5 Best Roofers in Arizona

In the quest for the perfect roofer in Arizona, we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure you’re equipped with the best information possible. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has dedicated hundreds of hours to meticulously research and analyze the vast landscape of roofing companies across the state. We understand the importance of a sturdy, reliable roof over your head, especially in Arizona’s unique climate, where the sun beats down relentlessly.

We’ve sifted through countless reviews, vetted various services, and even had direct conversations with past customers to bring you a list that stands out from the rest. Our goal? To make your decision-making process as smooth and informed as possible. So, if you’re on the hunt for top-notch roofing expertise in Arizona, rest assured, we’ve got you covered with insights and recommendations you can trust.

List of the Best Roofers in Arizona

Stonecreek Phoenix Roofing Company

Stonecreek Phoenix Roofing Company

When looking for top-notch roofing services in Phoenix, we recommend considering Stonecreek Roofing Company. Known for their excellence in the roofing industry, they stand out for several compelling reasons.

Stonecreek Roofing isn’t just another name in the vast sea of over 1,650 roofing companies in Phoenix. They distinguish themselves markedly by being recipients of the prestigious GAF Presidential Award. This honor places them in the elite Master Elite® Contractors group, which includes only the top 2% of roofers in North America. Such recognition speaks volumes about their expertise and the quality of service they offer.

Stonecreek ensures peace of mind for every client by being fully licensed and insured. This is a crucial factor when choosing a roofer, as it guarantees protection against any unforeseen incidents during the roofing process.

Offering a wide range of services including roof replacement, repair, and 24/7 emergency services, Stonecreek Roofing ensures they can handle any project, big or small. Their specialized teams are well-equipped to deal with various roofing demands, making them a versatile choice for any homeowner.

Their high level of customer satisfaction has not gone unnoticed. Forbes has recognized Stonecreek Roofing as one of the Best Roofing Contractors in Phoenix. This accolade is a testament to their commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding customer expectations.

While price is always a consideration for homeowners, Stonecreek Roofing balances quality with affordability. Their services provide excellent value, ensuring that clients receive top-quality roofing solutions that stand the test of time without very costly.

In the Arizona roofing sector, where competition is stiff and the choices many, Stonecreek Phoenix Roofing Company emerges as a clear leader. Their award-winning service, comprehensive offerings, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction make them an outstanding choice for any roofing needs.

TSM Roofing LLC

Arizona Roofers - TSM Roofing LLC (Roof ...

In our journey to find the best roofers in Arizona, we next explore TSM Roofing LLC, a standout in the Phoenix area. TSM Roofing brings deep expertise and a personal touch to every project, setting a high bar for quality and client satisfaction.

At TSM Roofing LLC, we specialize in roof repairs and replacements, ensuring our work is not only effective but also durable. Our commitment to using top-quality materials alongside the industry’s best warranties gives our clients peace of mind. Whether it’s a minor repair job or a full roof replacement, we approach each project with the same level of precision and care.

We believe trust and comfort are key to a successful client relationship. Our approach is to provide complete transparency and consistent communication from start to finish. Cleaning up each day is a priority, ensuring we protect your property and leave everything better than when we found it. Our dedication to making the roofing process as seamless and stress-free as possible is what sets us apart.

In comparing TSM Roofing LLC with other top contenders in the Arizona roofing market, our value proposition is clear. Not only do we offer competitive pricing, but the inclusion of industry-leading warranties and premium materials means clients receive outstanding quality. Our service is detailed, our team professional, and our results are guaranteed to last. This commitment to excellence ensures our clients receive the best value for their investment.

TSM Roofing LLC stands out for its exceptional service, quality workmanship, and a customer-first mentality. For homeowners in the Phoenix area considering an upgraded roof, we offer knowledge, comfort, and trust, ensuring every roofing project exceeds expectations.

  • Website: https://tsmroofs.com/
  • Contact Details: +16234622305
  • Address: 2401 W Behrend Dr Suite 33, Phoenix, AZ 85027, United States

Scott Roofing Company

Roof Repair Phoenix | Roofing ...

At Scott Roofing Company, we pride ourselves on delivering more than just roofing; we deliver peace of mind. Since our inception in 1982, our family-owned and operated business has served over 40,000 residents across Arizona. We’ve built a reputation as the most trusted name in roofing, thanks to our unwavering commitment to superior service.

Scott Roofing Company specializes in a wide range of services from repairs to complete roof replacements. We cater to both residential and commercial clients, ensuring everyone has access to quality roofing solutions.

While Stonecreek Phoenix Roofing Company and TSM Roofing LLC offer their unique strengths, Scott Roofing stands out for its blend of experience, customer service, and commitment to quality. Our legacy in the Arizona market gives us insights and capabilities unmatched by many.

When it comes to value, we ensure that quality and affordability go hand in hand. We believe in fair pricing without compromising on the materials or workmanship. Investing in a Scott Roofing project means investing in longevity, reliability, and peace of mind.

Summarizing, Scott Roofing Company embodies the essence of trustworthiness, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our heritage in the Arizona roofing scene propels us forward, continuing to serve our community with integrity and excellence.

Lyons Roofing

Roofer in Phoenix, AZ | Lyons Roofing

Following the insights into other top roofing companies in Arizona, we’re taking a closer look at Lyons Roofing. This company has set a high bar for roofing excellence in Phoenix and Tucson, reflecting a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that’s hard to overlook.

Lyons Roofing excels in offering a comprehensive suite of roofing services. Whether you’re in need of a brand-new roof, routine maintenance, or specific repairs for a variety of roof types including tile, shingle, shake, foam, or modified roofs, they’ve got you covered. Their expertise isn’t just limited to residential roofs; they also provide top-notch commercial roofing services, ensuring that both homeowners and business owners in Phoenix can count on them for all their roofing needs.

With an impressive track record of receiving the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 10 consecutive years, Lyons Roofing is a beacon of reliability in the Arizona roofing industry. Their receipt of the Business Ethics Award from the Better Business Bureau further cements their reputation as a trustworthy service provider. The company leverages the latest technology, superior quality materials, and the most advanced techniques to deliver unparalleled roofing solutions.

Understanding the growing demand for sustainable living, Lyons Roofing takes pride in offering energy-efficient, green roofing options. These solutions not only contribute to a healthier planet but also promise significant savings on energy bills for their clients, making them an excellent choice for eco-conscious individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

When stacked against peers like Stonecreek Phoenix Roofing Company, TSM Roofing LLC, and Scott Roofing Company, Lyons Roofing distinguishes itself with its extensive service offerings and commitment to environmental sustainability. Also, their industry recognition and awards speak volumes about their excellence and reliability.

Summarizing, Lyons Roofing embodies a blend of professionalism, quality, and eco-friendliness, making them a formidable presence in Arizona’s roofing sector. Their dedication to providing energy-efficient options alongside their recognized service quality positions them as a top choice for residents and business owners across Phoenix and Tucson.

Reyes Roofing LLC

Roof Repair Phoenix | Roofing ...

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck in the roofing sector in Arizona, Reyes Roofing LLC confidently secures a spot among the top contenders. Their unique selling proposition? A value-packed quote that’s hard to beat. They assure customers that the value offered in every estimate surpasses that of any competitor in the valley. This is a bold claim that catches our attention.

Reyes Roofing specializes in a wide range of roofing services, catering to both residential and commercial properties. Their services stretch from roof repairs, replacements, to complete installations. They harness both traditional materials like asphalt shingles and modern, energy-efficient solutions. Their commitment to high-quality materials and workmanship is evident in every project they undertake.

In the competitive Arizona roofing market, durability and performance are non-negotiable. Reyes Roofing understands this, underscoring their use of high-grade materials that stand the test of time against Arizona’s harsh climate. Customers have reported satisfaction with the longevity and durability of their roofing solutions, which speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to quality.

The aspect of customer service and ease of interaction with the company is another area where Reyes Roofing shines. From the initial quote to the final inspection, the company ensures a seamless, hassle-free experience. They’re not just about making sales but building lasting relationships with their clients. This approach has earned them rave reviews and repeat business.

Value analysis is where Reyes Roofing throws down the gauntlet. They guarantee that their quote will be the most valuable – not necessarily the cheapest, but offering the most bang for your buck. For those rare instances where a competitor might provide a lower quote, Reyes Roofing steps up, ready to match it. This price matching guarantee paired with their commitment to quality makes them a standout choice.

Comparing Reyes Roofing to the likes of Stonecreek Phoenix Roofing Company, TSM Roofing LLC, Scott Roofing Company, and Lyons Roofing, it’s clear that each company offers unique strengths. But, Reyes Roofing distinguishes itself with its unmatched value promise and customer-centric approach. Whether it’s the breadth of services, attention to detail, or their unbeatable quote challenge, Reyes Roofing LLC presents a compelling option for Arizonans seeking top-notch roofing solutions.

How We Ranked The Best Roofers Companies in Arizona

When it came to ranking the best roofing companies in Arizona, we had a clear process in mind. Our goal was to give our readers a solid, comprehensive guide that helps them make an well-informed choice. So, let’s jump into the factors that guided our rankings.

Expertise and Experience

We started by looking at each company’s expertise and experience in the roofing industry. Companies like Stonecreek Phoenix Roofing Company, with years of providing top-notch services, set a high bar in terms of skill and knowledge. Their mastery in handling a wide variety of roofing projects gave them an edge in our evaluation.

Customer Service

A customer-centric approach is key in the roofing business. We paid close attention to customer testimonials and reviews. It was clear that Scott Roofing Company excels in customer service, offering prompt, respectful, and professional communication. This aspect significantly influenced their ranking.

Range of Services

Diverse services ensure that a company can meet the various needs of its clients. Lyons Roofing, with their comprehensive services including energy-efficient roofing solutions, demonstrated an impressive range of offerings. Their ability to cater to both residential and commercial clients bumped them up in our list.

Quality and Durability

Arizona’s unique climate demands roofs that stand the test of time. Reyes Roofing LLC’s emphasis on high-quality materials and durability in their projects made them stand out. Their commitment to providing lasting solutions played a crucial role in their ranking.

Value for Money

Finally, we considered the overall value for money. This doesn’t just mean the cheapest option. Instead, we looked at what you get for your investment. Reyes Roofing LLC’s price matching guarantee and value-packed quotes offered considerable appeal, providing excellent quality at competitive rates.

Summarizing, our ranking criteria were meticulous, focusing on expertise and experience, customer service, the range of services, quality and durability, and overall value for money. Each company brought something unique to the table, but it was their performance across these categories that determined their position in our list.

Reasons To Hire a Roofing Company in Arizona

When it comes to maintaining our homes under the scorching Arizona sun, the importance of a quality roof cannot be understated. We’ve come to understand that hiring a professional roofing company offers immense benefits, especially in a state known for its challenging weather conditions. Here’s why we believe enlisting the expertise of a top-tier roofing company in Arizona is critical.

Expertise and Experience

Arizona’s extreme heat and occasional heavy rainstorms demand specialized knowledge that only experienced roofing professionals can offer. Companies like Stonecreek Phoenix Roofing and Scott Roofing Company bring years of experience to the table, ensuring that roofs are not only built to last but also to withstand the unique climate of Arizona. Their mastery in roofing techniques and materials means our homes are protected in all seasons.

High-Quality Materials

Another compelling reason is the guarantee of high-quality materials. Reyes Roofing LLC, for instance, emphasizes durability and quality, making them a savvy choice for homeowners. Specializing in materials that thrive in Arizona’s climate, these companies ensure our roofs don’t just look good but also offer unparalleled protection.

Comprehensive Services

From installation to maintenance and repair, Arizona’s top roofing companies provide a wide range of services. Lyons Roofing excels in offering energy-efficient roofing solutions, a crucial consideration for reducing air conditioning costs in our hot climate. This comprehensive approach ensures that all our roofing needs are met under one roof, providing convenience and peace of mind.


While it may seem counterintuitive, hiring a reputed roofing company like TSM Roofing LLC can be surprisingly cost-effective. Their value-packed quotes, combined with a price-matching guarantee, ensure we receive the best service without very costly. Investing in quality roofing eventually saves money by minimizing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Seamless Customer Experience

Finally, the customer service these companies offer is second to none. They understand the stress that roofing issues can cause and work diligently to provide a seamless experience. With meticulous attention to detail, responsiveness, and a customer-centric approach, these companies stand out in making the roofing process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

In essence, the benefits of hiring a renowned roofing company in Arizona are clear. Expertise, quality materials, comprehensive services, cost effectiveness, and superior customer experience make it a wise decision for any homeowner looking to protect their investment in the harsh Arizona climate.


Choosing the right roofer in Arizona is crucial for ensuring your home withstands the state’s harsh climate while also getting the best value for your investment. We’ve explored the top five roofing companies that not only meet but exceed expectations in expertise, customer service, and quality. Whether you’re drawn to Stonecreek Phoenix Roofing for their customer-centric approach, impressed by TSM Roofing LLC’s cost-effectiveness, confident in Scott Roofing Company’s long-standing reputation, intrigued by Lyons Roofing’s innovative solutions, or value Reyes Roofing LLC’s commitment to quality and affordability, there’s a company on our list that’s sure to meet your needs. Remember, investing in a reputable roofing company is not just about fixing immediate issues; it’s about protecting your home for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Stonecreek Phoenix Roofing Company stand out in Phoenix?

Stonecreek Phoenix Roofing Company stands out due to its expertise, customer-centric approach, and commitment to quality in the roofing industry, ensuring clients receive top-notch service.

How does Lyons Roofing excel in the Arizona roofing industry?

Lyons Roofing sets a high standard with its wide range of services for both residential and commercial clients, specializing in energy-efficient options and earning recognition for reliability and quality.

What unique value does Reyes Roofing LLC offer to its clients?

Reyes Roofing LLC offers value-packed quotes, comprehensive services, high-quality materials suited for Arizona’s climate, and a seamless customer experience, along with a price matching guarantee.

How are the best roofing companies in Arizona ranked?

The best roofing companies are ranked based on expertise and experience, customer service, range of services, quality and durability of work, and overall value for money, considering factors like customer testimonials and competitive pricing.

Why is hiring a reputable roofing company in Arizona advisable?

Hiring a reputable company is advisable due to their expertise in handling Arizona’s challenging weather conditions, use of high-quality materials for durability, comprehensive services, and overall cost-effectiveness, ensuring a seamless customer experience and protection for your investment.

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