5 Best Interior Designers in Florida

In our quest to bring you the cream of the crop in home design, we’ve turned our attention to the sunny state of Florida, known for its vibrant lifestyle and equally vibrant interior design scene. It’s a place where creativity meets the coast, and the results are as breathtaking as the ocean views. But with such a bustling scene, finding the best interior designers can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s where we come in.

Our team at HomeSpot HQ has dedicated hundreds of hours to sift through the vast array of talent. We’ve scrutinized portfolios, analyzed reviews, and even consulted with industry insiders. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. We’ve narrowed down the list to the 5 best interior designers in Florida, ensuring that you’re getting insights into professionals who don’t just design spaces but transform them. Whether you’re looking for a modern makeover or a cozy coastal vibe, we’re confident our findings will guide you to the perfect designer for your home.

Decorilla Interior Designers

When it comes to transforming living spaces in Florida, Decorilla Interior Designers stand out for several compelling reasons. Our investigation into their service offerings reveals a blend of sophistication, affordability, and innovation that caters to a wide range of design preferences.

Firstly, the opportunity to obtain a $120 discount on a new room design is a significant advantage for those looking to embark on a home makeover journey without very costly. This deal is not just about cost savings; it’s a gateway to collaborating with some of the most talented professionals in the industry. Decorilla’s team has a reputation for meticulously understanding clients’ visions and translating them into reality, ensuring that each project reflects individual tastes and functions as needed.

A standout feature of Decorilla’s service is their innovative 3D modeling approach. This technology allows clients to preview their redesigned spaces in remarkable detail before any physical changes are made. The benefit here is twofold: it aids in decision-making and sets clear expectations for the project’s outcome.

Also, Decorilla’s access to exclusive furniture discounts, ranging from 5% to 45%, presents a tremendous value. These savings can significantly reduce the overall expense of redesigning a space, making professional interior design services more attainable for a broader audience.

Customer feedback consistently praises Decorilla for exceptional service. Reviews highlight the ease and convenience of the entire design process, with many clients expressing astonishment at how their initial ideas are transformed into beautifully executed interiors. This level of satisfaction attests to Decorilla’s commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach.

In essence, Decorilla offers a professional and accessible path to achieving a personalized and stylish home interior. Their mix of expert design skills, cutting-edge technology, and a focus on customer satisfaction makes them a top choice for anyone considering professional interior design services in Florida, especially those looking to maximize value without compromising on quality or creativity.

Website: https://www.decorilla.com/

Marc-Michaels Interior Design

Following our exploration of Decorilla Interior Designers, we investigate into the world of Marc-Michaels Interior Design, a name synonymous with luxury and innovation in Interior Design within Florida. With a lineage anchored by the visionary talents of Marc Thee and Michael Abbott, this firm distinguishes itself through a relentless dedication to crafting spaces that aren’t just visually captivating but are sensory experiences in themselves.

Key Features and Services:
Marc-Michaels Interior Design stands out for its extensive service range catering to residential, commercial, and model merchandising design. Their team of over 70 professionals showcases a unique talent for integrating client desires with cutting-edge design principles, ensuring every space they touch transforms into a luxurious haven. The depth of customization and attention to detail provided is unmatched, from layout planning to selecting finishes and accessories.

Design Philosophy and Approach:
The driving force behind Marc-Michaels is their commitment to creating environments that reflect elegance, functionality, and innovation. Their design approach involves a meticulous consideration of every aspect of a space, straddling the line between aesthetic allure and practical utility seamlessly. Their portfolio reveals a penchant for modern and sophisticated designs, yet they possess an adaptive versatility to cater to a broad spectrum of stylistic preferences.

Performance and Customer Satisfaction:
Spanning three decades in the industry, Marc-Michaels Interior Design has accumulated numerous accolades, validating their position at the pinnacle of luxury design. Customer testimonials frequently highlight the firm’s exceptional ability to exceed expectations, delivering personalized and refined spaces that speak volumes of their expertise. Their committed adherence to delivering on time, paired with an unwavering attention to clients’ needs, ensures a service experience that is as seamless as it is satisfactory.

Value Proposition:
In the realm of high-end interior design, Marc-Michaels offers an invaluable proposition—where investment meets unparalleled quality. Their projects are a testament to the firm’s philosophy of elevating spaces beyond their functional roles, to art forms that enrich the daily lives of their occupants.

In comparison to others within the Florida interior design landscape, Marc-Michaels Interior Design holds a unique position. Their blend of comprehensive service offerings, expert craftsmanship, and an indelible commitment to client satisfaction sets them apart as not just a service provider, but as artisans of space, making them an unrivaled choice for those seeking to invest in transforming their environment into a sanctuary of luxury and comfort.

Website: https://marc-michaels.com/

DKOR Interiors

Following our exploration of Florida’s top interior designers, we’re casting the spotlight on DKOR Interiors, a Miami-based powerhouse in the realm of luxury interior design. Established in 2004, DKOR’s team of seasoned professionals has mastered the art of tailoring spaces that embody both elegance and functionality, reflective of their client’s unique tastes and lifestyles.

Website: https://www.dkorinteriors.com/

Unique Approach to Design

What sets DKOR apart is their meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every element synergizes to create a cohesive and inviting space. Their design portfolio is a testament to their versatility, boasting a range of projects from tranquil oceanfront properties to contemporary urban residences. Their ability to weave together various design elements into a harmonious space is unparalleled, making them stand out in the crowded field of luxury interior design.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

DKOR’s focus on satisfying their clients is evident through glowing testimonials and extensive press coverage. Offering a comprehensive suite of services, from decorating a single room to undertaking new constructions, DKOR ensures every project is a collaborative effort aimed at achieving the client’s dream home. Their approachability is further highlighted by their use of modern communication methods, such as WhatsApp chats and a straightforward appointment setup via their website, emphasizing their commitment to accessibility and client engagement.

Industry Standing and Customer Experience

In terms of industry standing, DKOR Interiors is not just leading; they’re setting the bar. The ease with which potential clients can explore their portfolio, coupled with insightful blog posts on the latest trends, positions them as a thought leader in interior design. Their process, marked by clear communication and an unwavering dedication to detail, guarantees that the end result is nothing short of spectacular.

In comparing DKOR to other luxury interior designers in Florida, their unique blend of aesthetic excellence, functional design, and unparalleled client service makes them a standout choice for anyone looking to elevate their living space. Their track record of transforming homes into bespoke visions of elegance, underscored by their approachable demeanor and comprehensive service offerings, firmly establishes DKOR Interiors as a premier option in Florida’s competitive interior design landscape.

Decorator Girl

Decorator Girl is an interior decorator located in the Northern Florida area near Jacksonville and Fleming Island. Design, designer, interior, interior decorator, decorator, Jacksonville, Fleming Island, Florida, redesign, home stylist,home staging,…

Following the incredible services offered by the likes of Decorilla, Marc-Michaels, and DKOR Interiors, our next spotlight shines on Decorator Girl, led by the talented Liz Studer. In the heart of Jacksonville, Florida, Decorator Girl sets a high bar for interior decorating, personal shopping, and bespoke design solutions that truly stand out in the bustling market.

Website: https://www.decoratorgirl.com/

Unique Approach to Interior Design

We’ve observed that Decorator Girl excels in creating spaces that echo elegance and uniqueness, tailored perfectly to each client’s taste. Liz’s hands-on approach ensures a personal and collaborative experience, setting her apart in the industry. The way she transforms spaces, from cozy homes to professional offices, demonstrates her versatility and commitment to excellence.

Range of Services

Decorator Girl’s array of services includes interior decorating that spans various styles, personal shopping to find those perfect pieces that complement your space, and custom design solutions that cater precisely to your requirements. This flexibility allows clients to craft spaces that are not just beautiful but also reflective of their personality.

Communication and Customer Satisfaction

Accessibility is key in today’s fast-paced world, and Decorator Girl does not disappoint. With direct communication channels, including a local contact number (904-476-6460) and email ([email protected]), assistance and consultation are just a call or click away. Clients can easily reach out, ensuring their needs and concerns are addressed promptly – a critical factor contributing to the service’s high client satisfaction rates.

Quality and Value for Money

In terms of quality and value, Decorator Girl proves to be a wise choice. Liz Studer’s dedication to crafting chic, tailored environments without compromising on the comfort and functionality speaks volumes about the value clients get for their investment. Comparatively, Decorator Girl holds its ground against larger Florida-based design firms by offering personalized services that focus on individual client needs, ensuring every dollar is well spent.

In our view, Decorator Girl stands out for those in Jacksonville and beyond seeking to elevate their spaces with a touch of elegance, creativity, and personalization. Liz Studer’s unique blend of skill, passion, and client-focused approach places Decorator Girl in our list of top interior designers in Florida.

Debra Ackerbloom Interiors

Debra Ackerbloom Interiors, LLC | Better Business Bureau® Profile

When we explore the realm of luxurious interior design in Florida, Debra Ackerbloom Interiors, based in Tampa, occupies a prestigious spot on our list. Their two decades of experience shine brightly through their modern and polished designs, adeptly transforming everyday spaces into sophisticated and personalized sanctuaries. Clients seeking to infuse their homes with a blend of luxury and a personal touch will find Debra Ackerbloom’s creativity and out-of-the-box thinking irresistible.

Unlike typical interior design firms, Debra Ackerbloom Interiors stands out for its commitment to excellence and quality. This is not just our opinion; they’ve been lauded with multiple accolades, including being named among the Top 10 Interior Design Firms in Florida and earning Best of Tampa and Best of Houzz awards. Such recognition is not won easily—it’s a testament to their unparalleled aesthetic sensibilities and their reputation as a Pro HGTV Design Firm.

One of the most compelling aspects of working with Debra Ackerbloom Interiors is their client-focused approach. With Debra’s hands-on guidance and meticulous attention to detail, every project is tailored to exceed client expectations. The firm’s extensive gallery showcases their versatility, featuring everything from serene modern condominiums to grand, transitional estate homes.

Their process, efficient and transparent, simplifies the often complex journey of design planning and execution. This, coupled with glowing client testimonials, reinforces their reliability and expertise in the industry. For anyone in Tampa or beyond seeking a refined design experience, Debra Ackerbloom Interiors presents an unrivaled choice.

Pricewise, while high-end interior design is inherently an investment, clients of Debra Ackerbloom Interiors find exceptional value in the personalized and detailed service they receive. The end result is not just a beautifully designed space, but an enhanced living experience, making every penny spent truly worthwhile.

In the vast landscape of Florida’s interior design scene, Debra Ackerbloom Interiors emerges as a beacon of creativity, quality, and client satisfaction. Their work not only reflects their clients’ styles but elevates them, truly setting Debra Ackerbloom Interiors apart as a go-to for sophisticated design solutions.

Website: https://debraackerbloom.com/

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Interior Design Companies in Florida

When we set out to rank and compare the interior design companies in Florida, we focus on several key aspects. Our approach ensures that we provide you with accurate and useful insights, helping you make informed decisions about which interior design firms might suit your needs best. Here’s how we evaluate each company:

Experience and Expertise

We start by examining the years of experience each firm has in the interior design industry. Firms like Marc-Michaels and DKOR Interiors, with decades of service, showcase their long-standing commitment to quality and innovation. We also consider the specific areas of expertise each firm offers, whether it’s modern designs, like Debra Ackerbloom Interiors, or personalized solutions, such as those provided by Decorator Girl.

Portfolio and Style Diversity

A diverse and impressive portfolio is essential. We jump into the kinds of projects each company has completed, from luxurious spaces emphasized by Decorilla to the sophisticated, affordable designs championed by others. This allows us to assess their ability to cater to a wide range of styles and client needs.

Client Reviews and Feedback

Client testimonials play a significant role in our evaluation. We look for feedback on how each firm manages the design process, their communication effectiveness, and the overall satisfaction with the completed projects. Positive reviews from clients highlight the company’s ability to deliver exceptional and personalized interior design experiences.

Awards and Accolades

Recognition in the industry is a clear indicator of excellence. We note any awards or accolades each firm has received. For instance, being named among the Top 10 Interior Design Firms in Florida shines a spotlight on Debra Ackerbloom Interiors’ exceptional value and modern design capabilities.

Cost and Value

Finally, we analyze the cost versus the value offered by each firm. While affordability is crucial, we weigh it against the quality and uniqueness of the design solutions provided. It’s important to us that you get great value for your investment.

By meticulously evaluating each of these elements, we ensure our rankings and comparisons are both fair and helpful. Our aim is to guide you through selecting the right interior design company in Florida that not only meets your style preferences but also offers the best value and a satisfying design experience.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Designer in Florida

When considering transforming spaces in your home or business, the advantages of hiring a professional interior designer, especially in the vibrant and diverse state of Florida, are manifold. Let’s jump into the essentials.

They Understand the Local Aesthetic

Florida’s aesthetic is unique, blending coastal charm with urban sophistication. Our recommended designers, from Decorilla to Debra Ackerbloom Interiors, are well-versed in capturing this essence. They seamlessly incorporate local influences, be it the laid-back vibe of Key West or the sleek modernism of Miami, ensuring your space feels at home in its surroundings.

Access to Exclusive Resources

One of the key benefits we’ve noticed is access to exclusive resources. Top interior designers have relationships with premium suppliers, offering a range of high-quality materials, furnishings, and decor not available to the general public. This access can dramatically elevate the design of your space, making it not only unique but also a reflection of high-end craftsmanship and quality.

Time and Budget Management

Our exploration has shown that professional designers are adept at managing both time and budgets efficiently. For instance, Debra Ackerbloom Interiors is celebrated for their client-focused approach, laying out clear timelines and budget plans. This ensures projects are completed on time and within budget, removing the stress of cost overruns and delays.

Enhanced Property Value

Investing in professional interior design can significantly boost the value of your property. A well-designed space not only appeals more to potential buyers or renters but also stands out in Florida’s competitive real estate market. Our analysis of firms like Marc-Michaels and DKOR Interiors emphasized their ability to craft spaces that not only meet current trends but are also timeless in their appeal.

Customized Design Solutions

Finally, personalization stands out as a crucial benefit. Whether it’s the personalized design solutions of Decorator Girl or the modern, tailored approach by Debra Ackerbloom, professional designers in Florida ensure that every aspect of your space reflects your personality and meets your specific needs. They excel in creating environments that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing, ensuring a blend of comfort, style, and practicality.

To conclude, the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer in Florida extend far beyond aesthetics. They bring a depth of knowledge, resources, and expertise that can transform any space into an optimized, beautiful, and valuable asset.


We’ve taken you through a journey of Florida’s top interior designers, each bringing their unique flair and expertise to the table. From the luxury and sophistication of Decorilla, Marc-Michaels, and DKOR Interiors to the personalized touch of Decorator Girl and Debra Ackerbloom Interiors, it’s clear that Florida is home to talent that can transform spaces into personalized havens. Their understanding of the local aesthetic, coupled with access to exclusive resources and a keen eye for detail, ensures your space isn’t just designed; it’s meticulously crafted to meet your vision. Trusting one of these professionals with your home or commercial space means investing in a timeless design that echoes your personality while enhancing your property’s value. Let’s embrace the beauty and functionality these designers bring to our spaces, making Florida not just a place to live but a reflection of our finest aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some renowned interior design firms in Florida?

Decorilla, Marc-Michaels, DKOR Interiors, Decorator Girl, and Debra Ackerbloom Interiors are among the top interior design firms in Florida known for their luxurious and sophisticated design work.

Why is hiring a professional interior designer in Florida beneficial?

Hiring a professional interior designer in Florida offers numerous benefits, including an understanding of the local aesthetic, access to exclusive resources, efficient time and budget management, enhanced property value, and personalized design solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

How do professional interior designers add value to properties in Florida?

Professional interior designers add value to properties by creating personalized and functional spaces that not only reflect the client’s personality and needs but also enhance the property’s appeal in Florida’s competitive real estate market.

What makes Debra Ackerbloom Interiors stand out among Florida’s interior design firms?

Debra Ackerbloom Interiors stands out due to its client-focused approach and efficient process in creating customized design solutions that perfectly fit the client’s individual style and functional needs.

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