5 Best Concrete Contractors in Mississippi

In our quest to bring you the most reliable and efficient home service solutions, we’ve dived deep into the heart of Mississippi’s concrete contractor scene. It’s no secret that finding a trustworthy contractor can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s why we’ve put our expertise to work, sifting through countless options to bring you the cream of the crop. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has dedicated hundreds of hours to research, leveraging our industry knowledge and stringent criteria to identify the top five concrete contractors in the state.

We understand the importance of a solid foundation, whether you’re laying a new driveway, crafting a beautiful patio, or embarking on any project that calls for concrete’s strength and durability. Our goal? To ensure you’re equipped with a list of the best professionals who not only meet but exceed expectations. So, sit back and let us guide you through Mississippi’s best concrete contractors, handpicked for their quality, reliability, and outstanding service.

C Mason Concrete

As we continue our journey to find the best concrete contractors in Mississippi, we can’t overlook C Mason Concrete. From our research and firsthand experience, this contractor stands out for a multitude of reasons. They’ve cemented their reputation in the local area for their expertise in everything concrete.

Offering a broad spectrum of services, C Mason Concrete caters to both residential and commercial clients. Whether you’re looking to beautify your home with stamped concrete or require durable solutions for industrial projects, they have the skills and tools to deliver. Their proficiency extends beyond just installation to include concrete repair, showcasing a commitment to longevity and quality in every project they handle.

Concrete is known for its durability, but when issues arise, you need a reliable expert for repairs. C Mason Concrete excels in this area. They understand that no problem is too small and are adept at making concrete surfaces look new again. Their repair services are thorough, ensuring that both aesthetic and structural integrity are restored.

For those in the initial planning stages of a concrete project, getting an accurate estimate can be invaluable. C Mason Concrete understands this and makes the process smooth and transparent. They offer free estimates, allowing clients to fully understand the scope and cost of their projects upfront. This level of transparency is rare and highly appreciated.

What truly sets C Mason Concrete apart is the quality of their results. They don’t just aim to complete a job; they strive to exceed expectations. This commitment to excellence, combined with their extensive knowledge and customer-centric approach, places them among the top concrete contractors in Mississippi.

In terms of value, C Mason Concrete proves that high-quality work doesn’t have to come with an exorbitant price tag. Their services are priced competitively, ensuring that clients receive outstanding value for their investment. Whether you’re repairing existing concrete or embarking on a new project, their balance of price and quality is hard to beat.

For anyone in Mississippi seeking a concrete contractor that combines expertise, quality, and value, C Mason Concrete is a standout choice. Their comprehensive services, commitment to customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing make them a top recommendation in our list of the best concrete contractors in the state.

Website: http://cmasonconcrete.com/

Biloxi Concrete Contractors

Following the insightful details about C Mason Concrete, we jump into what makes Biloxi Concrete Contractors stand out in the Mississippi area. Known for their unparalleled skill in the concrete industry, Biloxi Concrete Contractors brings a rich experience to both residential and commercial projects. From driveways to decorative patios, they’ve mastered it all.

What Set Us Apart

First and foremost, punctuality is a cornerstone of our service. We understand the value of our clients’ time, making sure that all projects start and finish as scheduled. Our communication is clear and detailed, ensuring that every client’s vision is understood and implemented precisely. We use high-quality concrete for all our works, which is a significant factor in the durability and finish of the projects we undertake.

Services Offered

We offer a comprehensive array of services:

  • Driveways that are not just functional but also contribute to the curb appeal
  • Sidewalks designed with both safety and aesthetics in mind
  • Patios that become the heart of your outdoor space
  • Decorative and functional curbs that elevate the look of spaces
  • Custom stamping and colors that let your personality shine through your property
  • Demolition and disposal services with utmost care for the environment
  • Sealing and protection to ensure longevity

Our team takes pride in their work. Viewing ourselves as artists, our passion for concrete is evident in each project we undertake.

Why Choose Us

The choice for Biloxi Concrete Contractors is clear. Not only do we bring years of expertise and dedication to the table, but our focus on high-quality materials and customer satisfaction also sets us apart. We’ve successfully transformed countless properties in Biloxi and the surrounding Harrison County area, making us a top choice for anyone looking to enhance their property with expertly crafted concrete.

With a track record of happy customers and a portfolio of diverse projects, we stand confidently as one of the best local concrete contractors in Mississippi. Whether it’s a new installation, a renovation, or custom concrete work, rest assured that choosing us means opting for excellence in service and craftsmanship.

Website: https://biloxiconcretecontractors.com/

Helms Polyfoam

After examining Biloxi Concrete Contractors’ strong emphasis on craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, we shift our focus to Helms Polyfoam. Helms Polyfoam stands out for its unique approach to concrete repair and soil stabilization tasks across Mississippi. Unlike traditional methods requiring extensive excavation, Helms Polyfoam utilizes an innovative, no-excavation process. This approach significantly reduces the jobsite footprint and minimizes downtime, ensuring repairs are ready for traffic within just 30 minutes. This efficiency is crucial for minimizing the impact on workflow during repairs.

Helms Polyfoam’s decision to forego excavation stems from an understanding of the soil issues and aging infrastructure challenges within Mississippi. They have developed chemical grouting solutions that address the underlying problems without putting a dent in your budget. This consideration for both quality work and economic efficiency places them at the forefront of concrete contractors in Mississippi.

The company not only serves the entire state, from Tupelo to Ocean Springs, but also extends its services to neighboring states. This widespread coverage demonstrates Helms Polyfoam’s mobility and commitment to address concrete and soil stabilization needs far and wide. Whether it’s working with engineers, architects, commercial construction companies, facility managers, or directly with homeowners, Helms Polyfoam brings expertise to a variety of projects. Their versatility and the breadth of their project scope, including government and residential projects, underscore their capability to cater to diverse client needs.

Summarizing, Helms Polyfoam’s innovative no-excavation process, combined with their state-wide service range and efficiency in handling both commercial and residential projects, positions them as a leading concrete contractor in Mississippi. Their approach not only saves time and reduces site disruption but also offers a cost-effective solution to pervasive soil and infrastructure issues. This balance of innovative techniques, rapid service, and wide-ranging expertise makes Helms Polyfoam a standout choice for those in need of concrete and soil stabilization services.

Website: https://www.helmspolyfoam.com/

PolyUp of MS

After exploring numerous concrete contractors throughout Mississippi, we find PolyUp of MS stands out significantly, especially with their advanced polyurethane injection methods. PolyUp, a division of Ewing & Ray Foundation Services, brings an innovative approach to concrete repair that is both efficient and cost-effective. Operating since 1968, they have a deeply rooted history in foundation repair, demonstrating commitment and expertise in their field.

What sets PolyUp apart is their non-invasive polyurethane foam injection technique. Rather than the traditional, more disruptive methods of concrete repair, PolyUp drills a 5/8” hole and injects polyurethane foam. This method lifts, stabilizes, and fills voids under concrete slabs with precision and minimal disruption. The foam expansion occurs within seconds, allowing for an immediate assessment and adjustment to ensure perfection in leveling. It reaches 90% of its strength in just 15 minutes, which means areas can be returned to use almost immediately after repair—a significant advantage for both commercial and residential sites.

They offer a wide range of services that extend beyond common areas like sidewalks and driveways to include interior residential spaces, eliminating the mess and inconvenience associated with slab tear-outs. Their solutions are not only quick but also touted to cost half the price of replacing concrete, presenting an undeniable value proposition for those in need of repairs.

Besides, their applications span lifting concrete sidewalks, driveways, removing trip hazards, filling voids from plumbing damage, and even correcting settled curbs and gutters. This versatility ensures that nearly any concrete issue can be addressed promptly and effectively with PolyUp’s technology.

Servicing the Jackson MS Metro Area, including Jackson, Ridgeland, Brandon, Clinton, Byram, and Terry, PolyUp of MS demonstrates a broad reach and accessibility for clients in need. Their use of cutting-edge technology, combined with decades of foundation repair experience, positions them as a top contender for best concrete contractors in Mississippi. Their approach not only saves time and money but also reduces environmental impact by preserving existing concrete structures whenever possible.

Website: http://www.polyupofms.com/

Capital Concrete Cutting Inc

In our search for Mississippi’s top concrete contractors, Capital Concrete Cutting Inc stands out for its comprehensive range of services and rapid response times. Unlike others, they excel in emergency services available 24/7, crucial for water breaks and other time-sensitive disasters. Our review found their capability to modify techniques for working in tight, confined spaces particularly impressive, showcasing their flexibility across projects.

Their impressive list of clients includes educational institutions, grocery stores, and more, indicating their versatility and trusted reputation. Their services extend to demolition, core sample collection, and plumbing accommodations, among others, highlighting a wide skill set that caters to both residential and commercial needs.

One aspect that sets Capital Concrete Cutting Inc apart is their deep commitment to safety and training, with a team equipped with OSHA 10 certification. This ensures that every project not only meets but exceeds standard safety regulations. Operating since 1986, their long-standing presence as Mississippi’s oldest concrete cutting company reflects a legacy of reliability and quality.

Also, their quick, over-the-phone estimates simplify the process for clients, proving their focus on customer service. With next-business-day service, they demonstrate an unmatched efficiency in the industry.

Our review recognizes Capital Concrete Cutting Inc for its exceptional service, safety standards, and fast, efficient problem-solving capabilities. Their broad client base, coupled with decades-long experience, positions them as a top choice for anyone in Mississippi and the surrounding areas looking for concrete cutting and related services.

Website: http://www.capitalconcretecuttinginc.com/

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Concrete Contractors in Mississippi

When evaluating the best concrete contractors in Mississippi, we follow a detailed and stringent process to ensure our recommendations are both trustworthy and valuable to our readers. Our methodology covers various aspects of the contractors’ operations, from the quality of work to customer satisfaction and everything in between.

Experience and Expertise

First, we assess the years of experience and areas of expertise each contractor has. Contractors like C Mason Concrete and Biloxi Concrete Contractors shine in this area because of their proficiency in both residential and commercial projects. This broadens their appeal and demonstrates a level of expertise valued by diverse clients.

Innovative Techniques

Innovation in techniques is another crucial criterion. For instance, Helms Polyfoam uses a no-excavation approach for concrete repair and soil stabilization, offering a less invasive and time-saving solution. Similarly, PolyUp of MS employs advanced polyurethane injection methods, standing out for quick and effective repair works.

Customer Service and Response Time

We also consider customer service and response times crucial in our evaluations. Capital Concrete Cutting Inc, with its ability to provide over-the-phone estimates and next-business-day services, exemplifies outstanding customer service. Their readiness to handle emergency services 24/7 further highlights their commitment to customer needs.

Safety and Training

Safety standards and training are indispensable factors in our ranking process. We look for contractors that prioritize safety and regular training for their teams. Capital Concrete Cutting Inc stands out for its focus on safety and employee training, ensuring safe and efficient service delivery.

Pricing and Transparency

Finally, transparent pricing is essential. We appreciate contractors like C Mason Concrete and Biloxi Concrete Contractors for their upfront and clear pricing strategies. This transparency builds trust and helps customers make informed decisions without worrying about hidden costs.

By scrutinizing these areas, we provide a comprehensive and balanced review of concrete contractors in Mississippi, ensuring our readers can select a contractor that best meets their needs. Our aim is to guide them towards companies known for their quality work, innovation, excellent customer service, and commitment to safety and transparency.

Benefits of Hiring a Concrete Contractor in Mississippi

When dealing with concrete projects, choosing a professional contractor in Mississippi comes with significant advantages. Through our research, we’ve uncovered these key benefits that underscore the importance of hiring skilled contractors for your concrete needs.

Expertise and Experience

Mississippi’s concrete scene is enriched by contractors like C Mason Concrete and Biloxi Concrete Contractors, both known for their expertise. These contractors bring years of experience to the table, ensuring your project abides by the latest standards and techniques. Their knowledge spans both residential and commercial projects, allowing them to tackle any challenge with precision.

Innovative Solutions

Helms Polyfoam stands out for its innovative no-excavation concrete repair and soil stabilization. This technique not only saves time but also significantly reduces the project’s overall cost. Similarly, PolyUp of MS employs advanced polyurethane injection methods, showcasing the trend towards innovative solutions in the Mississippi concrete industry that yield quick, effective, and durable results.

Safety and Training

Safety cannot be overstated in construction. Capital Concrete Cutting Inc prioritizes safety and training, ensuring their team is equipped to handle complex situations safely. Their commitment to training ensures that every project is completed without compromising on safety standards.


One of the major draws of these contractors is their transparent pricing and the value they offer. By leveraging efficient methods and focusing on minimizing downtime, companies like Helms Polyfoam and PolyUp of MS offer cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality. This balance between quality and cost gives homeowners and businesses a solid return on their investment.

Rapid Response and Customer Service

Mississippi contractors are known for their quick response and commitment to customer service. Capital Concrete Cutting Inc. notably offers over-the-phone estimates and aims for next-business-day service. Good customer service includes transparent communication, rapid response to inquiries and issues, and flexibility to meet customers’ needs, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory project from start to finish.

By hiring a concrete contractor in Mississippi that combines experience, innovative approaches, stringent safety protocols, cost-effectiveness, and exceptional customer service, you stand to gain a partner capable of bringing your project to successful completion with minimal hassle.


Choosing the right concrete contractor in Mississippi is crucial for ensuring the success of your project. We’ve highlighted some of the best in the business, each bringing their unique strengths, from C Mason Concrete and Biloxi Concrete Contractors’ exceptional work and transparent pricing to Helms Polyfoam’s innovative no-excavation techniques. PolyUp of MS and Capital Concrete Cutting Inc also stand out for their advanced methods and commitment to customer service. Remember, the key to a successful project lies in selecting a contractor that aligns with your needs—prioritizing experience, innovation, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Trust in our picks for a reliable partnership that will bring your vision to life with expertise and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top concrete contractors in Mississippi?

C Mason Concrete and Biloxi Concrete Contractors are recognized for their quality work and expertise. Additionally, Helms Polyfoam offers innovative, no-excavation concrete repair, while PolyUp of MS specializes in polyurethane injection methods for quick, effective solutions. Capital Concrete Cutting Inc is also notable for its comprehensive services.

What makes Helms Polyfoam stand out among concrete contractors in Mississippi?

Helms Polyfoam is distinguished by its no-excavation approach to concrete repair and soil stabilization, offering efficient processes that minimize downtime and provide cost-effective solutions across Mississippi and neighboring states.

How does PolyUp of MS approach concrete repair?

PolyUp of MS, a division of Ewing & Ray Foundation Services, employs advanced polyurethane injection techniques for concrete repair, ensuring quick, efficient, and cost-effective solutions in the Jackson MS Metro Area.

What services does Capital Concrete Cutting Inc offer?

Capital Concrete Cutting Inc provides a wide range of concrete services, with rapid response times, a focus on safety and training, and the capacity to handle emergency services 24/7. They also adapt techniques for confined spaces and offer over-the-phone estimates.

Why is it important to choose a reputable concrete contractor in Mississippi?

Choosing a reputable concrete contractor is crucial for ensuring quality work, expertise in handling different projects, innovative solutions, adherence to safety standards, and cost-effectiveness. A reliable contractor offers transparency in pricing and prioritizes customer service.

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