5 Best House Cleaning Services in California

In our quest to make your life a tad easier and your home sparkly clean, we’ve scoured the vast expanse of California to bring you the crème de la crème of house cleaning services. We understand how daunting it can be to find a reliable cleaning service that meets your high standards and fits within your budget. That’s why our team at HomeSpot HQ dedicated hundreds of hours to meticulously research and evaluate the best companies out there. We didn’t just look at the surface; we dug deep into customer reviews, service offerings, and company reputations to ensure we’re recommending the best of the best.

Our findings are more than just a list; it’s a comprehensive guide designed to save you time and provide peace of mind in your search for the perfect cleaning partner. Whether you’re looking for a one-time deep clean or a regular maintenance service, we’re confident our top picks will exceed your expectations. Let’s jump into the sparkling world of house cleaning services in California, and find the one that’s right for you.

List of the Best House Cleaning Services in California

Coast House Cleaning

Coast House Cleaning

When it comes to finding a top-notch house cleaning service in California, Coast House Cleaning definitely makes the list. We discovered that their service area prominently covers Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, where they’re highly praised for their professional and efficient cleaning services. They cater to a broad spectrum of cleaning needs. Whether you’re looking for basic, deep, move in/out, or even post-construction cleaning, they’ve got you covered.

What sets Coast House Cleaning apart is their commitment to eco-friendly solutions. This is a big deal for anyone looking to minimize their environmental footprint. They’re not just about the clean; they’re about keeping it green too. This approach aligns with our values and likely appeals to many environmentally conscious clients.

Their team of cleaners has earned a reputation for being friendly, reliable, and professional. This is a crucial factor. It’s reassuring to know that inviting Coast House Cleaning into your home means you’re dealing with experts who are serious about making your space spotless.

Ease of booking is another feature we can’t help but highlight. In modern digital era, convenience is king. Offering simple booking options online or through a quick call or text (to their contact number, 805-427-8686) exemplifies their understanding of customer needs. Plus, their satisfaction guarantee is an additional layer of reassurance. If there’s an issue, they promise to fix it for free within 24 hours. This demonstrates a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in service delivery.

All things considered, Coast House Cleaning stands out as a worthy choice for those seeking dependable and eco-conscious cleaning solutions in California. Their versatile cleaning options, eco-friendly practices, friendly and professional team, along with easy booking and a robust satisfaction guarantee, position them as a premier choice in their service areas.

You’ve Got Maids of Santa Monica


As we continue our journey through the best house cleaning services in California, You’ve Got Maids of Santa Monica earns its spot with standout features that cater to a wide variety of cleaning needs. They offer weekly, biweekly, or one-time deep cleans, ensuring flexibility for any schedule. Our research and customer feedback underline their commitment to eco-friendly cleaning. This approach is a significant plus, safeguarding the health of both your family and pets.

What sets You’ve Got Maids apart is their satisfaction guarantee policy. If you’re not happy with the cleaning, they’ll re-clean at no additional charge. This policy alleviates any worry about the quality of service you’ll receive. Their Maid University™ training program is another highlight. It assures customers that the maids are thoroughly trained, promising a consistently high standard of service.

The free, no-obligation estimates offered by You’ve Got Maids promote transparency in pricing, an aspect we find invaluable. It allows you to know upfront what you will be paying, with no hidden costs springing up later. Their initiative “Until There is a Cure,” offering free cleaning services for women undergoing cancer treatment, speaks volumes about their core values. It demonstrates a commendable dedication to community support, making them not just a service, but a company with a heart.

In comparison to other services in the state, like Coast House Cleaning known for their eco-friendly approach and customer satisfaction, You’ve Got Maids of Santa Monica brings its unique contributions to the table. They not only meet the cleaning needs of residents in Santa Monica but also enrich the community with their compassionate initiatives.

Choosing You’ve Got Maids means opting for a service that cares deeply about the environment, your family’s health, and community well-being. Their comprehensive training program and satisfaction guarantee ensure that you get nothing short of excellence. For those who prioritize eco-friendly practices and dependable service, You’ve Got Maids of Santa Monica stands as a clear choice.

  • Website: https://www.youvegotmaids.com/
  • Contact Details: +14242994973
  • Address: 2500 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 100, Santa Monica, CA 90404, United States

Los Angeles House Cleaning & Maids Co

Los Angeles House Cleaning & Maids Co

Transitioning from the environmentally conscious and flexible services offered by You’ve Got Maids of Santa Monica, we find Los Angeles House Cleaning & Maids Co introduces an unmatched level of convenience and reliability into the cleaning services sector in California. Their ability to seamlessly integrate technology with top-tier cleaning expertise sets them apart. Here’s our deep jump into what makes them a standout contender.

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king. Los Angeles House Cleaning & Maids Co understands this perfectly. Their online booking process is a game-changer, offering users the ability to schedule a cleaning session in merely 60 seconds. This efficient system not only saves time but also significantly enhances the customer experience, making it a breeze to get your home cleaned without the hassle of back-and-forth phone calls or emails.

The backbone of any great service company is its staff, and here Los Angeles House Cleaning & Maids Co really shines. Boasting over 10,000 cleanings combined, their referred cleaners’ experience speaks volumes of their ability to handle diverse cleaning tasks with professionalism and precision. This wealth of experience ensures a high-quality cleaning each time, tailored to meet individual client needs.

With an impressive 4.8/5 star rating based on extensive customer feedback, Los Angeles House Cleaning & Maids Co has proven their commitment to meeting and exceeding client expectations. This rating is a testament to their consistent delivery of quality services and customer care. The company goes above and beyond by offering a 48-hour resolution period, ensuring any issues post-cleaning are promptly and satisfactorily addressed.

Whether it’s a routine house cleaning or a thorough deep clean, Los Angeles House Cleaning & Maids Co covers it all. Their wide array of services means that you can rely on them for virtually any cleaning need. This versatility, combined with their underlined focus on quality and customer satisfaction, positions them as a top choice for residents across Los Angeles looking for a dependable cleaning service.

Summarizing, what makes Los Angeles House Cleaning & Maids Co particularly commendable is their dedication to creating a seamless customer experience from booking to cleaning, backed by a team of highly experienced professionals. Their comprehensive services cater to a broad spectrum of cleaning requirements, making them a premier choice in the competitive California cleaning services market.

  • Website: https://lacleaningco.com/
  • Contact Details: +14247285841
  • Address: 1942 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025, United States

Casa Fantastic Cleaning Services

Casa Fantastic Cleaning Services, Inc.

Following the footsteps of leading house cleaning services in California, we have scrutinized Casa Fantastic Cleaning Services. This family-owned business takes pride in putting customer satisfaction at the forefront. They serve a broad area within Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, proving accessible to a diverse clientele seeking meticulous cleaning services.

What sets Casa Fantastic apart is their commitment to eco-friendliness. They exclusively use eco-friendly products, ensuring a safer environment for their clients. This dedication not only reflects their responsibility towards the planet but also caters to customers’ health-conscious preferences.

Their range of services is impressively comprehensive. From residential cleaning, including move-in and move-out services, to post-construction cleanup and commercial cleaning, they cater to various needs with expertise. This versatility speaks volumes about their experience and capability in handling different cleaning demands efficiently.

Professionalism and attention to detail are the hallmarks of their service. The cleaning staff at Casa Fantastic is known for their punctuality, dedication, and exceptional cleaning results. Customers frequently applaud their responsiveness and efficiency, which adds to the company’s reliability.

Ease of booking is another significant advantage. Casa Fantastic makes it simple for clients to schedule services, emphasizing customer convenience. This user-friendly approach, coupled with their customer-oriented services, positions them as a dependable choice for professional cleaning needs.

Trustworthiness is at the core of Casa Fantastic’s operations. Recognizing the importance of security when inviting service providers into one’s home, they have built a reputation for honesty and integrity. Glowing testimonials from satisfied customers underscore their trustworthiness, further cementing their status in the competitive cleaning service industry.

In comparison to others, such as Coast House Cleaning and Los Angeles House Cleaning & Maids Co, Casa Fantastic stands out for its eco-friendly practices, broad service offerings, and unparalleled customer care. Their eco-consciousness, in particular, positions them as a leading choice for environmentally aware consumers.

In the realm of house cleaning services in California, our examination finds Casa Fantastic Cleaning Services not just keeping pace but setting benchmarks in eco-friendliness, customer satisfaction, and comprehensive service delivery.

California Well Done Cleaning Services


In our search for the best house cleaning services in California, California Well Done Cleaning Services shines for its exceptional commitment to quality and eco-conscious practices. Unlike many competitors, this company brings a unique blend of environmental responsibility and premium cleaning efficiency to both residential and commercial clients. Here’s why we rate them highly in our top 5 list.

Clients love the flexibility that California Well Done Cleaning Services offers. Whether it’s a last-minute booking or a customized cleaning plan, they’ve got it covered. Their range of services, including general cleaning, office cleaning, and move-in/move-out cleanings, caters to a wide variety of needs. This adaptability, combined with fast response times and open communication, sets them apart in the crowded cleaning service market.

Today, more than ever, the cleaning products used in our homes and workplaces matter. California Well Done Cleaning Services goes above and beyond by using eco-friendly practices that are tough on dirt but gentle on the environment. This not only ensures a clean living space but also contributes to a healthier planet. For us, their commitment to sustainability is a big plus.

The professionalism displayed by their certified cleaners is evident in the detailed work they do. Customers consistently highlight the team’s attention to detail and reliability, something we find crucial in a good cleaning service. The skilled staff backs their expertise with vigorous training and certification, promising a high-quality clean every time.

Scouring through reviews on platforms like Yelp and Google, it’s clear that customers are genuinely satisfied with their cleaning results and the level of customer service provided. Words like “impressed” and “hallmarks” frequently pop up, underscoring their reputation for exceeding expectations.

Considering our analysis, California Well Done Cleaning Services not only promises a cleaner, healthier environment but also delivers on that promise while embracing eco-friendly practices. Their blend of quality, environmental stewardship, and customer-centric approaches makes them a standout choice in California’s cleaning services sector.

Research Methodology: How We Ranked The Best House Cleaning Companies in California

To ensure our list of the best house cleaning services in California provides genuine value, we’ve developed a rigorous research methodology. Our goal was to select companies that not only offer exceptional cleaning services but also prioritize customer satisfaction, eco-friendly practices, and professionalism.

Criteria Used for Evaluation

Quality of Service

We started by examining the quality of service provided by each company. This included reviewing customer feedback, ratings on trusted websites, and before-and-after photos of their work. High-quality service is a must for making it onto our list.


Given the growing concern for the environment, we prioritized companies that use eco-friendly cleaning products and methods. Those that contributed to a healthier planet scored higher in our evaluation.

Flexibility and Range of Services

We considered the flexibility of services offered, including the ability to cater to specific customer needs and preferences. Companies offering a broad range of services, from standard house cleaning to deep cleaning and specialized services, were ranked higher.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Customer reviews and satisfaction were critical in our ranking process. We analyzed online reviews, testimonials, and feedback to gauge overall customer satisfaction. Companies with consistently high ratings and positive reviews were considered favorably.


The professionalism of the cleaning staff and the company’s commitment to hiring qualified, trustworthy employees was another crucial factor. We looked for companies that perform background checks on their employees and train them thoroughly.

Pricing and Value for Money

Finally, we assessed the pricing of each company’s services, comparing them against the quality and range of services offered. Companies that provided exceptional value for money, offering competitive rates without compromising on service quality, ranked highly on our list.

Through this detailed methodology, we aimed to offer a well-rounded and balanced review of each house cleaning service, ensuring our readers receive reliable and actionable information. Our focus was on companies that stand out for their dedication to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction in the California cleaning service market.

Benefits of Hiring a House Cleaning Company in California

When it comes to maintaining our homes, we all seek the most efficient and stress-free methods. In California, where the pace of life can be relentless, finding time for thorough house cleaning often falls by the wayside. This is where professional house cleaning services step in, offering numerous benefits that make them an indispensable part of our lives.

Saves Time and Effort

One of the most immediate benefits we notice when hiring a house cleaning company is the significant amount of time and effort saved. Cleaning a house thoroughly is time-consuming. Professionals can do the job more efficiently and quickly because they are trained and have the right tools. This means we can dedicate our precious time to work, hobbies, or spending quality moments with our family and friends.

Professional Results

A professional cleaning service brings expertise and precision that is hard to match with DIY efforts. These companies train their staff to handle various cleaning tasks effectively, ensuring areas often overlooked receive proper attention. The result is a consistently clean home, which not only looks inviting but is also healthier to live in.

Customized Cleaning Plans

Most reputable cleaning services in California offer customizable cleaning plans. This flexibility allows us to specify how deep the cleaning should be, which areas need more focus, or whether we prefer eco-friendly cleaning products. Tailoring the service to our specific needs ensures satisfaction and makes the service more personal and efficient.

Reduces Stress and Improves Well-being

Living in a clean and organized space significantly reduces stress and enhances our overall well-being. It’s comforting to come back to a clean home after a busy day. Also, professional cleaners use products and techniques that effectively reduce allergens and bacteria, ensuring our living environment is not just visually clean but truly sanitized.

Cost-Effective in the Long Run

On the surface, hiring a cleaning service might seem like a luxury. But, when considering the long-term benefits, it’s a cost-effective choice. Regular professional cleaning prevents damages to surfaces and fabrics by ensuring they are correctly maintained, potentially saving us money on repairs or replacements. Besides, it frees up our time, which has its own intrinsic value.

These benefits underscore why so many of us in California opt for professional house cleaning services. They offer a practical, efficient way to maintain our homes, granting us peace of mind and the freedom to focus on what’s truly important in our lives.


We’ve explored the top house cleaning services across California, each offering unique strengths from eco-friendly practices to unparalleled professionalism. By carefully selecting these companies based on rigorous criteria, we aim to ensure you find a service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Remember, investing in a professional cleaning service isn’t just about maintaining a clean home; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that values time, well-being, and peace of mind. With the insights provided, choosing the right cleaning service for your California home can be a straightforward and rewarding decision. Let’s make the most of what these top-tier companies have to offer and transform our living spaces into bastions of cleanliness and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some reputable house cleaning services in California?

Coast House Cleaning, You’ve Got Maids of Santa Monica, Los Angeles House Cleaning & Maids Co, and Casa Fantastic Cleaning Services are known for their professionalism, eco-friendliness, and high customer satisfaction. California Well Done Cleaning Services is also praised for its quality and eco-conscious practices.

Why are eco-friendly practices important in house cleaning services?

Eco-friendly practices minimize the impact on the environment by using non-toxic, sustainable cleaning products and methods. They contribute to healthier living spaces and protect the ecosystem, making them a crucial aspect of house cleaning services.

What criteria were used to rank the best house cleaning companies in California?

The ranking criteria included quality of service, eco-friendliness, flexibility and range of services, customer satisfaction and reviews, professionalism, and pricing. These factors aim to provide a reliable guide to the top cleaning services prioritizing excellence and customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional house cleaning company in California?

Hiring a professional cleaning company saves time and effort, provides professional results, offers customized cleaning plans, reduces stress, improves well-being, and is cost-effective. These benefits contribute to a more efficient, healthier living environment and lifestyle in California.

How can professional house cleaning services improve well-being?

Professional cleaning services contribute to improved well-being by ensuring living spaces are clean, organized, and free from allergens and pollutants. This clean environment fosters better mental clarity, reduced stress, and overall health, enhancing the quality of life.

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