5 Best Home Remodeling Contractors in Florida

Embarking on a home remodeling project in the Sunshine State can be both exciting and overwhelming. With so many contractors to choose from, finding the right one can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has poured hundreds of hours into researching and vetting the vast landscape of Florida’s home service industry to bring you the cream of the crop.

We understand the importance of entrusting your home to a contractor who is not only skilled and reliable but also aligns with your vision and budget. That’s why we’ve meticulously analyzed customer reviews, portfolios, and credentials to handpick the 5 best home remodeling contractors in Florida. Our goal? To ensure you can embark on your renovation journey with confidence, backed by the sound opinion of industry experts. Join us as we jump into our top picks, making your decision process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Ace Home Remodeling Inc.

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When it comes to home remodeling in the Orlando area, specifically in neighborhoods like Dr. Phillips and Windermere, we’ve found Ace Home Remodeling Inc. to stand out. With more than a decade of experience, this contractor shines for its high-quality renovation services. They specialize in a wide array of projects, both large and small, ensuring they meet each client’s unique needs. Our experts highly recommend them not only for their dedication to maintaining impeccable standards but also for their certified and insured services.

Clients have consistently praised Ace Home Remodeling for their professionalism, attention to detail, and the quality of care they put into each home improvement project. This company’s expertise covers kitchen and bathroom remodeling, room additions, and a variety of exterior services. What sets them apart from the competition, as highlighted by many satisfied homeowners, is their prompt communication and efficient problem-resolution skills.

Their reviews underscore their trustworthiness and quality of work. This aligns with what many homeowners look for in a remodeling service—reliability, skill, and the ability to create not only functional spaces but also aesthetically pleasing environments. For anyone in Orlando seeking a dependable home remodeling partner, Ace Home Remodeling Inc. is undoubtedly a top choice.

Comparing Ace Home Remodeling to other contractors in Florida, their unique blend of expertise, client-focused approach, and wide service range places them among the best. Their dedication to quality and detail has earned them a solid reputation, making them stand out in a crowded market.

In terms of value, Ace Home Remodeling Inc. offers a compelling balance between price and quality. Their transparent pricing combined with the high level of service they provide presents a great value for homeowners looking to invest in their property. Whether you’re planning a major renovation or a minor update, Ace Home Remodeling Inc. is worth considering for your next project.

Website: https://acehomeremodel.com/

Home Love Construction

Following our comprehensive exploration of Florida’s top home remodeling contractors, we’re excited to share our insights on Home Love Construction. Based in the Tampa area, this contractor has carved out a stellar reputation for kitchen and bathroom remodels, along with room additions. Their service excellence is backed by a well-structured process, from the initial quote to the final walk-through, ensuring high-quality outcomes.

Website: https://homelove.construction/

Expertise and Reliability

Home Love Construction’s team stands out for their readiness to address the unpredictable aspects of remodeling projects. This capability not only highlights their expertise but also their reliability in managing unforeseen challenges. Their portfolio, filled with impressive before and after photos, speaks volumes of the craftsmanship and attention to detail they bring to each project.

Customer Satisfaction

Clients consistently laud the ease of working with Home Love Construction, often noting the team’s dedication to turning remodeling dreams into reality. Reviews underline a seamless communication and unparalleled professionalism that significantly enhances the client experience.

Service Offerings and Design Inspiration

Specializing in enhancing living spaces, Home Love offers personalized design solutions inspired by individual lifestyles. Their services not only include the remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms but also the addition of new rooms, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences.

Comparison with Peers

Compared to other contractors, including the highly regarded Ace Home Remodeling in Orlando, Home Love Construction holds its ground with a unique blend of dependability, craftsmanship, and client-centric approach. Where Ace Home Remodeling scores high in professionalism and communication, Home Love matches this with its innovative designs and problem-solving proficiency. This positions them as a top contender for anyone in the Tampa Bay area looking to invest in their homes.

Value Proposition

In terms of value against price, Home Love Construction offers an attractive proposition. Their commitment to quality and detailed process ensures that clients get the best outcome for their investment. With an honest approach to their work, they stand as a reliable and worthy choice for home remodeling projects in Florida.

Peacock Alley Remodeling, LLC

When we consider home remodeling contractors in Florida, Peacock Alley Remodeling, LLC in Tampa stands out for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This contractor has garnered numerous positive reviews, making it a top pick for anyone looking to rejuvenate their kitchen or bathroom space.

Website: https://peacockalleyremodeling.com/

Comprehensive Services

Peacock Alley offers a wide range of remodeling services. Their expertise notably shines in transforming spaces like converting walk-in closets into bathrooms or fixing flawed installations. What sets them apart is their team’s ability to tackle unexpected challenges with expertise.

Transparent Pricing

One key aspect that customers appreciate about Peacock Alley is their affordable and transparent pricing. Remodeling can often come with financial surprises, but this company ensures that you know what you’re paying for upfront.

Professional Team

Led by professionals such as Dan, Erlyn, and Lydia Romero, the team at Peacock Alley is praised for their diligent work and consistent communication. This professional and friendly staff ensures that the projects not only meet but exceed clients’ expectations.

Flexibility and Availability

Operating seven days a week, Peacock Alley showcases remarkable dedication and flexibility. This availability is crucial for those tight on time or needing urgent attention to their projects.

Customer Satisfaction

The glowing reviews and testimonials highlight the company’s strong focus on customer satisfaction. Their ability to respond to feedback and adapt to meet clients’ visions places them high on the list of preferred contractors in Tampa.

In comparison to others in the industry, Peacock Alley Remodeling, LLC excels in providing a seamless experience from start to finish. Their attention to detail, skilled team, and client-first approach make them a top contender among Florida’s best home remodeling contractors.

Suncoast Construction & Remodeling

When it comes to remodeling your home in Florida, Suncoast Construction & Remodeling truly shines as a premier option. With their Florida State Certified Building Contractor License (Lic#CBC1263918), they bring not only legitimacy to their services but a level of trustworthiness that we, as homeowners, highly value. Their portfolio, brimming with sophisticated kitchen and bathroom remodels, speaks volumes about their capability and attention to detail.

First off, their services cover a wide spectrum. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen with sleek granite countertops or transform your bathroom into a modern oasis, Suncoast Construction & Remodeling has the skills. Their custom cabinetry work can turn any space into something unique and tailored exactly to your needs. And it’s not just about looks; clients commend their functional upgrades, like enhanced lighting for kitchens and practical additions to laundry rooms.

What truly sets them apart is their comprehensive approach. From the very start, they guide clients through each step, ensuring clarity around costs—which we find incredibly reassuring—and the convenience of booking services online simplifies the entire process. The dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is clearly reflected in client reviews, reinforcing Suncoast’s reputation as a top-notch contractor.

In comparing Suncoast Construction & Remodeling with other Florida contractors, their versatility in offering both aesthetic and functional upgrades stands out. Their process, from conception to completion, is well-structured, transparent, and customer-focused, traits that are essential but sometimes hard to find.

Given their certified expertise, range of services, and stellar reviews, we discern that the value Suncoast Construction & Remodeling offers against the price is highly favorable. If quality, reliability, and a stress-free remodeling experience are what you’re after in Florida, they are undoubtedly a top contender to consider.

Website: https://suncoastremodels.com/

KG Home Remodeling

When searching for a reliable home remodeling partner in Orlando, Florida, KG Home Remodeling undoubtedly stands out. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, this contractor excels in transforming homes to match the dreams of its homeowners. Their forte ranges from bathroom upgrades and kitchen makeovers to comprehensive home renovations. We’ve found that KG Home Remodeling brings a blend of skill, professionalism, and dedication that’s hard to match.

One of the most praised aspects of this company is its reliability and consistent quality. Homeowners in Orlando commend the team for their quick responses and flexibility. Their ability to provide estimates promptly and adapt to customer needs showcases an unparalleled commitment to service. This flexibility, paired with their quick responsiveness, makes the renovation process smoother and less stressful for clients.

KG Home Remodeling’s expertise isn’t confined to just renovations. They also specialize in safe demolition and flooring installations, catering to both new constructions and existing homes. This broad range of services means homeowners can rely on KG for various projects, ensuring a cohesive approach to home improvement.

The craftsmanship of KG Home Remodeling’s team is another highlight. Our experts note their skilled professionals work diligently, turning visions into reality with an attention to detail that ensures a high-quality finish. Besides, their commitment to open communication throughout the project contributes significantly to a stress-free remodeling experience.

In comparison to other contractors in Florida, KG Home Remodeling offers a comprehensive service package that covers all bases for a successful home renovation. Their dedication to client satisfaction, combined with skilled craftsmanship and a broad service range, positions them as a trustworthy partner for any home improvement project. Given their proven track record in the Orlando community, KG Home Remodeling represents a robust choice for homeowners seeking a reliable and professional remodeling contractor.

Website: https://www.kghomeremodeling.com/

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Home Remodelling Companies in Florida

Comprehensive Evaluation Process

We start by gathering extensive data on the most talked-about home remodeling contractors across Florida. This involves a deep jump into customer reviews on multiple platforms, ensuring we’re hearing directly from the people who’ve hired these companies. We evaluate each review for details on quality, timelines met, communication, and overall satisfaction.

Portfolio Analysis

Next, we investigate into the contractors’ portfolios. We look for a wide range of projects, innovative designs, and before-and-after transformations that showcase skill and creativity. By comparing these projects, we get a clear sense of each company’s strengths and specialties.

Verifying Credentials

We verify each contractor’s credentials, including licensing, certifications, and insurance. These are non-negotiable factors that ensure a company is legally compliant and professionally recognized. This step is crucial in ranking each contractor on a scale of trust and professionalism.

Direct Customer Engagement

Where possible, we reach out to previous clients to get first-hand accounts of their experiences. This may include detailed interviews or surveys. The insights gained here are invaluable, providing a deeper understanding of what it’s truly like to work with these contractors.

Pricing and Value Analysis

We examine the pricing structures of each contractor and compare them against the quality and range of services offered. This helps identify which companies provide the best value for money, factoring in aspects like material quality, design innovation, and project execution efficiency.

Through this meticulous process, we’re able to rank and compare home remodeling companies in Florida with a high level of confidence and accuracy. Our aim is to ensure that our readers have all the information they need to make informed decisions when choosing a contractor for their home remodeling project.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Home Remodelling Contractors in Florida

When we embark on a home remodeling project, the ultimate goal always revolves around transforming our living spaces into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. This process, but, comes with its set of challenges and intricacies. That’s precisely where the expertise of professional home remodeling contractors in Florida comes into play. Let’s jump into the significant benefits these professionals bring to the table.

Expertise and Experience

Professional contractors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. They understand the ins and outs of construction codes and standards in Florida, ensuring all work is compliant and up to par. Their experience also means they can foresee potential problems and mitigate them before they escalate, saving time and money.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Hiring professionals might seem like an upfront investment, but it pays off in the long run. They have the know-how to complete projects within budget and on time. Their established relationships with suppliers often mean better pricing for materials, and their expertise ensures that costly mistakes are avoided.

Quality Assurance

Quality workmanship is a hallmark of professional contractors. They take pride in their work, providing warranties and guarantees for their services. This assurance is invaluable, giving homeowners peace of mind knowing their investment is protected.

Seamless Project Management

Remodeling projects involve coordinating various tasks, from material procurement to scheduling work phases. Professional contractors handle all these logistics, making the remodeling process as smooth and stress-free as possible for homeowners. Their project management skills ensure that the project stays on track and within budget.

Access to a Network of Subcontractors

Professional contractors have built relationships with a network of reliable subcontractors, from electricians to plumbers. This network means that only skilled professionals will be working on your remodeling project, ensuring high-quality results across all aspects of the project.

By hiring professional home remodeling contractors in Florida, we ensure that our remodeling projects are executed impeccably, from conception to completion. Their expertise, efficiency, quality, and managerial skills play a pivotal role in transforming our homes into our dream spaces.


Choosing the right home remodeling contractor in Florida shouldn’t be a challenging job. We’ve navigated through the complexities to bring you a curated list of the top 5 contractors that stand out for their exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re in Orlando or Tampa, Ace Home Remodeling Inc., Home Love Construction, Peacock Alley Remodeling, LLC, Suncoast Construction & Remodeling, and KG Home Remodeling are your go-to options for a successful project. Their commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer care makes them the ideal partners for your next home renovation. Trust in our research and take the first step towards transforming your space with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top home remodeling contractors in Florida according to HomeSpot HQ?

Ace Home Remodeling Inc. in Orlando, Home Love Construction and Peacock Alley Remodeling, LLC in Tampa, Suncoast Construction & Remodeling, and KG Home Remodeling in Orlando are identified as the top home remodeling contractors by HomeSpot HQ based on extensive research.

How did HomeSpot HQ select and rank these home remodeling companies?

HomeSpot HQ used a comprehensive methodology that focused on analyzing customer reviews, examining portfolios, verifying credentials, assessing client engagement, and conducting pricing analysis to rank and compare home remodeling companies in Florida.

What benefits do professional home remodeling contractors offer?

Professional home remodeling contractors offer expertise and experience, time and cost efficiency, quality assurance, seamless project management, and access to a network of skilled subcontractors, ensuring a successful and stress-free project outcome.

Why is it important to choose a professional contractor for home remodeling in Florida?

Choosing a professional contractor ensures the project is completed with high quality, within budget, and on time. Professionals have the necessary expertise, experience, and resources to manage the project efficiently, adhere to local building codes and regulations, and solve any problems that arise during the remodeling process.

Can hiring a professional home remodeling contractor in Florida save money in the long run?

Yes, hiring a professional contractor can save money in the long run by ensuring the project is done correctly the first time, avoiding costly mistakes or repairs, ensuring efficient use of materials, and potentially increasing the home’s value through high-quality workmanship.

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