5 Best Interior Designers in Texas

In our quest to uncover the crème de la crème of interior design in the Lone Star State, we’ve delved deep into the heart of Texas’s creative scene. Our team has spent countless hours researching, analyzing, and experiencing firsthand the unique offerings of the state’s top designers. We’re thrilled to share our findings on the five best interior designers in Texas who aren’t just transforming spaces but setting trends that resonate across the country.

Texas is known for its bold styles and innovative aesthetics, and the interior designers we’ve chosen embody just that. From luxurious, sweeping estates to cozy, chic apartments, these talents bring dreams to life with their visionary concepts and impeccable execution. Join us as we explore the artistry and innovation that make these designers stand out in the vibrant Texan design landscape.

A Well Dressed Home

As we explore the top interior designers in Texas, A Well Dressed Home undoubtedly makes the list with its luxuriously livable design approach. Established in 2009 and based in Dallas, TX, this design firm has carved a niche by blending luxury with functionality in homes across the US and the Caribbean.

Website: https://awelldressedhome.com/

Distinct Design Philosophy

A Well Dressed Home is renowned for creating spaces that are both timeless and elegant. They believe in modern classics, which means their designs do not succumb to fleeting trends but rather maintain a stylish relevance over time. The team’s ability to layer easy elegance into each project allows their work to stand out in a saturated market.

Portfolio and Clientele

The firm showcases an impressive portfolio with projects like Bobbitt, Bargaimes, and Purdue in Dallas, indicating a strong local presence. Their diverse range of projects speaks volumes about their adaptability and expertise in managing various client tastes and requirements. This versatility is not just limited to Texas; their footprint in the Caribbean highlights their capacity to handle a broad geographic range of design needs.

Recognition and Reliability

Recognition such as the “Best Dallas Designers 2022” accolade not only confirms their high standing in the local community but also speaks to their reliability and quality of service. Such awards are testimonials from the design community, reinforcing the trust that clients place in A Well Dressed Home.

Services Offered

Their streamlined service model is designed to ensure a personalized and enjoyable experience for each client. The firm provides detailed consulting services, helping clients articulate and realize their vision for their spaces. This approach is tailored for those who value both aesthetics and function in their living environments.

Each project under A Well Dressed Home’s belt is a testament to their commitment to quality and client satisfaction. With a strong brand identity of crafting spaces that exude easy elegance, A Well Dressed Home remains a significant player in Texas’s interior design scene.

Beyond Interior Design

Moving beyond A Well Dressed Home, we explore other captivating interior design firms that make a mark in Texas with their unique flair and innovative solutions. Each of these designers brings something special to the table, from incorporating local cultural elements to pushing the boundaries of modern design.

Website: https://beyondidonline.com/

Modern Innovation: Laura U Interior Design

Based in Houston, Laura U Interior Design is well-regarded for merging classic design principles with modern aesthetics. The company is noted for its “Classically Current” approach that makes spaces both beautiful and practical. They excel in creating environments that reflect the personality and lifestyle of their clients, ensuring each project is a unique masterpiece. Featured projects like the Sunset Boulevard Estate in Houston highlight their capability to blend luxury with comfort.

Sustainable Elegance: Fern Santini Design

From Austin, Fern Santini Design is renowned for sustainable and environmentally conscious designs. They specialize in using eco-friendly materials without compromising on luxury. Their projects, such as the Barton Springs Villa, are testaments to using green design to enhance aesthetic appeal and functionality. This firm makes it clear that eco-friendly choices can coexist with luxury and elegance.

Tailored Artistry: Nielsen Collection

Focusing on personalized interiors that tell a story, the Nielsen Collection in Fort Worth is a standout for its detailed customizations. Known for a hands-on approach, they tailor each space to the client’s exact specifications. Their project at the Trinity Bluffs showcased how deeply they involve themselves in crafting detailed, client-focused environments that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Architectural Harmony: SHM Architects

SHM Architects, located in Dallas, harmonizes architectural integrity with interior design. They are masters at ensuring that the interior flow and design enhance the architectural features of a home. Their work on the Cedarbrush Drive Project is a prime example of their seamless integration of interior spaces with architectural elements, proving that the structure of a home can be both a canvas and a companion to interior design.

These firms not only reflect the best of Texas interior design but also bring global trends and local culture together to create spaces that are both functional and remarkable. Each holds a special place in Texas’s vibrant interior design landscape, pushing the boundaries of what is possible within residential and commercial spaces.

Nicole Arnold Interiors

At Nicole Arnold Interiors, we’ve observed a commitment to creating personalized spaces that truly reflect the client’s lifestyle and personality. Based in Dallas, and extending services across Texas, Nicole Arnold and her team have a distinct flair for marrying luxury with functionality, which is evident from their extensive portfolio.

Personalized Approach: Each project at Nicole Arnold Interiors begins with an in-depth consultation, ensuring that every design mirrors the unique preferences and objectives of their clients. Such attention to detail results in homes that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also deeply personal.

Award-Winning Design: Their reputation for excellence is backed by numerous accolades in residential and commercial interior design. Clients consistently praise the team’s ability to transform spaces into elegant and tranquil environments that enhance everyday living.

Seamless Process: What sets Nicole Arnold Interiors apart is their streamlined process from concept to completion. Clients appreciate the ease with which their spaces are transformed, highlighting the firm’s proficiency in handling logistical challenges effectively. This smooth process minimizes the stress often associated with large-scale redesigns.

Diverse Portfolio: Their versatility is showcased across various project types including high-rise condos, vacation homes, and expansive residential redesigns. Locations like Preston Hollow and Kessler Park in Dallas feature projects that reflect a blend of modern and classic design elements.

Client Testimonials: Feedback from clients like Cassy N., Lysa R., and Jill L. underscores the firm’s success in delivering projects that exceed expectations. These testimonials often highlight the creativity, organization, and personalized service that Nicole Arnold’s team brings to each project.

Overall, Nicole Arnold Interiors exemplifies top-tier interior design with a keen focus on client satisfaction and stylish, practical living solutions. Their approach not only transforms spaces but also ensures a delightful design journey for every client.

Website: https://www.nainteriors.com/

Baker Design Group

Continuing our exploration of Texas’ top-tier interior designers, we turn our attention to the Baker Design Group. Based in Dallas, this award-winning firm has carved out a distinguished place in the industry, thanks to its exceptional design skills and comprehensive service offerings.

Website: https://baker-designgroup.com/

Services and Specializations

Baker Design Group offers a wide array of services spanning residential and commercial design. They excel in full-service interior design, which includes everything from spatial planning and design formulation to project management and final installation. Their residential portfolio showcases an adept ability to create sophisticated and inviting home environments tailored to each client’s needs. In the commercial sector, they apply their design prowess to create functional and aesthetically pleasing business spaces that enhance brand identity and client engagement.

Design Excellence and Awards

With a reputation for excellence in the design community, Baker Design Group has been recognized with multiple ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) awards. These accolades underscore their commitment to high-quality design standards and innovative solutions tailored to client specifications.

Client Feedback and Project Management

Testimonials from various clients highlight the firm’s strong emphasis on client satisfaction and meticulous attention to detail. Their project management process is highly organized and transparent, ensuring a seamless experience from conception through to completion.

Distinct Style and Innovation

The group’s distinctive approach often involves a masterful blend of timeless style with contemporary elements. They are also known for their seasonal decorating services, such as custom Christmas designs, which add a unique flair to their portfolio and appeal to a range of client desires.

In our review, while each firm in Texas offers distinct qualities, Baker Design Group stands out with its award-winning design approach and wide-ranging service capabilities. Their dedication to personalizing each space while addressing functional demands makes them a formidable presence in Texas’s vibrant interior design scene.

Colby Interior Designs

With over 30 years of experience, Colby Interior Designs, led by Jennifer Colby, has made a definitive mark on Texas’s interior design scene. Located in Dallas, this firm specializes in creating personalized and functional interiors that not only cater to the unique style of each client but also incorporate the latest design trends with a timeless appeal. Whether it’s a minor makeover or a comprehensive home renovation, Jennifer Colby’s commitment to exceeding client expectations shines through.

Colby Interior Designs offers a full spectrum of design services from start to finish, including kitchen and bath design, luxury home interiors, and custom furniture and upholstery. Their work has been prominently featured in Architectural Digest, further solidifying their reputation in the luxury interior design market. Ranked #6 among Dallas designers by Interior Design Magazines, they are renown for their innovative and distinct design solutions.

Clients appreciate the firm’s meticulous attention to detail and Jennifer’s ability to manage projects efficiently. Positive testimonials highlight her knack for blending functionality with high-end design, making each space both beautiful and livable. Her approachability and expertise in handling everything from the initial design concept to the final touches are frequently praised by clients.

Colby Interior Designs earns particular acclaim for redefining spaces with a blend of traditional, transitional, and eclectic styles. This versatility ensures that every interior is not only refined but also uniquely expressive of each client’s personal tastes and lifestyle. Their portfolio, which can be viewed in their extensive online gallery, showcases a range of impressive transformations, substantiating their position as a top contender in the Texas interior design industry.

Website: https://colbyinteriordesigns.com/

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Interior Design Companies in Texas

When choosing the best interior designers in Texas, our methodology is both thorough and meticulous. We understand that our readers rely on us to provide clear and actionable insights. Here’s how we compare and rank the top interior design firms across the state:

Criteria Used to Evaluate Companies

1. Design Excellence and Innovation: We look at the awards and recognitions received by each firm to judge their excellence in design. This includes local, national, or international awards in various categories of interior design.

2. Client Testimonials and Feedback: The satisfaction of past clients is crucial. We analyze online reviews and testimonials to understand clients’ experiences, focusing on comments about the quality of work, professionalism, and the ability to meet deadlines and budgets.

3. Scope and Diversity of Projects: We evaluate the versatility and scope of projects undertaken by each firm, from residential to commercial spaces. A wider range of successfully completed projects scores higher in our ranking.

4. Design Approach and Style: Each firm’s unique approach to design and their ability to cater to diverse styles—be it modern, eclectic, or traditional—is carefully reviewed.

5. Online Presence and Portfolio: A well-maintained website with a comprehensive portfolio gives insight into the firm’s attention to detail and transparency with potential clients.

Process of Gathering Information

1. Extensive Online Research: We start with a detailed web search to gather data from various sources including the firms’ official websites, design platforms, and social media accounts.

2. Interviews and Direct Communications: Whenever possible, we conduct interviews with the designers or representatives of the firms to get deeper insights into their processes and philosophies.

3. Reference Checks: We reach out to clients when possible to verify information and gain additional perspectives on their experiences with the firms.

4. Peer Evaluations: Insights from other professionals in the industry also contribute to our understanding and ranking.

5. Continuous Monitoring: Our list is updated periodically to reflect any changes in service quality, new projects, or shifting client feedback.

We ensure that our comparisons are fair and based on factors that are most relevant to our readers. Through this stringent evaluation process, we strive to provide recommendations that you can trust for high-quality and impressive interior design results in Texas.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Designer in Texas

Hiring a professional interior designer in Texas offers a range of benefits that can greatly enhance your living or working space. Professional designers bring a level of expertise and creativity that is hard to match through DIY efforts. Here, we outline why investing in professional interior design services in Texas is worth considering.

Expert Guidance and Professional Assessment

Professional interior designers provide expert guidance and a formal assessment of your space, which leads to a solid plan of action. This avoids costly mistakes and ensures that money is spent more efficiently. They see things you might miss and can offer solutions that truly transform a space.

Access to Better Resources and Contacts

Interior designers have access to resources and contacts that are not readily available to the public. Through these resources, designers can help to make your space look more collected, unique, and put together. They often collaborate with architects, contractors, and builders, which can streamline projects and create more cohesive outcomes.

Budget and Time Management

Designers are adept at managing budgets and scheduling projects. By understanding where to allocate funds and how to schedule the design process, they can help you save time and avoid headaches. They can also keep the project on schedule, particularly important in complex projects with multiple elements.

Increased Property Value

A well-designed space by a professional can dramatically increase your property’s value. This is particularly important if you plan to sell your home. Professionally designed spaces are typically more appealing to prospective buyers and can lead to higher offers.

A Professional Touch

With a wealth of industry experience, designers can give you a professional touch that ensures a more aesthetically pleasing, functional, and quality environment. From the layout to materials, their expertise in elements of design can bring out the best in your space.

By hiring an interior designer in Texas, you not only enhance the beauty of your property but also the quality of your living or working environment.


We’ve explored some of the most talented and innovative interior designers Texas has to offer. Each firm brings a unique flair and specialized expertise that not only meets but often exceeds client expectations. Whether you’re looking for luxurious residential design or dynamic commercial spaces these designers are equipped to transform any environment. With their award-winning designs and client-focused approaches they represent the best of Texas’s vibrant interior design community. Choosing any of these top designers ensures a partnership that values both aesthetics and functionality creating spaces that are both beautiful and livable. As you consider enhancing your own space remember that investing in professional interior design is investing in the quality and value of your property. Trusting these professionals with your design needs means setting the stage for remarkable transformations that reflect your personal style and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some top interior designers in Texas?

Laura U Interior Design, Fern Santini Design, Nielsen Collection, SHM Architects, Nicole Arnold Interiors, Baker Design Group, and Colby Interior Designs are among the top interior designers in Texas. Each of these firms has a distinctive style and a strong focus on creating personalized spaces that reflect their clients’ lifestyles.

What makes Nicole Arnold Interiors stand out in Dallas?

Nicole Arnold Interiors is known for creating luxurious, personalized spaces that blend both luxury and functionality. Their process is seamless, and they have a track record of delivering award-winning designs that focus heavily on client satisfaction.

What services does Baker Design Group offer?

Baker Design Group in Dallas offers full-service interior design for both residential and commercial spaces. They are known for their sophisticated, inviting environments and have received multiple ASID awards for their design excellence.

What is unique about Colby Interior Designs?

Led by Jennifer Colby, Colby Interior Designs specializes in creating interiors that blend the latest trends with a timeless appeal. With over 30 years of experience, they are particularly acclaimed for their meticulous attention to detail and efficient project management.

How are interior design companies in Texas evaluated?

The evaluation criteria for interior design companies in Texas include design excellence, client testimonials, the scope and diversity of projects, design approach and style, and online presence. The ranking involves extensive research such as online browsing, interviews, reference checks, and peer evaluations.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer in Texas?

Hiring a professional interior designer in Texas offers numerous benefits including expert guidance, access to better resources, effective budget and time management, increased property value, and a professional touch that enhances the overall beauty and functionality of the space.

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