5 Best Roofers in New Mexico

In our quest to uncover the crème de la crème of roofing services across the Land of Enchantment, we’ve poured over countless reviews, scrutinized portfolios, and engaged with customer testimonials. It’s no small feat to ensure your home is in trustworthy hands, especially when it comes to something as crucial as your roof. That’s why we’ve dedicated hundreds of hours to research, aiming to bring you a list that stands out for its reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Our team at HomeSpot HQ has gone the extra mile, so you don’t have to gamble with your home’s protection against the elements. We understand the importance of a solid roof over your head and the peace of mind that comes with it. So, sit back and let us guide you through the 5 best roofers in New Mexico, each selected for their outstanding service and exemplary craftsmanship. Our commitment is to ensure you’re well-informed, so making the right choice feels less like a leap of faith and more like a step in the right direction.

Gonzales and Sons Roofing, Inc.

Gonzales and Sons Roofing, Inc ...

When we delved into Gonzales and Sons Roofing, Inc., based in New Mexico, several key aspects stood out immediately. This family-owned business has carved a niche for itself with a reputation built on reliability and quality. Here’s our take on their services, comparing them with the industry standards and examining how they stack up in terms of value for money.

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience under their belt, Gonzales and Sons exhibit mastery in installing and repairing roofs. They work with a variety of materials including shingle, metal, and flat roofs, showing versatility. This breadth of expertise means they’re well-equipped to handle any roofing challenge thrown their way.

Customer Service

Customer feedback highlights their dedication to client satisfaction. They are commended for their responsiveness and professionalism. The team ensures that every question is answered, and concerns are addressed promptly, creating a smooth customer journey from start to finish.

Cost Efficiency

Pricing is always a significant factor, and in our analysis, Gonzales and Sons offer competitive rates without compromising on quality. They provide detailed quotes, helping homeowners make informed financial decisions. The value they offer, considering the level of service and materials used, ranks high among their peers.

Durability and Warranty

Durability is at the core of their roofing solutions. They not only aim to fix immediate issues but also focus on the longevity of their work. Warranties are provided, which reflects their confidence in the durability of their roofing projects. This aspect assures homeowners that their investment is protected.

Comparison with Competitors

When placed side by side with other roofing services in New Mexico, Gonzales and Sons stand out for their comprehensive service offerings and the high quality of work. Their personal touch as a family-operated business adds a layer of trust and reliability that large corporations often miss.

Our assessment shows that Gonzales and Sons Roofing, Inc. is a top contender in New Mexico’s roofing industry. Their combination of experience, customer service, cost efficiency, and durability makes them a solid choice for homeowners seeking dependable roofing services. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets them apart, ensuring that your roofing needs are in capable hands.

Website: https://gonzalesandsonsroofinginc.com/

Altitude Roofing

Altitude Roofing

Following our exploration of New Mexico’s roofing market, we’ve turned our attention to Altitude Roofing. Known for their high-quality services and meticulous attention to detail, Altitude Roofing sets a high standard. Their team of professionals excels in both residential and commercial projects, showcasing a broad skill set across a variety of roofing needs.

Services Offered

Altitude Roofing is comprehensive in their offerings, including roof repair, installation, and maintenance. What sets them apart is their expertise in sustainable roofing options. They advocate for green roofing solutions, pointing towards their commitment to ecological sustainability alongside roofing excellence.

Performance and Reliability

Our analysis reveals Altitude Roofing as remarkably dependable. Customers frequently commend them on their punctuality, project management, and the durability of the completed works. Their craftsmanship is evident in the longevity of their roofs, ensuring homeowners peace of mind against the harsh New Mexico weather.

Customer Service

A standout feature is their customer service. Altitude Roofing goes above and beyond, not just in roofing execution but in client communication. They’re praised for being approachable, informative, and transparent throughout the entire project lifespan. This establishes a level of trust and satisfaction amongst their customers, which is vital in the roofing business.

Pricing and Value

When it comes to pricing, Altitude Roofing offers competitive rates that align well with their quality of work. They provide detailed quotes, ensuring clients understand what they’re paying for. Plus, the warranties they offer underscore their confidence in their work’s quality and durability.


Compared to Gonzales and Sons Roofing, Inc., Altitude Roofing carves its niche with a strong emphasis on sustainable practices and customer-centric services. While both companies are exceptional in their right, Altitude appeals to those prioritizing green solutions and personalized service in their roofing choices.

In essence, Altitude Roofing stands out as a top choice for those in New Mexico looking for reliable, high-quality, and sustainable roofing solutions. Their dedication to excellence, combined with a strong customer service ethos, makes them a noteworthy competitor in the roofing industry.

Website: http://altituderoofingnm.com/

National Roofing

National Roofing | Albuquerque's #1 ...

Following the spotlight on Altitude Roofing’s standout services and commitment to sustainability, our focus shifts to National Roofing. This company sets a high bar in the New Mexico roofing industry. Our inspection of their services, performance, and customer feedback paints a detailed picture of what homeowners and businesses can expect.

Extensive Services Offered

National Roofing isn’t just another name in the market; they’re a powerhouse of roofing solutions. Offering a broad spectrum of services from residential to commercial roofing, repairs, and maintenance, they ensure that every roofing need is met under one roof. Their capability to handle diverse roofing materials and styles gives them an edge. Whether it’s traditional asphalt shingles or contemporary thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofs, National Roofing has the expertise.

Quality and Durability

When we examined the quality of work and the durability of the roofs installed by National Roofing, we were impressed. They use top-grade materials and employ skilled technicians, which results in roofs that not only look good but last long. Their commitment to quality is evident in the feedback from satisfied customers, many of whom mention leak-free, sturdy roofs even years after installation.

User-Friendly Experience

National Roofing understands the significance of an intuitive customer experience. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, their process is streamlined and transparent. They provide detailed quotes, answer all client questions, and keep homeowners informed throughout the project. This approach reduces stress and builds trust, creating a positive relationship between the company and its clients.

Pricing and Value

In terms of pricing, National Roofing offers competitive rates that match the quality they deliver. While not the cheapest option, the value they provide through their comprehensive service package, warranty terms, and post-installation support justifies the investment. They strike a good balance between cost and quality, ensuring clients get the best return on their investment.

Our assessment shows that National Roofing holds a strong position in New Mexico’s roofing sector. Their broad range of services, commitment to quality, focus on customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing set them apart. For those prioritizing strong, durable roofing solutions and a hassle-free experience, National Roofing emerges as a top contender.

Website: https://nationalroofing.com/

Desert Storm Roofing

PRIVACY WOOD FENCE For Free In El Paso ...

When we transition from National Roofing’s broad service palette, Desert Storm Roofing offers a refined focus that zeroes in on durability and customer-centric solutions. With an ethos that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, this company carves its niche within New Mexico’s competitive roofing market.

Expertise and Services

Desert Storm Roofing specializes in both residential and commercial roofing projects. Their expertise spans a wide variety of roofing systems, including shingle, tile, metal, and flat roofs. What sets them apart is their commitment to using high-quality materials that ensure longevity and performance. We appreciate their transparent process in advising clients on the best roofing solutions tailored to their needs and local climate conditions.

Performance and Durability

Our assessment of Desert Storm Roofing’s performance metrics reveals a consistent track record. They employ skilled roofers who pay close attention to detail, resulting in roofing installations that stand the test of time. Customers have reported satisfaction with the resilience of their roofs, especially under the harsh New Mexican sun and during the rainy season.

Ease of Use

Dealing with Desert Storm Roofing is straightforward. They offer easy-to-schedule consultations and provide clear, detailed quotes. Their communication throughout the project is commendable, keeping clients informed at every step. This level of transparency and professionalism simplifies the roofing process for homeowners and businesses alike.

Value Analysis

In comparing price against quality, Desert Storm Roofing presents a strong value proposition. While they may not be the cheapest option in the market, the superior durability and performance of their roofs justify the investment. Also, their exceptional service and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your roof is in good hands add immeasurable value.

Transitioning from National Roofing’s broad appeal, Desert Storm Roofing highlights the benefits of specialization and a customer-first approach. By focusing on durable materials, skilled workmanship, and excellent communication, they stand out as a premier choice for those seeking reliable roofing solutions in New Mexico.

Website: http://desertstormroofing.info/

Superior Roofing of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM | Roofing Company

When examining Superior Roofing of New Mexico, we immediately notice their dedication to quality and precision. They stand out for their meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive service offerings. From residential to commercial projects, Superior Roofing demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction.

Expertise and Services: Superior Roofing offers a broad spectrum of services, including installation, repair, and maintenance of various roofing systems. Their expertise in handling complex projects and their use of high-grade materials ensure durability and performance. Whether dealing with traditional shingle roofs or exploring modern, energy-efficient solutions, their team possesses the knowledge to deliver exceptional results.

Customer Experience: Our research highlights a consistently positive customer experience. Clients appreciate their transparent communication, reliability, and the ability to complete projects on time and within budget. Reviews frequently mention the professionalism of the staff and the cleanliness of the worksite post-completion.

Pricing and Value: In terms of pricing, Superior Roofing presents competitive rates that reflect the quality of their work and materials. They offer detailed quotes, ensuring clients understand the cost implications of their roofing projects. This transparency, combined with the enduring value of their installations, positions Superior Roofing as a top choice for those seeking long-term roofing solutions in New Mexico.

Comparison and Conclusion: Compared to other roofing companies in New Mexico, Superior Roofing stands out for their detailed craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. While Desert Storm Roofing focuses on melding traditional skills with modern technology, Superior Roofing leans heavily into ensuring customer needs are meticulously met with high-quality solutions. Their commitment to using superior materials and providing comprehensive services without cutting corners makes them a formidable contender in New Mexico’s roofing industry.

Summarizing, Superior Roofing of New Mexico excels in delivering high-quality roofing services with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and durability. They offer a compelling option for anyone looking to invest in roofing solutions that combine aesthetic appeal with long-lasting reliability.

Website: https://www.superiorroofingofnewmexico.com/

How We Ranked The Best Roofers Companies in New Mexico

Determining the top roofing companies in New Mexico was no small feat. We dug deep to ensure that our rankings were as informative and honest as possible. Here’s how we did it:

Experience and Expertise

Firstly, we looked at the length of time each company has been in business and the expertise they bring to the table. Companies like Gonzales and Sons Roofing, Inc. have decades of experience, which speaks volumes about their reliability and skill level. We valued this because it often translates into high-quality craftsmanship and a deep understanding of roofing solutions suitable for New Mexico’s unique climate.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer feedback was crucial in our assessment. We considered online reviews, testimonials, and direct feedback from clients. Superior Roofing of New Mexico stood out in this category. Their commitment to customer satisfaction shone through the positive experiences shared by their clients. Happy customers are a major indicator of a company’s ability to deliver on its promises.

Range of Services

A wide range of services was another factor. We prioritized companies that offer a comprehensive suite of roofing solutions, including repair, replacement, and maintenance for both residential and commercial properties. Altitude Roofing, for example, provides an extensive array of services, ensuring they can meet diverse customer needs.

Quality of Materials and Workmanship

The quality of materials used and the workmanship were next on our list. We closely evaluated the materials each company prefers and the warranties offered. Companies like National Roofing and Desert Storm Roofing scored high points for using high-quality, sustainable materials and for their meticulous attention to detail in every project.

Cost and Value

Finally, we analyzed the cost in relation to the value provided. Our aim was to identify companies that offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of service and materials. We found that all the companies listed offer reasonable pricing for their services, but Superior Roofing of New Mexico, in particular, provides exceptional value, considering their high level of service and premium material use.

Through this comprehensive approach, we’re confident in our list of the best roofing companies in New Mexico. Each has its own unique strengths, but all share a commitment to quality, customer service, and professionalism.

Reasons To Hire a Roofing Company in New Mexico

Hiring a roofing company in New Mexico comes with a multitude of benefits. The state’s unique climate and environment necessitate professional expertise to ensure your roofing solutions are durable and effective. Let’s investigate into why opting for a professional roofing company is a wise decision.

Expertise and Experience

Roofing companies in New Mexico bring years of experience to the table. They understand the local weather patterns and environmental challenges. This knowledge is crucial because it means they can recommend the best materials and designs that will withstand New Mexico’s unique conditions. For example, companies like Gonzales and Sons Roofing, Inc., and National Roofing have demonstrated expertise in selecting materials that resist UV damage and maintain their integrity during extreme temperature fluctuations.

High-Quality Materials

Access to premium roofing materials is a significant advantage. Professional roofing companies have established relationships with suppliers, ensuring they get the best materials at competitive prices. Superior Roofing of New Mexico stands out in this regard, offering quality materials that promise longevity and aesthetics, ensuring your roof not only performs well but also enhances your property’s visual appeal.


While it might seem counterintuitive, hiring a professional can actually save you money in the long run. Through accurate assessments and efficient work, companies like Altitude Roofing and Desert Storm Roofing maximize the value of your investment. They avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary expenses by getting things right the first time. Besides, their comprehensive service offerings mean you can address all your roofing needs in one go, avoiding the hassle and added costs of coordinating multiple contractors.

Safety and Assurance

Roofing work is inherently risky. Professionals are trained in safety protocols and are equipped with the necessary gear to mitigate these risks. Also, legitimate companies are insured, which protects you from liability if an accident. This peace of mind is invaluable.

Guarantee and Support

Finally, professional roofing companies often provide warranties for their work. This means if issues arise within the warranty period, they will address them at no extra cost to you. Support and maintenance advice are also part of the package, ensuring your roof remains in prime condition for years to come.

To conclude, the reasons to opt for a professional roofing company in New Mexico are compelling. From their seasoned expertise and access to high-quality materials to the cost savings, safety, and post-installation support, the value they offer is unmatched.


Choosing the right roofer in New Mexico is crucial for ensuring your property is well-protected and aesthetically pleasing. We’ve explored some of the best options available, each bringing their unique strengths to the table. Whether it’s Gonzales and Sons Roofing, Inc.’s reliability, Altitude Roofing’s sustainability, National Roofing’s customer-centric approach, Desert Storm Roofing’s expertise, or Superior Roofing of New Mexico’s dedication to quality, you’re in good hands. Remember, the benefits of hiring a professional extend beyond just a job well done. It’s about peace of mind, knowing that your roofing needs are met with precision, safety, and support. Trust in our top picks to keep your home or business secure through New Mexico’s unique weather challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top roofing services in New Mexico?

Gonzales and Sons Roofing, Inc., Altitude Roofing, National Roofing, and Desert Storm Roofing are among the top-rated for their reliability, sustainability, and customer-focused solutions. Superior Roofing of New Mexico also ranks highly for its quality, precision, and comprehensive services.

What makes Superior Roofing of New Mexico stand out?

Superior Roofing of New Mexico is distinguished by its dedication to quality, precision in service, and a wide range of comprehensive offerings, setting a high standard for roofing services in the state.

Why should I hire a professional roofing company in New Mexico?

Hiring a professional roofing company in New Mexico offers benefits like expert knowledge of local weather conditions, access to high-quality materials, cost-effectiveness, safety measures, and guarantees, along with strong post-installation support.

How do roofing companies in New Mexico cater to local weather conditions?

Companies like Gonzales and Sons Roofing, Inc., and others are proficient in dealing with New Mexico’s unique climate, providing materials and construction methods best suited for local weather patterns to ensure durability and protection.

Are roofing services in New Mexico cost-effective?

Yes, hiring roofing services in New Mexico is cost-effective as it ensures longer roof life, reduces the likelihood of frequent repairs, and offers value through guarantees and efficient, quality materials suited to the local environment.

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