5 Best Home Remodeling Contractors in Vermont

Embarking on a home remodeling project can be as daunting as it is exciting. Knowing who to trust with the transformation of your living space is paramount. That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of selecting the right contractor for your needs in Vermont. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has dedicated hundreds of hours to meticulously research and vet local remodeling companies, ensuring you have access to the best.

We’ve analyzed everything from customer feedback to portfolios and service range, comparing numerous contractors across the state. Our findings are distilled into a concise list of the top five home remodeling contractors in Vermont. These are the professionals who stand out for their craftsmanship, reliability, and superior customer service. Join us as we investigate into who made the cut and why they deserve to be on your radar for your next home project.

Green State Builders, LLC

When you’re searching for a dependable home remodeling contractor in Vermont, Green State Builders, LLC stands out for its comprehensive services and skilled team. What sets them apart is their on-site cadre of licensed professionals, including Master Carpenters, a Master Plumber, and a Master Electrician. This organization eliminates the need to hire sub-contractors, which can streamline the remodeling process significantly.

At Green State Builders, they manage every aspect of residential and commercial kitchen and bath remodeling. Their services range from carpentry, tiling, and wood flooring to plumbing, electrical work, painting, finishing, appliance installation, and service work. By having a full team on-site, they ensure that projects move swiftly and smoothly, aligning closely with client timelines and expectations.

Their pricing is transparent, beginning with a free in-office consultation at their well-equipped showroom located at 6d Laurette Drive, Essex, Vermont. If you prefer the consultation to take place in your home, it is available for a nominal fee of $125. This meeting is crucial as it allows their designer to grasp the space and provide more tailored solutions. For comprehensive project design, a fee starting at $500 applies, which seems reasonable given their extensive in-house capabilities and swift delivery timelines.

They encourage potential clients to contact them for a free project estimate, ensuring privacy and no unsolicited communications post-inquiry. Available Monday through Friday, their approachable team can be reached at 802-497-0314 for any queries or scheduling needs.

Summarizing, Green State Builders, LLC provides an all-encompassing, efficient solution for home renovations in Vermont, making them a top contender for anyone looking to transform their space with the help of seasoned experts.

Website: https://www.greenstatebuildersvt.com/

Clar Construction

Building on the strengths highlighted by Green State Builders, LLC, Clar Construction stands out for its deep local roots and customized approach to home remodeling in Vermont. This Montpelier-based company excels in delivering a broad spectrum of remodeling services, including kitchens, bathrooms, whole-home renovations, and specialized options such as aging-in-place designs.

Service Range and Specialties: Clar Construction offers a comprehensive suite of services. From kitchen and bathroom makeovers to expansive additions and custom cabinetry, they cover almost every aspect of home remodeling. What sets them apart is their expertise in historic restorations and custom woodworking, catering to specific needs that preserve the essence of Vermont’s rich architectural history.

Experience and Local Integration: As a locally owned and operated entity, Clar Construction brings a community-focused approach to their projects. They integrate seamlessly with local vendors and workers, which not only supports the local economy but also ensures that all materials and labor meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Client-Centric Planning and Execution: At the core of their process is comprehensive upfront planning and client involvement. This begins with a detailed consultation to ensure that every client’s vision is clearly understood and meticulously implemented. Their integrated team approach ensures that projects move smoothly from concept through completion without the hassle of dealing with multiple subcontractors.

Reputation and Reliability: Testimonials and project galleries showcased on their website underline their commitment to quality and client satisfaction. The visual evidence of their craftsmanship, combined with positive customer feedback, reinforces their position as a top-rated home remodeling contractor in Vermont.

Through these distinct qualities, Clar Construction not only fulfills but exceeds client expectations, making them a prime candidate for anyone considering a serious remodeling project in Vermont. Their commitment to quality and local collaboration makes them a unique and trusted choice.

Website: https://clarconstruction.com/

Horizons Home Renovation, LLC


At Horizons Home Renovation, LLC, homeowners get more than just a contractor; they partner with a team dedicated to bringing their vision to life. With a business model that emphasizes quality craftsmanship and ethical integrity, Horizons has become a go-to for remodeling in Vermont.

Services Offered

Horizons Home Renovation specializes in transforming spaces through meticulous planning and skilled execution. They offer comprehensive remodels, including kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. They also excel in additions and conversions, seamlessly integrating new structures with existing ones.

Performance and Quality

Clients consistently praise Horizons for their professionalism and punctuality. A recent project involved renovating a first-floor space to create an open, inviting layout. Horizons used unique, reclaimed barn supports to enhance structural openness, a testament to their creative problem-solving and commitment to unique design solutions.

Client Feedback

Testimonials highlight Horizons’ responsiveness and value. Their ability to collaborate closely with clients, understand their needs, and fine-tune visions into reality is well-documented. The professionalism extends to their network of reliable subcontractors, ensuring all aspects of the project are executed flawlessly.

Cost and Value

Compared to other local contractors, Horizons offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality or service. Their detailed quotations help clients understand where their money is going, ensuring there are no surprises. By leveraging quality materials and skilled tradespeople, Horizons ensures that the investment in home renovation pays off in both aesthetics and durability.

Why Choose Horizons?

For those looking to transform their home with a trusted partner, Horizons Home Renovation, LLC stands out. Their commitment to quality, paired with transparent practices and a client-focused approach, make them a top choice for homeowners in Vermont.

Website: https://www.hhrenovation.com/

VT Custom Remodeling

Continuing our review of Vermont’s best home remodeling contractors, VT Custom Remodeling stands out as a premier choice in the residential construction and remodeling sector. Founded in 2011, this company has consistently demonstrated its prowess by executing projects with unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication.

VT Custom Remodeling specializes in a variety of services, ranging from carpentry and bathroom remodeling to comprehensive kitchen redesigns and additions. Their expertise extends to installing high-quality wood and tile flooring, essential components in any modern refurbishment. Clients consistently highlight VT Custom Remodeling’s ability to merge practicality with aesthetics, ensuring that each space is not only beautiful but also fully functional.

What sets VT Custom Remodeling apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Unlike some competitors, they spend significant time understanding the client’s vision. This client-centered approach is reflected in their meticulous attention to detail and the personalized solutions they provide. For homeowners looking to enhance their property’s value and functionality, VT Custom Remodeling offers a reliable and cost-effective service.

Their pricing model is transparent, and the company prides itself on fair and honest cost estimates. Customers appreciate this clarity, which allows them to budget efficiently without fearing hidden expenses.

Also, VT Custom Remodeling’s responsive customer service is a major plus. They are known for their punctuality and efficiency, addressing concerns and adapting to new requirements as projects evolve. Their professional team is always ready to go the extra mile, which adds to the overall satisfaction and trust they build with their customers.

In summation, VT Custom Remodeling is highly recommended for any homeowner in Vermont looking to embark on a home improvement project. Their exceptional service, combined with their reasonable pricing and high-quality output, certainly ranks them among the top home remodeling contractors in the state.

Website: https://vtcustomremodeling.com/

Twin Pines Building & Remodeling LLC

Twin Pines Building & Remodeling, nestled in the heart of Colchester, Vermont, stands out for its personalized and comprehensive approach to home remodeling. Owners Ben and John bring over 30 years of collective experience to the table, ensuring that every project receives the attention it deserves.

Website: https://twinpinesvt.com/

Experience and Expertise

Our team boasts significant expertise in handling various types of home remodeling projects, from simple renovations to complete overhauls. The owners’ familiarity with the latest building codes, energy codes, and modern construction techniques translates into every project they undertake. This ensures not only compliance with legal standards but also provides clients with efficient and up-to-date home solutions.

Service Range

Whether it’s a minor repair or a major renovation, Twin Pines covers a broad spectrum of remodeling services. Our ability to manage any project size, paired with a deeply skilled team of about 10 dedicated carpenters, means we can tackle just about any challenge in residential remodeling.

Commitment to Quality

What sets Twin Pines apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality craftsmanship. Clients can expect a meticulous approach to every detail, whether it’s in the selection of materials or the fine-tuning of the architectural layout. This diligence ensures durable, aesthetically pleasing outcomes that truly make a house feel like a home.

Customer Service

Our operational hours from Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, are designed to cater to a wide range of client schedules, providing flexibility and convenience. Besides, the direct involvement of owners in every project not only builds trust but also fosters a more personalized service experience. The ease of contact through phone and email guarantees that our clients’ queries and concerns are promptly addressed, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Summarizing, our thorough knowledge, broad service capabilities, and steadfast commitment to quality and client satisfaction make Twin Pines a top contender among Vermont’s home remodeling contractors.

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Home Remodelling Companies in Vermont

When evaluating the best home remodeling contractors in Vermont, our process is both thorough and transparent. We use a multi-faceted approach to ensure that our rankings are fair and accurate, helping you make the best choice for your home renovation needs.

Selection Criteria

Our initial step involves listing all active home remodeling companies in Vermont. We then filter these by key factors:

  • Years of Experience: We consider companies with a lengthy track record in Vermont, as long-term presence often correlates with reliability and expertise.
  • Service Diversity: It’s crucial that the contractors offer a broad range of services, covering everything from kitchen renovations to complete home remodels.
  • Certifications and Licensing: Only companies with valid local and national certifications for construction and remodeling are considered.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

We analyze both online reviews and direct customer feedback to gauge satisfaction levels. This includes:

  • Quality of Craftsmanship: Specifically, we look for repeated mentions of high-quality work in customer testimonials.
  • Professionalism: How well the company communicates and manages projects from inception to completion.
  • After-Service Care: Attention to any follow-up services or handling of issues post completion of the remodel.

Direct Comparisons

Each company is directly compared to others in the region based on:

  • Price Estimates: Transparency and competitiveness of the pricing.
  • Project Timeline Accuracy: How accurately does the company predict and adhere to timelines?
  • Innovation and Approach: Adoption of new technologies and methods for remodeling.

Verification Through Site Visits

Where possible, we conduct site visits to projects completed by these companies to personally assess the craftsmanship and talk to homeowners about their post-project satisfaction.

By meticulously evaluating each remodeling service provider under these criteria, we ensure that our recommendations for the top contractors in Vermont are both trustworthy and practical for your specific remodeling needs.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Home Remodelling Contractors in Vermont

When exploring home renovation options, the advantages of hiring professional home remodeling contractors in Vermont are significant. From compliance with local building regulations to high-quality results, understanding these benefits can guide homeowners in making informed decisions.

Expertise and Compliance

Professional contractors bring a wealth of expertise. Contractors like Twin Pines Building & Remodeling LLC are not only experienced but also ensure that all projects meet strict building and energy codes vital in Vermont. This compliance is crucial for both safety and legality.

Quality and Craftsmanship

The value of exceptional craftsmanship cannot be overstated. Companies such as VT Custom Remodeling excel in delivering finely crafted kitchens and bathrooms. Their commitment to craftsmanship ensures that every inch of the remodel adds both beauty and functionality to your home.

Personalized Service

Choosing a professional contractor means receiving personalized service tailored to specific needs and visions. For instance, Twin Pines emphasizes direct owner involvement which facilitates a more customized and satisfying remodeling experience.

Efficient Project Management

One of the biggest challenges in home remodeling is handling the project’s timeline and budget. Professional contractors manage these aspects meticulously, as seen with Green State Builders, LLC, and Clar Construction. They provide accurate price estimates and timeline adherence, hence eliminating the unpredictability that can often accompany renovation projects.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Hiring professionals can lead to significant long-term savings. Skilled contractors perform tasks correctly the first time, reducing the need for costly repairs and maintenance. Their expertise in selecting the right materials and executing the job efficiently decreases unnecessary expenses.

Stress Reduction

The process of remodeling can be overwhelming. By delegating this responsibility to seasoned professionals, homeowners can reduce stress. Knowing that the project is handled by experienced contractors like those at Horizons Home Renovation, LLC ensures peace of mind throughout the remodeling process.

Enhanced Home Value

A professionally executed home remodel significantly boosts the property’s market value. This increase is not only financially beneficial but also advantageous if the property is put on the market. Professional remodeling services ensure that every aspect of the project contributes to enhancing the overall appeal and value of the home.

By choosing a reputable, experienced contractor in Vermont, homeowners benefit from a blend of compliance, craftsmanship, and thoughtful customer service that transforms remodeling ideas into a valuable reality.


Choosing the right contractor for your home remodeling project in Vermont can make all the difference. We’ve highlighted some of the best in the state who not only bring expertise and compliance to the table but also ensure that every detail of your project is managed with care. By selecting from our list of top contractors you’re setting yourself up for a successful remodel that enhances your home’s value and your quality of life. Trust in their proven track records and let your dream home take shape with the best professionals by your side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some reputable home remodeling contractors in Vermont?

Green State Builders, LLC, Clar Construction, and Horizons Home Renovation, LLC are among the reputable contractors highlighted for their excellent craftsmanship and customer-centric service.

What criteria were used to rank the home remodeling contractors?

The contractors were ranked based on their compliance with regulations, quality craftsmanship, personalized service, efficient project management, and capacity for stress reduction.

What are the benefits of hiring professional home remodeling contractors in Vermont?

Professional contractors offer a range of benefits including expertise in the field, adherence to local regulations, high-quality craftsmanship, personalized customer service, efficient project handling, potential long-term cost savings, reduction in stress, and the likelihood of enhancing the home’s market value.

How do professional contractors contribute to long-term cost savings?

Experienced contractors ensure thorough and efficient work, reducing the need for frequent repairs and revisions, which in turn provides long-term cost savings for homeowners.

How does hiring a professional contractor reduce stress?

Professional contractors manage all aspects of a remodeling project from start to finish, including timing, budget, supplying materials, and compliance with regulations. This comprehensive management reduces the stress and burden on the homeowner.

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