5 Best Pest Control Services in Delaware

In our quest to bring you nothing but the best, we’ve delved deep into the world of pest control services in Delaware. We understand how crucial it is to find a reliable service that not only eradicates pests but also ensures they stay gone for good. It’s more than just a matter of convenience; it’s about safeguarding your home, your sanctuary, from unwanted guests.

To compile our list of the top 5 pest control services, we didn’t just skim the surface. Our team at HomeSpot HQ dedicated hundreds of hours to research, sift through customer reviews, and analyze company reputations. We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Our goal? To provide you with a concise, informative guide that helps you make a well-well-informed choice on which pest control service in Delaware best meets your needs. Let’s jump into the results of our meticulous research and discover which companies stood out from the rest.

Viking Pest Control

In our quest to find the best pest control services in Delaware, Viking Pest Control shines through for its comprehensive approach and customer-friendly services. With over 40 years of experience, this company has mastered the art of pest management, blending traditional methods with cutting-edge technology.


Key Services and Features

Viking Pest Control stands out for its innovative use of technology in pest control solutions. Their SMART Mouse Control system is a game-changer, leveraging technology to monitor mouse activity in real-time. This approach not only eradicates mice effectively but does so in an environmentally friendly manner. Their Home Protection Plans offer peace of mind through seasonally timed visits, ensuring a pest-free home year-round. For those of us keen on eco-friendly solutions, Viking’s Organic Pest Control service is a perfect choice. It shows their commitment to sustainable practices without compromising on effectiveness.

Performance and Ease of Use

Clients rave about the ease of scheduling with Viking Pest Control. Their system sends text message reminders, ensuring you never miss a service appointment. The unlimited service requests available through their Home Protection Plans mean that whenever a covered pest problem arises, help is just a call away. This aspect is particularly reassuring, knowing that Viking is ready to tackle any pest issue swiftly.

Customer Satisfaction and Safety

Viking Pest Control prioritizes safety and customer satisfaction above all. Their treatments are pet-friendly, a relief for pet owners worried about the impact of pest control on their furry friends. The company’s effort to protect gardens, pools, and interior spaces during treatments underscores their meticulous attention to safety. Also, their emergency response service, usually within 24 hours, exemplifies their dedication to customer needs.

Value for Money

When it comes to value, Viking Pest Control offers a compelling package. Their blend of advanced pest control technologies, eco-friendly options, and customer-centric services provide a high-quality solution at competitive prices. Their comprehensive service guarantees, coupled with the convenience of their Home Protection Plans, ensure that clients receive excellent service that justifies the investment.

Comparing Viking Pest Control with other services in Delaware, it’s clear they offer a unique mix of innovation, customer care, and affordability. For those of us in Delaware looking for reliable, effective, and responsible pest control, Viking Pest Control is a top contender.

JEM Pest Solutions

When it comes to pest control in Delaware, JEM Pest Solutions shines brightly among the top picks. With a robust 10 years in the business, this locally owned gem has successfully tackled pest issues in over 20,000 homes and businesses across Delaware and Maryland. What sets them apart? Their no-nonsense approach and commitment to swift and effective service.

First off, JEM Pest Solutions excels in customer service. They understand the urgency of pest control. Offering same-day solutions without any additional charges speaks volumes about their dedication. Plus, guaranteeing service within 4 hours when contacted by 2:00 pm showcases their commitment to rapid response.

The expertise of JEM Pest Solutions is undeniable. Their technicians are not just skilled; they’re fully trained and certified. This ensures that every inspection and extermination is thorough. Whether it’s ants, bedbugs, or termites causing trouble, JEM Pest Solutions brings its A-game.

Safety and trust are paramount. Every technician is rigorously screened and background-checked. What’s more, their extensive training ensures they handle pest control with the utmost care and professionalism. For us, knowing that a company prioritizes customer safety adds a big plus to their credibility.

Let’s talk about value. JEM Pest Solutions offers $50 off on initial treatment for new Home Protection Plan customers. This kind of deal is hard to beat, making top-notch pest control accessible without very costly.

In a category filled with options, JEM Pest Solutions stands out for its swift, dependable, and affordable pest control services. Their no-fluff, straight-to-the-point approach aligns perfectly with what homeowners and businesses need when they’re facing unwelcome pests. Based on our assessment, if you’re looking for reliable pest control in Delaware, JEM Pest Solutions is an excellent choice.


Delmar Pest Control

Delmar Termite and Pest Control shines as a beacon of reliability and affordability in the pest control industry. Celebrating over 25 years of operational excellence, their reputation across Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware speaks volumes about their commitment to pest extermination. What sets Delmar apart is the caliber of their team. Each exterminator is not just certified but comes with years of experience. This ensures that every service, offered with a promise of same-day turnaround, is of the highest quality.

One of Delmar’s most noteworthy features is their approach to pest control solutions. They understand that one size does not fit all and provide treatments tailored to specific needs. Their services are both odorless and non-toxic. This detail is significant because it means spaces remain safe and habitable immediately after treatment. Safety is a priority, and Delmar excels in this area.

Their customer-first approach is evident through their offering of free inspections. Also, their confidence in their work is backed by a money-back guarantee and a termite damage warranty. Such offerings underline Delmar’s commitment to customer satisfaction and trust. Being fully licensed and insured, coupled with recognitions by the Better Business Bureau and the Delaware Pest Control Association, further amplifies their credibility.

In comparing Delmar Pest Control to competitors, their advantages become even clearer. The same-day service and the specialized, safe treatments they offer are not universally available. Their comprehensive warranties and guarantees stand out in an industry where customer peace of mind is paramount.

When weighing the value against the price, Delmar’s decades of experience, tailored and safe solutions, and rigorous commitment to customer satisfaction present an unmatched quality. For those in their service area seeking swift, effective, and safe pest control solutions, Delmar stands out as the go-to choice. Their blend of reliability, safety, and customer-centric policies offers significant peace of mind for any pest control needs.


Western Pest Services

Comprehensive Pest Control Solutions

We’ve found that Western Pest Services is a top contender in Delaware for addressing a wide range of pest issues. Their extensive service catalog means they can handle everything from ants to yellow jackets. What sets them apart is their tailored approach to pest control. Instead of one-size-fits-all solutions, they customize treatments for each home and situation. This personalized service ensures more effective and lasting results.

Expertise and Satisfaction Guarantee

One notable aspect of Western Pest Services is their team’s expertise. They have Board Certified Entomologists on staff, underscoring their commitment to quality and knowledgeable service. Customers like James H. from Randolph, NJ, have highlighted how quickly and efficiently Western Pest Services resolved their pest problems, showcasing the company’s dedication to prompt service.

Also, their satisfaction guarantee provides an added layer of confidence for customers. This guarantee ensures that if issues arise post-treatment, Western is committed to making it right.

Customer Service Excellence

We were equally impressed with their customer service. Reviews frequently mention how friendly and knowledgeable the staff is, making the pest control process less stressful for homeowners. Their A+ BBB rating is a testament to their professionalism and reliability in the industry. This strong customer service, combined with their expertise, makes Western Pest Services a recommended choice for those in Delaware looking for dependable pest control solutions.

Comparing with Competitors

Against competitors like Viking Pest Control and JEM Pest Solutions, Western Pest Services holds its ground through its customized treatment plans and strong customer service reputation. While Viking and JEM also offer expert pest control solutions, Western’s Board Certified Entomologists and satisfaction guarantee provide an extra level of assurance that the job will be done effectively and with attention to detail.

To conclude, for Delaware residents facing pest challenges, Western Pest Services offers a blend of expert knowledge, tailored solutions, and superior customer service, making them a top pick in the pest control industry.


Home Paramount Pest Control

When we consider the best pest control services in Delaware, Home Paramount Pest Control clearly stands out. Since its foundation in 1939, Home Paramount has established itself as a beacon of reliability and expertise in the pest control industry. Our evaluation reveals several key factors that place them high on our list.

Expertise and Experience: Home Paramount brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge to the field. With over 80 years of experience, their well-trained professionals employ a combination of time-tested techniques and modern approaches to pest management. This includes a comprehensive range of services covering eco-friendly solutions, wildlife control, and specialized termite management.

Customer-Centric Services: What sets them apart is their dedication to customer satisfaction. The company offers a no-cost inspection, which is a testament to their commitment to tailor their services to specific client needs. This approach ensures that every pest challenge is met with a customized, effective solution.

Environmental Responsibility: In today’s eco-conscious world, Home Paramount’s use of environmentally friendly pest control options earns them extra points. Customers appreciate this mindful approach, highlighting the company’s dedication to not just solving pest problems but doing so in a way that is safe for the environment and their families.

Wide Range of Solutions: Whether it’s common pests like bed bugs and mosquitoes or more challenging wildlife, Home Paramount is equipped to handle it all. Their extensive services also cater to commercial clients, showcasing their versatility in dealing with various types of pest issues.

Ease of Transaction: The convenient online bill payment system and the straightforward process for signing up for services enhance the customer experience further. This hassle-free approach to business operations is a big plus for busy homeowners and businesses alike.

In comparison to other service providers like Western Pest Services, Viking Pest Control, and JEM Pest Solutions, Home Paramount Pest Control not only matches up but in several areas, surpasses them with its broad service offerings, eco-friendly options, and customer-first attitude. Their long-standing history and commitment to safety and environmentally friendly practices make them a top recommendation for anyone in Delaware looking for reliable pest control services.


Research Methodology: How We Ranked The Best Pest Control Companies in Delaware

When we set out to rank the best pest control services in Delaware, we ensured our methodology was comprehensive and unbiased. Our goal? To provide you with a list that genuinely reflects quality, reliability, and value. Here’s how we did it:

Company Reputation

We started by examining each company’s reputation. This means looking into years of service, customer reviews, and industry recognitions. Companies like Home Paramount Pest Control stood out for their decades-long commitment to excellence and a strong base of satisfied customers. A solid reputation is a clear indicator of consistent quality and reliable service.

Range of Services

The variety and scope of services offered played a crucial role in our ranking. We gravitated toward companies offering a wide range of solutions—from residential to commercial pest control, specialized treatments for termites, and eco-friendly options. This criterion helped us ensure that our recommendations could cater to a broad set of needs.


Given the increasing concern for environmental impact, we placed significant emphasis on eco-friendly practices. Companies that offer sustainable solutions and employ environmentally responsible methods received higher rankings. Home Paramount’s commitment to green pest control solutions made them a standout in this area.

Convenience and Customer Support

Ease of doing business is crucial. We evaluated each company on the convenience of their service offerings, including online booking, flexible scheduling, and customer service responsiveness. Those that streamlined the process for customers ranked higher, as they understand and cater to the modern consumer’s needs.

Price vs. Value

Finally, we closely analyzed cost against the quality of service. Affordable pricing is important, but not at the expense of thorough, effective pest control. Companies that offered transparent pricing and guaranteed results provided superior value, making them more likely to secure a spot on our list.

By applying these criteria, we have curated a list of the best pest control services in Delaware that excel in all aspects—reputation, service range, eco-friendliness, convenience, and value for money. This methodical approach ensures that our recommendations are not only reliable but also cater to the diverse needs and preferences of Delaware residents.

Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Company in Delaware

When dealing with unwanted pests in Delaware, hiring a professional pest control company offers several advantages. We’ve observed these benefits closely, especially in comparison to attempting DIY pest solutions. Here’s why professional services stand out.

Expertise and Experience

Pest control companies in Delaware, like Home Paramount Pest Control, come with years of expertise. They have dealt with a wide variety of pests native to Delaware. This experience means they can accurately identify pests, understand their behavior, and know the most effective methods for elimination and prevention. Unlike DIY methods, which can be hit or miss, professionals bring a level of precision to the task.

Safety Measures

Using over-the-counter pest control products can expose your family and pets to harmful chemicals. Professional pest control services take safety seriously. They use environmentally safe products that are effective against pests but harmless to humans and pets. Companies like Home Paramount focus on eco-friendly solutions, ensuring your home remains safe during and after treatment.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Hiring a pest control service can be more cost-effective than you might think. DIY pest control often requires purchasing various products before finding one that works, if at all. This trial and error can add up in costs and waste time. Pest control services have the right tools and substances from the start. They can resolve the issue more quickly and prevent future infestations, saving money in the long run.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your pest issue is being handled by professionals can ease the stress of the situation. You won’t need to worry about whether the pests will return or if you’ve eliminated them all. Pest control companies often offer guarantees and follow-up services to ensure your home remains pest-free.

In comparison to tackling the problem yourself, hiring a pest control service in Delaware offers undeniable benefits. With their expertise, safety measures, and cost efficiency, it’s clear why many Delaware residents trust these professionals to keep their homes pest-free.

Common Household Pests in Delaware

Delaware, with its unique climate and geography, becomes a comfortable haven for various pests. Our experience tells us that understanding the common household pests in this area can significantly improve the choice of pest control service. Let’s investigate into some of these unwelcome guests.


Ants are a common sight in Delaware homes. Especially in the summer, ant infestations can quickly escalate. They are attracted to sweet, sticky substances and can easily invade kitchens. Carpenter ants, in particular, pose a risk as they can damage wood structures within homes.

Mice and Rats

Rodents like mice and rats find the temperate climate of Delaware ideal. They are notorious for sneaking into homes through tiny gaps, looking for food and shelter. Besides being a nuisance, they can carry diseases and contaminate food sources, making their control crucial.


Termites are silent destroyers. They can cause significant damage to homes in Delaware by feeding on wooden structures. Often, their presence goes unnoticed until substantial damage has occurred, highlighting the importance of regular inspections and treatments by professionals.


Cockroaches thrive in warm, moist environments, making some areas of Delaware perfect for them. They are not only a distressing sight but can also spread germs and trigger allergies. Efficient eradication often requires professional intervention due to their resilient nature.


While most spiders in Delaware are harmless, their presence can be unsettling. Certain species, like the Black Widow, pose health risks. Effective spider control helps in reducing these threats and keeping homes safe.

Understanding the diverse range of pests common to Delaware emphasizes the need for comprehensive, specialized pest control services. Providers with extensive local experience, like those we’ve reviewed, are well-equipped to tackle these pests efficiently, ensuring homes remain safe and comfortable. Our reviews aim to guide Delaware residents in choosing the right service to address their specific pest concerns effectively.


Choosing the right pest control service in Delaware is crucial for keeping our homes safe and pest-free. With the variety of pests like ants, mice, and termites, it’s essential to opt for a provider that not only understands the local pest landscape but also offers effective and eco-friendly solutions. Providers like Western Pest Services and Home Paramount Pest Control stand out for their experience, customer satisfaction, and specialized services. By selecting a company that aligns with our specific needs, we ensure our homes are protected from common household pests. Let’s make informed decisions for a pest-free living environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top pest control service providers in Delaware?

Western Pest Services and Home Paramount Pest Control are among the top providers. Western is known for personalized plans and customer satisfaction, while Home Paramount has over 80 years of experience with eco-friendly solutions.

What makes Home Paramount Pest Control stand out?

Home Paramount Pest Control stands out because of its eco-friendly pest solutions, over 80 years of experience, specialized wildlife and termite management services, and a strong focus on delivering tailored pest control.

What are common household pests in Delaware?

Common pests include ants, mice, rats, termites, cockroaches, and spiders. Each presents a unique challenge, emphasizing the need for specialized pest control services in Delaware.

Why is professional pest control important in Delaware?

Due to the diverse range of pests in Delaware, professional pest control is crucial for effective eradication and maintaining safe, pest-free homes. Specialists like Home Paramount have the local experience and knowledge to address specific pest issues efficiently.

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