5 Best Electricians in Hawaii

Finding the right electrician in Hawaii can be as challenging as navigating a tropical storm. That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of selecting the best professionals for your electrical needs. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has dedicated hundreds of hours to researching and evaluating electricians across the islands, ensuring you get reliable and top-notch service for your home or business.

We understand the importance of quality and safety when it comes to electrical work. Our rigorous process includes checking certifications, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing the scope of services offered. We’re excited to share our findings on the five best electricians in Hawaii, each bringing something unique to the table.

Join us as we illuminate the path to dependable electrical services in paradise. Whether you’re installing a new system or fixing a few wires, we’ve got the insights you need to make the best choice.

Stagg Electric LLC.

industrial electric | Honolulu, HI

When evaluating Stagg Electric LLC, their experience stands out prominently in the Hawaiian electrical services market. Our review focuses on several aspects that define their reliability and professionalism.

Website: https://www.staggelectric-hi.com/

Services Offered

Stagg Electric LLC provides a comprehensive range of electrical services. They specialize in both residential and commercial projects, offering everything from basic wiring and electrical repairs to complete system installations and maintenance. Whether you need a quick fix at home or a detailed electrical setup for a new office space, they have the expertise to handle it.

Certifications and Expertise

It’s reassuring to note that Stagg Electric LLC is fully licensed and insured. Each electrician in their team possesses necessary certifications, ensuring that all projects meet stringent safety standards and abide by local regulations. Their commitment to continuing education for staff is a significant plus, keeping their team updated on the latest electrical techniques and technologies.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Customer feedback for Stagg Electric LLC has been overwhelmingly positive. They are particularly praised for their punctuality and the cleanliness they maintain during and after the job completion. Reviews frequently highlight the professionalism of the staff, which speaks volumes about their business ethics and customer service approach.

Reliability and Response Time

One of the vital attributes of a good electrician is reliability, and Stagg Electric excels here. They are known for quick response times in emergencies, which is crucial if you’re dealing with electrical issues that need immediate attention. The company ensures that they are reachable 24/7, providing peace of mind to their clients across Hawaii.

Pricing Structure

Stagg Electric LLC is competitively priced, considering the quality and range of services they offer. They provide detailed quotes that help avoid any surprises when the final bill arrives. Their pricing transparency is appreciated by customers, making financial planning for projects more manageable.

Summarizing, Stagg Electric LLC ranks well among the top electricians in Hawaii, thanks to their thorough service range, certified expertise, excellent customer service, and reliable emergency support. Their transparent pricing further enhances their appeal to both residential and commercial clients.

Kannon Electrical Services LLC

Kannon Electrical Services LLC

When choosing an electrician in Hawaii, Kannon Electrical Services LLC stands out for several reasons. Located centrally, they serve a wide range of customers across the islands, making them a versatile choice for residential and commercial electrical needs.

Website: https://kannonelectrical.com/

Services and Specialization

Kannon Electrical Services specializes in both modern installations and repairs. From upgrading old wiring to installing state-of-the-art smart home systems, their breadth of services covers everything an electrical job might require. Each service is tailored to meet the specific demands of the local environment and client needs, which speaks volumes about their adaptability and expertise.

Experience and Qualifications

The team at Kannon Electrical Services is comprised of highly skilled, certified electricians. Each technician undergoes rigorous training and continues to stay updated with the latest electrical codes and technologies. Their commitment to professionalism is evident in their meticulous approach to every project, large or small.

Customer Satisfaction and Reliability

Feedback from customers consistently highlights Kannon Electrical Services’ reliability and punctuality. They are known for their clear communication from the initial quote through to project completion. Many reviews praise their ability to explain complex electrical issues in terms everyone can understand, which greatly enhances customer satisfaction.

Pricing and Transparency

Kannon Electrical Services is commended for its straightforward pricing model. Customers appreciate receiving detailed, transparent quotes without hidden costs, making it easier to budget for projects without fear of unexpected expenses. This transparency is a cornerstone of their business model, aligning closely with their reputation for trust and reliability.

In comparison to other electricians in the state, such as the previously mentioned Stagg Electric LLC, Kannon Electrical Services LLC excels in providing personalized service and a wide range of electrical solutions that cater to both the typical household needs and complex commercial projects. Their versatile service offerings, combined with a solid reputation for reliability, make them a top choice for anyone needing electrical services in Hawaii.

Woo’s Electrical Service

Woo's Electrical & Appliance Service


Woo’s Electrical Service has established itself as a reputable provider in Hawaii, especially noted for its dedicated customer care and efficient service. With years of skilled practice in the electrical field, Woo’s team tackles various electrical issues from basic installations to complex system repairs.

Services Offered

The services provided by Woo’s Electrical Service span a wide range, tailored to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients. They excel in wiring upgrades, safety inspections, outdoor and indoor lighting installations, and electrical troubleshooting. This variety ensures that whether you are upgrading your home or managing a commercial property, Woo’s has the technical expertise needed.

Customer Feedback

Client testimonials often commend Woo’s Electrical Service for their reliability and the professionalism of their staff. Their electricians are praised for being punctual and communicative, which is crucial for projects with tight timelines. Multiple reviews highlight the team’s ability to resolve issues effectively, contributing significantly to their favorable reputation.

Pricing and Transparency

One of Woo’s strong points is its clear and upfront pricing. Customers appreciate the no-surprise billing and detailed quotations provided before any work starts. This transparency helps in making informed financial decisions, which is greatly valued by both first-time and returning clients.

Reliability and Certification

Woo’s Electrical Service is not only licensed and insured but also consistently adheres to local safety regulations, ensuring that all projects are completed to high standards. Their commitment to safety and quality control is mirrored in their robust service guarantees and swift response to service calls, which fortifies their reliability.

In comparison to others in the region, Woo’s Electrical Service stands out for its comprehensive service range and steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction. Their ability to blend extensive electrical knowledge with courteous service makes them a top contender among Hawaii’s best electricians.

Website: https://wooselectrical.com/

True Power Electrical Services, LLC

True Power Electrical Services LLC ...


True Power Electrical Services, LLC stands out in Hawaii for its robust commitment to quality and reliability. Specializing in both residential and commercial projects, this company brings a dynamic approach to electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance.

Experience and Qualifications

With over a decade of service, the electricians at True Power are well-versed in the latest technologies and follow rigorous safety standards. They are licensed and insured, providing peace of mind to their clients. Their experience extends from simple home lighting fixtures to complex commercial energy systems, making them versatile and dependable.

Customer Reviews

Feedback from customers consistently highlights the promptness and professionalism of True Power Electrical Services. Many praise the electricians for their ability to explain complex electrical issues in understandable terms, ensuring that clients make informed decisions about their electrical needs.

Service Range

True Power offers a comprehensive list of electrical services which includes:

  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • System upgrades and installations
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Preventative maintenance

Pricing and Transparency

Clients of True Power Electrical Services appreciate the transparent pricing model. Before starting any job, they provide detailed quotes that break down costs clearly, avoiding any surprises. Their prices are competitive with others in the Hawaii market, often noted as reasonable for the high level of service provided.

Specialty Services

One distinctive feature of True Power Electrical Services is their expertise in renewable energy installations. As Hawaii moves towards sustainable energy solutions, True Power is at the forefront, offering expert advice and installation services on solar panels and other green technologies.

Overall, True Power Electrical Services, LLC demonstrates a comprehensive approach to electrical services, making them a reliable choice for anyone looking for quality electrical solutions in Hawaii.

Website: https://truepowerelectricalservices.org/

Gold Coast Electric, LLC


With a strong presence in Hawaii, Gold Coast Electric, LLC stands out for its dedication to excellence in every project they handle. Specializing in both residential and commercial electrical services, this company is known for its meticulous attention to detail and swift response times.

Services Offered

Gold Coast Electric provides a comprehensive range of electrical services that cover everything from simple repairs to complex electrical system installations. Their services include, but are not limited to, electrical troubleshooting, system upgrades, and safety inspections. They are particularly noted for their expertise in custom lighting solutions and smart home integrations.

Customer Service and Reliability

Customers consistently praise Gold Coast Electric for their professionalism and reliability. The company ensures that all electricians are fully licensed, providing peace of mind to their clients. They are celebrated for their customer-first approach, usually going beyond the call of duty to ensure satisfaction.

Pricing and Value

When it comes to pricing, Gold Coast Electric, LLC stands out for its transparent and fair pricing structure. Customers appreciate receiving detailed quotes that are free from hidden fees. For the quality of service provided, many find their pricing reasonable and competitive within the local market.

Performance and Durable Results

In terms of performance, Gold Coast Electric installs durable, high-quality equipment that withstands Hawaii’s unique climate conditions. Their installations and repairs are carried out with such precision that issues seldom recur, which is a testament to the longevity of their work.

Community Involvement

Apart from their electrical services, they are also active contributors to community programs, further establishing their reputation as a reliable local business that cares about more than just profitability. Through initiatives like free electrical safety workshops, they help educate the local community, thereby adding value beyond their immediate services.

Expert Thought

Gold Coast Electric, LLC aligns perfectly with what one would expect from a top-tier electrician in Hawaii. Their blend of expert skill, customer focus, and community involvement makes them a preferred option for anyone needing electrical services. With their proven track record, it’s clear they are equipped to handle any electrical challenge thrown their way.

Website: https://www.goldcoastelectrichawaii.com/

How We Ranked The Best Electricians in Hawaii

When determining the top electricians in Hawaii, we developed a comprehensive ranking system to evaluate each provider on specific criteria that reflect their overall service quality and customer satisfaction. Here’s a breakdown of our approach:

Selection Criteria

To ensure a fair comparison, we considered several essential factors:

  1. Licensing and Certification: We verified that each company is fully licensed and certified to operate in Hawaii, which guarantees they meet the state’s stringent standards for electrical work.
  2. Experience and Expertise: Companies with extensive experience and specialized expertise in various electrical services ranked higher on our list. This includes residential, commercial, and renewable energy solutions.
  3. Customer Reviews and Testimonials: We analyzed customer feedback from multiple platforms to assess satisfaction levels. Companies with higher ratings and positive reviews received more favorable scores.
  4. Services Offered: We looked at the range of services provided. Companies that offer a broader range of services, like custom lighting and smart home integration, scored well.
  5. Response Time and Availability: Electricians who offer swift response times and are readily available to handle emergencies were given priority.
  6. Price and Value for Money: Companies were evaluated on their pricing transparency and the value for money they offer, ensuring customers get quality service without overpaying.
  7. Community Involvement: We also considered the company’s involvement in local community initiatives as a reflection of their commitment and reliability.

Fact-Based Evaluation

Each company was scored based on the data collected in all of the above categories. We used a point system to quantify the results, allowing us to rank each electrician from best to least favorable strictly based on performance metrics and customer satisfaction.

By adhering to these stringent criteria, we ensured our rankings reflect a balanced view of each electrician’s competence, ensuring you have access to only the best and most reliable electrical services in Hawaii.

Reasons To Hire a Professional Electrical Contractor in Hawaii

Hiring a professional electrical contractor in Hawaii is crucial for ensuring safe, efficient, and compliant electrical installations and repairs. Here are several explicit reasons why engaging a certified and reputable electrician is worth considering:

Safety First

Electrical work comes with inherent risks. Professional electricians in Hawaii, such as those at Gold Coast Electric, LLC and Woo’s Electrical Service, are trained to handle installations and repairs while adhering to stringent safety standards. This prevents common hazards such as electrical fires, shocks, and other dangerous situations.

Code Compliance

Hawaii has specific electrical codes and regulations that must be followed to ensure safety and compliance during inspections. Professional electricians are up-to-date with these regulations which vary across different regions. Companies like True Power Electrical Services, LLC specialize in renewable energy solutions and ensure that even the most complex systems comply with local codes.

High-Quality Workmanship

Quality workmanship means fewer problems down the line. Electricians like those at Stagg Electric LLC and Kannon Electrical Services LLC have demonstrated consistent quality in their projects, ensuring that electrical systems are not only safe but also reliable.

Effective Problem Solving

Experienced professionals have the insight to diagnose and resolve complex electrical issues, which might not be apparent to the untrained eye. This expertise minimizes the risk of recurring problems and additional expenses in the future.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Investing in a professional contractor’s service saves time and money in the long run. These experts can prevent mistakes that might lead to costly repairs and offer solutions that enhance energy efficiency, thereby reducing energy costs.

To conclude, the risk of cutting corners with electrical work is not worth the potential cost savings. Trusting companies like those we’ve discussed ensures that you receive effective, compliant, and safe solutions tailored to Hawaii’s specific electrical challenges.


We’ve explored some of the best electricians in Hawaii who stand out for their professionalism and expertise. Whether you’re looking for innovative solutions in renewable energy or need reliable service for residential and commercial projects these professionals have you covered. By choosing from our top picks you ensure that your electrical needs are handled by experts who prioritize safety compliance and quality. Remember professional electricians not only solve problems efficiently but also prevent future issues ensuring peace of mind for all your electrical installations and repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the challenges of finding reliable electricians in Hawaii?

Finding reliable electricians in Hawaii involves navigating geographical and logistical challenges, ensuring adherence to local compliance standards, and finding professionals skilled in handling the unique electrical needs of the islands.

Who is HomeSpot HQ and how do they help in finding electricians?

HomeSpot HQ is a platform that assists homeowners in Hawaii by connecting them with reputable and qualified electricians such as Stagg Electric LLC, Kannon Electrical Services LLC, and others, ensuring quality and reliability in electrical services.

Can you highlight some recommended electricians in Hawaii?

Some highly recommended electricians include Stagg Electric LLC, Kannon Electrical Services LLC, Woo’s Electrical Service, True Power Electrical Services, LLC, and Gold Coast Electric, LLC. These firms are noted for their quality, compliance with safety standards, and specialization in various electrical services.

Why is it important to hire professional electrical contractors in Hawaii?

Professional electrical contractors in Hawaii guarantee safe, compliant, and efficient electrical work, which is crucial given the state’s specific electrical challenges. They ensure work is done according to local safety standards and codes.

What makes Gold Coast Electric, LLC stand out?

Gold Coast Electric, LLC is distinguished for its excellence in both residential and commercial projects. Their commitment to safety, quality workmanship, and adhering to compliance standards makes them a top choice in Hawaii.

How do certified electricians ensure reliable and safe electrical solutions in Hawaii?

Certified electricians in Hawaii are trained to handle the unique challenges of the islands’ electrical needs. They provide reliable and safe solutions by adhering to strict safety standards, code compliance, and employing advanced problem-solving skills.

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