5 Best House Cleaning Services in Arkansas

Finding the perfect house cleaning service in Arkansas can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. With so many options, how do you know which ones truly stand out? That’s where we come in. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has poured hundreds of hours into researching and vetting the best house cleaning services across the state to bring you a list you can trust. We’ve looked into every nook and cranny, from customer reviews to service offerings, to determine the best of the best.

We understand the importance of a clean home and the peace of mind it brings. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to making your search easier. Our findings are designed to save you time and ensure you’re getting top-notch service. So, if you’re on the hunt for a cleaning service that goes above and beyond, stay tuned. We’ve got the insights you need to make an well-informed choice.

List of the Best House Cleaning Services in Arkansas

24Seven Cleaning Services LLC

When we set out to explore the top house cleaning services in Arkansas, 24Seven Cleaning Services LLC immediately caught our attention. Known for its meticulous attention to detail and steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, it’s easy to see why they stand out. Their team comprises well-trained professionals adept at employing the latest cleaning techniques and equipment. This ensures a spotless and hygienic environment, whether it be for your home or commercial space.

What we especially admire about 24Seven Cleaning Services LLC is their wide range of services. They offer everything from deep cleaning to office cleaning and janitorial services, meeting various client needs. Their flexibility in scheduling is a major plus. They’re available 24/7, accommodating clients with unique timing requirements, a feature not commonly found in the cleaning industry.

Another aspect worth highlighting is their use of eco-friendly cleaning products. This resonates well with us and environmentally conscious customers looking to reduce their ecological footprint. The positive feedback from clients on their professionalism and the assurance of having a clean space is testament to their reliability and efficiency.

In terms of performance and durability, 24Seven Cleaning Services LLC’s consistency in delivering high-quality services sets a high standard. Clients praise the peace of mind they experience, knowing their space is handled with the utmost care. The fact that experts recommend them for their exceptional service quality speaks volumes.

Comparatively, 24Seven Cleaning Services LLC stands tall among competitors. Their dedication to adopting the latest cleaning innovations, coupled with their customer-centric approach, gives them an edge. When evaluating value against price and quality, their services present a compelling offer. You’re not just paying for a cleaning service; you’re investing in the peace of mind and the clean environment they consistently deliver.

In our search for the best house cleaning services in Arkansas, 24Seven Cleaning Services LLC undoubtedly earns a top spot. Their commitment to excellence, flexibility, and eco-friendly practices places them high on our list for anyone seeking reliable and high-quality cleaning services.

House Cleaning Mountain Home

After exploring various cleaning services across Arkansas, we’ve found that House Cleaning Mountain Home stands out for several compelling reasons. This service offers an impressive range of cleaning packages, from a basic ‘Quick Clean’ to a thorough ‘Ultimate Inside & Outside’ deep clean. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident, with follow-up checks to ensure their service meets your expectations.

One notable perk is the discount for first-time cleanings, enticing new customers to try out their exceptional services. Our analysis reveals that reliability is a hallmark of House Cleaning Mountain Home, as customers like Susan Olsen and Max Colton attest. Their satisfaction has not only contributed to high ratings for AirBnB bookings but has also allowed property owners to focus on managing their investments rather than on cleaning tasks.

Operating hours from 7 AM to 8 PM daily ensure flexibility and accessibility for clients, making it easier to fit a professional cleaning into a busy schedule. Also, the offer of free quotes simplifies the decision-making process for potential customers, removing any financial uncertainty right from the start.

What sets House Cleaning Mountain Home apart in our review is the attention to detail, the adaptability of cleaning plans to fit the unique needs of each client, and the unwavering dedication to customer service excellence. Testimonials underscore a high level of client satisfaction due to consistent quality that translates into repeat bookings and positive reviews for rental property owners.

Considering the competition across Arkansas, House Cleaning Mountain Home’s understanding of the importance of a pristine living environment for both homeowners and rental clients places it as a top contender in our selection. This company not only meets but exceeds expectations, bringing professional cleaning standards into homes and properties with efficiency and care.

Busted Knuckles Cleaning

When it comes to house cleaning services in Arkansas, Busted Knuckles Cleaning stands out for its versatility and dedication to customer satisfaction. This veteran-owned and women-led business not only brings reliability to the table but also offers a wide array of cleaning services tailored to meet different needs. From Recurring Maid Services that keep your home consistently clean to One-Time & Seasonal Deep-Cleaning services for a more intensive cleaning need, they’ve got it all. They even handle Move-In/Out Deep-Cleaning services, Small Office & Commercial Cleaning, and offer Laundry Washing, Drying, & Folding for those looking for comprehensive cleaning solutions.

What sets Busted Knuckles apart is their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, underscored by their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. They ensure peace of mind for their clients through bonded and insured services. Customers have frequently noted the thoroughness and attention to detail of the cleaning professionals at Busted Knuckles, with positive testimonials from satisfied clients like Jessie Couch and Jenny L. who appreciate the extra mile their cleaners go to ensure a spotless home.

Plus to their quality services, Busted Knuckles is celebrated for its budget-friendly options and exceptional customer service. Their cleaning team is known for not just meeting but exceeding expectations, making clients like Sandi Shunkwiler eagerly anticipate their cleaning visits. Busted Knuckles also prides itself on being a friendly face in the community, providing a personal touch by being more than just a service provider—they’re a neighbor.

Operating in Bentonville and surrounding areas, Busted Knuckles offers flexible scheduling with morning and afternoon slots to fit different lifestyles. They’re easily reachable for estimates or service scheduling at 479-330-0202 or via email. For those in Arkansas seeking a trusted and efficient house cleaning service, Busted Knuckles Cleaning is a promising choice to consider.

Custom Maids Inc.

Following the insightful overview of Busted Knuckles Cleaning, we turn our attention to another top-tier service in the Arkansas area, Custom Maids Inc. This company has built a remarkable reputation over 25 years, achieving a stellar 4.9/5 star rating from more than 600 reviews online. Here’s why we regard Custom Maids Inc. as a premier choice for house cleaning services.

First off, safety and trust take front and center with Custom Maids Inc. They ensure peace of mind through a strict screening process. This includes comprehensive background checks and regular drug tests for all employees. It means you can feel secure knowing the people entering your home are not just proficient in their job but are also dependable and safe.

When it comes to services, Custom Maids Inc. offers an impressive range. Whether you need routine maid services, deep house cleanings, or specific move in/out cleaning services, they’ve got you covered. They excel in keeping kitchens gleaming, bathrooms fresh and sanitized, and floors perfectly vacuumed and mopped. They handle every cleaning challenge with expertise, ensuring your home is not just clean but also healthy and welcoming.

Also, Custom Maids Inc. showcases a commendable spirit of giving back to the community. They partner with Cleaning For a Reason, donating free cleaning services to individuals undergoing cancer treatment. This gesture highlights their commitment not only to cleanliness but also to the wellbeing of their clients and the community at large.

Summarizing, if you’re in search of a cleaning service that marries professionalism, security, and community care with outstanding customer service, Custom Maids Inc. stands out as an exemplary option. Their dedication to excellence in every aspect of their service makes them a top recommendation for anyone looking for reliable house cleaning services in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and the surrounding areas.

  • Website: https://customaids.com/
  • Contact Details: +14798064852
  • Address: 8901 Jenny Lind Rd Suite 4B, Fort Smith, AR 72908, United States

The Cleaning Authority – Rogers

Following the spotlight on Custom Maids Inc., we’d like to introduce you to another exemplary house cleaning service in Arkansas that’s caught our attention for all the right reasons: The Cleaning Authority – Rogers. This service is a standout for its commitment to delivering a top-notch cleaning experience that’s both comprehensive and environmentally friendly.

What sets The Cleaning Authority – Rogers apart is their Detail-Clean Rotation System. This innovative approach ensures a deep clean of different areas of the home on a rotating basis, making sure no spot is overlooked. Our research indicates that this method results in a consistently clean home, meeting the highest standards of cleanliness every time.

Their dedication to green cleaning practices is another aspect we cannot overlook. They use environmentally responsible and sustainable products, demonstrating a strong commitment to protecting the planet. This approach is not only good for the earth but also for your home, making it safe for families and pets.

Customer satisfaction is clearly a top priority for The Cleaning Authority – Rogers. They stand by their satisfaction guarantee boldly. If you’re not happy with a cleaned area, they pledge to return the following day to make it right. This dedication to excellence is backed by their fully bonded and insured status, providing homeowners peace of mind.

The convenience factor with The Cleaning Authority – Rogers is also notable. They offer immediate online quotes, streamlining the process of engaging their services. Quick and easy access to cleaning services can be a game-changer for busy households.

Plus, their professional teams treat every home with great respect — as if it was their own. This level of care and professionalism speaks volumes about their reliability and the value they offer to their clients.

When comparing The Cleaning Authority – Rogers to other house cleaning services in the Arkansas area, their environmentally-friendly approach, detail-oriented cleaning system, and customer satisfaction guarantee set them apart. They offer a compelling choice for those who prioritize green cleaning practices, thoroughness, and customer care.

Research Methodology: How We Ranked The Best House Cleaning Companies in Arkansas

When we set out to rank the best house cleaning companies in Arkansas, we employed a detailed and methodical approach. Our objective was to ensure that our readers could make informed decisions based on reliable and transparent criteria. Here’s a breakdown of how we conducted our research and arrived at our rankings.

Customer Feedback

We started with customer reviews and testimonials. Positive feedback is a strong indicator of reliability and quality service. We looked at various platforms, including company websites, social media, and independent review sites, to gather a holistic view of customer experiences. Companies with consistently high ratings were given precedence in our list.

Services Offered

Diversity in service offerings was another critical factor. We prioritized companies that provided a range of cleaning services, from standard house cleaning to more specialized tasks like deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, and eco-friendly options. This versatility is essential for meeting the different needs of Arkansas homeowners.

Pricing and Value

Understanding that budget plays a significant role in decision-making, we evaluated each company’s pricing structure against the value it offers. We sought out services that not only provide transparent and competitive pricing but also those that offered guarantees or warranties for their work, ensuring customers receive quality service for their investment.

Company Reputation and Longevity

The reputation and longevity of a cleaning service also weighed heavily in our rankings. Companies that have been in business for a prolonged period typically demonstrate a commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. We also considered involvement in the local community and any awards or recognitions as signs of a reputable service provider.

Environmental Practices

Given the growing concern for the environment, we also assessed the green cleaning practices of each company. Those that use environmentally friendly products and methods were ranked higher, showcasing their commitment to not only their clients’ health but also to the well-being of the planet.

Through this comprehensive research methodology, we aim to guide our readers to the best house cleaning services in Arkansas that stand out in terms of quality, reliability, customer satisfaction, and value. Our goal is to make the selection process as straightforward and informed as possible.

Benefits of Hiring a House Cleaning Company in Arkansas

In Arkansas, keeping a home clean and tidy can be a challenging task, especially with the state’s unique mix of urban and rural environments. Hiring a house cleaning company brings several benefits that cater to the diverse needs of Arkansas residents.

Time Savings

One of the most significant advantages we’ve observed is the amount of time saved. Cleaning a house thoroughly can eat up a substantial part of your week. By hiring a professional service, families and individuals reclaim precious hours. This time can then be spent on work, hobbies, or quality moments with loved ones, enhancing overall life satisfaction.

Professional Results

House cleaning companies employ trained professionals who know how to tackle tough stains and maintain homes to a high standard. They use specific techniques and cleaning products to ensure areas like bathrooms and kitchens are not just visually clean but sanitized too. This level of cleanliness is often hard to achieve with regular DIY cleaning.

Customized Cleaning Plans

Flexibility is another benefit. The best house cleaning services in Arkansas offer customized cleaning plans that fit your specific needs and schedule. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or one-time deep cleaning, these plans can be tailored to target the areas of your home that need the most attention, ensuring efficient and effective cleaning.

Healthier Living Environment

A clean home is also a healthier home. Dust, pet dander, and other allergens can accumulate in carpets, upholstery, and hard-to-reach areas, affecting air quality and potentially causing allergic reactions. Professional cleaners have the tools and expertise to reduce allergens, contributing to a cleaner air environment.

Peace of Mind

Finally, hiring a reputable house cleaning company offers peace of mind. Knowing that your home is in the hands of professionals who are insured, bonded, and committed to providing a high-quality service allows you to relax and enjoy a cleaner, more organized home without the stress and time investment of doing it yourself.


Choosing the right house cleaning service in Arkansas shouldn’t be a challenging job. With the options we’ve shared, you’re well-equipped to make an well-informed choice that suits your needs. Whether it’s the impeccable reputation of Custom Maids Inc., the innovative Detail-Clean Rotation System of The Cleaning Authority – Rogers, or the other excellent services we’ve highlighted, you’re sure to find a solution that brings professional results, time savings, and peace of mind into your home. Remember, investing in a professional cleaning service is not just about keeping your space tidy—it’s about creating a healthier, more enjoyable living environment for you and your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What challenges do people face when finding reliable house cleaning services in Arkansas?

People in Arkansas often struggle with identifying trustworthy and efficient house cleaning services. The challenges include determining the quality of service, reliability, and finding companies that offer customized cleaning plans to meet their specific needs.

Who is HomeSpot HQ?

HomeSpot HQ is a platform that simplifies the search for reliable house cleaning services in Arkansas. It assists residents in finding top-quality cleaning services like Busted Knuckles Cleaning and Custom Maids Inc.

Can you name some top house cleaning services in Arkansas?

Two of the top house cleaning services in Arkansas mentioned are Busted Knuckles Cleaning and Custom Maids Inc., known for their reliability and exceptional service. The Cleaning Authority – Rogers is also highlighted for its unique Detail-Clean Rotation System and eco-friendly practices.

What makes Custom Maids Inc. stand out?

Custom Maids Inc. is notable for its exceptional reputation and active participation in community involvement. These factors contribute to making it a preferred choice for many residents in Arkansas.

What are the benefits of hiring a house cleaning company in Arkansas?

Hiring a house cleaning company in Arkansas offers several advantages, including time savings, professional results, customized cleaning plans, a healthier living environment, and peace of mind. These benefits cater to the diverse needs of Arkansas residents, ensuring a clean and healthy home environment.

How does The Cleaning Authority – Rogers differentiate itself?

The Cleaning Authority – Rogers differentiates itself with its Detail-Clean Rotation System, providing thorough and consistent cleaning results. Additionally, its commitment to using environmentally friendly cleaning products makes it a considerate option for eco-conscious consumers.

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