5 Best Plumbers in Tennessee

Finding the right plumber in Tennessee can be as tricky as a leaky faucet in the middle of the night. We all know the dread of plumbing problems and the urgent scramble to find a reliable fix. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to dive deep into the plumbing industry, sifting through the myriad of options to bring you the cream of the crop. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has dedicated hundreds of hours to research, analyze, and verify the best plumbing services across the state to ensure you’re getting top-notch assistance when you need it most.

We’ve scrutinized customer reviews, compared service offerings, and even examined the fine print to present you with the 5 best plumbers in Tennessee. Whether it’s a dripping tap, a clogged drain, or a full-blown plumbing installation, we’re confident our findings will guide you to the perfect plumbing partner. So, let’s immerse and flush away the worry of selecting a reliable plumber.

TN Plumbing Solutions

When we dove into the world of Tennessee’s plumbing services, Plumbing Solutions in Nashville really stood out for us. Here’s our take after considering customer reviews, service range, and overall reliability.

Expertise and Reputation

Plumbing Solutions has made its mark since its inception in 1992. Known for top-notch service in Nashville and surrounding areas, this company brings an impressive blend of experience, skill, and customer satisfaction to the table. The expertise of their plumbers ensures a comprehensive solution to any plumbing issue, from minor repairs to complex installations.

Services Offered

Whether it’s a leaky faucet, a clogged drain, or the need for a complete plumbing overhaul in a residential or commercial building, Plumbing Solutions has it covered. Their service portfolio is broad, reflecting their ability to handle diverse plumbing tasks with confidence. This versatility makes them a go-to for all plumbing needs, ensuring they’re well-equipped to tackle challenges head-on.

Customer Satisfaction

What sets Plumbing Solutions apart is their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Evidence lies in their stellar reputation backed by glowing testimonials. Clients consistently praise their promptness, professionalism, and the quality of work. This satisfaction guarantee underpins their goal to be the name you remember when in need of plumbing services.

Pricing and Value

In terms of pricing, Plumbing Solutions offers competitive rates without compromising on quality or reliability. They balance cost-effectiveness with high-quality service, ensuring good value for money. Their transparent pricing policy and quality of service make them a standout choice for those who seek dependable plumbing solutions without the fear of hidden charges.

Comparison with Peers

Compared to other top plumbers in Tennessee, Plumbing Solutions holds its own in terms of service quality, range, and customer care. Their years of industry experience give them an edge, allowing them to provide unparalleled expertise and reliability. This blend of attributes solidifies Plumbing Solutions’ place among the top plumbers in the state, offering a reliable option for anyone facing plumbing woes.

In essence, Plumbing Solutions embodies the qualities you’d want in your go-to plumbing service provider—expertise, reliability, comprehensive services, and undeniable customer focus. Their consistent performance and positive client feedback underscore their position as a leading choice in Tennessee’s plumbing service industry.

Website: http://tnplumbingsolutions.com/

Hers & His Plumbing Services, LLC

When searching for top-notch plumbing services in Tennessee, Hers & His Plumbing Services, LLC stands out. Our investigation into their operations showcases a commitment to excellence and a unique customer service approach that distinguishes them from competitors.

Firstly, Hers & His offers a broad range of plumbing services, from routine maintenance to emergency repairs. This versatility means homeowners and businesses alike can rely on one provider for all their plumbing needs.

What sets Hers & His apart is their exceptional customer service. Technicians ensure to shake hands with customers, symbolizing their commitment to personal interaction and professionalism. This gesture, while small, reflects the company’s dedication to fostering positive business-to-consumer relations.

Also, their Guiding Principles and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee policy emphasize accountability. They promise to work until the customer’s expectations are met, showcasing a rare dedication to satisfaction. Also, their willingness to correct any issues post-service without hesitation builds a trustworthiness that’s imperative for service reliability.

For those with a home warranty or utility company partnerships, Hers & His becomes even more accessible. These affiliations allow homeowners to access their award-winning service at a fraction of the cost, only covering a low or no deductible in many cases.

The value of their services, when compared to the price, reflects a significant advantage. Given the quality of equipment used and the efficiency of their heating and cooling systems installation, customers receive excellent value for their investment. This balance of cost and quality performance is a cornerstone of their service offering.

Finally, Hers & His Plumbing Services, LLC provides essential maintenance services aimed at preventing future problems and unwanted costs. Their biannual maintenance plans not only help in saving money on energy bills but also extend the systems’ lifespan. This proactive approach to plumbing health is a win-win for all involved.

To conclude, our analysis points to Hers & His Plumbing Services, LLC as a top contender among Tennessee’s plumbing services. Their blend of comprehensive service offerings, remarkable customer service, and strategic partnerships offers a strong value proposition for anyone needing plumbing assistance in the region.

Website: http://www.hersandhisplumbing.com/

R & A Plumbing

In the competitive world of plumbing services in Tennessee, R & A Plumbing stands out for several key reasons. First, they ensure customers are not left guessing about costs with their upfront pricing policy. Once they assess the problem, they discuss your options and agree on an accurate price before starting the work. This transparency in pricing sets them apart and is something we value highly.

The expertise at R & A Plumbing is top-notch, led by Jeff, the former lead trainer for a major national plumbing company. His years of experience and depth of knowledge mean that any plumbing issue you have is in very capable hands. This background assures us that their team is equipped with the latest and most effective plumbing solutions.

Another aspect where R & A Plumbing shines is in their commitment to not just fixing the problem but also ensuring their customers are educated about the process. They take time to listen to your concerns and explain the work they’re doing, which we find incredibly valuable for homeowners who want to understand more about their home’s plumbing system.

Money-saving opportunities with R & A Plumbing are particularly appealing. They promise not only to fix your plumbing issues but to do so in a way that leaves you with enough in your budget for a nice dinner out. This approach, along with their exceptional service, has earned them rave reviews and a loyal customer base, as evident from the glowing 5-star reviews they’ve received online.

In comparison to other companies, R & A Plumbing’s combination of upfront pricing, expert service led by a seasoned professional, commitment to customer education, and focus on providing value for money positions them very favorably. They are not just about doing the job; they’re about doing it right and ensuring you’re informed and satisfied every step of the way.

Their workmanship warranties on any repair further boost our confidence in their services. Unlike general handymen, R & A Plumbing’s team is licensed, insured, and backed by guarantees. This commitment to professionalism and customer peace of mind is yet another reason they are a top choice for plumbing services in Tennessee.

Website: https://randaplumbingservice.com/

Michael’s Plumbing Service

When we jump into the plumbing service world in Tennessee, Michael’s Plumbing Service stands out prominently for its unparalleled customer service and strong community ties. Established in 2001, this family-operated gem in Nashville, Tennessee, has not only served but also earned the trust of its community with reliable and top-notch plumbing solutions. From Nashville to Springfield, they’ve been our go-to choice, and here’s why.

Family-Owned and Locally Operated

Michael’s Plumbing Service takes pride in being a part of our community. They’re more than just plumbers; they’re neighbors committed to serving with a level of personal dedication that’s rare in the industry today.

Highly Trained Technicians

Their team consists of highly trained technicians, ensuring that any job undertaken isn’t just completed but done so with expertise and precision, leaving no room for repeat issues.

Courteous and Knowledgeable Specialists

The specialists at Michael’s Plumbing Service are not just skilled in plumbing; they excel in customer service. Every interaction is marked by courteousness and a deep knowledge of plumbing solutions, making every service call a pleasant experience.

Honesty and Integrity

This is where Michael’s Plumbing Service truly shines. Their honest approach means you’ll never be upsold services you don’t need, ensuring transparency and trust from start to finish.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Their commitment to excellence is underscored by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They stand by their work, ensuring that they don’t just meet but exceed customer expectations.

In a competitive field, where your choice of plumber can mean the difference between a quick fix and ongoing headaches, Michael’s Plumbing Service positions itself as the reliable, trustworthy choice for all plumbing needs in Tennessee. Their dedication to excellence, backed by two decades of service, knowledge, and community spirit, sets them apart as a premier plumbing service provider in the state.

Website: https://michaelsplumbingservice.com/

Honest Plumbing

When considering the best plumbers in Tennessee, Honest Plumbing truly stands out. Led by owner and master plumber Aaron Kelly, with over a decade of experience, the company offers unparalleled expertise in the field. Aaron is not just a skilled plumber; he’s a trusted figure in the Middle Tennessee area, known for his commitment to fair pricing, honesty in consultation, and trustworthiness in practice.

Unmatched Expertise

The foundation of Honest Plumbing is built on Aaron’s extensive experience and exceptional knowledge. Holding License #4034, Aaron brings a level of skill and consistency to each service call that’s hard to match. This professional background ensures that customers receive the highest quality of service, no matter the complexity of their plumbing issues.

Commitment to Fair Pricing

One of the critical aspects that set Honest Plumbing apart is their approach to pricing. They are known for their fairness, offering competitive and honest quotations. They believe in transparent pricing, where customers are fully informed and never surprised by hidden fees or unexpected charges.

Reliable and Trustworthy Service

Trust is paramount in the plumbing industry, and Honest Plumbing lives up to its name. They are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, providing customers with peace of mind. The company’s philosophy is centered on honesty in every aspect of their operations, from initial consultations to the recommendations they provide. Their dedication to ethical practices has made them a go-to service provider in the area.

In comparison to other plumbing services mentioned, such as TN Plumbing Solutions and Michael’s Plumbing Service, Honest Plumbing distinguishes itself with a personal touch and a steadfast commitment to integrity. While other companies focus on a wide range of services and large-scale operations, Honest Plumbing prioritizes personalized service and expert advice, making them an ideal choice for those in need of knowledgeable and ethical plumbing solutions in Tennessee.

Website: http://www.honestplumbingtn.com/

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Plumbers in Tennessee

When we set out to rank and compare the top plumbers in Tennessee, we developed a thorough research methodology that covers a broad array of criteria. This ensures we provide the most accurate and helpful information to our readers, guiding them to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a plumbing service. Here’s a detailed look at our approach:

License and Certification

Firstly, we verify that each plumbing service is fully licensed and certified to operate in Tennessee. This is crucial, as a valid license is a testament to the plumber’s knowledge, skill, and adherence to state regulations. Honest Plumbing, for example, stands out with its License #4034, demonstrating its legitimacy and professional standing in the industry.

Service Range and Specialization

We evaluate the range of services offered by each company, from emergency plumbing repairs to routine maintenance and installation. While some, like TN Plumbing Solutions and Michael’s Plumbing Service, boast a wide range of services, Honest Plumbing focuses on personalized services, ensuring they excel in their specific niches.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Customer reviews are a goldmine of information. We painstakingly go through customer testimonials and feedback across multiple platforms. This helps us gauge the reliability, efficiency, and customer service of each plumber. Honest Plumbing, known for fair pricing and honesty, frequently receives acclaim for its straightforward and trustworthy approach.

Pricing and Transparency

Affordability and transparency in billing are pivotal. We compare the plumbers’ pricing structures, looking for competitive rates without compromising on quality or service. Honest Plumbing, for example, is celebrated for its transparent pricing, ensuring customers know exactly what they’re paying for.

Community Involvement and Reputation

Finally, we consider the plumbers’ involvement in their communities and overall reputation. Michael’s Plumbing Service is notable for its exceptional service and community involvement, indicating a strong, positive presence in the Tennessee area.

Through this comprehensive methodology, we aim to rank and compare plumbers in Tennessee objectively. Our goal is to provide our readers with clear, knowledgeable, and confident recommendations that they can trust when making their selection.

Benefits of Hiring a Plumbing Company in Tennessee

When we look at hiring plumbing companies in Tennessee, we immediately see the value they bring. These professionals offer more than just fixing pipes and leaks. Here’s why it’s wise to get on board with them.

Expertise and Experience

First off, these companies, including TN Plumbing Solutions, Hers & His Plumbing Services, LLC, and Honest Plumbing, bring a wealth of expertise to the table. With years, sometimes decades, of experience, their plumbers possess an in-depth knowledge of various plumbing systems. This means they can quickly diagnose issues that may baffle others and provide effective, long-lasting solutions.

Licensing and Insurance

Another significant advantage is the peace of mind that comes with licensing and insurance. In Tennessee, plumbers like Aaron Kelly of Honest Plumbing are fully licensed, ensuring they meet specific qualifications and standards. Insurance protects homeowners from being liable for any accidents that occur on the job.

Access to the Right Tools

We can’t overlook the convenience of access to the right tools and technology. Advanced plumbing problems require sophisticated equipment. These companies invest in high-quality, industry-standard tools to tackle jobs more efficiently and effectively than the average DIY enthusiast could.

Emergency Services

Plumbing emergencies don’t wait for office hours. Many Tennessee plumbing companies offer 24/7 emergency services. This means help is just a phone call away, any time of day or night, preventing potential damage from turning into a disaster.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Finally, hiring a professional plumbing service can save money in the long run. They can spot and fix small issues before they escalate into major problems, avoiding the need for more expensive repairs down the line. Their services are often backed by warranties, providing additional value and assurance.

With these benefits in mind, it’s clear why hiring a reputable plumbing company in Tennessee is a smart decision. The expertise, safety, and convenience they offer make them invaluable partners in maintaining a home’s plumbing system.


We’ve taken you through a comprehensive journey to discover the best plumbers across Tennessee. From TN Plumbing Solutions’ wide range of services to Honest Plumbing’s unparalleled transparency and fairness, each company brings something unique to the table. Remember, choosing the right plumber isn’t just about fixing immediate issues—it’s about ensuring long-term reliability and efficiency for your home’s plumbing system. Trust in these professionals for their expertise, licensing, and commitment to excellence. Let them handle the complexities of plumbing so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top plumbing service providers in Tennessee according to the article?

The article identifies TN Plumbing Solutions, Hers & His Plumbing Services, LLC, R & A Plumbing, and Michael’s Plumbing Service as top plumbing service providers in Tennessee, each known for their high-quality services and customer satisfaction.

What makes Michael’s Plumbing Service stand out?

Michael’s Plumbing Service is notable for its exceptional customer service and active community involvement, distinguishing it from other plumbing service providers in the area.

Who is Aaron Kelly and what is special about Honest Plumbing?

Aaron Kelly is the owner of Honest Plumbing, recognized for his honesty, fair pricing, and expertise in the plumbing industry with License #4034. Honest Plumbing is set apart by its commitment to transparent pricing, reliability, and trustworthiness.

How does Honest Plumbing compare to its competitors?

Honest Plumbing distinguishes itself from competitors like TN Plumbing Solutions and Michael’s Plumbing Service by its dedication to honest communication, fair pricing, and dependable service, making it a preferred choice for customers.

What are the benefits of hiring a plumbing company in Tennessee as per the article?

The article outlines several benefits of hiring a plumbing company in Tennessee, including expertise and licensing, access to the right tools, availability of emergency services, and cost-effective solutions, ensuring efficient and effective maintenance of a home’s plumbing system.

Why is it important to choose a professional plumbing service?

Choosing a professional plumbing service is crucial for accessing specialized expertise, proper tools, and emergency services, which collectively contribute to cost-effective and efficient solutions for maintaining and repairing plumbing systems, as highlighted by the article.

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