5 Best Interior Designers in South Carolina

When it comes to transforming spaces into breathtaking experiences, the right interior designer makes all the difference. In South Carolina, where charm and elegance meet southern hospitality, selecting the perfect designer can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the best talent in the Palmetto State. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has dedicated hundreds of hours to researching, analyzing, and curating a list of the top five interior designers who not only embody creativity and expertise but also consistently exceed client expectations.

We understand that our readers rely on us for reliable, well-researched recommendations. By diving deep into portfolios, customer reviews, and industry accolades, we’ve crafted a guide that highlights the best of the best in South Carolina’s interior design scene. Whether you’re looking to revamp your home or seeking inspiration for a new project, our list is designed to connect you with top-tier design professionals who’ll bring your vision to life.

MB WITHIN Interior Design Studio

When we discuss leading interior design firms in South Carolina, MB WITHIN Interior Design Studio undoubtedly stands out. This firm achieves a high level of praise for its meticulous attention to detail and remarkable ability to tailor spaces uniquely for each client.

Features and Design Style:
MB WITHIN offers full-scale interior design services, expertly managing projects from start to finish. Their portfolio is diverse, featuring chic commercial venues and serene residential homes. What sets them apart is their commitment to creating spaces that not only look spectacular but are also supremely functional.

Performance and Durability:
Their designs are not just about aesthetics; they are built to last. Whether it’s a beach house on Sullivan’s Island or a bustling Charleston restaurant, each project reflects durability and quality, ensuring that spaces are both beautiful and livable for years to come.

Ease of Use:
Clients often note the straightforward process MB WITHIN employs. The team is described as highly skilled and efficient, streamlining complex projects to be as stress-free as possible for the client. This approach not only saves time but also maintains the highest standards of quality and precision in every design phase.

Industry Comparison and Value:
Comparing MB WITHIN to other South Carolina interior designers, it’s clear they offer superior value. Their ability to blend functionality with style, coupled with an unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, marks them as a top choice. The price point, while reflective of their high-end service, is justified by the lasting impact and personalization of their design work.

Each project showcases MB WITHIN’s flair for merging practical solutions with stunning aesthetics. This makes them a premier option for anyone seeking a personalized and professional interior design experience in South Carolina.

Website: https://www.mbwithin.com/

Southern Grace Interiors

Southern Grace Interiors is renowned for its distinctive approach to interior design, which emphasizes approachable Southern luxury. Like MB WITHIN, which we previously discussed, Southern Grace Interiors also offers full-scale design services but with a focus that uniquely blends traditional Southern charm with modern elegance. This makes them exceptionally suited for clients looking to infuse a warm and welcoming atmosphere into their spaces.

Operating out of Bluffton, South Carolina, and offering services nationwide, they stand out due to their capacity to handle a variety of project scopes, from cozy coastal cottages to luxury rentals and new builds. Their team excels in creating customized spaces that not only reflect the client’s personal taste but also enhance the functionality of the living area. What sets Southern Grace Interiors apart in the highly competitive field of interior design in South Carolina is their adept use of technology for remote design processes coupled with their hands-on service approach.

Clients consistently praise the firm for its professional demeanor, creative solutions, and attentive customer support. This feedback highlights their commitment to client satisfaction, which is a critical measure of success in interior design. Also, their collaboration with prestigious projects such as the Montage Palmetto Bluff’s signature residences speaks volumes about their capability and reliability in delivering high-quality designs.

Pricing at Southern Grace Interiors is competitive, reflecting the quality and exclusivity of their services. While they might not be the least expensive option available, the value derived from their comprehensive service and exceptional designs substantiates the investment. This blend of quality, professionalism, and broad capability makes Southern Grace Interiors a prominent choice for anyone looking to introduce a touch of Southern elegance into their living or working spaces.

Website: https://southerngraceinteriors.com/

Kimberly Bryant Interior Design Group

Following the intricate detailing of MB WITHIN and the unique blend of Southern tradition with modern flair offered by Southern Grace Interiors, let’s focus on Kimberly Bryant Interior Design Group, another leading firm in South Carolina’s interior design landscape. Kimberly Bryant and her team distinguish themselves through a meticulous approach to both commercial and residential projects.

Website: https://kimberlybryantdesign.com/


Kimberly Bryant Interior Design Group prides itself on transforming spaces into bespoke environments that brilliantly balance aesthetics with functionality. This firm enjoys a stellar reputation for its detailed designs and personalized client interactions. With a focus on both interior and exterior spaces, they demonstrate an uncanny ability to create inviting atmospheres that are both beautiful and practical.

Services and Process

Kimberly Bryant’s team follows a well-defined design process that ensures clients are clear about each phase of the project. They offer a full spectrum of design services, covering everything from initial concept development to the final touches that personalize a space. Their process is transparent, involving the client at every step, which reassures clients and builds trust.

Unique Selling Proposition

One of the standout qualities of Kimberly Bryant Interior Design Group is their commitment to crafting environments that reflect the client’s personality and lifestyle. Whether it’s a cozy home interior or a functional commercial space, they tailor each project to meet specific desires and needs. Their portfolio, rich with diverse designs, showcases this adaptability and creativity.

Client Feedback

Clients frequently praise Kimberly Bryant Interior Design Group for their creativity and professionalism. The ability to transform theoretical ideas into tangible, enjoyable spaces is a recurring commendation from satisfied customers. Also, referral rates are high, indicating strong client satisfaction and endorsement.

Contact Information

To engage with Kimberly Bryant Interior Design Group about elevating your space, reach out through their phone line at 843.712.1111 or via email at [email protected].

By maintaining a client-centered approach and consistently delivering high-quality outcomes, Kimberly Bryant Interior Design Group not only meets but often exceeds expectations, firmly establishing them as a top contender in South Carolina’s vibrant interior design scene.

Decorating Den Interiors – Joyce’s Team

Decorating Den Interiors – Joyce’s Team stands out in South Carolina’s interior design industry for its comprehensive service offerings and dedication to quality. Specializing in both residential and commercial projects, they are adept at new constructions as well as renovations. What sets Joyce’s Team apart is their full-service approach that caters to a wide range of design needs and styles, showcased in their exclusive LIVV Home Collection. This collection is known for its diversity and luxury, allowing clients to choose designs that match their aesthetic and functional requirements.

Website: https://jmeans.decoratingden.com/

Client-Centric Approach

We appreciate Joyce’s Team for their methodical design process, ensuring client collaboration at every step. This approach fosters transparency and tailored solutions, evident in the personalized environments they create. Their willingness to communicate through various channels—be it phone, text, or email— enhances the client experience, making it more responsive and adaptable to individual needs.

Performance and Reliability

Every project under Joyce’s Team is handled with utmost attention to detail, which is a vital aspect of their reputation. They are highly reliable, and their ability to consistently deliver bespoke spaces that meet client expectations sets them apart in the industry.

Accessibility and Coverage

Their services are not limited to a specific area but cover wide locales across Charleston. This accessibility makes it convenient for more clients to benefit from their expertise without geographical constraints.

Summarizing, Decorating Den Interiors – Joyce’s Team is a top recommendation for anyone in South Carolina looking for reliable and thorough interior design services. Their commitment to luxury and comprehensive portfolio confirms their capability to transform any space into a refined environment. Client testimonials and their extensive portfolio reinforce their position as a leading design firm in the state.

CHD Interiors

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Following the tradition of excellence already outlined in the review of South Carolina’s top interior designers, CHD Interiors emerges prominently with its distinctive approach to design. Known for expertly blending antiques with a contemporary flair, CHD Interiors provides a specialized service that caters to the diverse tastes of its clientele.

Website: https://www.chdinteriors.com/

Expert Design Services

Our exploration into CHD Interiors’ service offerings reveals a multilayered design process that emphasizes personalization. The team prides itself on capturing the essence of each client’s personality and translating it into their living spaces. They cover a wide geographical scale, offering services in locations such as Charlotte, NC, Georgetown, SC, and Wilmington, NC. This broad reach allows them to gather varied inspirations and infuse them into unique, eye-catching room designs. Whether it’s a modern minimalist living room or a richly traditional study, each project is approached with a deep commitment to reflecting the homeowner’s identity.

Unique Antique Integration

One of the standout features of CHD Interiors’ approach is the incorporation of unique antiques sourced through international travels. This not only adds an unmatched element of sophistication and history to the spaces but also ensures that no two design projects look the same. The team’s keen ability to select the perfect pieces for enhancing a room’s ambiance is often highlighted in customer testimonials as aesthetically pleasing and functionally enriching.

Client Satisfaction and Professionalism

Also, clients consistently laud CHD Interiors for their professionalism and creativity. The seamless integration of complex project elements with striking design choices leads to environments that are not only visually stunning but also inherently practical. Homes designed by CHD Interiors are noted for their enhanced comfort and enjoyment, which speaks volumes about their focus on creating spaces that improve daily living.

This commitment, along with their reputation for surpassing client expectations, positions CHD Interiors as a top contender in our review of South Carolina’s best interior designers. Their ability to listen attentively and deliver creative solutions ensures each project remains both aspirational and attainable.

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Interior Design Companies in South Carolina

When we set out to rank and compare the top interior design companies in South Carolina, we employed a comprehensive methodology designed to objectively measure the quality, client satisfaction, and innovation of each firm. Our approach ensures we provide you with a reliable list of designers who can transform living spaces impressively and efficiently.

Evaluation Criteria

We base our rankings on several vital parameters, which include:

  • Client Reviews and Testimonials: We dug deep into client feedback across various platforms, examining the richness of positive versus negative reviews. Successful projects that consistently draw praise for attention to detail and customer satisfaction weigh heavily in our assessment.
  • Portfolio Diversity and Creativity: A rich portfolio showcasing a variety of styles and complexity levels speaks to a designer’s versatility and creativity. We look specifically at how well each company adapts to new trends while still respecting traditional design principles.
  • Service Range: Companies offering a broad set of services, from initial consultations to full-scale renovations, scored higher in our review. This reveals their capacity to handle a wide range of client needs.
  • Local Market Understanding: Firms deeply rooted in South Carolina with a clear understanding of local preferences and architectural styles gain additional points. This expertise is crucial since an insider view often translates to designs that resonate well with local residents.
  • Pricing Transparency and Value: Transparent pricing coupled with exceptional service delivery indicates better client value. We assess not only the cost-effectiveness but also the overall value delivered relative to price.

Comparison Approach

To ensure a fair and balanced comparison, we evaluate similar-sized projects from different firms. Each project we review is matched for size, scope, and style to ensure we compare apples to apples. This approach allows us to draw meaningful conclusions about each designer’s strengths and weaknesses, eventually helping us compile a list of top performers based on merit and client satisfaction.

Through our systematic and transparent method, we aim to guide you toward designers who not only create beautiful spaces but also provide excellent service and value for your investment. Each firm’s ranking reflects a combination of these factors, ensuring you receive a well-rounded perspective on South Carolina’s best interior designers.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Designer in South Carolina

Hiring a professional interior designer in South Carolina offers numerous advantages that can transform your living or working space. Here, we investigate into the benefits that make engaging these professionals worthwhile.

Expertise and Professionalism

Professional interior designers bring a level of expertise that is hard to match. With years of training and experience, designers like those at MB WITHIN and CHD Interiors have a nuanced understanding of color, texture, and space. Their professional touch can help avoid costly mistakes and ensure that the space is not only beautiful but also functional.

Access to Better Resources and Contacts

Good designers have established connections that can be beneficial to homeowners. This includes access to high-quality furniture, fabrics, and accessories that are not directly available to the public. Engaging services from firms like Kimberly Bryant Interior Design Group means gaining access to top-notch materials and craftsmanship.


Designing an interior from scratch requires time and effort that most homeowners might not have. Interior designers take care of every detail, from initial design to the final touches, effectively saving clients time. Companies like Southern Grace Interiors are known for their efficient process from conception to completion.


One significant advantage of hiring an interior designer is the customized approach to each space. Designers ensure that every aspect of the design reflects the client’s personality and needs. Decorating Den Interiors – Joyce’s Team, renowned for their LIVV Home Collection, excels in personalizing spaces to client specifications.

Increase in Property Value

Professionally designed spaces often yield a high return on investment when it comes to property values. Aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces created by professional designers can significantly boost your property’s market value.

To conclude, while hiring an interior designer in South Carolina represents an investment, the myriad of benefits ranging from expert advice, exclusive access, time savings, customization, and potential increase in property value justifies this investment. Each of the highlighted designers brings something unique to the table, making them valuable partners in achieving your design goals.


Choosing the right interior designer in South Carolina can transform your space into a personalized and valuable environment. With the expertise and unique styles of designers like MB WITHIN, Southern Grace, Kimberly Bryant, Decorating Den Interiors – Joyce’s Team, and CHD Interiors, you’re well-equipped to make an well-informed choice. Whether you’re looking for a touch of Southern charm or a modern twist on classic designs these professionals have the skills to exceed your expectations. Let their creativity and professionalism guide you to a beautifully designed home that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some of the top interior designers in South Carolina?

MB WITHIN Interior Design Studio, Southern Grace Interiors, and Kimberly Bryant Interior Design Group are highly recommended. Other prominent designers include Decorating Den Interiors – Joyce’s Team and CHD Interiors, known for their unique styles and professional excellence.

What makes Decorating Den Interiors – Joyce’s Team unique?

Decorating Den Interiors – Joyce’s Team is unique for its comprehensive service package and the exclusive LIVV Home Collection, which offers customized design solutions tailored to individual client needs.

Why should I consider hiring a professional interior designer in South Carolina?

Hiring a professional interior designer in South Carolina provides you with expertise, access to unique resources, time savings, and customization. Additionally, it can potentially increase the value of your property through professional and appealing design enhancements.

What are the benefits of working with CHD Interiors?

CHD Interiors is renowned for its successful blend of antiques with contemporary design elements. They are praised for their professionalism and creativity, making them a top choice for clients looking to infuse historical charm into modern aesthetics.

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