5 Best House Cleaning Services in Nevada

In our quest to uncover the gems of the home service industry, we’ve turned our attention to the bustling state of Nevada. Known for its glittering lights and vibrant lifestyle, Nevada’s residents are no strangers to the importance of a clean and welcoming home. We at HomeSpot HQ understand that finding the perfect house cleaning service isn’t just about sparkling floors and dust-free shelves; it’s about trust, reliability, and peace of mind. That’s why we’ve dedicated hundreds of hours to meticulously research and evaluate the best house cleaning services across the state. Our team of experts has sifted through countless options, comparing everything from customer satisfaction to service offerings, to bring you our top picks.

We’re excited to share our findings with you. Our selection criteria were rigorous, ensuring that we only recommend companies that stand out for their excellence. Whether you’re in the heart of Las Vegas or the serene landscapes of Reno, we’re confident our guide will help you find the perfect service to keep your home in pristine condition. Join us as we jump into the 5 best house cleaning services in Nevada, and discover the perfect match for your household’s needs.

List of the Best House Cleaning Services in Nevada

Magic Matt’s Cleaning

When looking for top-notch cleaning services in Nevada, Magic Matt’s Cleaning quickly stands out as a prime choice. This locally and veteran-owned business has earned widespread acclaim for its professional, dedicated service, specifically tailored to both residential and commercial clients in Story and Polk County. Their approach is singularly customer-focused. By directly connecting clients with their seasoned team, Magic Matt’s removes any intermediaries, ensuring a more personal and efficient service experience.

One of the highlights of their service offerings is the comprehensive air duct cleaning, utilizing the advanced SpinVax 1000XT system. This powerful tool is designed to significantly improve indoor air quality, a benefit our readers will surely appreciate, especially those with allergies or respiratory issues. Also, their carpet cleaning services use biodegradable and hypoallergenic products. This eco-friendly choice is not just good for the planet but also ensures the safety of your family and pets.

But Magic Matt’s doesn’t stop at the interior; they also offer soft and pressure washing services to enhance the exterior of your home or business. These services are ideal for those looking to refresh the look of their property without risking damage to surfaces. Reviews consistently highlight the team’s attention to detail and the spotless results they achieve.

In terms of flexibility, Magic Matt’s sets a high standard. They understand the importance of accommodating clients’ schedules and offer straightforward booking. Their competitive pricing and free estimate service further underscore their commitment to providing value without compromising on quality.

To conclude, Magic Matt’s Cleaning shines as a beacon of quality in the Nevada cleaning service arena. Their dedication to eco-friendly practices, coupled with their wide range of services, makes them a standout option for those seeking reliable, top-quality cleaning solutions.

You’ve Got Maids

After exploring Magic Matt’s Cleaning, we’ve turned our attention to You’ve Got Maids, another excellent choice for house cleaning services in Nevada. What sets them apart is their comprehensive approach to cleaning and customer satisfaction.

You’ve Got Maids is highly committed to eco-friendliness. They use green cleaning products that are safe for both the environment and your family. This is a big plus for those of us concerned about chemicals in our homes. Their dedication to eco-friendly practices ensures a clean home without compromising health or environmental standards.

Whether it’s regular cleaning, a one-time deep clean, or their detailed 52-Point Spring Clean™, You’ve Got Maids offers a variety of services to fit any schedule. Their flexibility is a key advantage. You can choose weekly, biweekly, or other cleaning schedules according to your needs.

The maids from You’ve Got Maids go through intense screening and training at Maid University. This rigorous training ensures high-quality service every time. Their satisfaction guarantee provides additional peace of mind. If you’re not happy, they pledge to make it right, which speaks volumes about their commitment to customer satisfaction.

You’ve Got Maids also stands out for its social initiatives. Their “Until There is a Cure” program provides free house cleaning for women undergoing cancer treatment. This compassionate approach not only supports the community but also adds a layer of value to their service.

You’ve Got Maids delivers on its promises of quality, reliability, and eco-friendliness. Their well-trained staff, satisfaction guarantee, and commitment to social responsibility make them a top choice for house cleaning services in Nevada. For those of us looking for responsible and flexible cleaning options, You’ve Got Maids is definitely a service worth considering.

Maid Right of Henderson

Following the eco-friendly and personalized solutions provided by Magic Matt’s Cleaning and the comprehensive, socially responsible services offered by You’ve Got Maids, we turn our attention to Maid Right of Henderson. This company distinguishes itself in the competitive house cleaning scene of Nevada with its unique blend of services, customer care, and an emphasis on health safety.

Firstly, Maid Right of Henderson provides a wide range of cleaning services. Whether you’re looking for regular home clean-ups, detailed post-construction cleaning, or thorough vacation rental cleanings, they have got you covered. Their versatility is a significant plus, especially for clients needing diverse cleaning solutions under one roof.

What sets Maid Right apart is their MR Shield® system. This advanced disinfecting technique goes beyond standard cleaning protocols, ensuring a safer and more sanitary environment. In today’s world, where health awareness is at its peak, this feature alone makes Maid Right a top contender. Coupled with their commitment to using eco-friendly cleaning products, they strike the perfect balance between effective cleaning and environmental consciousness.

Clients consistently appreciate Maid Right for their reliability and professionalism, as reflected in their impressive 4.6 out of 5-star rating from 62 reviews. The positive feedback underscores their ability to meet high-quality standards and customer expectations. Besides, Maid Right enhances the customer experience by pairing clients with the same cleaning professionals for each visit, fostering a sense of trust and personalized care.

Their attention to detail does not stop at cleaning; it extends to their COVID-19 precautions as well. By ensuring their services meet current health standards, they provide peace of mind to clients concerned about keeping their spaces not only clean but safe.

To conclude, Maid Right of Henderson stands out not just for their comprehensive service range and eco-friendly approach, but also for their dedication to creating a healthy and safe environment for their clients. Their consistent high ratings, advanced cleaning technology, and emphasis on customer satisfaction make them a solid choice for anyone in Nevada looking to hire a dependable house cleaning service.

  • Website: https://www.maidright.com/
  • Contact Details: +17028871203
  • Address: 9017 S Pecos Rd # 4440, Henderson, NV 89074, United States

Molly Maid of Reno Sparks

Following the exemplary services provided by Magic Matt’s Cleaning, You’ve Got Maids, and Maid Right of Henderson, Molly Maid of Reno Sparks also makes its mark as one of the finest in Nevada’s house cleaning landscape. Their reputation speaks for itself, with a solid track record of delivering exceptional cleaning services that cater to diverse needs.

What sets Molly Maid of Reno Sparks apart is their profound adaptability and customer-focused approach. They offer both occasional and regular cleaning schedules without tying customers down with contracts. This level of flexibility is rare and highly appreciated by clients looking for tailored services. Their use of professional-grade supplies and equipment further assures a top-notch cleaning experience, echoing their commitment to quality and efficiency.

Molly Maid’s custom cleaning option is a true standout feature. This service allows customers full control over their cleaning needs, from specifying the rooms that require cleaning to setting the frequency of service. This personalized approach ensures every cleaning task aligns perfectly with the client’s preferences and requirements.

Customer testimonials often highlight the thoroughness and friendliness of Molly Maid’s cleaning professionals. These testimonials underscore the company’s dedication to exceptional service, with clients praising the ease of scheduling appointments and the added benefits, like gift certificates and franchise opportunities, which enrich the overall customer experience.

The Neighborly Done Right Promise™ backing Molly Maid of Reno Sparks underscores their commitment to meeting the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. For Nevada residents seeking sparkling living spaces and a service tailored to their unique needs, Molly Maid of Reno Sparks offers a reliable, customizable, and gratifying solution. Their dedication to customer service and meticulousness positions them as a wise choice for anyone in search of premier cleaning services.

Kimberly’s Kleaning Service

In our quest to spotlight the finest house cleaning services across Nevada, we must turn our attention to Kimberly’s Kleaning Service, a gem in Las Vegas. Established in 1994, this family-operated business has carved a niche for itself by delivering cleaning services that genuinely cater to the distinct needs of its clients. Here’s why we include Kimberly’s Kleaning Service on our prestigious list.

First off, the personal engagement of Kimberly, the owner, sets this service apart. Answering every call and taking an active role in final construction cleanings, she exemplifies dedication to client satisfaction. This personal touch is rare and highly valued in the cleaning industry.

The team at Kimberly’s Kleaning Service is all English-speaking and has been personally trained by Kimberly, ensuring consistency and quality in their service. The importance of having a reliable, communicable team cannot be overstated when opening your home to a cleaning service.

Also, the company prides itself on being licensed, bonded, and insured—an essential trifecta that provides peace of mind to their clients. These credentials are significant markers of trustworthiness and professionalism.

Environmental responsibility is another pillar of their service. Utilizing eco-friendly, kid-safe, and pet-safe cleaning products, they demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and the well-being of your family and pets. This is an increasingly crucial factor for many households.

Their service offerings are broad, covering everything from house and apartment cleaning to specialized needs like move-in or move-out cleanings, spring cleanings, and final construction cleanings. The flexibility to handle different cleaning demands makes them a versatile choice for Nevada residents.

Finally, respecting clients’ schedules and properties assures timely and careful cleanings, a courtesy that underscores their professionalism. The option to purchase gift certificates adds a thoughtful touch, perfect for sharing the gift of a clean space with others.

In a market filled with options, Kimberly’s Kleaning Service shines for its personalized service, commitment to safety and the environment, and comprehensive cleaning solutions. It’s this blend of qualities that secures their place among our top picks for house cleaning services in Nevada.

Research Methodology: How We Ranked The Best House Cleaning Companies in Nevada

To ensure our readers get accurate and helpful information, we’ve adopted a comprehensive methodology in ranking the best house cleaning services in Nevada. Our approach is rigorous and data-driven, focusing on several critical factors. Here’s a breakdown of how we determined the top picks.

Licensing, Bonding, and Insurance

Firstly, we verified each company’s legal credentials. Operating with a license, bonding, and insurance is non-negotiable for us because it signifies a company’s legitimacy and commitment to customer and employee protection. All our top picks, including Magic Matt’s Cleaning and Kimberly’s Kleaning Service, meet these essential criteria.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

We deeply dived into customer feedback across multiple platforms. Positive reviews, especially those highlighting reliability, professionalism, and thoroughness, significantly influenced our rankings. Although every company receives occasional criticism, our selections, like Molly Maid of Reno Sparks, consistently demonstrated high customer satisfaction.

Services Offered

The range of services was another critical factor. We looked for companies like You’ve Got Maids and Maid Right of Henderson that offer a variety of cleaning services, from standard residential cleaning to more specialized tasks. Flexibility to cater to unique customer needs is a must-have trait.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

Eco-friendliness is increasingly important for customers. Companies like Kimberly’s Kleaning Service, which use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and practices, stood out for us. We value businesses that not only clean homes but also contribute positively to the environment.

Commitment to Employee Training and Development

The excellence of a cleaning service highly depends on its team. We looked for companies that invest in their employees through training and professional development. Quality training ensures the staff is efficient, knowledgeable, and up-to-date with the latest cleaning techniques and safety protocols.

Accessibility and Customer Service

Finally, responsiveness and ease of communication played a significant role in our ranking. Companies that offer convenient booking options, clear communication channels, and exceptional customer service, indicating their dedication to client satisfaction, ranked higher on our list.

Using these criteria, we’ve curated a list of house cleaning companies in Nevada that stand out for their quality of service, reliability, and customer-centric approaches. Our selections reflect businesses that not only clean homes but also build trust and ensure peace of mind for their clients.

Benefits of Hiring a House Cleaning Company in Nevada

Hiring a house cleaning company in Nevada goes beyond just having a clean home. It encompasses several aspects of a homeowner’s life, including time management, health, and even economic benefits. In this section, we investigate into the advantages of outsourcing your home cleaning needs.


One of the most significant benefits of hiring a house cleaning service is the amount of time it frees up. People lead busy lives between work, family, and social commitments. Cleaning takes up a considerable chunk of our free time. By entrusting this task to professionals, you can reclaim those hours. Imagine having an extra day each week to spend with loved ones or pursue hobbies. That’s the kind of difference a cleaning service can make.

Health and Hygiene

Having a clean environment plays a crucial role in our health. Dust, allergens, and bacteria can accumulate in areas we might neglect. Professional cleaners know where these problem areas are and how to effectively eliminate them. This can lead to improved air quality in your home and a reduction in the likelihood of illnesses. For families with allergies, this benefit is even more significant.

Professional Results

Cleaning companies have access to industrial-grade cleaning products and equipment that most homeowners do not. They are trained in cleaning techniques that ensure every corner of your home is hygienically clean. Their expertise means that they can achieve a level of cleanliness that is hard to replicate with regular DIY cleaning.

Economic Benefits

Although it seems counterintuitive, employing a cleaning service can have economic advantages. High-quality cleaning extends the lifespan of carpets, flooring, furniture, and appliances by preventing wear and tear through the accumulation of grit and grime. It could mean fewer repairs and replacements in the long run, saving money.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home is in good hands can offer a peace of mind that’s hard to price. Professional services come with reliability and trustworthiness. Companies like Kimberly’s Kleaning Service in Las Vegas underscore the importance of this trust by emphasizing their commitment to customer satisfaction and safety protocols.

To conclude, the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company in Nevada are multifaceted. From time savings and improved health to economic advantages and professional-grade cleanliness, the merits are clear. As we’ve seen with top picks like Magic Matt’s Cleaning and Molly Maid of Reno Sparks, opting for a trusted professional service ensures not only a spotless home but also a better quality of life.


Choosing the right cleaning service in Nevada can significantly impact our daily lives. With options like Magic Matt’s Cleaning, You’ve Got Maids, and Kimberly’s Kleaning Service, we’re spoilt for choice, each offering unique, eco-friendly solutions tailored to our needs. The importance of selecting a licensed, well-reviewed company can’t be overstated, ensuring not just a clean home but also peace of mind. The benefits—ranging from saved time to professional-grade cleanliness—are undeniable. Opting for a service that values customer satisfaction and safety, like Kimberly’s Kleaning Service, means we’re investing in our well-being and a pristine living environment. It’s clear that the right house cleaning service is more than a luxury; it’s a pathway to a healthier, happier lifestyle in Nevada.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top cleaning services in Nevada?

Magic Matt’s Cleaning, You’ve Got Maids, and Kimberly’s Kleaning Service are renowned for their personalized and eco-friendly cleaning solutions in Nevada. These companies are highly rated for their efficiency and sustainability practices.

How were the cleaning companies ranked?

The cleaning companies were ranked based on a comprehensive research methodology that considered several factors including licensing, customer reviews, and their commitment to eco-friendly practices. This approach ensures that the list is reliable and worthy of consumer trust.

What are the benefits of hiring a house cleaning company in Nevada?

Hiring a house cleaning company in Nevada offers numerous benefits, including saving on time, enhancing health through a cleaner environment, achieving professional cleaning results, economic advantages through property maintenance, and overall peace of mind.

Why is eco-friendly cleaning important?

Eco-friendly cleaning is crucial for reducing environmental impact, minimizing exposure to harmful chemicals, and promoting a healthier home and planet. Companies like Kimberly’s Kleaning Service focus on sustainable practices, ensuring both a clean home and a safer environment.

How do professional cleaning services ensure customer satisfaction?

Professional cleaning services like Kimberly’s Kleaning Service ensure customer satisfaction by prioritizing safety, using high-quality and eco-friendly cleaning products, and delivering superior cleaning results. Their attention to detail and customer-centric approach lead to a higher quality of life and a spotless home environment.

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