses us with its wide array of services that cater to nearly every aspect of home renovation needs. From kitchen and bath remodels to extensive whole home restorations, BMR Homes has built a reputation for turning complex projects into awe-inspiring living spaces.

Website: https://bmrhomes.net/

Expertise in Complex Projects

What sets BMR Homes apart is their proficiency in handling intricate remodeling challenges. Whether it’s adapting a home for aging in place or repairing substantial fire and storm damage, their portfolio showcases a capability to manage and execute demanding tasks that not all contractors can claim. This expertise ensures that homeowners entrust their properties to a team that respects the technical and emotional intricacies of each project.

Commitment to Green Building

Another aspect where BMR Homes shines is in their dedication to green building practices. By emphasizing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, they not only create healthier living spaces but also contribute to the greater good of the planet. Their approach to green building is a testament to their forward-thinking and responsible business operations.

Personalized Customer Care

Clients frequently praise BMR Homes for their personalized approach to service. The feeling of being part of the “BMR family” is a recurring sentiment in client testimonials, highlighting the company’s devotion to nurturing customer relationships. This personal touch, combined with their skilled and approachable team, elevates the remodeling experience from merely transactional to genuinely transformative.

Our Recommendation

For Alabama homeowners seeking a reliable, detail-oriented contractor capable of tackling both standard and complex remodeling tasks, BMR Homes, Inc. stands out as an exemplary choice. Their blend of skillful craftsmanship, commitment to sustainability, and exceptional customer care makes them a worthy consideration for anyone looking to invest in their home’s future. Whether it’s for a stylish kitchen update, a functional bathroom renovation, or a comprehensive home restoration, we confidently recommend BMR Homes as a go-to contractor in Alabama’s remodeling scene.

Construction & Remodeling Solutions

Following the impressive lineup of remodeling contractors in Alabama, Construction & Remodeling Solutions stands out in Shelby County for its distinctive approach to home improvement projects. This veteran-owned business shines through its dedication to altering the industry’s perception by emphasizing professionalism, clear communication, and courteous service.

What sets them apart is their hands-on supervision by the owner on every project, ensuring each task meets their high standards of quality craftsmanship. Besides, they are renowned for offering fair pricing without compromising on the quality of their work. This aspect alone makes them a highly appealing option for those considering a remodel in the Shelby County area including cities like Alabaster, Calera, Chelsea, Helena, Hoover, Montevallo, and Pelham.

Their service offerings are diverse, covering stunning kitchen remodels, functional bathroom renovations, cozy basement finishings, and the construction of durable decks. Such a wide array of services ensures that regardless of your remodeling needs, Construction & Remodeling Solutions has the skillset to turn your vision into reality.

Customer reviews consistently highlight the beautifully executed work, reliable service, and an overall great experience when partnering with Construction & Remodeling Solutions. The positive feedback from clients across various Shelby County areas speaks volumes about their ability to deliver dream projects with precision and care.

In comparison to the other contractors we’ve reviewed, including SouthFace Renovations & Construction, LLC, One Call Remodel, Toles Remodeling & Addition Inc., and BMR Homes, Inc. Remodeling and Restoration, Construction & Remodeling Solutions brings a unique combination of veteran leadership, customer-centric service, and broad expertise in home remodeling. This blend is what truly makes them stand out in a crowded field, offering remarkable value for the quality and range of services provided.

For anyone in Shelby County looking to enhance their home or business, Construction & Remodeling Solutions emerges as a trustworthy and highly recommended choice. Their commitment to transforming spaces with professionalism and precision places them among the top remodeling contractors in Alabama.

Website: https://bestremodelever.com/

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Home Remodelling Companies in Alabama

Selecting the top home remodeling contractors in Alabama is no small feat. Our approach to ranking and comparing these companies is meticulous and data-driven, ensuring that our recommendations are both reliable and valuable for our readers. Here’s our method:

Experience and Expertise

We start by evaluating the years of experience each contractor has in the remodeling industry. Experience often translates to knowledge in handling diverse projects and overcoming challenges. Companies like SouthFace Renovations & Construction, LLC and BMR Homes, Inc. stand out due to their long-standing presence and breadth of expertise in complex remodeling projects.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Next, we scour customer feedback, reviews, and testimonials. Positive reviews, especially those highlighting professionalism, quality of work, and customer service, weigh heavily in our assessment. We pay close attention to how companies respond to and resolve any negative feedback, as this offers insight into their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Services Offered

We assess the range of services offered. From kitchen remodels and bathroom renovations to basement finishings and deck construction, versatility in services indicates a contractor’s ability to meet various customer needs. Companies like Construction & Remodeling Solutions in Shelby County score high in this regard due to their wide array of remodeling services.

Price and Value

Pricing transparency and overall value for money are crucial. We look for contractors that offer fair, competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of materials or craftsmanship. It’s essential for us to recommend companies that provide excellent value, ensuring you get the best return on your investment.

Licenses, Certifications, and Insurance

Finally, we verify each contractor’s licenses, certifications, and insurance coverage. These details are fundamental for your peace of mind and protection. Contractors that go the extra mile to maintain current licensing and comprehensive insurance demonstrate professionalism and reliability.

By adhering to this comprehensive research methodology, we ensure that our list of the best home remodeling contractors in Alabama is based on more than just hearsay. Our aim is to guide you toward companies that stand out for their ability to transform homes into spaces of beauty and functionality, backed by solid reputations and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Home Remodelling Contractors in Alabama

Hiring professional home remodeling contractors in Alabama offers several compelling advantages. Let’s explore why choosing the right contractor can transform your renovation project into a seamless, successful try.

Expertise and Experience

Professional contractors bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. They’ve tackled countless projects, meaning they’re adept at foreseeing potential challenges and navigating common pitfalls. This experience ensures your project stays on track, helping avoid costly mistakes or delays.

Quality Workmanship

With professionals, you can expect a high standard of workmanship. Skilled contractors in Alabama pride themselves on delivering quality results that stand the test of time. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, or adding an extension, their work reflects a commitment to excellence.

Time and Cost Efficiency

One might assume DIY approaches save money, but professional contractors often prove more cost-efficient in the long run. They have the right tools, knowledge, and connections to get materials at better rates. Plus, their ability to complete work on schedule minimizes the likelihood of budget overruns caused by delays.

Comprehensive Services

Top-rated contractors offer comprehensive services, from design and planning to execution and finishing touches. This all-in-one approach simplifies the process, relieving you of the stress of coordinating multiple tradespeople. It also ensures a cohesive vision for your remodel from start to finish.

Licensing and Insurance

Professional contractors in Alabama are licensed and insured, safeguarding your project and property. Licensing demonstrates they meet the state’s standards for quality and safety, while insurance protects you from liability in case of accidents or damage.

Peace of Mind

Finally, hiring a professional contractor offers invaluable peace of mind. Knowing an experienced, qualified team is handling your home remodel allows you to relax and look forward to the final outcome without the stress of managing the project yourself.

Summarizing, the benefits of hiring professional home remodeling contractors in Alabama are clear. Their expertise, efficiency, and comprehensive services can make your dream home a reality while ensuring the process is as stress-free as possible.


Choosing the right home remodeling contractor in Alabama can significantly impact the outcome of your project. We’ve explored some of the best in the business, known for their exceptional craftsmanship, customer service, and comprehensive offerings. From Birmingham to Homewood and Shelby County, these professionals stand out for their ability to bring homeowners’ visions to life with precision and care. With their expertise, you’re not just investing in a remodel; you’re investing in peace of mind and the assurance of quality workmanship. Remember, the key to a successful remodel lies in selecting a contractor that aligns with your needs, expectations, and budget. We trust our insights have equipped you with the knowledge to make an well-informed choice for your next home improvement project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top remodeling contractors in Birmingham and Montgomery, AL?

SouthFace Renovations & Construction, LLC, One Call Remodel, Toles Remodeling & Addition Inc., and BMR Homes, Inc. Remodeling and Restoration are recognized as top contractors for their professionalism and quality work in Birmingham and Montgomery, AL.

Is BMR Homes, Inc. known for any specific expertise in Homewood?

Yes, in Homewood, BMR Homes, Inc. is particularly renowned for its expertise in handling complex projects with personalized customer care.

What services does Construction & Remodeling Solutions in Shelby County offer?

Construction & Remodeling Solutions offers a wide range of services including kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, basement finishings, and deck construction in Shelby County.

What makes Construction & Remodeling Solutions stand out from other contractors?

Construction & Remodeling Solutions is known for hands-on owner supervision, fair pricing, and exceptional craftsmanship, making them a prime choice for delivering precision in dream projects.

How were the home remodeling companies ranked and compared in the article?

The companies were compared based on factors such as experience, customer feedback, services offered, pricing, and licenses.

What are the benefits of hiring professional home remodeling contractors in Alabama?

Hiring professionals offers expertise, quality workmanship, time and cost efficiency, comprehensive services, licensing and insurance, and peace of mind throughout the remodeling process.

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