5 Best Pest Control Services in Arizona

In Arizona, where the sun blazes nearly year-round, pests like scorpions, ants, and rodents aren’t just common nuisances; they’re part of everyday life. But finding a reliable pest control service that can tackle these unwelcome guests without very costly or using harmful chemicals is a challenge we’ve all faced. That’s why we’ve put our heads together, sifting through countless options to bring you a list of the 5 best pest control services in the Grand Canyon State.

Our team at HomeSpot HQ has spent hundreds of hours researching, analyzing customer reviews, and diving deep into the effectiveness of various pest control methods. We’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to, ensuring that our recommendations are not only trustworthy but also the top in their field. Whether you’re dealing with a minor ant invasion or a full-blown scorpion siege, our carefully curated list is designed to help you reclaim your home from unwanted guests.

Greenleaf Pest Control

In our quest to find the top pest control services in Arizona, Greenleaf Pest Control stands out for several compelling reasons. Firstly, their impressive 4.8-star Google rating speaks volumes about their customer satisfaction levels. They’re a hit in the Phoenix area for a reason. Homeowners struggling with scorpions, spiders, ants, crickets, and even termites find refuge in Greenleaf’s effective treatments.

What sets them apart? Their rapid response time is a game-changer. The promise of same-day service, for calls made before noon, ensures that pest emergencies are handled swiftly. This quick turnaround is not just about convenience; it’s about Greenleaf’s dedication to solving pest problems fast.

Another highlight is their satisfaction guarantee. Knowing that they offer free follow-ups if pesky pests persist gives clients peace of mind. It’s a testament to their confidence in delivering results. Plus, their special offers, including a 50% discount on the first pest invoice and a military discount, make their services more accessible to a broader audience.

Safety is a priority with Greenleaf Pest Control. Families particularly appreciate their use of treatments that are safe for children and pets. It’s a significant relief for households to have pest-free homes without compromising on safety.

Given these features, it’s easy to see why homeowners highly recommend Greenleaf Pest Control. Their blend of comprehensive services, prompt response, satisfaction guarantee, and safety-conscious treatments makes them a standout option in Arizona’s pest control scene. Their commitment to customer service and satisfaction clearly places them among the best choices for anyone looking to tackle pest issues head-on.


Bills Pest Termite Control

When it comes to tackling the pesky problem of pests in Arizona, Bills Pest Termite Control presents itself as a top contender in our roundup of the 5 best pest control services. Their outstanding track record of over 8,000 five-star reviews speaks volumes about their reliability and effectiveness. Clients across the state have voiced their satisfaction, indicating a profound level of trust in Bills’ ability to handle various pest issues.

One aspect that truly sets Bills Pest Termite Control apart is their exceptional customer service. Daniel, a standout staff member mentioned in numerous reviews, exemplifies the company’s commitment to quick and courteous service. His professionalism and knowledge have made a significant impact on customers, highlighting the team’s expertise in the field.

Bills Pest Termite Control offers a broad spectrum of services tailored to both residential and commercial spaces. This flexibility ensures that no matter the size or nature of your pest problem, they have a solution ready. From termites and bed bugs to pigeons and rodents, they possess the necessary skills and equipment to get the job done right.

Besides, their prompt and professional approach to providing hassle-free quotes is worth mentioning. This customer-centric model, focused on minimizing inconvenience, adds to the overall positive experience with the company. Their adaptability and willingness to address pest concerns swiftly underscore their dedication to customer satisfaction.

In comparison to other services in Arizona, Bills Pest Termite Control stands out for its comprehensive approach. Not only do they offer effective pest solutions, but they also prioritize a pleasant customer experience, making them a recommended choice by experts and clients alike. If you’re looking for a dependable pest control service in Arizona, Bills Pest Termite Control is worth considering.



In our search for the best pest control services in Arizona, Green Mango Pest Control grabs attention for its exceptional service and commitment to customer satisfaction. Known for dealing with the unique pest challenges of the Valley, they stand out with their proprietary Tri-Bloc treatment system, offering triple protection against pests.

What sets Green Mango apart is their use of high-quality, naturally derived products. This ensures safety for families, pets, and plants, a crucial consideration for us and many homeowners. Their experienced technicians are adept at handling a variety of pests, including mosquitos, scorpions, termites, rodents, and weeds. This versatility means Green Mango is well-equipped to tackle just about any pest problem.

Customers like Stormi S. and Sanoma G. have praised the reliability and effectiveness of the service they received. They represent the strong customer feedback that backs Green Mango’s reputation. The company’s dedication to ensuring a pest-free environment is further highlighted by their comprehensive pest-free guarantee. If pests return, so do they, showcasing their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Comparatively, within the pest control industry in Arizona, Green Mango’s innovative and eco-friendly approach sets them apart. Their service coverage across the entire Valley and greater Phoenix area, combined with their expertise in local pest landscapes, makes them a top recommended choice. When we weigh the value against the price and quality of service, Green Mango provides a compelling offer for those in need of dependable pest control solutions.

To conclude, given the high standards of service, customer satisfaction, and environmentally safe treatments, Green Mango Pest Control is a standout option for Arizona residents facing pest issues. Their commitment to safety, effectiveness, and customer peace of mind places them as a premier choice in our review of the 5 Best Pest Control Services in Arizona.


Precision Pest Control

Moving from the eco-friendly approach of Green Mango Pest Control, we find ourselves looking at Precision Pest Control. Celebrating its 50th year in the pest control industry, Precision Pest Control has earned its spot among the best pest control services in Arizona through diligent service and a commitment to safety and effectiveness.

Precision Pest Control stands out for several key reasons. Firstly, its team comprises highly qualified and trained technicians. This level of expertise means they’re not just handling pests; they’re providing a service tailored to specific needs, ensuring higher effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Their approach to eco-friendly solutions is especially noteworthy. In a time where environmental consciousness is paramount, using green products is not only a mark of caring for the health of our planet but also for the safety of our households, including our pets. This doesn’t come at the cost of efficacy; customer reviews frequently highlight how effective Precision Pest Control’s treatments are.

Another essential aspect we must talk about is their transparent pricing and service guarantee. The anxiety over hidden costs is alleviated with Precision Pest Control’s clear, upfront information. Knowing that any recurring pest issues within the guarantee period are addressed without extra costs offers significant peace of mind. Given the complexity and variances in pest control needs—ranging from residential to commercial and real estate—the company’s comprehensive approach means they can tackle any challenge thrown their way.

Precision Pest Control’s commitment to health and safety sets a high standard. Fifty years in the industry haven’t just given them experience; they’ve built a trust that’s based on more than just getting rid of pests. It’s about providing a pest-free environment that’s safe for everyone, including pets, which is a significant consideration for many homeowners.

In comparison to the other services reviewed, Precision Pest Control’s blend of experienced technicians, effective and eco-friendly solutions, transparent pricing, and a comprehensive service guarantee make it a top contender. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and safety is apparent in every aspect of their service, setting them apart in the highly competitive pest control industry in Arizona.


ACTION Termite Control

Transitioning from the high standards set by others, ACTION Termite & Pest Control also marks its territory as a leading pest control service in Arizona. With a heritage spanning over five decades since 1969, this family-operated firm brings a blend of traditional values and modern solutions to the table. Their commendable journey has earned them more than 5,000 five-star reviews, reflecting unmatched customer satisfaction.


Exceptional Service Coverage

One of the distinguishing features of ACTION Termite & Pest Control is its wide service coverage across the Phoenix, AZ metro, Valley Wide area. They offer a broad spectrum of pest control solutions, from termites and scorpions to bed bugs and more common household pests. This extensive service range, coupled with tailored strategies for both residential and commercial clients, underscores their versatility and capability to address various pest concerns.

Technical Excellence and Customer Convenience

At ACTION Termite & Pest Control, there’s a clear focus on employing the latest technology and methods. The company invests in continuous training for its licensed technicians, ensuring they are well-equipped to deliver effective and safe pest control treatments. Also, the convenience of scheduling service online, along with transparent pricing and a wealth of informative resources like blogs and video content, enhances user experience significantly.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

The enduring legacy and success of ACTION Termite & Pest Control are anchored in their commitment to quality and customer peace of mind. Their ability to adapt and innovate over 50 years, without compromising on safety and effectiveness, sets them apart from competitors. Whether it’s a one-off treatment or regular maintenance, clients can trust ACTION Termite & Pest Control for a pest-free environment, underpinned by decades of expertise and a robust track record in customer satisfaction.

In a competitive landscape, ACTION stands out not just for the comprehensive services it offers but for the depth of trust it has built within the community. This, when compared to other notable services like Greenleaf Pest Control and Bills Pest Termite Control, positions ACTION Termite & Pest Control as a go-to option for those seeking reliable, effective, and safe pest control solutions in Arizona.

How We Ranked The Best Pest Control Companies in Arizona

When we set out to rank the best pest control companies in Arizona, we focused on several key factors that directly impact customer satisfaction and service effectiveness. We researched deeply, ensuring our recommendations are both trustworthy and valuable for our readers.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Firstly, we scoured through hundreds of customer reviews and testimonials. Positive reviews, especially those highlighting quick response times, professionalism, and successful pest elimination, were crucial. We noted any recurring complaints or issues across different platforms to gauge consistency in service quality. This helped us understand real user experiences with each company.

Services Offered

We examined the variety of services offered by each pest control company. Companies providing a wide range of solutions, including eco-friendly options, scored higher on our list. This versatility ensures they can cater to more specific needs and preferences, making them a one-stop solution for different types of pest issues.

Expertise and Certifications

The expertise and certifications of the pest control staff were paramount. We prioritized companies whose technicians are well-trained, certified, and experienced. This is a guarantee of their capability to handle diverse pest situations effectively. Companies committed to ongoing training and those holding memberships in professional organizations ranked highly.

Pricing and Guarantees

Affordability without compromising on quality is essential. We compared the pricing structures of various companies, taking note of those offering transparent, competitive rates and clear-cut guarantees. This indicates a company’s confidence in its service effectiveness and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Safety and Environmental Considerations

Finally, we focused on safety measures and environmental considerations. Companies that employ safe, eco-friendly pest control methods were favored. This reflects their responsibility towards the health of their clients and the environment.

By carefully weighing these factors, we’ve compiled a list that reflects the best pest control options in Arizona. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive guide that helps our readers make an well-informed choice, ensuring they receive effective, safe, and customer-friendly pest control services.

Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Company in Arizona

Hiring a pest control company in Arizona comes with significant advantages. These benefits aren’t just about getting rid of pests. They extend to maintaining a healthy, safe, and comfortable living or working environment.

Expertise and Experience

Pest control companies bring a wealth of knowledge. They have experts trained to handle various pests, including scorpions, which are common in Arizona. This expertise means they can identify the type of pest quickly, the source of the infestation, and the most effective treatment. For instance, our review of Greenleaf Pest Control highlighted their in-depth understanding of local pests and appropriate, eco-friendly solutions.

Time and Cost Efficiency

DIY pest control may seem cheaper but often isn’t in the long run. Professional services, like those offered by Bills Pest Termite Control, provide targeted treatments that solve the problem faster and more effectively, saving time and money. Their tailored approaches prevent future infestations, reducing the need for constant expenditures on pest control products.

Safety and Health

The health benefits can’t be overstated. Pests like rodents and mosquitoes can carry diseases. Pest control services use safe, approved chemicals, considerably reducing health risks. Companies like Precision Pest Control prioritize safety, using treatments that are safe for children and pets.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

Dealing with pests can be stressful and time-consuming. Hiring a company like ACTION Termite & Pest Control, which boasts over 50 years of experience, offers convenience. They handle the problem, ensuring that homes and businesses remain pest-free, which brings peace of mind to residents.

Environmental Protection

Finally, the environmental impact is minimized when professionals take charge. Eco-friendly options, like those employed by Green Mango Pest Control, ensure that treatments are harsh on pests but gentle on the planet. This approach helps in preserving the local ecosystem, crucial in a biodiverse state like Arizona.

In sum, the benefits of employing a pest control service in Arizona extend beyond merely eradicating unwelcome guests. They offer expert, efficient solutions that prioritize health, safety, and environmental protection, providing a holistic approach to pest management.

Common Household Pests in Arizona

Arizona is home to a range of unique pests, making pest control an essential service for homeowners. Understanding the common pests can help in choosing the right pest control service.


Scorpions are a significant concern in Arizona, especially the Bark Scorpion, which is the most venomous in North America. They thrive in the Arizona climate, hiding in cool, dark places during the day and becoming active at night. Our research indicates that all the top pest control services in Arizona offer specialized treatments to deal with scorpions, emphasizing their threat level.


Termites, specifically the Subterranean and Drywood termites, are prevalent in Arizona. They can cause extensive damage to homes by eating through wood structures unnoticed. The services we reviewed, like ACTION Termite & Pest Control, have specific termite treatments and prevention plans, highlighting the importance of professional intervention for termite control.


Rodents, including mice and rats, are common in urban and suburban areas of Arizona. They can carry diseases and cause damage to properties by chewing through wiring and insulation. Pest control companies employ a range of strategies to combat rodent infestations, from traps to bait stations, underscoring their adaptable approach to rodent control.


Fire ants and Carpenter ants are among the most troublesome ant species in Arizona. They not only cause pain with their bites but can also damage property. The pest control services we looked into all offer targeted ant control services, showcasing their commitment to comprehensive pest management strategies.


Cockroaches are a widespread issue in Arizona homes, particularly the German and American cockroach. They are known for their resilience and the health risks they pose. Effective cockroach control often requires professional treatment plans, which all our top-reviewed pest control services provide, indicating their understanding of the challenge cockroaches present.

In selecting a pest control service in Arizona, it’s crucial to consider how well they handle these common pests. Our analysis shows that the top pest control companies offer tailored solutions for each pest, combining expertise with local knowledge to effectively address the unique challenges of Arizona pest control.


Choosing the right pest control service in Arizona is crucial for keeping your home safe and pest-free. We’ve explored top companies that not only offer effective treatments but also prioritize eco-friendly methods and customer satisfaction. With a focus on the unique pest challenges in Arizona, these services provide specialized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re dealing with scorpions, termites, or any other common pests, selecting from our list ensures you’re in good hands. Remember, the key to effective pest control lies in understanding the threats and choosing a service with the expertise to tackle them head-on. Trust in our recommendations and take the first step towards a pest-free home today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top pest control services in Arizona?

The top pest control services in Arizona include Greenleaf Pest Control, Bills Pest Termite Control, Green Mango Pest Control, Precision Pest Control, and ACTION Termite & Pest Control. These companies are known for their effective treatments, exceptional customer service, and eco-friendly approaches.

How are these pest control companies ranked?

These pest control companies are ranked based on several criteria: customer reviews, services offered, staff expertise, pricing, safety measures, and environmental considerations. These factors ensure that the companies provide high-quality and safe pest control solutions.

What common household pests are found in Arizona?

In Arizona, the common household pests include scorpions, termites, rodents, ants, and cockroaches. Each of these pests poses specific threats to homes and require tailored treatments for effective control.

Why is understanding pests important in selecting a pest control service?

Understanding the types of pests and the specific threats they pose is crucial for selecting a pest control service. The top companies in Arizona offer specialized solutions for each pest, combining expertise with local knowledge to address the unique challenges of pest control in the region effectively.

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