5 Best Pest Control Services in Pennsylvania

In our quest to arm homeowners with all the tools they need for a peaceful, pest-free existence, we’ve turned our expert eyes towards the lush landscapes of Pennsylvania. We know how daunting it can be to find reliable pest control services that not only promise to rid your home of unwanted guests but actually deliver on that promise. That’s why we’ve dedicated hundreds of hours to research, sift through customer reviews, and analyze company reputations to bring you the definitive list of the 5 best pest control services in Pennsylvania.

Our team at HomeSpot HQ has left no stone unturned, ensuring that we recommend companies that stand out for their effectiveness, customer service, and ethical practices. We understand the importance of entrusting your home to a service that values your safety and satisfaction as much as you do. So, let’s immerse and discover the pest control heroes of Pennsylvania, handpicked by our experts to ensure your home remains the sanctuary it’s meant to be.

JDA Pest Control

When we look at JDA Pest Control, their stellar reputation in Montgomery, Bucks, and Chester Counties immediately stands out. With a 5-star Google rating, it’s clear that they deliver on their promises. What sets them apart is their personal touch. Owner Jason Antonowicz ensures every client gets a custom plan to tackle their pest issues. This level of care is rare and highly valued by us and their clients.

Their commitment to eco-friendly and pet-safe treatments is another highlight. JDA Pest Control doesn’t just aim to eliminate pests; they do so with the utmost concern for our environment and the safety of all family members, pets included. This approach resonates with us, especially as awareness for environmental protection increases.

They also offer annual maintenance programs. This isn’t just about solving an immediate issue. It’s about providing peace of mind all year round. Given the unpredictable nature of pest problems, knowing that JDA is just a call away for any arising issues is reassuring.

Client feedback often praises their responsive service. Same-day solutions to urgent pest problems and courteous technicians who provide thorough explanations demonstrate their dedication to customer satisfaction. This aligns with our values of prompt service and expert advice.

Also, their special offers and 100% satisfaction guarantee are indicative of their confidence in their services and their commitment to cost-effective pest control solutions. Comparing JDA Pest Control with other services in Pennsylvania, their personalized approach, commitment to safety, and comprehensive support make them a standout choice. In a crowded market, their dedication to resolving pest issues effectively and responsibly places them high on our list of recommendations.

Website: http://jdapestcontrol.com/

Mosquito Clear

MOSQUITO CLEAR | Outdoor Comfort

Mosquito Clear stands out for its focused approach in combating mosquitoes and ticks in outdoor spaces. With an enticing 50% discount on the first treatment, customers can start enjoying their yard for only $39.95. This affordability makes it accessible for many homeowners looking to protect their family and pets from pesky insects.

Their services aren’t just about dealing with mosquitoes. They offer an inclusive package that includes barrier spray, special event treatment, tick control, and stink bug treatment. This comprehensive approach ensures your outdoor spaces are comfortable and enjoyable year-round.

What sets Mosquito Clear apart is their commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. They use EPA-approved treatments that are safe around both children and pets. This is crucial for families wanting to maintain a healthy living environment. The treatments are applied to trees, shrubs, and foliage, creating an “Invisible Barrier” that effectively keeps mosquitoes at bay.

Experts and customers alike recommend Mosquito Clear for their reliability and effective treatments. Their tick control service is particularly noteworthy. With tick and mosquito-borne diseases on the rise, as reported by Consumer Reports, it’s essential to have a reliable solution. Mosquito Clear’s updated articles and videos keep customers informed on the latest in mosquito news, demonstrating their commitment to education and awareness.

The option for franchising and their quick service request process indicates a promising opportunity for growth and convenience. Though their main service areas are in Bucks County, PA, the franchise opportunities suggest expansion is on the horizon.

For Pennsylvania residents, Mosquito Clear is a worthy contender when choosing a pest control service. Their affordable pricing, commitment to safety, and comprehensive pest control solutions provide great value and peace of mind for enjoying your outdoor living spaces.

Website: http://mosquitoclear.com/

Viking Pest Control

When we talk about pest control in Pennsylvania, Viking Pest Control surely stands out. With more than 40 years of experience, they’ve built a solid reputation for handling a variety of pests. They cover ants, bed bugs, termites, and more. What makes them different? Their new technology and sustainable solutions. They’re not just about getting rid of pests; they care about doing it in a way that’s better for our environment.

Viking Pest Control offers some pretty innovative services. Their SMART Mouse Control and Home Protection Plans are game changers. You’re looking at comprehensive coverage against common pests. And for those of us who prefer eco-friendly options, Viking’s Organic Pest Control program is a hit. They also have a proactive approach to pest prevention. Their Spotted Lanternfly Egg Removal service is a perfect example. They’re all about stopping infestations before they begin.

Serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware, Viking Pest Control is accessible for many. One of the best perks? Their unlimited service requests during a contract period. If pests come back, so does Viking, at no extra cost. This shows they’re confident in their methods and committed to customer satisfaction.

Experts have a lot of good things to say about Viking Pest Control. They’re known for their comprehensive pest management solutions, focus on safety for families and pets, and efficient services. Most treatments start working within 10-14 days. Plus, they’re quick to respond to emergencies, usually within 24 hours. Their hassle-free Home Protection Plans, which cover both interior and exterior treatments, make scheduling easy even when you’re not home.

Choosing Viking Pest Control means opting for a company that uses the latest pest control strategies and prioritizes customer satisfaction. For us living in Pennsylvania and wanting to protect our homes and businesses from pests, Viking Pest Control is a reliable choice.

Website: http://vikingpest.com/

Rid-Et Pest Control

After exploring Viking Pest Control and its diversified approach, we now turn our attention towards Rid-Et Pest Control. This company shines through with its over five decades of consistent reliability in battling pest issues in the greater Nazareth, PA area. Their seasoned experts bring to the table a deep understanding of local pest behaviors, especially targeting seasonal nuisances like carpenter ants, termites, and bed bugs. What makes Rid-Et Pest Control stand out are their personalized treatments tailored to each customer’s specific needs, ensuring both interior and exterior solutions.

One of Rid-Et Pest Control’s commendable practices is offering discounts to military personnel, seniors, and first responders. This gesture not only underlines their strong community values but also shows appreciation for the sacrifices made by these groups. They champion customer trust through more than just their expertise in pest control but also in how they value their customers.

Prospective clients can look forward to a free, prompt estimate – a testament to their commitment to swift and efficient customer service. Plus, their service guarantee reflects a high level of confidence in their work quality, offering peace of mind to homeowners and businesses alike.

Comparatively, while some pest control services may specialize solely in environmentally friendly solutions like Viking Pest Control, Rid-Et Pest Control holds its ground by offering a broad spectrum of tried and tested pest eradication methods combined with a deep local expertise and strong community ties. Their tailored approach, coupled with significant discounts for deserving community members, not only establishes their expertise in pest control but also showcases their dedication to customer satisfaction and community support.

For those in the Nazareth area, Rid-Et Pest Control presents a robust solution backed by years of experience, tailored services, and a commendable dedication to the community, making them a top-notch choice for any pest-related problems.

Website: https://www.rid-etpestcontrol.com/

NAM Exterminating, Inc.

In our search for the top pest control services in Pennsylvania, NAM Exterminating, Inc. in Allentown, PA, stands out for its professionalism and effectiveness, particularly in handling tough pests like yellow jackets. Since opening its doors in 1989, NAM Exterminating has built a solid foundation based on thorough services and customer satisfaction. Here’s why we highly recommend them:

Swift Response and Flexible Hours: One thing that sets NAM Exterminating apart is their quick response time. Whether it’s an emergency situation or a routine check, they waste no time in addressing pest problems. Their flexible working hours make scheduling easy for busy homeowners.

Wide Range of Services: From general pest control to specific issues like bed bug removal and termite control, NAM Exterminating covers all bases. They are equipped to handle insects and rodents with efficient, professional-grade equipment that ensures a pest-free environment.

Customer-Oriented: Clients have praised NAM Exterminating for its focus on satisfaction. The company provides 24-hour emergency services, offering first-time customers special discounts. This dedication to their clients is a huge plus, giving peace of mind when pest issues arise.

Competitive Rates: Even though the high-quality services provided, NAM Exterminating operates at competitive rates. Their value is in the balance they strike between cost and quality, making them an excellent choice for anyone needing reliable pest control without very costly.

Community Trust: Over the years, NAM Exterminating has garnered positive feedback for their effectiveness in eradicating pests and their commitment to modern solutions. Their reputation in Allentown and the surrounding areas is a testament to their reliability and success in pest control.

Our review reflects the views of satisfied customers like Greg L., who commend NAM Exterminating for their professional, prompt, and effective service. This company is a standout choice for those in Allentown, PA, seeking dependable pest control services.

Website: https://nam-exterminating.com/

Research Methodology: How We Ranked The Best Pest Control Companies in Pennsylvania

When diving into the vast world of pest control services in Pennsylvania, we knew we had to approach our rankings with a methodical and unbiased strategy. Our aim was to provide a valuable resource for Pennsylvanians seeking the best pest control solutions. Below, we detail our research methodology which led us to rank the likes of JDA Pest Control, Mosquito Clear, Viking Pest Control, Rid-Et Pest Control, and NAM Exterminating as the top contenders in the state.

Criteria for Evaluation

We began by setting forth a comprehensive set of criteria to evaluate each company. Our key focus areas were:

  • Customer Satisfaction: We scoured through hundreds of customer reviews and testimonials across multiple platforms. Our goal was to understand the real-world effectiveness and responsiveness of each company from the perspective of those who matter most – the customers.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: Given the increasing importance of environmental sustainability, we prioritized companies that offer eco-friendly pest control solutions. We looked for services that safely mitigate pests without harming the ecosystem.
  • Range of Services: Flexibility and the ability to address a wide spectrum of pest issues were crucial. We evaluated each company’s range of services to ensure they can handle everything from common household pests to more challenging infestations.
  • Professionalism and Expertise: Companies that employ certified professionals and demonstrate a high level of expertise scored higher in our rankings. We considered the training, experience, and professionalism of the staff along with the effectiveness of their pest control strategies.
  • Cost and Value: Affordability without sacrificing quality is key for most consumers. We analyzed each company’s pricing structure against the value they provide, including the comprehensiveness of their services and long-term effectiveness of their treatments.

Research and Data Collection

Our research involved a deep jump into online resources, including company websites, review sites, and social media platforms. We also conducted interviews with customers and, when possible, consulted with industry experts to gain deeper insights.

Comparative Analysis

Armed with data, we performed a side-by-side comparison of the companies. This allowed us to see how they stack up against each other in the key areas of our evaluation criteria.

Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Company in Pennsylvania

When dealing with pests in Pennsylvania, hiring a pest control company offers numerous benefits that DIY methods simply can’t match. From ensuring the health and safety of your family and pets to preserving the integrity of your home, the advantages are undeniable. Here’s why bringing in the professionals makes a significant difference.

Expertise and Knowledge

Pest control companies come equipped with a deep understanding of various pests, their life cycles, and their hiding spots. This expertise allows them to effectively identify the kind of pest invading your space, something we’ve noticed is a common strength among top-rated companies like JDA Pest Control and Viking Pest Control. By accurately identifying pests, these professionals can choose the most effective treatment methods, ensuring a long-term solution.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Many homeowners underestimate the amount of time and money wasted on ineffective pest control solutions. In our review, services like Mosquito Clear and Rid-Et Pest Control have demonstrated their ability to quickly and efficiently resolve pest issues, saving you both time and money in the long run. Their precise use of eco-friendly solutions not only targets the pests but also prevents future infestations, offering more value than over-the-counter solutions.

Safety and Health

The health implications of using harsh chemicals are a major concern for many Pennsylvania residents. Companies like NAM Exterminating, Inc. prioritize your family’s health by using safe, eco-friendly pest control methods. Reducing exposure to harmful chemicals while effectively managing pest problems is a critical benefit of hiring professionals. Also, by addressing the root of pest infestations, these companies help prevent diseases and allergies associated with pests, ensuring a healthier living environment.

Peace of Mind

Finally, the peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional pest control service is invaluable. Knowing that an experienced team is handling your pest problem allows you to relax and focus on other important tasks. Each company reviewed, with its commitment to customer satisfaction and professional service, has proven to be a reliable choice for residents across Pennsylvania seeking this peace of mind.

Common Household Pests in Pennsylvania


Rodents, specifically mice and rats, are a significant nuisance in Pennsylvania homes. They cause property damage and pose health risks. Our analysis found that companies like JDA Pest Control and NAM Exterminating, Inc. offer specialized rodent control services. These companies deploy traps and exclusion techniques effectively, minimizing the use of chemicals, which aligns with the eco-friendly emphasis mentioned earlier.


Cockroaches are resilient pests known for their rapid reproduction rates. They thrive in moist environments and can contaminate food sources. Services such as Viking Pest Control and Rid-Et Pest Control have developed targeted treatments to combat these pests. They use gel baits and insect growth regulators, which are less invasive and more environmentally friendly, providing a safer option for households.


Ants, particularly carpenter ants, are prevalent throughout Pennsylvania. They can undermine the structural integrity of homes. Eco-friendly solutions, such as those offered by Mosquito Clear and Viking Pest Control, focus on identifying and destroying nests with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. This approach not only addresses the immediate problem but also deters future infestations.


Termites pose a significant threat to wooden structures in homes. The companies we reviewed use advanced technologies like thermal imaging to detect termite activities without the need for intrusive inspections. Eco-friendly termite treatments, such as bait systems employed by JDA Pest Control and Rid-Et Pest Control, offer effective control while being safe for both the environment and the residents.


Finally, mosquitoes are not only a nuisance but also carriers of diseases. Our reviewed companies, notably Mosquito Clear and NAM Exterminating, Inc., offer comprehensive mosquito control programs. These programs include barrier treatments and the elimination of breeding sites, significantly reducing mosquito populations in a manner that’s both effective and eco-conscious.

Summarizing, these pest control services in Pennsylvania are well-equipped to handle the common household pests with a focus on safety, effectiveness, and environmental preservation. This aligns perfectly with the requirements of modern households seeking efficient and eco-friendly pest management solutions.


Choosing the right pest control service in Pennsylvania doesn’t have to be a challenging job. With our carefully researched list highlighting JDA Pest Control, Mosquito Clear, Viking Pest Control, Rid-Et Pest Control, and NAM Exterminating, Inc., you’re equipped to make an well-informed choice. Each of these companies stands out for their commitment to eco-friendly solutions, customer satisfaction, and expertise in handling common household pests. Whether it’s rodents, cockroaches, ants, termites, or mosquitoes you’re dealing with, these services offer specialized solutions that prioritize safety, effectiveness, and environmental preservation. Trust in our selection to help you find a pest control service that meets the modern household’s needs for efficient pest management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top pest control services in Pennsylvania?

The top pest control services in Pennsylvania include JDA Pest Control, Mosquito Clear, Viking Pest Control, Rid-Et Pest Control, and NAM Exterminating, Inc. These companies are known for their eco-friendly solutions and high customer satisfaction.

What makes NAM Exterminating, Inc. stand out in Allentown?

NAM Exterminating, Inc. is distinguished for its professionalism and effective pest handling, making it a reputable pest control service in Allentown.

How were the pest control companies ranked?

The companies were ranked based on criteria like customer satisfaction, eco-friendliness of solutions, and expertise in the field.

What are the common household pests in Pennsylvania?

Common household pests in Pennsylvania include rodents, cockroaches, ants, termites, and mosquitoes.

How do the companies listed combat pests?

The companies listed, such as JDA Pest Control, Viking Pest Control, Rid-Et Pest Control, Mosquito Clear, and NAM Exterminating, Inc., offer specialized and eco-friendly solutions to effectively manage and eliminate pests.

How do eco-friendly solutions benefit pest control?

Eco-friendly solutions in pest control benefit by ensuring safety, effectiveness, and environmental preservation, meeting the needs of modern households seeking efficient and responsible pest management.

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