5 Best Electricians in Alaska

Finding a reliable electrician in Alaska can be as challenging as navigating its vast, rugged landscapes. Whether you’re dealing with a flickering light in Anchorage or a faulty breaker in Fairbanks, quality and reliability in electrical services are non-negotiable. That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of selecting the best professionals for your needs.

At HomeSpot HQ, our team has dedicated hundreds of hours to researching and evaluating electricians across the Last Frontier. We’ve scrutinized customer reviews, verified credentials, and assessed service quality to bring you a curated list of the top five electricians in Alaska. Our goal? To ensure you can choose with confidence, knowing you’re getting the best service available in your area. Join us as we illuminate the path to dependable electrical solutions right where you need them.

Supreme Electric

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When evaluating Supreme Electric, what stands out for us is their commitment to providing timely and comprehensive electrical solutions across Alaska. Known for their precision and expertise, this company garners respect in both residential and commercial settings.

Website: https://www.supremeelectricak.com/

Quick Response and Availability

Supreme Electric excels in emergency response times. We’ve noted they often have technicians available within a few hours of a call, which is crucial in the harsh Alaskan environment where electrical issues can escalate quickly. Their 24/7 availability ensures that help is just a phone call away, providing peace of mind to residents and business owners alike.

Wide Range of Services

From basic wiring and lighting setups to more complex electrical system installations, Supreme Electric covers a broad spectrum of services. They are also adept at modernizing old electrical systems, which is a significant benefit given the aging infrastructure in some Alaskan properties.

Skilled and Certified Technicians

All technicians at Supreme Electric are certified and have undergone extensive training. Their professionalism and skill have been consistently praised by customers in online reviews and through direct feedback. The expertise of their team is evident in the meticulous execution and attention to detail seen in completed projects.

Transparent Pricing

Supreme Electric maintains a transparent pricing model which we appreciate. They provide upfront quotations, and their billing process is straightforward with no hidden fees. This transparency builds trust and ensures there are no surprises when the final bill arrives.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer feedback highlights a high level of satisfaction. The quality of work and the courteous nature of the staff are recurrent themes in customer testimonials. Supreme Electric seems to leave a trail of happy clients, which speaks volumes about their commitment to service excellence.

Each point of contact with Supreme Electric reassures us that they are not just about solving immediate issues but are invested in providing long-lasting electrical solutions. Their proactive approach in ensuring safety and efficiency aligns with their reputation as one of the top electricians in Alaska.

All Alaska Electric, Inc.

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Transitioning from Supreme Electric’s outstanding services, we now turn our attention to All Alaska Electric, Inc., another front-runner in Alaska’s electrical industry. Renowned for their robust handling of both residential and commercial projects, All Alaska Electric stands out with their diverse service offerings and customer-centric approach.

Website: https://www.allakelectric.com/

Comprehensive Services Offered

All Alaska Electric provides a wide spectrum of electrical services, ensuring versatility and readiness to tackle any electrical challenge that comes their way. These services include installations, maintenance, and urgent repairs. Whether it’s a routine check-up or a complex wiring project, they have the expertise to handle it efficiently.

Performance and Reliability

Our findings show that All Alaska Electric demonstrates a high degree of professionalism and reliability. They pride themselves on their timely response to service calls and their ability to address emergency situations promptly. Customers appreciate their fast turnaround times and the consistent quality of work performed by their skilled electricians.

Tech-Savvy Approach

In modern digital era, staying updated with technology is crucial, and All Alaska Electric excels in this area. They use modern tools and techniques to ensure precise diagnostics and solutions. Their adoption of technology also aids in enhancing safety measures during installations and repairs, bringing an extra layer of security to their projects.

Customer Satisfaction

Feedback from clients indicates high levels of satisfaction due to the electricians’ respectful and communicative approach. All Alaska Electric values clear communication with their customers, ensuring that they are informed and comfortable throughout the service process. This client-first mentality helps them build lasting relationships and a loyal customer base.

Summarizing, All Alaska Electric, Inc. not only meets the standards set by its competitors but often exceeds them by leveraging technology and prioritizing customer satisfaction. Their broad range of services, coupled with their quick response and safety protocols, provide a dependable choice for anyone in need of electrical services in Alaska.

Raven Electric

Electrician in Anchorage, AK | Raven ...

Following our review of top service providers in Alaska, we now explore Raven Electric. Known for their reliability and high-quality work, Raven Electric has made a strong impression on Alaska’s competitive electrical services industry.

Website: https://ravenelectric.com/

Service Coverage and Specialization

Raven Electric provides a comprehensive range of electrical services that cater to both residential and commercial needs. They specialize in electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance services. What sets them apart is their ability to handle unique challenges posed by Alaska’s harsh weather conditions, ensuring that your electrical systems are robust and reliable throughout the year.

Customer Service and Reliability

Customers often praise Raven Electric for their prompt response times and reliability. They are known for arriving on time and are well-equipped to handle emergencies swiftly, which is crucial during Alaska’s often unpredictable weather. Our examination of customer feedback reveals a consistent pattern of satisfaction with the level of service received.

Tech and Tools

Embracing the latest technology, Raven Electric employs modern diagnostic tools to quickly identify and fix electrical issues, minimizing downtime and potential hazards. Their use of technology also contributes to more accurate and efficient job completion.

Pricing and Value

Raven Electric is noted for their straightforward pricing model. They provide detailed quotes that help customers understand what they are paying for, ensuring transparency and trust. Considering the quality of their services, the pricing offers good value, particularly given the peace of mind that comes with their reliable and enduring electrical solutions.

In reviewing Raven Electric’s offerings and performance, we find them a commendable choice for Alaskans seeking dependable electrical services. Their commitment to technology, customer care, and straightforward pricing warrants their reputation as one of the top electricians in the state.

Solid Ground Electric

Home - Solid Ground Electric

Continuing our journey to explore the best electricians in Alaska, let’s focus on Solid Ground Electric. Known for their steadfast approach to electrical services, this company sets a high standard in both residential and commercial sectors.

Website: https://solidgroundelectric.com/

Services Offered

At Solid Ground Electric, the range of services is impressive, catering to both homeowners and business premises. They excel in electrical repairs, new installations, and preventive maintenance. Notably, their specialty in handling emergency services is exemplary, providing reassurance in the unpredictable Alaskan environment.

Performance and Reliability

Our evaluation reveals that Solid Ground Electric ranks highly in reliability. Many customers appreciate their punctual service and the efficiency with which they resolve complex electrical issues. Whether it’s a simple wiring fix or a comprehensive electrical overhaul, the technicians demonstrate thorough proficiency.

Customer Satisfaction

Feedback on customer satisfaction highlights a consistent trend of positive experiences. Clients often mention the professionalism and courteous behavior of the staff. Clear communication is a strong point noted by many, as the technicians ensure clients understand the scope and nature of the work being carried out.

Pricing and Value

In terms of pricing, Solid Ground Electric maintains a competitive edge without compromising on quality. They offer clear, upfront quotes, and their pricing strategy reflects the true value they provide. This transparent approach, combined with top-notch service, presents great value to Alaskan residents and businesses.

Overall, Solid Ground Electric stands out for its reliability, skilled workmanship, and customer-focused service. Their commitment to safety and efficiency makes them a solid choice for anyone in need of dependable electrical services in Alaska.

Power & Light Inc.

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Transitioning from Solid Ground Electric, we now shine a spotlight on Power & Light Inc., another standout among Alaska’s top electricians known for their robust service provision and adaptability to challenging environments. Located in the heart of Alaska, Power & Light Inc. showcases impressive capabilities in both routine and complex electrical tasks.

Website: https://www.powerandlight.biz/

Service Range and Expertise

Power & Light Inc. offers an extensive array of services including electrical installations, maintenance, and emergency repairs, covering both residential and commercial sectors. What sets them apart is their specialty in handling large-scale projects and their swift adaptation to the technological advancements in the electrical industry.

Customer Service and Reliability

Clients of Power & Light Inc. frequently commend the company on its reliability and proactive approach. The electricians are highly praised for their punctuality and the thoroughness of their work. Given Alaska’s unpredictable climate, their quick response and efficient problem solving are invaluable. They operate with a clear communication protocol which ensures that clients are well-informed throughout the process of their electrical projects.

Pricing and Value

In terms of pricing, Power & Light Inc. remains competitive within the Alaskan market. They offer detailed quotes that help customers understand the cost breakdown, and there are seldom any hidden charges. The value derived from their comprehensive service, backed by high-quality work and durable installations, presents a cost-effective solution for many Alaskans.

Performance in Harsh Conditions

Given the extreme weather conditions that can affect Alaska, Power & Light Inc. demonstrates a commendable ability to perform under pressure. Their preparedness for emergency conditions and their strategic approach to ensure uninterrupted service during such times is a cornerstone of their operational excellence.

Overall, our review finds that Power & Light Inc. stands as a highly reliable and proficient option for those in need of expert electrical services in Alaska. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and their aptitude for dealing with the rigorous demands of the Alaskan environment make them a recommended choice.

How We Ranked The Best Electricians in Alaska

When we set out to rank the best electricians in Alaska, we focused primarily on several key factors: customer satisfaction, reliability, expertise, pricing transparency, and the ability to handle both routine and complex projects under varying conditions. Here’s a deeper look into our ranking methodology:

Customer Satisfaction

We diligently reviewed customer testimonials, online reviews, and ratings from various platforms. Companies that consistently received high praise for their professionalism, prompt service, and effective resolution of issues scored highest in this category.


Given Alaska’s unique climate challenges, reliability was a major criterion. We assessed how these companies manage emergency calls and their track record of completing projects on time without compromising on quality.


We evaluated the range of services offered, from residential simple setups to commercial-grade installations and repairs. Companies like Power & Light Inc., known for their handling of high-scale projects and technological prowess, were rated highly for their extensive expertise.

Pricing Transparency

Transparent pricing is crucial for customer trust and satisfaction. We looked for firms that provide clear, upfront quotations and those that explain potential costs straightforwardly before starting any work. This practice was especially noted in the review of Power & Light Inc.

Weather Adaptability

Finally, the ability to effectively perform in harsh Alaskan conditions was crucial. We gave higher marks to companies with proven strategies for dealing with unpredictable weather and maintaining service continuity during such periods.

By weighing these factors, we crafted a fair and comprehensive ranking of the best electricians, aiding Alaskan residents and businesses in making informed decisions for their electrical service needs.

Reasons To Hire a Professional Electrical Contractor in Alaska

Hiring a professional electrical contractor in Alaska is crucial due to several compelling reasons:

Safety First

Electrical work is inherently dangerous. Professional electricians in Alaska, like those at Supreme Electric and All Alaska Electric, Inc., have the necessary training to handle installations and repairs safely. Emphasizing safety, they reduce the risk of accidents and ensure all work complies with local safety standards.

Expertise in Handling Complex Systems

Alaska’s unique environmental challenges require expertise that companies like Raven Electric and Solid Ground Electric bring to the table. These contractors have a deep understanding of complex systems suited to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring reliability even in the harshest weather.

Long-Term Cost Savings

While DIY electrical fixes might seem cheaper, they can lead to costly mistakes. By choosing professionals like Power & Light Inc., homeowners and businesses not only avoid immediate hazards but also potential long-term issues that could arise from improper installation, leading to significant savings over time.

Equipped for All Situations

Professionals come fully equipped with the tools and parts necessary to complete the job efficiently. This readiness is crucial in Alaska, where delays can lead to prolonged discomfort or even hazardous situations during cold spells.

Compliance with Regulations

Alaska has strict codes and regulations governing electrical systems. Professional electricians ensure compliance, avoiding legal issues that might arise from non-compliant work.

Up-to-Date on the Latest Technologies

As technology advances, so do home and commercial electrical systems. Companies like Power & Light Inc. invest in ongoing training, keeping abreast of the latest innovations and efficiency practices which they apply to their services, providing clients with modern, energy-efficient electrical solutions.

Reliable and Timely Service

Understanding the local context and the importance of timely intervention, Alaskan electrical contractors prioritize prompt response to service calls, minimizing downtime and ensuring that systems are back up and running as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.


Choosing the right electrician is crucial for both safety and efficiency especially in a challenging environment like Alaska. We’ve shared our top picks for electricians who not only meet but exceed expectations with their professionalism and ability to navigate the complexities of Alaskan weather. Whether you’re facing a minor electrical issue or a major installation you can rely on these experts to deliver top-notch service and peace of mind. Remember the importance of opting for professionals who ensure compliance with regulations and offer the most up-to-date solutions. Trust these leaders in the field to keep your lights on and your systems running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some of the reputable electricians in Alaska?

Supreme Electric, All Alaska Electric, Inc., Raven Electric, and Solid Ground Electric are known for their quality work, reliability, and high customer satisfaction.

What makes Power & Light Inc. stand out among electricians in Alaska?

Power & Light Inc. is renowned for handling both routine and complex electrical tasks, excelling in large-scale projects and technological advancements. Their transparent pricing and adaptability to Alaska’s harsh climate conditions make them particularly recommendable.

Why is it important to hire professional electrical contractors in Alaska?

Professional electrical contractors ensure safety, expertise in complex systems, and long-term cost savings. They comply with local regulations, stay updated with the latest technologies, and provide reliable, timely services, which are crucial in Alaska’s challenging environment.

What factors were considered in the ranking of the best electricians in Alaska?

The ranking criteria included customer satisfaction, reliability, expertise, pricing transparency, and adaptability to harsh weather conditions. These factors help identify electricians who can offer the most dependable and proficient services.

How does Power & Light Inc. manage to operate effectively in Alaska’s unpredictable climate?

Power & Light Inc. is equipped to handle the challenges of Alaska’s weather through their experience, use of advanced technologies, and proactive customer service, which ensures that they can perform reliably under extreme conditions.

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