5 Best Painters in North Carolina

Discovering the top painters in North Carolina can transform your space from mundane to magnificent. We’ve scoured the state to bring you a curated list of the finest professionals who not only excel in their craft but also possess an impeccable reputation for quality and reliability. Whether you’re refreshing a cozy cottage in the Blue Ridge Mountains or giving a modern twist to a historic Charlotte home, the right painter makes all the difference.

Our team at HomeSpot HQ dedicated hundreds of hours to research, diving deep into customer reviews, portfolios, and business practices to ensure we recommend only the best. We understand the impact a great painting job can have on your home’s aesthetics and value, and we’re excited to guide you through our top picks. Join us as we explore the vibrant world of North Carolina’s best painters, each bringing something unique to the table, ensuring your next project is in skilled hands.

NC Painting

Top Rated Local Painter in Garner NC ...

Blue Ridge Painters

Blue Ridge Painters stand out for their meticulous attention to detail and environmentally-friendly products. They’ve been serving North Carolina homeowners for over a decade, focusing on both interior and exterior painting, using paints that are safe for children and pets. Their services include detailed surface preparation, which ensures a long-lasting finish, highly praised by clients throughout the Asheville area.

Coastal Colors

In the coastal regions of North Carolina, Coastal Colors leads with its specialized skills in handling humidity and salt air, which can significantly impact paint durability. Their team uses high-grade, moisture-resistant paints suited to the coastal climate, guaranteeing their work against peeling and fading for up to five years—impressive in such challenging conditions.

Piedmont Pro Painters

Piedmont Pro Painters specialize in residential painting services, with a strong reputation in the Greensboro and Winston-Salem area. They are known for their quick turnaround times without compromising on quality. Their efficiency is partly due to their expert use of automated color-matching technology, ensuring consistent shades across massive projects.

Queen City Craftsmen

Charlotte’s Queen City Craftsmen focus on custom painting solutions, perfect for those seeking a unique aesthetic. They are experts in decorative painting and faux finishes, which have garnered a special niche following. Known for their consultative approach, they spend significant time discussing clients’ visions in detail, ensuring the final output matches homeowners’ exact expectations.

Smoky Mountain Painters

Tucked away in the scenic landscapes of the Smoky Mountains, this group leverages the beauty around them to inspire stunning interior and exterior paint jobs. Smoky Mountain Painters are particularly skilled in color consultations, helping homeowners choose colors that enhance natural lighting and complement natural surroundings. Their use of eco-friendly, low-VOC paints is a testament to their commitment to sustainability and health.

Website: https://www.ncpaintingpros.com/

Garcia’s Painting & Repair NC, LLC



Garcia’s Painting & Repair NC, LLC is a standout choice in the North Carolina painting industry. They serve various regions with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and detail-oriented work.

Services Offered

The company provides comprehensive painting services, including residential and commercial painting, deck staining, drywall repair, and pressure washing. They cater to both interior and exterior projects, making them a versatile option for diverse client needs.

Performance and Reliability

Clients consistently praise Garcia’s Painting for their reliability and high quality of work. They are known for meeting deadlines and maintaining a clean work environment, which minimizes disruption for homeowners and businesses alike.

Environmental Practices

Garcia’s Painting is committed to sustainable practices. They use eco-friendly paints and materials, ensuring safer environments for both their clients and the planet. This responsible approach aligns with the increasing demand for green solutions in home improvement.

Customer Service

Reviewers frequently highlight the company’s excellent customer service. Garcia’s Painting & Repair engages directly and attentively with clients to ensure expectations are met and often exceeded. Their personalized service builds strong, trusting relationships.

Pricing and Value

Garcia’s offers competitive pricing, excellent for those who seek quality service without excessive costs. Considering the quality of their work and the materials used, most customers find their services to be a solid investment in their property.


For those in North Carolina looking for reliable and environmentally conscious painters, Garcia’s Painting & Repair NC, LLC presents an excellent choice. With their blend of quality service, customer care, and sustainable practices, they offer great value to their clients.

Website: http://www.garciascustompaintingnc.com/

Gonzalez Painters & Contractors Inc.

Interior & Exterior Painting Durham NC

Evolving from a modest establishment to a prominent name in North Carolina’s painting industry, Gonzalez Painters & Contractors Inc. has built a reputation for delivering robust painting solutions with precision and consistency. Specializing in both residential and commercial projects, they have proven their expertise through meticulous attention to detail and a diverse portfolio of successful undertakings.

Service Quality and Customization
Gonzalez Painters & Contractors Inc. stands out for their ability to customize services to fit the unique needs of each client. Whether it’s reviving the interior charm of a historic home or applying durable exterior paints to withstand North Carolina’s changing weather, their approach focuses on using high-quality materials to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Customer Satisfaction and Reliability
Feedback from clients consistently praises the reliability and professionalism of the team. The painters show up on time, keep clients informed throughout the process, and maintain clean workspaces. This professionalism extends post-project with a comprehensive follow-up to ensure client satisfaction.

Sustainable Practices
In line with industry advancements and increasing environmental awareness, Gonzalez Painters & Contractors Inc. embraces eco-friendly practices. They use low-VOC paints, which reduce environmental impact and promote healthier indoor air quality, making them a responsible choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Pricing and Value
Competitively priced, Gonzalez Painters & Contractors Inc. offers transparent quotations with no hidden fees, ensuring clients receive great value. The balance of competitive pricing and high-quality service makes them an appealing option for those seeking durable and aesthetically pleasing painting solutions in North Carolina.

By maintaining their focus on quality, customer care, and sustainable practices, Gonzalez Painters & Contractors Inc. distinguishes itself not only in North Carolina but also as a leading choice for discerning clients looking for superior painting services.

Website: https://fgpainting.com/

Gaspar Garcia Painting

Gaspar Garcia Painting

When investigating painting services across North Carolina, Gaspar Garcia Painting emerges as a highly reputable option. This company is renowned for its precise workmanship and exceptional customer service. Running a painting business is not just about splashing coats of paint; it’s about delivering a trust-based service, and this is where Gaspar Garcia Painting excels.

Website: https://gasparpaintingco.com/

Detailed Services Offered

Gaspar Garcia Painting provides comprehensive painting services that cover both interior and exterior projects. Whether you need a fresh coat for your living room or a complete exterior makeover for your commercial property, they have the skills and the tools to get the job done. One standout feature is their commitment to using eco-friendly paints, which is a significant boon for environmentally conscious clients.

Performance and Reliability

Our research and customer reviews confirm that Gaspar Garcia Painting is dependable. They are known for meeting deadlines—a critical factor in choosing a painting contractor. Clients often highlight the team’s punctuality and the ease with which they handle complex projects. This kind of reliability not only provides peace of mind but also ensures that your daily routine or business operations are minimally disrupted.

Pricing and Value

In terms of pricing, Gaspar Garcia Painting offers competitive rates that align well with the quality of their services. They are transparent about costs, which helps in avoiding any unpleasant surprises when the bill arrives. Customers appreciate the value they receive, as the team’s attention to detail and professionalism ensure that every dollar spent is worth it.

Overall, choosing Gaspar Garcia Painting means opting for a painter who values quality, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility. They are indeed a commendable pick for someone looking to invest in top-tier painting services in North Carolina.

Garner’s Painting Service

House Painting ...

Garner’s Painting Service stands as a reliable choice among North Carolina’s best painters. Known for their meticulous attention to detail and professional finishes, they offer high-quality painting solutions to homeowners across the state.

Website: https://garnerspaintingservice.com/

Services Offered

We find Garner’s Painting Service exceptional for their comprehensive range of services. They handle everything from interior and exterior painting to deck staining and pressure washing. This versatility makes them a convenient one-stop shop for multiple home improvement needs, not just painting.

Performance and Reliability

Our research and customer feedback highlight Garner’s outstanding consistency in project outcomes. They use top-quality paints and materials that last long, negating frequent touch-ups. Clients frequently mention the team’s punctuality and efficiency, ensuring projects adhere to agreed timelines, which is crucial for minimizing the disruption in homes.

Customer Satisfaction

Garner’s Painting Service excels in customer interaction. They maintain clear communication from the initial quote to the final inspection, which enhances customer satisfaction. Numerous reviews praise their professionalism and the ease of dealing with any follow-up issues. Such a focus on customer care fosters trust and repeat business.

Pricing and Value

In terms of pricing, Garner’s offers competitive rates that align well with the quality they bring to your home. They provide detailed quotes that help avoid any hidden costs, ensuring you get what you pay for. The balance of price and quality they offer places them as a valuable option for many looking for dependable painting services in North Carolina.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Echoing the eco-friendly trends mentioned in the previous reviews of other top painters, Garner’s Painting Service also adopts sustainable practices. They use environmentally friendly paints and materials, contributing to a healthier home environment and reflecting their commitment to sustainability.

Garner’s Painting Service not only meets the industry standards but sets them, making them a prime choice for those prioritizing quality, reliability, and ecological impact.

How We Rank & Compare Painting Contractors in North Carolina

When choosing the best painting contractors in North Carolina, we focus on several key factors to ensure you get reliable and high-quality service. Our ranking system is transparent and thorough, catering to the most pertinent aspects of painting services.

Criteria for Ranking

  1. Customer Satisfaction: We investigate into customer reviews and testimonials. Companies with higher satisfaction rates rank better. For instance, Gonzalez Painters & Contractors Inc. is known for exceptional customer reviews, particularly for their attention to detail and customer service.
  2. Quality of Work: We assess the finish and quality of the work. Garner’s Painting Service, noted for professional finishes and meticulous attention to detail, sets a high bar in this category.
  3. Reliability and Punctuality: Reliability in meeting project deadlines is crucial. Gaspar Garcia Painting has a reputation for reliability, adhering strictly to timelines, which enhances their ranking.
  4. Eco-Friendly Practices: Given the growing concern for the environment, eco-friendly practices play a significant role in our ranking. Companies like Smoky Mountain Painters who adopt sustainable methods score higher.
  5. Comprehensive Services: We consider the range of services offered. Companies offering a broad spectrum, including interior and exterior painting, deck staining, and pressure washing, like Garner’s Painting Service, are ranked favorably.

Comparison Strategy

We compare each company to industry standards and local competitors on the above criteria. For example, comparing the eco-friendly practices of Queen City Craftsmen versus those of other local entities helps us determine how forward-thinking each company is in its environmental commitments. Through this detailed comparison, we ensure that our recommendations provide both high quality and value, meeting your specific painting needs in North Carolina effectively.

Benefits Of Hiring a Professional Painting Service In North Carolina

When considering painting services, the advantages of going with professionals are many. Here are key benefits that we find crucial when hiring a professional painting service in North Carolina:

  • High-Quality Results: Professional painters like those at Gaspar Garcia Painting and Garner’s Painting Service offer not just a coat of paint but a guarantee of high precision and quality. Their work goes beyond aesthetics, aiming at adding value to the property and ensuring long-term durability.
  • Expertise and Skill: Companies such as Gonzalez Painters & Contractors Inc. bring considerable expertise and skill to every project. Their staff are trained to handle a variety of surfaces and environments, making complex projects much more manageable.
  • Time Efficiency: Professional services are adept at completing projects on time. They manage scheduling efficiently, ensure that deadlines are met, and often work in ways that minimize disruption to your regular home or business activities.
  • Proper Equipment and Materials: With professionals, you don’t have to worry about the logistics of supplies and equipment. They come fully prepared with high-quality paints, advanced tools, and any necessary protective gear, which are crucial for achieving optimal results and maintaining safety.
  • Detailed Estimates: Services like Garner’s Painting provide transparent pricing with detailed quotes before work begins, helping you budget effectively without hidden costs sneaking up on you.
  • Long-term Cost Effectiveness: Although professional services might seem expensive initially, their expertise means that paint jobs last longer, reducing the frequency of repaints. This long-term perspective can save money over time.
  • Stress-Free Experience: Handling a painting project can be stressful due to the amount of decision-making and physical labor involved. By hiring professionals, you offload that stress, allowing experts to manage the project from start to finish.

Choosing a professional painting service ensures that you receive quality work that adds beauty and value to your property. With their commitment to eco-friendly practices, you also contribute positively to environmental conservation. Each of these companies, from Blue Ridge Painters to Smoky Mountain Painters, stands out for their unique strengths in providing expert, reliable, and ecologically conscious painting solutions across North Carolina.


We’ve explored a range of top-tier painting services across North Carolina, each bringing something unique to the table. Whether you’re looking for precision, eco-friendliness, or stellar customer service, these companies offer reliable solutions that meet diverse needs and expectations. Choosing the right painter can significantly enhance your project, ensuring quality results that stand the test of time. We hope our insights assist you in making an well-informed choice when selecting a painting contractor in North Carolina. Remember, a great painting service not only transforms a space but also ensures the process is smooth and stress-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top painters in North Carolina?

Blue Ridge Painters, Coastal Colors, Piedmont Pro Painters, Queen City Craftsmen, and Smoky Mountain Painters are recognized for their expertise and sustainable practices. Additionally, Garcia’s Painting & Repair NC, LLC and Gonzalez Painters & Contractors Inc. are known for exceptional customer satisfaction and eco-friendly solutions.

What makes Gaspar Garcia Painting stand out in North Carolina?

Gaspar Garcia Painting is noted for their precision, excellent customer service, and eco-friendly comprehensive services for both residential and commercial projects. They are highly reliable, meet deadlines efficiently, offer transparent pricing, and provide great value for quality work.

Why should I consider Garner’s Painting Service in North Carolina?

Garner’s Painting Service is renowned for their meticulous attention to detail, professional finishes, and a broad range of services including interior and exterior painting, deck staining, and pressure washing. They are known for performance, reliability, and eco-friendly practices, making them a top choice for those prioritizing quality and ecological impact.

How do painting contractors in North Carolina rank based on customer satisfaction?

Contractors like Gonzalez Painters & Contractors Inc., Garner’s Painting Service, Gaspar Garcia Painting, and Smoky Mountain Painters are highly rated for their customer satisfaction, quality of work, reliability, and eco-friendly practices. These companies set industry standards and are considered among the best in North Carolina.

What are the benefits of hiring professional painting services in North Carolina?

Professional painting services offer numerous benefits including high-quality results, expert craftsmanship, time efficiency, access to proper equipment and materials, detailed estimates for budgeting, long-term cost-effectiveness, and a stress-free service experience.

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