5 Best Roofers in Missouri

Finding the right roofer in Missouri can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. With so many options, how do you ensure you’re choosing a team that’s reliable, skilled, and offers the best value? That’s where we come in. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has poured hundreds of hours into researching and vetting the best roofing companies across the state to bring you a list that stands out for its quality and service.

We’ve scrutinized countless customer reviews, checked certifications and insurance, and even looked into the companies’ histories and portfolios. Our goal? To ensure you have access to a list of the top roofers in Missouri that not only meet but exceed industry standards. So, whether you’re dealing with storm damage, leaks, or just need a new roof, we’ve got you covered. Stick with us, and let’s make your next roofing project a breeze.

List of the Best Roofers in Missouri

Today’s Homeowner Media

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At Today’s Homeowner Media, we found their commitment to quality and customer service impressive. This company stands out for its attention to detail and thorough project management. Their team of experts specializes in both residential and commercial roofing services, offering a wide range of solutions including roof repair, replacement, and maintenance.

Today’s Homeowner Media provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet specific roofing needs. They excel in handling storm damage repairs, which is crucial in Missouri’s unpredictable weather. Their expertise isn’t limited to repairs; they also offer installation of new roofs, gutter services, and siding work. This versatility makes them a go-to provider for complete exterior home care.

In assessing their performance, we’ve taken note of the positive feedback from numerous customers highlighting the team’s reliability and professionalism. Today’s Homeowner Media uses high-quality materials ensuring durability and long-lasting results. They are known for completing projects on time and within budget, which minimizes the stress often associated with roofing projects.

From the initial consultation to project completion, Today’s Homeowner MediaToday’s Homeowner Media makes the process straightforward and hassle-free. They provide clear, upfront estimates, and maintain open communication throughout the project. This openness, combined with their willingness to address any concerns, significantly enhances customer satisfaction.

When comparing Armor Roofing LLC with other roofers in Missouri, their competitive pricing and high-quality workmanship offer great value. What sets them apart is their commitment to customer service and their comprehensive warranty options, giving homeowners added peace of mind.

Offering top-tier services at fair prices, Today’s Homeowner Media represents a reliable choice for anyone in Missouri looking for dependable roofing solutions. Their track record of success and customer-focused approach place them high on our list of recommended roofers in the state.

Midwest Roofing

Midwest Roofing -

After exploring Armor Roofing LLC’s commitment to excellence, we shift our focus to Midwest Roofing. Located centrally in Missouri, Midwest Roofing presents itself as another distinguished contender in the roofing industry. They have carved out a reputable niche for themselves, specializing in both residential and commercial projects. Their portfolio showcases a wide range of services, including installation, repair, and maintenance of roofing systems.

One of the key strengths of Midwest Roofing is their dedication to using premium materials. They believe in delivering lasting solutions rather than quick fixes. This approach not only ensures the longevity of their work but also enhances the overall value of the property. Also, their team of professionals is highly skilled, with an eye for detail that guarantees top-quality execution of every project.

When it comes to performance and durability, Midwest Roofing stands out. Our research indicates that clients express high satisfaction with the sturdiness and resilience of the roofs installed by Midwest Roofing. They make use of cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques, which contribute to the robust performance of their roofing solutions even under extreme weather conditions.

Ease of use, in terms of customer experience, is another area where Midwest Roofing excels. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, their process is streamlined and customer-centric. They emphasize clear communication and transparency, making it easy for clients to understand the project timeline, costs, and expectations.

In terms of value, Midwest Roofing delivers commendably. While they might not be the cheapest option available, the quality of their work, the durability of their roofing materials, and their excellent customer service provide a high return on investment. Their comprehensive warranties further assure clients of their commitment to satisfaction and quality workmanship.

Comparing Midwest Roofing with peers like Armor Roofing LLC, it’s clear that what sets them apart is their unwavering focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Both companies excel in their domain, but Midwest Roofing’s use of superior materials and their approach to customer service put them in close competition for the top spot among Missouri’s best roofers.

In sum, our analysis finds Midwest Roofing to be a solid choice for individuals seeking reliable, high-quality roofing services in Missouri. Their commitment to excellence, combined with their impressive portfolio, positions them as a trusted partner for your roofing needs.

Armor Roofing LLC,

Armor Roofing

When we explore Armor Roofing LLC, based in Gladstone, Missouri, the first thing that strikes us is their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. This standout feature immediately sets them apart. The company specializes in both residential and commercial roofing, demonstrating a versatility that meets diverse client needs. Their approach to roofing services is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a robust support system that guides customers through each phase of their roofing project.

Armor Roofing LLC brings to the table years of industry experience. Their team comprises certified professionals adept at handling various roofing demands. Whether it’s repair, replacement, or a new installation, they exhibit a high level of proficiency. This expertise not only ensures quality workmanship but also instills confidence in their clients.

The use of superior roofing materials is another pillar of Armor Roofing LLC’s service. They partner with leading manufacturers to provide materials that enhance durability and extend the lifespan of roofs. This commitment to quality materials means that while they may not be the cheapest option, they offer significant value and long-term savings to homeowners.

Customer service at Armor Roofing LLC goes beyond mere transactions. They foster strong communication lines, ensuring clients are well-informed and comfortable at every stage. Their personalized approach to service results in a satisfying customer experience, a factor that has garnered positive feedback and repeat business.

Performance and durability are where Armor Roofing LLC shines. Their roofing solutions stand up to Missouri’s varying climate conditions, offering peace of mind to homeowners. This durability is a testament to their skilled workmanship and choice of materials.

Comparing Armor Roofing LLC with Midwest Roofing, it’s evident that both prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. But, Armor’s emphasis on communication and personalized service provides a unique advantage. Their approach to using high-quality materials and ensuring durable roofing solutions presents a compelling value proposition. Though their prices might reflect the premium services and materials they offer, the long-term benefits and peace of mind they provide make them a worthy investment for Missouri residents seeking reliable roofing services.

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  • Address: 9025 E US Hwy 40, Independence, MO 64055, United States

Royal Roofing & Solar

Royal Roofing & Solar Contractors in ...

Following our review of Armor Roofing LLC, we turn our attention to Royal Roofing & Solar, another significant player in Missouri’s roofing industry. Catering to both residential and commercial clients, Royal Roofing & Solar sets itself apart through its innovative use of solar technology integrated with roofing solutions.

Royal Roofing & Solar specializes in integrating solar panels with roofing, offering a unique proposition for homeowners looking to reduce electricity costs and increase energy efficiency. Their services extend beyond solar panel installation to include general roofing repairs, replacements, and maintenance. What makes them stand out is their dual expertise in both traditional roofing and solar technology, providing clients with a comprehensive approach to energy saving and roofing solutions.

In our assessment, we found that Royal Roofing & Solar places a high emphasis on the quality of materials used. They opt for top-of-the-line solar panels and roofing materials, ensuring durability and efficiency. The skill level of their technicians also impressed us; they are not only trained in roofing practices but also in the technical aspects of solar installations. This dual expertise translates to exceptional workmanship that stands the test of time.

Customer feedback highlights Royal Roofing & Solar’s commitment to client satisfaction. Their approach includes detailed consultations to understand individual energy needs and preferences before recommending solutions. The company’s responsiveness and transparency throughout the consultation, installation, and after-service process foster trust and reliability among its customers.

When compared directly with Armor Roofing LLC, Royal Roofing & Solar introduces a different dimension to roofing solutions through their solar offerings. While Armor Roofing excels in traditional roofing practices and customer communication, Royal Roofing & Solar offers a value-added service by combining energy savings with roofing. This innovative approach does not only cater to immediate roofing needs but also to the long-term financial and environmental benefits of solar power.

For homeowners and businesses in Missouri exploring roofing solutions with an eye on sustainability and energy efficiency, Royal Roofing & Solar represents a compelling option. Their investment in quality materials, skilled workmanship, and innovative solutions offers remarkable value, especially when considering the potential savings on energy bills over time.

Eureka Contracting and Roofing

Eureka Contracting & Roofing: Top-Rated ...

After exploring the unique offerings of Royal Roofing & Solar, especially their solar-integrated roofing systems, we turn our focus towards Eureka Contracting and Roofing. Known for their comprehensive roofing services across Missouri, Eureka brings something different to the table. Their emphasis on customer education and transparent quoting sets them apart in a competitive market.

Eureka Contracting and Roofing excels in providing high-quality service with a personal touch. From the initial inspection to the final cleanup, their team ensures minimal disruption to your daily life. They use durable materials, ensuring that your roof stands the test of time. We’ve found their attention to detail and commitment to excellence in every job to be a major plus.

In our assessment, Eureka’s roofs are built to last. They choose materials that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Whether it’s resistance to harsh weather or the everyday wear and tear, these roofs hold up exceptionally well. Customers have reported satisfaction with the longevity of their roofing systems, a key factor when comparing to others in the state.

From our experience, dealing with Eureka is straightforward. Their process, from the free consultation to the completion of the project, is designed for ease. The team is approachable, ready to answer any questions, and the documentation is clear and concise. This smooth operation greatly enhances the overall customer experience.

When it comes to value for money, Eureka Contracting and Roofing stands out. Their pricing is competitive, reflecting the quality of materials and service provided. While not the cheapest option in Missouri, the value derived from their durable solutions and superior service presents a cost-effective choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

Compared to Armor Roofing LLC and Midwest Roofing, Eureka places a stronger emphasis on client education and open communication. While Royal Roofing & Solar focuses on innovative solar integration, Eureka sticks to traditional high-quality roofing services but excels in customer interaction and satisfaction. This makes them a leading choice for those prioritizing direct communication and quality workmanship in their roofing projects.

How We Ranked The Best Roofers Companies in Missouri

When determining the best roofers in Missouri, we considered several critical factors to ensure our list reflects the top-notch services homeowners can trust. Our assessment criteria were aimed at showcasing companies that not only offer quality roofing services but also excel in customer service and overall value.

Quality of Materials and Workmanship

First, we evaluated the quality of materials and workmanship. Companies like Armor Roofing LLC and Eureka Contracting and Roofing stand out for using durable materials that withstand Missouri’s weather conditions. Their workmanship is detailed, ensuring roofs last longer and provide the protection homes need.

Customer Service Excellence

Customer service is paramount in the roofing industry. Midwest Roofing and Royal Roofing & Solar have received high praise for their responsiveness, transparency, and the way they handle customer inquiries and concerns. Their ability to maintain clear communication throughout the project sets them apart.

Pricing and Value for Money

We closely looked at pricing and how it relates to the value homeowners receive. Eureka Contracting and Roofing offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality, making them an attractive option for those seeking great value. Their transparent quoting process ensures customers understand what they’re paying for.

Innovation and Technology Integration

Royal Roofing & Solar’s inclusion of solar technology into their roofing solutions represents a significant innovation leap. This approach not only benefits homeowners by reducing energy costs but also promotes environmental sustainability, making them a unique provider in Missouri’s roofing industry.

Reviews and Customer Satisfaction

Finally, online reviews and customer feedback played a crucial role. Positive reviews across multiple platforms and word-of-mouth recommendations highlight a company’s reliability and quality of service. All our listed companies have demonstrated high levels of customer satisfaction, earning them spots on our list of the best roofers in Missouri.

Through our detailed evaluation, we believe these companies offer superior service, quality, and value, making them the go-to choices for roofing needs in Missouri. Our analysis aims to provide homeowners with information to make informed decisions for their roofing projects.

Reasons To Hire a Roofing Company in Missouri

When facing roofing challenges or planning a new project, the necessity of hiring a reliable roofing company in Missouri cannot be overstated. Drawing from our review, several reasons stand out, making this choice not only wise but essential for homeowners and businesses alike.

Quality Materials and Workmanship

Missouri’s weather demands durable roofing solutions. Companies like Armor Roofing LLC and Eureka Contracting and Roofing have set a high standard, using quality materials that withstand harsh conditions. Their commitment to detailed workmanship ensures roofs not only last longer but also offer enhanced protection for your property.

Expertise in Diverse Roofing Needs

Whether it’s traditional roofing materials or integrating modern technology like solar panels, expertise matters. Royal Roofing & Solar demonstrates exceptional skills in melding roofing solutions with solar technology, offering clients a unique way to save energy. Midwest Roofing’s experience across a wide range of roofing systems ensures they can handle any project, big or small.

Customer Service Excellence

Navigating a roofing project can be daunting. Companies like Midwest Roofing and Royal Roofing & Solar excel in customer service, making the process seamless. They provide clear communication, transparent quoting, and educational resources, ensuring clients feel supported and informed every step of the way.

Competitive Pricing and Value

Budget is always a concern in roofing projects. Eureka Contracting and Roofing stands out for competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Their transparent quoting process eliminates surprises, offering customers exceptional value for their investment. This combination of affordability and quality makes them a top choice for roofing needs.

Choosing the right roofing company in Missouri is paramount for ensuring the longevity and performance of your roof. Our review highlights the importance of quality materials, diverse expertise, outstanding customer service, and competitive pricing in making this decision. Companies that excel in these areas offer the best solutions for Missouri’s unique roofing needs.


Choosing the right roofer in Missouri can make all the difference in the longevity and performance of your roof. We’ve highlighted top companies like Armor Roofing LLC, Midwest Roofing, Royal Roofing & Solar, and Eureka Contracting and Roofing for their exceptional services. Each brings something unique to the table, from durable materials and detailed workmanship to innovative solar solutions and transparent pricing. It’s clear that quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and excellent customer service are non-negotiables for a reliable roofing experience. As you consider your options, remember these key factors to ensure your roof stands the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Armor Roofing LLC and Midwest Roofing stand out in Missouri?

Armor Roofing LLC and Midwest Roofing are renowned for their exceptional commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, offering excellent services for both residential and commercial roofing projects.

What is unique about Royal Roofing & Solar?

Royal Roofing & Solar is distinguished for seamlessly integrating solar technology with roofing solutions, providing an innovative approach to energy-efficient and durable roofing.

How does Eureka Contracting and Roofing prioritize customer education?

Eureka Contracting and Roofing focuses on customer education by offering transparent quoting and informing clients about the roofing process, ensuring they make well-informed decisions regarding their roofing needs.

Why is it important to choose a reliable roofing company in Missouri?

Selecting a reliable roofing company is crucial for guaranteeing the use of quality materials, expert workmanship, diverse roofing expertise, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing, all of which are essential for the longevity and performance of your roof.

How does Eureka Contracting and Roofing’s approach to pricing and quoting benefit customers?

Eureka Contracting and Roofing benefits customers with competitive pricing and a transparent quoting process, enabling clear understanding of services offered and fostering trust through openness.

What sets Royal Roofing & Solar apart in the roofing industry?

Aside from their expertise in traditional roofing, Royal Roofing & Solar sets itself apart by integrating solar technology into their roofing solutions, offering a forward-thinking approach to roof construction and energy efficiency.

How do quality materials and workmanship affect my roofing project?

Quality materials and detailed workmanship ensure that your roofing project not only lasts longer but also provides robust protection against weather and environmental factors, offering better overall value.

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