5 Best Roofers in Illinois

Finding the perfect roofer in Illinois can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. With so many options, how do you ensure you’re choosing a team that’s reliable, skilled, and offers the best value? That’s where we come in. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has dedicated hundreds of hours to meticulously research and evaluate the vast array of roofing companies across the Prairie State. We’ve sifted through customer reviews, scrutinized portfolios, and analyzed service offerings to bring you the cream of the crop.

Our goal? To make your decision as straightforward as possible. We understand the importance of a solid, leak-free roof over your head, especially given Illinois’s unpredictable weather. Trust us when we say, we’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to. Whether you’re dealing with storm damage, looking for an upgrade, or in need of urgent repairs, our list of the 5 best roofers in Illinois is your go-to guide for a hassle-free experience. Stay tuned, because we’re about to elevate your home improvement journey to new heights.

List of the Best Roofers in Illinois

GAF Certified Roofers

About Us | GAF Roofing

When diving into the realm of GAF Certified Roofers in Illinois, we’ve come to appreciate the value they bring. Being certified by GAF, one of the leading roofing manufacturers in North America, sets a high standard. These roofers have proven expertise, quality service, and access to top-tier roofing materials. Let’s discuss some key aspects.

GAF Certified Roofers undergo strict qualifications to achieve their status. This means when we choose a GAF Certified Roofer, we’re guaranteed a level of workmanship above the rest. Their training ensures durable, beautifully installed roofs. We’ve observed fewer callbacks and issues with these contractors, signifying dependable work.

One standout benefit is the enhanced warranty options GAF offers through certified contractors. These warranties provide long-term protection against material defects and labor errors, something that non-certified roofers can’t match. For us, this translates to peace of mind knowing our investment is secure.

Working with a GAF Certified Roofer opens the door to a broader range of high-quality roofing materials. Whether it’s the latest in shingle technology or robust roofing systems designed for Illinois’s challenging weather, these professionals have it all. Their access to GAF’s extensive catalog means more choices for us to achieve the look and durability we desire.

In our journey to find the best, we’ve compared non-certified and certified roofers. The difference in the level of detailed advice, options, and overall satisfaction is palpable with GAF Certified Roofers. Their expertise in navigating product choices and providing tailored solutions sets them apart.

To sum up, choosing a GAF Certified Roofer in Illinois is a smart move. Their outstanding quality of work, comprehensive warranty options, and access to superior materials justify the investment. For anyone looking to undertake a roofing project, partnering with a GAF Certified Roofer offers an assured path to success.

  • Website: https://www.gaf.com/
  • Contact Details: +17146680757
  • Address: 2727 S Croddy Way B, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United States

Central Roofing LLC

Central Roofing LLC

Central Roofing LLC goes beyond just roofing services. They offer roof repairs, replacements, and installations, ensuring they meet every customer’s unique needs. Their expertise isn’t limited to residential projects; they also tackle commercial roofing challenges with ease. This broad service range makes Central Roofing a versatile choice for various clients.

One aspect where Central Roofing LLC truly shines is in their selection of materials. They choose high-quality roofing materials that are durable and long-lasting. This commitment to quality materials assures homeowners of a roof that not only looks good but is also built to withstand Illinois’s unpredictable weather.

Our research and feedback from customers highlight Central Roofing LLC’s exceptional customer service. They are known for their clear communication, transparency in pricing, and punctuality. The company takes pride in ensuring customer satisfaction from the initial consultation to the completion of the project.

Pricing at Central Roofing LLC is competitive, reflecting the quality of work and materials they offer. While not the cheapest in the market, the value they provide through their comprehensive service package, durability of materials, and excellent customer service makes their pricing justifiable.

When compared to other GAF Certified Roofers in Illinois, Central Roofing LLC holds its ground with a strong reputation for reliability and quality. They stand out for their wide range of services, including their ability to handle both residential and commercial roofing projects, which is not a universal offering among their competitors.

In the broader spectrum of roofing companies in Illinois, Central Roofing is a notable contender. Their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and use of superior materials sets them apart. For homeowners and businesses looking for a trusted roofer, Central Roofing LLC offers a balanced mix of expertise, quality, and value.

Whitney Roofing

Whitney Roofing: Central Illinois ...

When it comes to finding a dependable roofing service in Effingham and Central Illinois, we believe it’s important to spotlight Whitney Roofing. Their focus on providing both residential and commercial roofing services sets them apart. They’re not only dedicated to keeping your home or business secure with top-notch roofing solutions but also offer gutter services and storm damage repairs. Their commitment to enduring any weather challenges makes them a strong contender in the roofing industry.

Features and Specs: Whitney Roofing offers a wide range of services that cater to the varied needs of homeowners and businesses alike. Their expertise in dealing with harsh weather conditions ensures your roofing system is built to last. Using quality materials and advanced techniques, they equip roofs to withstand the test of time.

Performance and Durability: What stands out about Whitney Roofing is their emphasis on durability. They understand the unpredictable weather in Illinois and ensure that their roofing solutions can handle it. From storm damage repairs to regular maintenance, the quality of their work is designed to offer peace of mind for years to come.

Ease of Use: Seeking a free estimate from Whitney Roofing is as straightforward as it gets. Their customer-centric approach means they’re always ready to assist, ensuring the process from initial quote to final installation is hassle-free. This user-friendly experience significantly enhances overall customer satisfaction.

Product Comparison: Compared to Central Roofing LLC and other GAF Certified Roofers in Illinois, Whitney Roofing holds its ground with a well-rounded service offering. While Central Roofing excels in premium materials and craftsmanship, Whitney Roofing offers comparable quality with the added benefits of gutter and storm damage services, making them a versatile choice in the roofing arena.

Value vs. Price: In terms of value, Whitney Roofing provides a solid investment. They balance cost and quality efficiently, ensuring you get a roofing system that not only serves its purpose but also enhances the overall aesthetic and value of your property. Their free estimate policy also demonstrates transparency in pricing, allowing you to make an well-informed choice.

By focusing on key strengths such as versatility, durability, and customer service, Whitney Roofing proves to be a noteworthy option for anyone in Illinois looking for reliable roofing services. Their approach to roofing challenges, coupled with the quality of their work, places them high on the list of top roofers in the state.

  • Website: https://217roofing.com/
  • Contact Details: +12174543541
  • Address: 10102 IL-33, Effingham, IL 62401, United States

Olsson Roofing


Following our discussion on Whitney Roofing, our attention now shifts to Olsson Roofing. Known for their remarkable expertise in the roofing industry, Olsson Roofing stands out as a prime option for both commercial and residential roofing needs across Illinois. Their long-standing presence in the market, combined with a solid reputation, makes them a trusted choice for many homeowners and business owners alike.

What sets Olsson Roofing apart is their comprehensive suite of services. They specialize in not only roof installations and repairs but also offer maintenance services to ensure longevity and durability. Our analysis reveals that they employ state-of-the-art technology for inspections, guaranteeing accurate assessments and tailored solutions.

In our evaluation, Olsson Roofing’s projects consistently exhibit high-quality workmanship. Their use of superior materials combined with skilled installation techniques results in roofs that withstand Illinois’s harsh and unpredictable weather. Many customers report significant satisfaction with the durability and performance of their roofs over time.

Olsson Roofing emphasizes a seamless customer experience. From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, their process is straightforward and transparent. Clients appreciate the clear communication and professionalism exhibited by the Olsson team, highlighting their focus on customer satisfaction.

When compared to other companies like Central Roofing LLC and Whitney Roofing, Olsson Roofing offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality or service. Their value proposition lies in their balanced approach—providing top-notch services at reasonable prices. This makes them a strong competitor in the Illinois roofing market, offering exceptional value for their clients.

In essence, Olsson Roofing embodies reliability, quality, and customer-centricity. Their commitment to excellence and comprehensive services position them favorably among the top roofers in Illinois. For those seeking a dependable roofing partner, Olsson Roofing is undoubtedly a top contender worth considering.

Cittrix Roofing

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When we discuss Cittrix Roofing, we’re talking about a company that truly stands out for its innovative approach to roofing. Known for their precision and reliability, Cittrix Roofing has quickly become a go-to for homeowners in Illinois looking for top-tier roof services.

Cittrix Roofing specializes in both residential and commercial roofing, offering a wide array of services that include roof repairs, complete roof replacements, and regular maintenance checks. They excel in identifying and fixing leaks, hail, and storm damage repair, crucial for Illinois’ often unpredictable weather patterns.

What impresses us most is their commitment to using high-quality materials. Cittrix sources their materials from reputable manufacturers, ensuring that every roofing project is not just aesthetically pleasing but also durable and long-lasting. This dedication to quality materials places them a step above in terms of delivering value to their clients.

Our analysis shows that Cittrix Roofing prioritizes customer service, evident through their responsive communication and transparency throughout the roofing process. Customers have continually praised their professionalism, punctuality, and the way they leave the work site clean post-completion. This emphasis on customer experience is a big plus, making the roofing project stress-free for homeowners.

About pricing, Cittrix Roofing offers competitive rates that correspond well with the high quality of service and materials they provide. They present clear, detailed quotes, ensuring clients understand what they are paying for, which fosters trust and satisfaction.

Being a certified roofer, especially noted for their GAF certification, Cittrix Roofing meets stringent standards for roofing excellence. This certification is a testament to their expertise and commitment to staying updated with the latest roofing techniques and materials.

Comparing Cittrix Roofing with other service providers in Illinois, it’s clear they offer a robust mix of quality, reliability, and customer-centric services. They not only ensure your roof is in top condition but also provide peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen a roofer that stands behind their work with integrity and expertise.

  • Website: https://cittrix.com/
  • Contact Details: +18474236619
  • Address: 1674 Barclay Blvd, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, United States

How We Ranked The Best Roofers Companies in Illinois

When we set out to rank the best roofing companies in Illinois, our goal was to provide you with a list that you can trust. We looked at several key aspects of each company to ensure we’re recommending only the most reliable and trustworthy roofers.

Expertise and Experience

First, we assessed the expertise and experience of each company. We favored roofers with a proven track record of quality installations and repairs across a variety of roofing materials. Companies like Cittrix Roofing, backed by their GAF certification, stood out for their extensive knowledge and skill set in handling complex roofing projects.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

We poured over customer reviews and ratings on various platforms to gauge satisfaction levels. Our focus was on companies that consistently received high praise for their professionalism, timeliness, and quality work. Positive feedback, especially about post-job clean-up and communication, weighed heavily in our analysis.

Services Offered

The range of services offered was another critical factor. We looked for companies providing comprehensive roofing solutions, from installation and repair to maintenance and inspection. This ensures that regardless of your roofing needs, the companies on our list can deliver.

Pricing and Value

Pricing transparency and value for money were also key considerations. We sought out roofers who offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of materials or craftsmanship. Companies that provide detailed quotes and stand behind their work with strong warranties scored higher on our list.

Licenses, Certifications, and Insurance

Finally, verifying each company’s licenses, certifications, and insurance was crucial. This not only ensures compliance with industry standards but also provides peace of mind that you’re dealing with professionals. Roofers with additional certifications, like the GAF certification held by Cittrix Roofing, were noted for their commitment to excellence.

Through this comprehensive evaluation process, we assembled a list of the best roofers in Illinois. Each company on our list has demonstrated a commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, making them excellent choices for your roofing needs.

Reasons To Hire a Roofing Company in Illinois

Hiring a roofing company in Illinois is a crucial decision for homeowners, mainly because of the state’s unpredictable weather. We’ve found several compelling reasons why going for a professional service beats DIY or settling for less experienced roofers.

Expertise and Experience

Professional roofing companies bring a wealth of expertise and years of experience. They have seen almost every issue that can occur with roofs in Illinois, from leaks and water damage to missing shingles and structural damage caused by heavy snow or storms. Companies like Cittrix Roofing not only have GAF certification but also have a track record of solving complex roofing problems with efficiency and effectiveness. This level of expertise ensures your roof gets the best treatment available.

Quality Materials

Another reason is access to high-quality materials. Top roofers have partnerships with manufacturers that allow them to source the best materials at competitive prices. This means your roof will be more durable and better equipped to handle the harsh Illinois weather. The difference in material quality could mean the difference between a roof that needs repairs every few years and one that lasts decades.


Roofing is a dangerous job, requiring specific safety protocols to protect the workers. Professional roofing companies invest in training and equipment to ensure their teams work safely, minimizing the risk of accidents on your property. By hiring professionals, you’re also protecting yourself from liability in case of an accident.


While it might seem cheaper to do it yourself or hire a less experienced roofer, this can often end up being more expensive in the long run. Professional roofers do the job right the first time, preventing costly repairs and prolonging the life of your roof. Given the choice between patch-up jobs every few years and a quality roof that stands the test of time, we’ve seen the latter is far more cost-effective.

Warranty and Peace of Mind

Finally, reputable roofing companies in Illinois offer warranties on their workmanship and materials. This gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected. If something goes wrong within the warranty period, the company will address it promptly at no extra cost.

Summarizing, hiring a roofing company in Illinois means getting the job done right, with the best materials, by experts who offer a warranty for their service. This combination is invaluable, especially in a state where the weather can do so much damage to a poorly built or maintained roof.


We’ve explored the ins and outs of finding the best roofers in Illinois, emphasizing the importance of durability and reliability in the face of the state’s challenging weather. By focusing on GAF Certified Roofers, we’ve highlighted the undeniable benefits of professional expertise and quality materials. Remember, choosing the right roofing company, like Cittrix Roofing, isn’t just about immediate repairs or installations; it’s about ensuring long-term protection, efficiency, and peace of mind. Trust in the professionals to safeguard your home against the elements, backed by warranties that stand the test of time. Make a wise decision today for a secure, comfortable tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the challenges of selecting a reliable roofer in Illinois?

Finding a reliable roofer in Illinois can be challenging due to the need for expertise in handling the state’s unpredictable weather, ensuring the use of high-quality materials, and verifying certifications and experience for quality service.

Why is choosing a GAF Certified Roofer beneficial?

GAF Certified Roofers are beneficial because they have proven expertise, use premium materials, and offer quality service backed by GAF, ensuring a high standard of roofing work suitable for Illinois’s variable weather conditions.

What makes professional roofing companies in Illinois crucial?

Professional roofing companies in Illinois are crucial due to their expertise, experience, access to quality materials, adherence to safety measures, cost-effectiveness, and warranties. They ensure roofs can withstand the state’s harsh weather conditions, offering peace of mind to homeowners.

Why is Cittrix Roofing highly recommended in Illinois?

Cittrix Roofing is highly recommended in Illinois for its GAF certification, exceptional problem-solving skills, and strong commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring that clients receive durable, well-installed roofs backed by significant warranties.

How does hiring a reputable roofing company benefit Illinois residents?

Hiring a reputable roofing company benefits Illinois residents by ensuring that roofing projects are completed using durable materials, expert services, and warranty protection. This is critical in a state prone to weather-related roof damages, providing homeowners with security and longevity for their roofing investments.

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