5 Best Pest Control Services in North Dakota

We’ve all faced the unwelcome surprise of pests turning our homes into their playgrounds. From relentless ants marching in the kitchen to the eerie sound of mice scuttling in the walls, it’s a battle many of us in North Dakota know all too well. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to dive deep into the world of pest control services, ensuring you get the best defense against these uninvited guests.

Our team at HomeSpot HQ dedicated hundreds of hours to research, sift through customer reviews, and analyze the effectiveness of various pest control companies. It was no small feat, but our goal was clear: to find the top pest control services that stand out for their reliability, customer service, and, most importantly, their ability to make pests a thing of the past. Join us as we share our findings and help you reclaim the peace and comfort of your home.

Manning’s Pest Control

When we examined Manning’s Pest Control, its long history of pest management services in Southport, Wilmington, and nearby areas since 1973 stood out to us. Customers often highlight the company’s commitment to safety, especially noting its child and pet-friendly treatments. This is a huge plus for families worried about the toxicity of pest control chemicals. Manning’s team is licensed, insured, and boasts of its local presence, which translates to personalized service and swift response times.

Manning’s Pest Control offers a comprehensive range of services. Whether you’re dealing with common pests like ants, cockroaches, and bed bugs, or more challenging ones like termites and rodents, the experts at Manning’s are well-equipped. They also manage animal control, humanely trapping and relocating wildlife such as moles, voles, and raccoons. This approach not only protects homes but also cares for animal welfare.

Homeowners appreciate the extra steps Manning’s takes in pest prevention, such as gutter cleaning and pressure washing, which remove potential food sources and habitats for pests. The company’s attention to cleanliness and customer experience—like wearing boot covers indoors and maintaining clean service trucks—shows their dedication to detail.

Manning’s Pest Control has nearly 50 years of experience, lending credibility to their claims of effectiveness in pest control. They offer free estimates, which is a testament to their customer service and willingness to help with pest issues. From our analysis, it’s clear Manning’s Pest Control is a trustworthy choice for thorough, considerate, and professional pest management services. Their longstanding history, combined with a comprehensive range of services and a commitment to safety and the environment, makes them stand out in North Dakota’s pest control landscape.

Website: https://www.manningspestcontrol.com/

Complete Pest Control Inc.

Following our thorough examination of pest control services across North Dakota, we’ve turned our attention to Complete Pest Control Inc. This company stands out for its extensive experience and dedicated customer service. They boast a strong team of technicians with over 40 years of experience, a detail that speaks volumes about their ability to handle various pest control tasks efficiently.

One of the most appealing aspects of Complete Pest Control Inc. is its use of the latest pest control methods. Their commitment to ongoing training ensures that their services are not just up-to-date but also effective against the most stubborn pests. They understand local pest patterns and structures exceptionally, which allows them to formulate tailored treatments that meet the specific needs of both homes and businesses.

Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of their operations. They offer hassle-free scheduling, which significantly eases the process for clients. Also, they stand behind their work with a promise of free re-treatments if pests reappear within two weeks of the initial service. This level of guarantee showcases their confidence and commitment to creating pest-free environments.

Their range of services is comprehensive, covering common nuisances like mice and cockroaches, as well as offering specialized services for more challenging problems such as bedbugs. This adaptability sets them apart and ensures that whatever your pest issue, Complete Pest Control Inc. is equipped to handle it. Their straightforward promise of “killing mice dead” and “stomping bedbugs dead” resonates with those who value direct and effective solutions.

For residents and businesses in the East Grand Forks area, their local expertise makes them a top choice. Understanding the pests specific to the Mn/ND area gives them an upper hand in providing efficient pest control solutions.

In comparison to other services we’ve looked at, Complete Pest Control Inc. distinguishes itself with its blend of experience, customer focus, and extensive service options. For anyone in need of reliable pest management in North Dakota, they present a compelling choice worth considering.

Website: http://www.egfpestcontrol.com/

Prairie Pest Control

After delving into the unique offerings of pest control services across North Dakota, Prairie Pest Control undoubtedly earns its spot in our review. Their standout performance in handling bed bug infestations grabs our attention. Recognized by Reader’s Digest as the top pest control service in North Dakota, they bring more than just extermination to the table.

What sets Prairie Pest Control apart is their unwavering commitment to client education and comprehensive support both before and after treatment. They don’t just treat your home; they ensure you’re armed with knowledge to keep pests at bay in the future. Serving a wide area from Fargo, ND to Detroit Lakes, MN, they’ve developed a methodology that’s not only fast but exceptionally effective against a variety of pests.

The value Prairie Pest Control provides goes beyond the immediate relief from pests. Their approach is simple, straightforward, and devoid of unnecessary complexities. Their expertise isn’t limited to bed bugs alone. They’re equipped to deal with a vast array of pests, ensuring that your specific issue is addressed with the most effective solution.

The team’s dedication deserves mention. Each staff member is not just friendly; they’re knowledgeable, guiding every client through the process towards achieving guaranteed pest control. It’s this mix of friendly service, expert knowledge, and thorough treatment plans that give Prairie Pest Control an edge.

Our experience indicates that Prairie Pest Control is the go-to service for anyone in their coverage area facing pest issues. They exemplify what it means to provide value in each interaction, making them a preferred choice for pest control services in the Midwest region.

Website: https://www.prairiepestcontrol.net/

Pro Safe Services Inc.

After exploring a range of pest control services across North Dakota, we find ourselves impressed with ProSafe Services Inc., a notable company based in Williston, ND, standing out for its comprehensive pest control solutions and customer-centric approach. Since its inception in the year 2000, this locally owned and operated business has been on the frontline, offering an extensive array of services that go beyond just handling rodents and insects. Their commitment to the community shines through their free estimate policy, emphasizing their transparency and dedication to customer satisfaction.

One aspect of ProSafe Services Inc. that sets them apart from others in the field is their broad spectrum of services. From ground sterilization to tree spraying, and even scoria application, they cover an impressive range of pest control needs. Ground sterilization, in particular, is a critical service for clients seeking an all-encompassing solution to pest issues, showcasing ProSafe’s ability to deliver thorough and effective treatments.

What’s more, the convenience offered by ProSafe Services cannot be overstated. Their user-friendly website and clear communication channels, including a direct phone line (701-774-3167) and email ([email protected]), make it easy for clients to reach out and secure the services they need without hassle. The trust they’ve built within the community is further reinforced by their strict privacy policy, ensuring client information is handled with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

In comparison with other pest control services such as Manning’s Pest Control and Complete Pest Control Inc., and even Prairie Pest Control—known for its bed bug expertise—ProSafe Services Inc. demonstrates a unique blend of local expertise, comprehensive service offerings, and unwavering commitment to customer care. Their specialized services, like scoria application and ground sterilization, offer clients in the Williston area and beyond, solutions that are both effective and tailored to the region’s specific challenges.

In sum, for anyone in North Dakota, especially those near Williston, looking for reliable and thorough pest control services, ProSafe Services Inc. represents a solid choice. Their experience, comprehensive service range, and customer-first approach place them among the top pest control service providers in the region, offering unmatched value and effective solutions to a wide spectrum of pest-related problems.

Website: http://prosafeservicesnd.com/

Fabian Pest Control, LLC


In our search for the best pest control services in North Dakota, we find Fabian Pest Control, LLC, a standout choice, especially for those in Jamestown, ND, and surrounding areas. Jeff Fabian, the owner, brings a personal touch to his business, assuring customer satisfaction with each service. This level of personal commitment is rare and valuable.

Fabian Pest Control specializes in dealing with a variety of pests, including rodents, spiders, insects, and bed bugs. What sets them apart is their versatile approach, catering not just to residential clients but also to farms and commercial properties. This broad focus allows them to tackle pest issues in unique environments effectively.

Customers have come to appreciate the company’s straightforward approach, with free estimates provided for both regular and one-time services. This transparency is something we value highly, as it allows potential clients to make informed decisions without any financial commitment upfront.

Their reputation for reliability and effectiveness is well-earned. The firm guarantees its services, a testament to their confidence in the quality of work they deliver. Given the complexities and varying nature of pest control needs, such a guarantee offers peace of mind to clients.

Given their hands-on service, proven track record, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we recommend Fabian Pest Control, LLC to anyone facing pest issues in North Dakota. Their approach to pest management is thorough and friendly, ensuring not just the resolution of current problems but also the prevention of future infestations.

Comparatively, while companies like ProSafe Services Inc. and Prairie Pest Control offer impressive services, particularly in specific niches like ground sterilization, scoria application, and bed bug treatments, Fabian Pest Control’s broad range of services and personal customer care approach make them a go-to for diverse pest control needs across different property types. This balance of service variety, customer focus, and industry experience positions them prominently in our list of the top pest control services in North Dakota.

Website: http://www.fabianpestcontrol.com/

Research Methodology: How We Ranked The Best Pest Control Companies in North Dakota

When we set out to rank the best pest control companies in North Dakota, we approached the task with a detailed and transparent methodology. Understanding that our readers rely on us for accurate and dependable recommendations, we meticulously crafted our evaluation criteria to ensure a comprehensive analysis of each service provider. Here’s how we did it:

Company Experience and Reputation

We started by examining the years of experience each company boasts. A long history in the pest control industry often indicates a depth of knowledge and a proven track record. We also dived into customer reviews and testimonials to gauge satisfaction levels and the company’s reputation among North Dakota residents.

Range of Services

We carefully analyzed the variety of services offered by each company. Our goal was to identify those that not only address common pests like rodents and insects but also those capable of dealing with more specialized or regional nuisances. This ensured a versatile list catering to varied pest control needs.

Customer Service

Customer service stood as a key factor in our ranking process. We looked for companies that offer personal customer care, free estimates, reliability, and service guarantees. We contacted each company directly, posing as potential customers, to evaluate their responsiveness, knowledge, and willingness to assist.

Local Expertise

Given the unique pest challenges in North Dakota, we gave special consideration to companies with local expertise. Those with a deep understanding of the area’s specific pest problems ranked higher on our list.

Pricing and Value

Finally, we compared the pricing structures and the value offered. We sought to find companies providing high-quality services at reasonable prices, ensuring that our readers get the best possible return on their investment.

Through this rigorous research methodology, we’ve curated a list of the top pest control services in North Dakota. By considering experience, range of services, customer care, local expertise, and pricing, we believe we’ve provided a well-rounded perspective on what each company has to offer. This approach has allowed us to present a reliable guide for anyone seeking top-notch pest control solutions in North Dakota.

Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Company in North Dakota

Hiring a pest control company in North Dakota offers several advantages. When we examine the performance and customer feedback for companies like Prairie Pest Control, ProSafe Services Inc., and Fabian Pest Control, LLC, the benefits become clear.

Expertise and Knowledge

Professionals from these companies possess deep knowledge about various pests and their behaviors. This expertise allows them to identify the type of pests invading your property and the best methods to eliminate them effectively. For instance, Fabian Pest Control’s versatility in handling pests for different property types showcases their broad expertise.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Attempting DIY pest control solutions often ends up being more costly and time-consuming than anticipated. By contrast, professional services, such as those offered by ProSafe, provide comprehensive solutions that tackle the root problem, saving homeowners time and money in the long run.

Safety Measures

The use of chemicals in pest control poses risks to humans and pets if not handled correctly. Professionals are trained in the safe application of these products, ensuring your family’s safety. Prairie Pest Control, for example, emphasizes the importance of safety in their services, using eco-friendly options where possible.

Prevention of Future Infestations

Beyond just dealing with the existing problem, these companies also focus on preventing future infestations. They offer valuable advice and may even make structural modification suggestions to keep pests out for good.

Peace of Mind

Finally, the assurance that comes with hiring a professional pest control service is invaluable. Knowing that experienced and certified professionals are handling your pest problem frees you from the stress and lets you focus on other important aspects of your life.

To conclude, the benefits of hiring a pest control company in North Dakota are significant. Companies like Fabian Pest Control, LLC, Prairie Pest Control, and ProSafe Services Inc. not only eliminate pests efficiently but also prioritize safety, prevention, and customer peace of mind.

Common Household Pests in North Dakota

Navigating the pest landscape in North Dakota means staying informed about the common culprits that invade homes and properties. Our experience and ongoing research have identified several pests that are more than just a nuisance in the area. Let’s investigate into the main offenders.


In North Dakota, rodents such as mice and rats are not just common; they’re a significant concern for homeowners. These critters can chew through wires, contaminate food supplies, and carry diseases. Their ability to multiply quickly makes them a persistent problem if not addressed promptly.



Ants are frequent visitors in many North Dakota homes. Carpenter ants, in particular, can cause structural damage as they tunnel through wood to build their nests. Their presence is often a sign of moisture issues in a home.


While most spiders in North Dakota are harmless, their presence can be unsettling, and in rare cases, bites from species like the black widow can pose health risks. Spiders often enter homes in search of prey, indicating an underlying pest issue.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have seen a resurgence in North Dakota, hitchhiking into homes on luggage, furniture, and clothing. These pests are notorious for their bites and the psychological distress they cause, making early detection and professional removal crucial.


Termites pose a significant threat to structures, silently destroying wood from within. In North Dakota, the potential for termite damage is a real concern, with repairs often costing homeowners thousands of dollars.

Understanding these pests’ behaviors and habitats is the first step in prevention and control. With companies like Prairie Pest Control, ProSafe Services Inc., and Fabian Pest Control at the ready, North Dakota residents have access to expert help. These professionals not only address current infestations but also offer solutions to prevent future pest problems, ensuring homes remain safe and comfortable. Their knowledge of local pest patterns and effective treatment methods makes them invaluable allies in the fight against pests in North Dakota.


Choosing the right pest control service in North Dakota is crucial for keeping your home or business pest-free. We’ve explored some of the best options available, each offering unique advantages. Whether it’s the comprehensive solutions from ProSafe Services Inc., the personalized approach of Fabian Pest Control, LLC, or the reliable services of Prairie Pest Control, you’re in good hands. These companies not only address current infestations but also provide preventative measures to ensure your space remains safe and comfortable. Remember, investing in professional pest control is not just about solving a problem today—it’s about securing peace of mind for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top pest control services in North Dakota?

ProSafe Services Inc. and Prairie Pest Control are highly recommended in North Dakota for their comprehensive pest control solutions, covering everything from rodents to insects. Fabian Pest Control, LLC stands out for its versatility and exceptional customer care in dealing with pests for various properties.

What makes Fabian Pest Control a recommended option in North Dakota?

Fabian Pest Control is known for its personal customer care, offering free estimates, reliability, and a service guarantee. These qualities, combined with its versatility in dealing with various pests, make it a highly recommended option for North Dakota residents looking for pest control services.

Why hire a pest control company in North Dakota?

Hiring a professional pest control service in North Dakota offers expertise, time and cost efficiency, safety measures, and prevention of future infestations. These benefits provide peace of mind to homeowners by ensuring their homes are protected against pests.

What common household pests are found in North Dakota?

Common household pests in North Dakota include rodents like mice and rats, and insects such as ants, spiders, bed bugs, and termites. Understanding the behaviors and habitats of these pests is crucial for prevention and control.

How can professional pest control services help prevent future pest problems?

Companies like Prairie Pest Control, ProSafe Services Inc., and Fabian Pest Control specialize in not only addressing current infestations but also providing solutions to prevent future pest problems. Their expertise ensures homes remain safe and comfortable by keeping pests at bay.

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