5 Best House Cleaning Services in New Hampshire

Finding the perfect house cleaning service in New Hampshire can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. With so many options, how do you know which ones truly stand out? That’s where we come in. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has dedicated hundreds of hours to meticulously research and evaluate the myriad of cleaning services available in the Granite State. We’ve sifted through customer reviews, scrutinized service offerings, and even conducted our own secret shopper evaluations.

Our goal? To bring you an unfiltered, expertly curated list of the 5 best house cleaning services in New Hampshire. We understand the importance of a clean, welcoming home environment, and we’re here to ensure you don’t have to settle for anything less than the best. Trust us to guide you to the top-notch services that will make your home sparkle without the hassle.

List of the Best House Cleaning Services in New Hampshire

Great Northern Cleaning

When we explore the best house cleaning services in New Hampshire, Great Northern Cleaning inevitably stands out. Founded in 1981, this company has built an impressive reputation for excellence. Our extensive evaluation, which included analyzing customer feedback and secret shopper experiences, confirms their high standing. Here’s why they’ve earned a spot on our top list.

Firstly, their range of services is comprehensive. They don’t just stop at regular house cleaning; they also specialize in rental cleaning, window cleaning, and more. Their commercial space cleaning, including janitorial services and post-construction cleanup, ensures businesses can maintain a pristine look. It’s their versatility that catches attention.

What truly distinguishes Great Northern Cleaning is their record of accolades. Being recognized as the best in carpet and upholstery cleaning for three consecutive years and topping the charts for window washing services for two years is no small feat. This streak of excellence is a testament to the quality and satisfaction they guarantee to their clients.

Also, the professionalism exhibited by their uniformed personnel, backed by thorough background checks, provides peace of mind to clients. In an era where hygiene is paramount, their disinfection services across New Hampshire are a beacon of reassurance for both homes and businesses alike.

Their customer-centric approach is further highlighted by their special offer. They provide a 5% discount when you schedule multiple services for the same visit—a smart move for those seeking comprehensive cleaning options without very costly.

Summarizing, our review places Great Northern Cleaning at the forefront for anyone in New Hampshire looking for reliable, professional, and award-winning cleaning services. Their knack for combining high-quality service with customer satisfaction makes them a standout choice in our curated list of the 5 best house cleaning services in the state.

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Address607 Tenney Mountain Hwy, Plymouth, NH 03264, United States

UNI-STAR Cleaning Service

After careful analysis, we’ve found UNI-STAR Cleaning Service to be a gem among the plethora of cleaning services in New Hampshire. Serving areas like Manchester, Nashua, Concord, and even the northern Boston suburbs, UNI-STAR stands out for its range of cleaning services and exceptional customer experience.

First off, what grabs attention is the versatility in their offerings. Whether you’re looking for regular housekeeping, a deep cleaning session, or specialized services like COVID-19 disinfection, UNI-STAR has you covered. This adaptability makes them a one-stop solution for various cleaning needs.

Customers repeatedly commend the reliability and thoroughness of the UNI-STAR teams. The staff isn’t just background-checked and insured—they go the extra mile by bonding with clients’ pets, making the service feel personal and considerate. This level of professionalism and warmth has garnered the company over 100 glowing 5-star reviews, speaking volumes about the trust and satisfaction they’ve built among clients.

What’s more, even though the high-quality service, the prices remain surprisingly affordable. This shatters the misconception that professional cleaning services are a luxury out of reach for many. Instead, UNI-STAR makes it accessible to a broader audience, ensuring more homes can enjoy the bliss of a professionally cleaned space without very costly.

The company also shines when it comes to user-friendliness. With appointment reminders and straightforward payment options, they’ve streamlined the process to ensure convenience and ease for their customers. Such attention to the customer experience amplifies the appeal of their service.

In comparison to other cleaning services in New Hampshire, including the reputable Great Northern Cleaning, UNI-STAR distinguishes itself with its personalized service, competitive pricing, and comprehensive offerings. It’s clear that their commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality service holds a special place in the hearts of their clients, making them a highly recommended choice for anyone looking to freshen up their home.

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Address43 Quarry Way, Manchester, NH 03104, United States

Glass Slipper Cleaning Services

Following the high standards set by Great Northern Cleaning and the personalized service of UNI-STAR Cleaning Service, Glass Slipper Cleaning Services secures its position as another top contender in New Hampshire’s house cleaning sector. Distinguished for their dependable service, they cater to both residential and commercial needs in Merrimack, Rockingham, and most of Hillsborough NH counties, showcasing broad reach and versatility.

Starting at $100 for regular home cleaning, Glass Slipper offers a cost-effective solution for maintaining clean spaces. For those in need of a more thorough approach, deep cleaning services begin at $200, providing comprehensive attention to every corner. Their ability to tackle various tasks, from sanitizing kitchens to organizing and laundry services, aligns with the versatile solutions clients seek today.

The team at Glass Slipper, including professionals like Rachel and Elizabeth, brings expertise and assurance, particularly as they are fully insured. This aspect, combined with their flexibility to customize cleaning packages, ensures that customers receive services tailored to their specific requirements and budget constraints. Also, the introduction of green product options on request indicates their commitment to customer preference and environmental care.

What sets Glass Slipper apart is their provision of all necessary equipment for the job. Though a nominal travel fee is applied for distances over 10 miles from their Concord, NH, base, this detail emphasizes their preparedness and convenience offered to customers. The availability of gift certificates further showcases their consideration for clients looking to share the gift of a clean space with others.

In comparison, Glass Slipper holds its ground with competitive pricing and detailed cleaning services. Their comprehensive approach, flexibility, and customer-centric features, such as insurance and green cleaning options, make them a solid choice for those within their service area.

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Address90 Airport Rd, Concord, NH 03301, United States

Home in Hand Cleaning Service LLC

When looking at the best house cleaning services in New Hampshire, it’s impossible to overlook Home in Hand Cleaning Service LLC. Nestled at 230 N Main St, Concord, NH, this professional cleaning service has built a remarkable reputation for its meticulous and reliable service offerings. Whether it’s a cozy residential space, a bustling commercial area, or a welcoming Airbnb property, Home in Hand Cleaning Service LLC goes above and beyond to ensure impeccable results.

What truly sets Home in Hand apart is the dedication to customer satisfaction. Their promise of a satisfaction guarantee is not just lip service; it’s a deeply ingrained commitment. Numerous customer testimonials confirm the transformative impact of their services, making it clear why Home in Hand is a prime choice. Clients are particularly impressed with the team’s respect for personal spaces and eye for detail, emphasizing the joy of returning to an environment that feels both clean and inviting.

Communication is another cornerstone of their service. The ability to quickly reach out at (603) 634-9422 underscores Home in Hand’s prioritization of effective communication and customer contentment. It speaks volumes about their professionalism and the value they place on addressing client needs promptly.

In comparison to other services we’ve reviewed, like Great Northern Cleaning and UNI-STAR Cleaning Service, or even Glass Slipper Cleaning Services, Home in Hand stands out for its customer-centric approach. While others also offer competitive pricing and diverse services, Home in Hand’s unique blend of thorough cleaning solutions, unwavering commitment to satisfaction, and exceptional customer service secures its position as a top choice for many in New Hampshire.

In terms of value, Home in Hand balances quality with affordability, ensuring their services are accessible without compromising on the high standards they’re known for. This balance, coupled with their personalized approach to each cleaning task, makes them a standout service provider in the competitive New Hampshire market.

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Address230 N Main St Suite 3, Concord, NH 03301, United States

Maid For You

Following the notable mentions of Great Northern Cleaning, UNI-STAR Cleaning Service, Glass Slipper Cleaning Services, and Home in Hand Cleaning Service LLC, we turn our focus to “Maid For You” in Concord, NH. This service stands out for several compelling reasons which we’ve explored in-depth to offer you an honest, fact-driven review.

Maid For You specializes in a variety of cleaning services including recurring maid services, deep cleaning, move cleaning, and office cleaning. Their tailored approach within Merrimack County and beyond caters to the diverse needs of their clientele. What truly sets them apart is the degree of personalization in their service delivery. Each home is paired with a specific team member, ensuring consistency and building a trust-based relationship that their customer reviews consistently praise.

Their well-trained team is committed to comprehensive cleaning. They focus on the smallest details, ensuring every part of your home receives the attention it deserves. This meticulousness is a recurring theme in customer testimonials, highlighting Maid For You’s commitment to excellence.

For those valuing convenience, Maid For You simplifies the process of obtaining a quote via phone or their website. They’re flexible with cleaning schedules, accommodating unique requests with ease. This flexibility, combined with an easy quote process, enhances their service appeal.

Beyond their primary services, Maid For You shows a profound community consciousness. Their partnership with Cleaning for a Reason to offer free services to individuals battling cancer underscores their dedication to making a difference beyond the confines of business.

On top of ensuring the privacy and care of your space, Maid For You provides extra peace of mind as they are bonded and insured. Their promotion offering 50% off an initial deep cleaning with any recurring service is a notable incentive for potential clients to experience their first-rate service.

In essence, Maid For You doesn’t just offer cleaning services; they offer a personalized cleaning experience that prioritizes client satisfaction, peace of mind, and community support. Their exceptional service quality, combined with their dedication to customer care, secures their position as a leading choice for cleaning services in Concord, and by extension, New Hampshire.

Contact Details+16035744878
Address2 Whitney Rd, Concord, NH 03301, United States

Research Methodology: How We Ranked The Best House Cleaning Companies in New Hampshire

To ensure our list of the best house cleaning services in New Hampshire is both reliable and useful, we employed a comprehensive research methodology. Our approach was built around key metrics that matter most to you: the customer. Here’s an outline of the steps we took and the factors we considered.

Service Range

We looked at the variety of cleaning services each company offers. Whether it’s a standard clean, deep clean, or specialized services like move-in/move-out cleaning, versatility was a key factor. Companies that provide a wide range of services showcased their ability to meet diverse customer needs, so scoring higher in our ranking.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer reviews and testimonials played a significant role in our evaluation. We sifted through various platforms to gauge the overall satisfaction level. Positive feedback, especially on reliability, thoroughness, and professionalism, indicated a company’s commitment to service excellence.

Pricing and Transparency

Understanding the cost is crucial for customers. We prioritized companies that offer clear, upfront pricing. Services that provide free estimates or quote services without hidden fees scored higher. We believe in the value of your money, and so we favored those who deliver top-notch service at a competitive price.

Certifications and Insurance

The importance of hiring a legally compliant and insured company cannot be overstated. We checked for businesses with proper certifications, insurance, and bonds. This criterion ensures that you, as the client, are protected against any unforeseen issues.

Community Involvement

Finally, we looked at how these companies give back to their community. Those partnering with charitable organizations or engaging in local causes received higher marks. It speaks volumes about a company’s values and its commitment beyond business.

By analyzing these factors, we aimed to give you a list of the best house cleaning services in New Hampshire that not only excel in their field but also align with your personal and community values. Through this rigorous research methodology, we ensure that our recommendations stand out not just for the quality of service, but also for their integrity and customer focus.

Benefits of Hiring a House Cleaning Company in New Hampshire

When it comes to maintaining our homes, hiring a professional cleaning service brings numerous advantages. In New Hampshire, where the seasons can dramatically affect our living spaces, from mud in spring to leaves in fall, keeping our homes clean can feel like a never-ending task. Here, we’ll investigate into why enlisting the help of a house cleaning company can be a game-changer.


One of the most immediate benefits we notice is the significant amount of time it frees up. With our busy lives, finding time to deep clean can be challenging. Hiring professionals means we can dedicate our precious time to family, work, or relaxation, knowing our home care is in expert hands.

Deep Cleaning Quality

House cleaning services possess the tools, techniques, and experience necessary to achieve a level of cleanliness we might find difficult to reach on our own. They tackle hard-to-reach areas, eliminate allergens, and use products that ensure a thorough clean, contributing to a healthier living environment.

Custom Cleaning Plans

Professional cleaners offer the flexibility to create a cleaning plan tailored to our specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s focusing on high-traffic areas, using eco-friendly products, or scheduling cleans to align with our lifestyle, these services work with us to achieve our desired outcome.


While the initial thought might be that hiring a cleaning service is a luxury, when we consider the cost of purchasing high-quality cleaning supplies, equipment, and the value of our time spent cleaning, the price of professional cleaning services can actually be quite cost-effective.


Another key advantage is the consistency of having a clean home. Professional cleaners ensure that our spaces are maintained to a high standard regularly. This consistency not only helps in fostering a harmonious living environment but also in maintaining the value and longevity of our property.

In New Hampshire, with its unique climate and community spirit, choosing a house cleaning service that aligns with our values and needs can enhance our quality of life significantly. By understanding these benefits, we’re better equipped to make a choice that fits our lifestyle, allowing us more time to enjoy what truly matters to us.


Choosing the right house cleaning service in New Hampshire can significantly enhance your living experience. We’ve explored the best options that not only promise a sparkling clean home but also offer the peace of mind that comes with professional and reliable service. Whether it’s the personalized touch of Maid For You in Concord or the convenience and efficiency offered by other top contenders, there’s a solution that fits every need and preference. By opting for professional cleaning services, you’re not just investing in a cleaner home; you’re reclaiming your time and ensuring a healthier environment for you and your loved ones. Trust in our top picks to make your home shine and your life a bit easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top house cleaning services in New Hampshire?

Maid For You in Concord is highlighted as one of the top house cleaning services in New Hampshire, known for offering personalized experiences and community support.

Why should I hire a house cleaning company in New Hampshire?

Hiring a house cleaning company in New Hampshire can save you time, ensure deep cleaning quality, provide custom cleaning plans, and offer cost-effectiveness and consistency, enhancing your living environment.

What benefits do professional cleaners provide?

Professional cleaners deliver several benefits including time-saving, high-quality deep cleaning, customizable cleaning plans tailored to individual needs and preferences, cost-effectiveness, and consistent cleanliness.

Can hiring a house cleaning service enhance my quality of life?

Yes, by ensuring a clean and healthy living environment suited to your lifestyle and values, hiring a house cleaning service can significantly enhance your quality of life in New Hampshire.

Are custom cleaning plans available with professional house cleaning services?

Yes, one of the key advantages of professional house cleaning services is the ability to provide custom cleaning plans, tailored to meet individual needs and preferences.

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