5 Best Home Remodeling Contractors in Kentucky

Embarking on a home remodeling journey in Kentucky can be as thrilling as it is daunting. With a myriad of options at your fingertips, finding the perfect contractor to bring your vision to life is crucial. That’s where we come in. We’ve poured hundreds of hours into research, leveraging our expertise at HomeSpot HQ to sift through the vast sea of contractors. Our goal? To pinpoint the top-notch professionals who not only excel in their craft but also provide outstanding customer service.

We understand the importance of a well-done home remodel—it’s not just about enhancing aesthetics, it’s about creating spaces that resonate with your personal style and meet your needs. To ensure you’re equipped with the best information, we’ve meticulously evaluated numerous contractors across Kentucky, considering factors like quality of work, reliability, and customer feedback. Our findings are distilled into a curated list of the 5 best home remodeling contractors in the state, designed to help you make an well-informed choice with confidence. Join us as we investigate into the heart of Kentucky’s home service industry, where quality and customer satisfaction reign supreme.

Chris Hollon Construction

When we consider the top home remodeling contractors in Kentucky, Chris Hollon Construction immediately comes to mind. This Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati gem is a family-owned business that prioritizes customer satisfaction, quality materials, and competitive pricing. They’ve built a solid reputation, underscored by their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Chris Hollon, the owner, is personally involved in all projects, ensuring quality and accountability from start to finish. This level of personal attention is rare in the industry and sets them apart from competitors. Their service range is broad, covering everything from basement remodels to custom decks, roofing, and window and door installations. Regardless of the project size or scope, they’re equipped to meet diverse home improvement needs.

Performance-wise, Chris Hollon Construction is known for its adherence to contemporary technology and market trends, making them a go-to for those seeking to add modern conveniences and value to their homes. They guarantee clean job sites, strict adherence to timelines, and clear communication throughout the project duration. This approach minimizes disruptions and enhances the overall customer experience.

In terms of value, the promise of a free home improvement consultation is a significant draw. It provides homeowners an opportunity to explore possibilities without any initial financial commitment. Combined with their competitive pricing, Chris Hollon Construction offers an attractive value proposition for homeowners looking to invest in their property’s future.

In comparison with other contractors in Kentucky, their comprehensive service offering, commitment to quality, and the personal touch from the owner position them as a top choice for your next home improvement project. Whether it’s enhancing functionality or boosting the aesthetic appeal of your home, partnering with Chris Hollon Construction is a decision we believe will pay dividends in the long run.

Website: https://www.chrishollonconstruction.com/

BACK Construction

When considering a home remodel in Kentucky, BACK Construction emerges as a top contender, offering an extensive range of services. This Lexington-based company specializes in window and door replacements, roofing, home remodeling, handyman services, and architecture & design. Their comprehensive approach makes them an all-in-one solution for residential upgrades.

Website: https://backconstruction.com/

Expertise and Quality

What sets BACK Construction apart is their dedication to quality and professionalism. Known for installing Pella windows and doors, which are award-winning for their design and efficiency, BACK Construction ensures your home not only looks good but is also energy-efficient. Also, their status as a CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator signifies a high level of expertise in roofing, providing homes with durability and style.

Customer-Centric Approach

We admire BACK Construction’s transparent and customer-focused process. From the initial quote to project completion, they prioritize open communication and tailor their services to meet individual needs and preferences. Their employee-owned ESOP structure suggests a deeper investment in the success of each project, as every staff member has a stake in the company’s success.

Financial Flexibility and Assurance

Home renovations can be a substantial financial undertaking. BACK Construction addresses this concern by offering financing options and a variety of warranties. This financial flexibility, coupled with their assurance of quality, grants homeowners peace of mind.

Local Reputation

BACK Construction’s strong local reputation is built on a foundation of positive testimonials and a track record of excellence. Their commitment to delivering outstanding workmanship has made them a trusted choice for home renovation and repair in the Kentucky area.

In comparison to other contractors, such as Chris Hollon Construction, which also prioritizes customer satisfaction and quality work, BACK Construction offers a more extensive range of in-house services. This could reduce the need to engage multiple contractors for different tasks, potentially simplifying the remodeling process for homeowners.

Summarizing, BACK Construction stands out for its comprehensive service offerings, quality assurance, and customer-centric approach. When it comes to selecting a remodeling contractor in Kentucky, their wide range of services and strong local reputation makes them a reliable and attractive option.

Distinctive Design Remodeling

Following our analysis of Chris Hollon Construction and BACK Construction, we now turn our attention to Distinctive Design Remodeling (DDR). Since starting in 2007, DDR has made a significant impact in Central Kentucky’s home remodeling industry. Their reputation for customer satisfaction shines through in every project. Here’s why we think they stand out.

Website: https://www.distinctivedesignremodelinginc.com/

Services Offered

DDR specializes in room additions, finished basements, garage additions, covered patios, and screen rooms. Their broad service range means they can handle almost every aspect of home remodeling. This versatility is a key strength, especially when compared to smaller operations that might not offer such a comprehensive range of services.

Experience and Professionalism

With over 35 years of combined experience, the DDR team brings an unmatched level of expertise to the table. Customers consistently mention the team’s professionalism, pointing to their efficiency and craftsmanship. Unlike many contractors, DDR commits to staying on budget and finishing projects on time. This reliability is crucial for homeowners who are wary of remodeling projects dragging on.

Customer Satisfaction

A standout feature of DDR is their commitment to customer satisfaction. They excel in transparent communication, making reasonable adjustments without additional costs, and being responsive and available to concerns. This focus on the client experience is evident in the numerous positive testimonials they have received. Their approach ensures that each project fits seamlessly with the existing structure of the home.

Comparing DDR to Others

When we compare DDR to Chris Hollon Construction and BACK Construction, it’s clear that DDR offers a unique blend of services with an impressive focus on customer satisfaction and professionalism. While BACK Construction might offer more in-house services, DDR’s specialization in significant home additions and renovations and their commitment to customer satisfaction place them at a top spot in our list for those looking to undertake large-scale remodeling projects.

Summarizing, Distinctive Design Remodeling offers a comprehensive and professional service package tailored towards large remodeling projects. Their dedication to quality work and positive client experiences makes them a top choice for homeowners in Kentucky looking to enhance their living spaces.

Twin Spires Construction

Following the insights into Chris Hollon Construction, BACK Construction, and Distinctive Design Remodeling, Twin Spires Construction emerges as another top-tier choice for home renovation in Kentucky. This Louisville-based firm is distinguished by its innovative planning and design process. They are renowned for turning visions into reality, a crucial factor for those considering major home improvements.

What sets Twin Spires apart is their collaborative approach to design and remodeling. Clients are involved from the onset, ensuring the final outcome precisely matches their desires. This emphasis on client collaboration aligns with industry best practices, showcasing Twin Spires as a customer-first contractor.

Specializing in a broad spectrum of remodeling services such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements, room additions, and full home renovations, Twin Spires exhibits versatility. Their ability to reimagine and transform spaces speaks volumes of their expertise and creative prowess. This flexibility is particularly valuable for clients seeking comprehensive renovations under a single contractor.

Their process transparency is worth noting. The firm clearly outlines what clients should expect throughout their remodeling journey, an approach that reassures and builds trust. Their dedication to maintaining privacy further emphasizes their respect for clients, ensuring personal information is used strictly for project-related communications.

Customer testimonials and a diverse service area extending beyond Louisville underline Twin Spires’ commitment to satisfaction and quality. Their projects do not just aesthetically please; they create spaces that feel like home. This distinction is crucial for anyone looking to invest in remodeling.

In comparison to peers, Twin Spires Construction’s unique blend of innovative design, client collaboration, and comprehensive services positions them as a standout option for Kentucky homeowners. Their approach not only ensures quality outcomes but also fosters a remodeling experience that clients can feel genuinely involved in and satisfied with.

Website: https://www.twinspiresremodeling.com/

Improveit! Home Remodeling

Following the insights into Kentucky’s top home remodeling contractors, we’re turning our attention to Improveit! Home Remodeling. Known for their comprehensive services, Improveit! distinguishes itself with worry-free installations and flexible financing options. When homeowners look to enhance their living spaces, this contractor emerges as a strong contender.

Website: https://www.improveitusa.com/

Exceptional Service Range

Improveit! Home Remodeling shines in window replacements, bathroom, and kitchen updates. Their no-hassle approach is perfect for busy homeowners. They offer expert cabinet refacing for kitchens, tailoring each project to the customer’s specific requirements. This personalized touch ensures every remodeling project reflects the homeowner’s vision and lifestyle.

Quality and Professionalism

Customers often highlight the quality of Improveit!’s work and the team’s professionalism. The company’s commitment to a 5-star experience is evident in their timely and tidy installations. Their goal is to minimize disruption and maximize satisfaction. This level of service has garnered numerous positive reviews, placing them high on the list for homeowner recommendations.

Affordable Solutions

Improveit! makes significant home upgrades more affordable through special offers, like $2,000 off and 36 months with no interest. These deals, combined with price-locked free quotes, mean homeowners can plan renovations without fear of unexpected costs. The company’s financing options open the door for many to improve their homes without very costly.

Expert Consultations

Finally, dedicated consultants offer invaluable advice, making sure decisions suit the homeowner’s needs perfectly. Their expertise ensures that each project, whether it’s for windows, bathrooms, or kitchens, is executed with the utmost care and consideration for the homeowner’s preferences and the home’s overall aesthetic.

Improveit! Home Remodeling stands out for their quality service, dedication to customer satisfaction, and ability to make significant home improvements accessible. They offer a seamless, professional experience tailored to meet the needs and visions of Kentucky homeowners.

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Home Remodelling Companies in Kentucky

When it comes to selecting the top home remodeling contractors in Kentucky, our approach is thorough and systematic. We understand the importance of choosing a contractor that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Here’s how we break down our research methodology:

Criteria for Evaluation

First, we identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most to homeowners. This includes quality of work, customer satisfaction, pricing, range of services, and company reputation. Each company is scored against these metrics.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

We jump into customer feedback on various platforms, including social media, Google reviews, and specialized home remodeling forums. Positive experiences highlight a company’s ability to deliver on promises, while negative reviews may reveal areas of improvement.

Portfolios and Case Studies

We examine the portfolios of each contractor to assess the diversity and quality of their projects. Case studies showcasing before-and-after transformations provide insights into their capability to handle different remodeling challenges.

Certifications and Awards

Recognition from industry bodies and awards are a testament to a contractor’s excellence and reliability. We look for certifications that prove their dedication to maintaining high standards.

Personalized Consultations

Our interactions with the companies offer firsthand insight into their customer service quality. We consider how they handle inquiries, their willingness to provide detailed consultations, and their overall responsiveness.

Pricing Transparency

Finally, we evaluate the transparency of their pricing structures. This involves comparing quotes for similar services and assessing the value for money, ensuring that homeowners can make informed financial decisions without encountering hidden costs.

By methodically evaluating each company against these criteria, we aim to provide an unbiased, factual base for our rankings. This empowers Kentucky homeowners with the knowledge to choose a remodeling contractor that aligns with their specific needs, budget, and expectations.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Home Remodelling Contractors in Kentucky

When it comes to transforming your home, the expertise of professional home remodeling contractors can’t be overlooked. In Kentucky, hiring well-reviewed companies like Chris Hollon Construction, BACK Construction, Distinctive Design Remodeling (DDR), Twin Spires Construction, and Improveit! Home Remodeling brings a range of benefits that ensure your renovation project is not only stress-free but also a value-addition to your property.

Expertise and Experience

Professional contractors bring years of experience to your project. For instance, Chris Hollon Construction specializes in comprehensive remodels and has consistently delivered high-quality work, ensuring that every detail meets the client’s expectations. This level of expertise means that they can tackle complex projects efficiently, foresee potential issues, and find solutions quickly.

Quality Workmanship

Quality is paramount in renovations, and specialized firms like BACK Construction have built their reputation on delivering exceptional craftsmanship. Their focus on customer satisfaction means they use high-quality materials and pay close attention to detail, leaving no room for mistakes. This ensures that the work not only looks good but also lasts longer.

Comprehensive Service Range

DDR and Twin Spires Construction offer a wide range of services, allowing you to manage all your remodeling needs under one roof. Whether it’s a kitchen upgrade, bathroom renovation, or a full home remodel, these companies have the skills and workforce to handle various projects efficiently. This eliminates the need to hire multiple contractors, saving you time and hassle.

Worry-Free Installations

Firms like Improveit! Home Remodeling focus on specific areas like windows, bathrooms, and kitchens and offer worry-free installations. This means they handle every aspect of the project, from design through completion, ensuring a seamless experience. Their specialization also allows for more innovative solutions tailored to these critical areas of your home.


Even though the upfront cost, hiring professionals can be more cost-effective in the long run. These contractors have access to wholesale pricing for high-quality materials and can avoid costly mistakes due to their expertise, saving you money. Also, their work often comes with guarantees, providing you with peace of mind and protection for your investment.

By choosing a top-rated home remodeling contractor in Kentucky, you invest in experience, quality, and value, ensuring your home remodel meets your dreams and exceeds expectations.


We’ve explored the crème de la crème of Kentucky’s home remodeling scene, spotlighting contractors who stand out for their exceptional service and craftsmanship. By opting for these professionals, homeowners are not just revamping their spaces but are also securing peace of mind, knowing their project is in the hands of experts. Whether it’s a cozy kitchen upgrade or an extensive home overhaul, these top contractors ensure your vision comes to life with precision and flair. Remember, investing in your home is not just about the immediate changes—it’s about enhancing its long-term value and enjoyment. Trust in the expertise of Kentucky’s finest to transform your home into a masterpiece that reflects your style and meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top home remodeling contractors in Kentucky?

Chris Hollon Construction, BACK Construction, Distinctive Design Remodeling (DDR), Twin Spires Construction, and Improveit! Home Remodeling are known for their quality work and high customer satisfaction in Kentucky.

What are the benefits of hiring professional home remodeling contractors?

Professional contractors offer expertise, quality workmanship, comprehensive service range, and worry-free installations. They are cost-effective, guiding homeowners through a stress-free renovation process that adds value to their property.

What services do these contractors offer?

The contractors provide a wide range of services including kitchen upgrades, full home remodels, and other renovation projects to meet various homeowners’ needs.

Why should I choose a top-rated contractor for my home remodel?

Choosing a top-rated contractor ensures you are investing in experience, quality, and value. It guarantees that your expectations for the home remodel will be met or exceeded, making the investment worthwhile.

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