5 Best Interior Designers in North Dakota

When it comes to transforming spaces into breathtaking environments, the right interior designer can make all the difference. That’s why we’ve dedicated countless hours to meticulously researching and selecting the top five interior designers in North Dakota. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has scoured through client testimonials, portfolios, and industry credentials to bring you a list that stands out for its creativity and excellence.

We understand how important it is to find someone who not only has a keen eye for design but also aligns with your vision and expectations. Whether you’re looking to revamp your home or give your business a new look, our guide is tailored to help you make an well-informed choice. Join us as we explore the unique styles and innovative approaches of North Dakota’s finest interior designers, ensuring you partner with the best for your next project.

Sarah Eklund Interiors

When seeking a standout interior designer in North Dakota, Sarah Eklund Interiors is a must-consider. Specializing in creating environments that are both visually stunning and immensely functional, Sarah Eklund distinguishes herself with a dedicated approach that balances aesthetic appeal with practical living.

Website: https://saraheklundinteriors.com/

Service Range and Specialization

Sarah Eklund offers a comprehensive suite of services, from the initial concept and design to the full installation of the project. Her ability to manage all aspects of the design process makes her an ideal choice for those who appreciate a seamless transition from concept to completion. Importantly, she places a strong emphasis on crafting spaces that are not only beautiful but also accommodate daily family needs.

Design Philosophy and Client Approach

At the core of Sarah, Eklund Interiors is the philosophy that good design must resonate with the user’s lifestyle and budget. She excels in understanding her clients’ needs and translating them into creative and viable design solutions. This client-centered approach ensures personalized attention, with designs that reflect the unique preferences and functional requirements of each homeowner.

Stylistic Flexibility and Product Quality

Clients are consistently impressed with the vast selection of high-quality furniture, rugs, artwork, accessories, and lighting that Sarah sources. Her flexibility in style is a major asset, enabling her to cater to a wide spectrum of tastes—from modern minimalist to richly traditional settings. This versatility is complemented by her commitment to selecting only the finest materials and products that ensure durability and style longevity.

Pricing and Value

In terms of affordability, Sarah Eklund is praised for her mindful respect of budget constraints. This aspect is particularly beneficial for clients who seek to maximize their investment without compromising the quality and aesthetics of their interior design solutions.

For those in the Black Hills, South Dakota, and surrounding areas, opting for Sarah Eklund Interiors could well be a pivotal step towards achieving a home that not only looks extraordinary but feels perfectly suited to personal tastes and practical needs.


Following the insightful introduction to Sarah Eklund Interiors, we turn our attention to another standout design firm in North Dakota—RD-Interiors. Based in Seattle, WA, but celebrated widely for their work, RD Interiors specializes in creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also profoundly functional.

Website: https://www.rd-interiors.com/

Design and Functionality

RD-Interiors excels in merging aesthetic appeal with practical design, making them a top choice for those looking to enhance both the form and function of their spaces. Their portfolio includes varied projects like the Q. Anne Schoolhouse and 138 Madrona, each demonstrating their ability to adapt and innovate according to the project’s demands. This versatility ensures that every interior design they undertake is both unique and specifically tailored to the client’s needs.

Client-Centric Services

What truly sets RD-Interiors apart is their commitment to client satisfaction. They offer free consultations at their 620 South Dakota Street location, a testament to their approachable and client-focused business model. This practice not only aids in building trust but also ensures that they fully understand and meet their clients’ expectations.

Accessibility and Credibility

Reaching out to RD-Interiors is facilitated by multiple access points. Potential clients can contact them at 206-682-4100 or visit their comprehensive website to explore their services, which range from staging and interior design to prop rentals. Their active presence on Instagram also provides a continuous visual testament to the impact and depth of their design expertise.


In comparing RD Interiors with other top designers in North Dakota, their expert blend of functionality and aesthetic, combined with a strong client-centric approach and easily accessible services, clearly demonstrates their capability and commitment to enhancing any living or business space. Their reputation, endorsed by experts and evidenced in their diverse and compelling project portfolio, makes them a prime choice for interior design services.

Designing Impressions

Sarah Eklund Interiors

As we explore the best interior designers in North Dakota, Sarah Eklund Interiors undoubtedly stands out for its exceptional skill in creating both stunning and functional interiors. Known for a flexible design style, this firm excels in tailoring spaces that align perfectly with daily family dynamics. What sets them apart is their dedication to personalizing each project. They offer solutions that are not only visually appealing but also suit individual client budgets, ensuring no one has to compromise on quality or aesthetics due to financial constraints.


Moving on to RD-Interiors, which, although initially based in Seattle, has made a significant mark in North Dakota through its impressive interior design services. This firm integrates aesthetic refinement with practical functionality, striking a balance that enhances any living or business environment. What we particularly appreciate about RD-Interiors is their client-centered methodology. They provide free consultations, which allow potential clients to understand and visualize the proposed enhancements without any initial financial commitment. The diverse portfolio of RD-Interiors displays a broad range of styles, signifying their versatility and ability to adapt to different client tastes and preferences. Their accessibility through various contact points and a commitment to client satisfaction make them a reliable choice for anyone looking to uplift their space in North Dakota.

Each firm has mastered the art of blending aesthetic charm with functional design, making them top picks for anyone looking to enhance their interiors in North Dakota. The dedication to understanding client needs and delivering beyond expectations is what makes both Sarah Eklund Interiors and RD-Interiors stand out in the competitive field of interior design.

Website: https://www.designing-impressions.com/

Boulder Design Group

Boulder Design Group LLC - Boulder, Colorado, United States | Professional  Profile | LinkedIn

Established in 2021, Boulder Design Group has quickly earned a reputation as a premier interior design and remodeling service in Boulder, CO. Their specialty lies in creating functional yet stylish living spaces, a crucial aspect for anyone seeking a blend of comfort and elegance in their home.

The team at Boulder Design Group brings over 20 years of industry experience. This depth of knowledge is a cornerstone of their service, ensuring every design is both innovative and timelessly appealing. Their affiliation with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and Houzz, along with accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), confirms their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Customers frequently praise the Group’s client-centered approach. Tara, the lead in-house designer, is particularly noted for her ability to truly listen to clients’ desires and transform them into visually and functionally satisfying spaces. Her expertise not only covers aesthetic design but also extends to practical solutions that enhance everyday living.

Equipped with advanced design software, Boulder Design Group excels in presenting detailed project visualizations. This allows clients to engage actively in the creation process, making crucial adjustments before finalizing designs, which significantly enhances the overall satisfaction with the final outcome.

The showroom offers a wide range of options including kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, featuring partnerships with renowned brands like Canyon Creek and Dura Supreme. This alliance ensures a diverse selection of high-quality materials and finishes, enabling clients to customize their spaces to an exceptional degree.

For those living in or near Boulder, CO, and seeking a reliable interior designer that delivers custom solutions tailored to individual preferences and needs, Boulder Design Group stands out as an excellent choice. Their dedication to exceeding expectations through detailed craftsmanship and customer service ensures that every project they undertake is a step towards realizing the dream home of their clients.

Website: https://boulderdesigngrp.com/

Interiors By Design

Located in Bismarck, ND, Interiors by Design offers a comprehensive destination for those seeking bespoke interior solutions. With a sprawling 40,000 square foot showroom, they showcase an extensive range of furniture and decor that facilitates immediate design transformations. This facility stands out not just for its size but for the variety it offers, catering to both residential and commercial clients.

One of the key strengths of Interiors by Design is their meticulous room planning service. Each project is tailored to fit individual client needs, reflecting personal style and functionality. Clients appreciate the custom furniture options which are designed according to specific preferences and details. This approach ensures that every interior space is unique and personalized.

Plus, they provide free delivery within the Bismarck/Mandan area. This service adds significant value, offering convenience to local customers and allowing them to enjoy their purchases without the hassle of transportation logistics.

Another notable feature is their free design consultation offered by experienced professionals. These seasoned designers work closely with clients, ensuring that the envisioned space is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. This service is particularly beneficial for clients who require guidance in making design decisions that blend style with functionality.

Financing solutions are available too, catering to clients who seek financial flexibility. This option is perfect for those who want to manage their budget without compromising on design quality.

The store’s operational hours are customer-friendly, making it accessible for busy clients. Their approach to understanding customer needs through detailed consultations has built a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.

For those in North Dakota looking to elevate their interior spaces, Interiors by Design provides a robust solution with their expert services and client-centered approach.

Website: https://ibdinteriors.com/

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Interior Design Companies in North Dakota

When we evaluate interior design firms in North Dakota, our approach is methodical and thorough to ensure we provide the most reliable recommendations. Here’s a breakdown of our research methodology:

Criteria Used for Evaluation

  1. Client Reviews and Testimonials: We start by examining the feedback from past clients, focusing on satisfaction levels, design execution, and client support. Positive reviews indicate satisfied clients and successful project completions.
  2. Portfolio Analysis: The quality and diversity of a firm’s portfolio is crucial. We look for a range of styles, innovative solutions, and attention to detail in the completed projects.
  3. Service Range: Firms that offer comprehensive services, from initial consultations to final implementations, score higher in our evaluations. This includes examining the availability of bespoke services like custom furniture design.
  4. Business Practices: Ethical business practices and transparent pricing are key indicators of trustworthiness. We assess the honesty and clarity of each firm’s dealings.
  5. Design Team Expertise: The qualifications and experience of the design team are critical. We prefer firms with certified and highly experienced designers.
  6. Local Relevance: Understanding and integrating North Dakota’s cultural and environmental context into designs is a significant plus.

Comparison Method

To ensure fairness, we use a standardized scoring system where each firm is rated over these parameters. We also consider the size and scope of the projects they handle. For instance, firms adept at both residential and commercial interior designs are often more versatile and capable of handling diverse client needs.

By adhering to these strict criteria, we ensure our list of top interior design firms in North Dakota is both reliable and useful for our readers. We strive to provide a well-rounded analysis based on a variety of important factors, ensuring the chosen firms not only meet but also exceed industry standards.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Designer in North Dakota

When we consider enhancing our living or workspace, the expertise of a professional interior designer becomes invaluable. In North Dakota, hiring a professional interior designer offers several key benefits that go far beyond mere aesthetics.

Expert Guidance on Layout and Design

Interior designers bring a wealth of knowledge about optimizing spaces. They are trained to think creatively and spatially and to see the overall picture in an interior space that clients often cannot. For instance, Sarah Eklund Interiors has a reputation for transforming challenging layouts into functional and beautiful environments, maximizing space without sacrificing style.

Access to Better Resources and Materials

Professional designers have connections within the industry that allow them access to resources and materials that are not readily available to the public. This includes custom furniture, high-end appliances, and exclusive fabrics. This insider access ensures that the designs remain unique, personal, and of a higher quality. Companies like RD-Interiors leverage these resources to provide bespoke solutions that resonate with personal tastes and functionality.

Streamlined and Efficient Project Management

One significant advantage of hiring professionals like Interiors by Design is that they manage the entire design process from start to finish. This includes budgeting, scheduling, procuring materials, and overseeing construction and installation. This turnkey solution removes the burden from the homeowners, ensuring a smooth workflow and timely completion of the project.

Local Understanding

Interior designers in North Dakota understand local styles, climate considerations, and available resources. This intrinsic knowledge ensures that the designs are not only beautiful but also practical and sustainable within the local context. For example, firms in colder regions like North Dakota might recommend materials and designs that provide better thermal insulation.

Increase in Property Value

Investing in professional interior design can significantly enhance the value of a property. Attractively designed spaces are more appealing to potential buyers and can command higher prices in the real estate market. The professional touch of firms like Boulder Design Group in Boulder, CO, has been known to impact the marketability and resale value positively of properties they design.

By employing their deep understanding of space, design, resources, and local needs, interior designers in North Dakota can transform any space into a functional, beautiful, and valuable environment. Whether updating a single room or reimagining an entire home, their expertise is sure to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality, proving that the investment in professional interior design is well worth it.


Choosing the right interior designer in North Dakota can truly transform your space. Whether you’re drawn to the client-focused designs of Sarah Eklund Interiors and RD-Interiors or the innovative solutions offered by Boulder Design Group and Interiors by Design, there’s a perfect match for every style and need. These professionals not only bring a deep understanding of aesthetic and functional design but also ensure that every aspect of the project is managed with precision. By investing in their services you’re not just renovating a space; you’re enhancing your lifestyle and boosting your property’s value. Trust us when we say that a professional interior designer is worth every penny for the beauty, comfort, and efficiency they bring to your home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some top interior design firms in North Dakota?

Several esteemed interior design firms in North Dakota include Sarah Eklund Interiors and RD-Interiors, known for their client-centered approaches and innovative designs. Interiors by Design in Bismarck is also notable, particularly for its comprehensive showroom and personalized service.

Is there a notable interior design firm in Boulder, Colorado mentioned in the article?

Yes, Boulder Design Group in Boulder, Colorado is highlighted in the article for its innovative solutions and unique approach to interior design.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer in North Dakota?

Hiring a professional interior designer in North Dakota offers multiple advantages including expert guidance on layouts and designs, access to exclusive resources and materials, streamlined project management, and local insights for practical and sustainable designs. These benefits can significantly enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and value of your space.

How can a professional interior designer increase the value of my property?

Professional interior designers utilize their expertise to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your space, which can lead to an increase in property value. They provide tailored solutions that make spaces more appealing and practical, attracting higher valuation in the real estate market.

What unique services do North Dakota’s interior designers offer?

North Dakota’s interior designers offer a range of unique services including personalized interior solutions, access to a comprehensive showroom as seen with Interiors by Design, and client-centered approaches that focus on meeting the specific needs and preferences of each client.

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