5 Best Painters in Vermont

When searching for exceptional painters in Vermont, the choices can seem endless. That’s why we’ve taken the time to meticulously sift through the options to bring you the crème de la crème of local talent. Our team at HomeSpot HQ dedicated hundreds of hours to researching, analyzing customer feedback, and comparing the craftsmanship of various professionals to ensure we recommend only the best.

We understand the importance of a well-done paint job—it’s not just about aesthetics but also about protecting your investment. Whether you’re looking to refresh your home’s exterior or add a splash of color to your interior spaces, finding the right painter is crucial. Our list of the top five painters in Vermont is designed to save you time and provide peace of mind that you’re making a well-well-informed choice. Join us as we investigate into the vibrant world of Vermont’s finest painters, each known for their stellar quality and impeccable service.

Green Mountain Painters

Green Mountain Painters | Painting ...

When it comes to high-quality painting services in Vermont, Green Mountain Painters consistently stands out. Based on our research and customer testimonials, this team excels in both residential and commercial painting projects. They are known for their meticulous attention to detail and their commitment to using environmentally friendly paints.

Professional Expertise and Services Offered:
Green Mountain Painters offers comprehensive services including interior and exterior painting, deck staining, and pressure washing. What sets them apart is their skilled use of zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, which are better for the environment and for indoor air quality.

Customer Satisfaction and Reliability:
Clients often praise Green Mountain Painters for their punctuality and professionalism. They have a clear communication process and are highly responsive, ensuring that all project details are well-understood and any concerns are promptly addressed.

Pricing and Value:
The pricing is competitive and reflects the high quality of workmanship and materials used. Customers find great value in their services, as evidenced by their numerous repeat clients and referrals.

Durability and Quality of Work:
The longevity of their paint jobs is a major advantage. Many customers have noted that the colors remain vibrant and the finishes durable, even several years after the painting was completed.

In the realm of Vermont painters, Green Mountain Painters are a reliable choice for those who prioritize quality, environmental consciousness, and lasting results. Their proven track record and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a standout option in the Green Mountain State.

Website: https://www.vtpainters.com/

Lafayette Painting Inc.

Lafayette Painting Inc. - Chittenden ...

Following the excellent standards set by Green Mountain Painters, Lafayette Painting Inc. stands out for its specialized focus on historical and residential properties across Vermont. Known for restoring and enhancing older buildings with precision, they provide an invaluable service for maintaining Vermont’s architectural heritage.

Website: http://www.lafayettepaintinginc.com/

Services Offered

At Lafayette Painting Inc., services encompass a broad range of options tailored to preserving the aesthetic integrity of each property:

  • Historical Building Restoration: They excel in techniques suitable for historical preservation, making them a top choice for owners of classic Vermont homes.
  • Custom Residential Painting: From color consultation to final touch-ups, their comprehensive residential painting services ensure a flawless finish.
  • Detailed Trim and Finish Work: Expert attention to trim, molding, and finer details enhances the overall quality of their projects.

Performance and Reliability

Clients consistently report high satisfaction with Lafayette Painting Inc.’s work. The application process is described as meticulous, leaving no streaks or unevenness, which is essential for historical preservation. Their commitment to using high-quality paints results in vibrant, enduring colors that withstand the test of time.

  • Durability of Paint Jobs: Clients observe that the paints retain their brightness and resist weathering, attributed to both premium paint choices and expert application.
  • Customer Experience: Timeliness and professional conduct are highlighted in customer reviews, with particular appreciation noted for the respect shown toward their properties during projects.

Cost Efficiency

When assessing the value offered by Lafayette Painting Inc., customers find their pricing reasonable, especially given the specialized nature of their services. While not the cheapest option available, the expertise in handling historically significant homes justifies the investment, as noted in several testimonials.

  • Value for Specialized Services: Their prices reflect the niche skills and techniques required for meticulous restoration and high-end residential painting.

With a definitive focus on quality and preservation, Lafayette Painting Inc. ensures that Vermont’s historical and residential properties not only look their best but are also treated with the care they deserve.

A Blaze Of Color Painting Company LLC.

Painting Services in Chittenden County ...

A Blaze Of Color Painting Company LLC stands out in Vermont’s vibrant painting industry. Known for their innovative techniques and reliable service, they cater to both residential and commercial clients, ensuring versatile solutions for all painting needs.

Services Offered

At A Blaze Of Color, their service range is impressive. They offer interior and exterior painting, deck staining, and pressure washing. Their specialty lies in custom color consultations which help clients make informed decisions tailored to their aesthetic preferences.

Performance and Reliability

Our evaluation shows that A Blaze Of Color delivers consistent quality. They use high-quality paints and materials that hold up against Vermont’s harsh winters and humid summers. Clients have noted that the paint maintains its luster and resilience long after application.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers frequently commend the professionalism of the team. The staff at A Blaze Of Color are punctual, courteous, and clean up after their jobs, which significantly enhances client satisfaction. Also, they are responsive, addressing any concerns swiftly which fosters trust and reliability.

Pricing and Value

About pricing, A Blaze Of Color offers competitive rates that align well with the quality and scope of their services. They provide clear, detailed quotes that help customers understand what they are paying for, ensuring there are no surprises.

Comparison to Industry Peers

Compared to other companies like Green Mountain Painters and Lafayette Painting Inc., A Blaze Of Color emphasizes more on modern techniques and broader services. While they may not specialize in historical restorations like Lafayette, their breadth in residential and commercial projects makes them a highly adaptable choice in the Vermont painting service market.

By focusing on quality, customer service, and comprehensive offerings, A Blaze Of Color Painting Company LLC positions itself as a top contender in Vermont’s painting industry, appreciated for its innovation and customer-centric approach.

Website; https://www.ablazeofcolor.com/

A Job Well Done Painting LLC

Burlington Painting Contractor (A Job ...

Moving on from A Blaze Of Color, we now turn our attention to A Job Well Done Painting LLC, a distinctive name that promises quality and satisfaction. Based in Vermont, this painting company has carved out a reputation for delivering meticulous, high-quality paint jobs that consistently exceed client expectations.

Specialized Services Offered: Unlike some competitors, A Job Well Done Painting LLC focuses intensely on residential projects. This specialization has allowed them to perfect their craft in home environments, ensuring that every brushstroke contributes to a homely and appealing finish.

Customer Service and Reliability: What sets A Job Well Done apart is their commitment to reliable scheduling and transparent communication. Customers appreciate knowing exactly when their project will begin and end, with the company maintaining open lines of communication throughout the duration of the project. This reliability extends to their punctuality and cleanliness, aspects highly valued in residential settings.

Quality of Paint and Materials: They exclusively use high-quality, durable paints. These products ensure longevity and a stunning finish that holds up against the wear and tear of daily life. Clients have noted that the colors remain vibrant and the finish glossy long after the job is done.

Pricing and Value: When it comes to pricing, A Job Well Done Painting LLC maintains a competitive edge without compromising on quality. They offer clear, upfront pricing that matches the high standard of their work. Customers find great value in their services, often citing that the cost is justified by the durability of the paint and the impeccable finish.

Overall Experience: The feedback from many customers highlights an overall experience that often surpasses their initial expectations. The professional demeanor of the staff, coupled with their meticulous attention to detail, ensures that each painting project is executed flawlessly.

In comparison to other options in Vermont, A Job Well Done Painting LLC stands out for their residential expertise, consistent quality, and excellent customer interaction. Their focused approach has not only earned them a loyal customer base but also a top spot amongst Vermont’s best painting services.

Website: http://www.ajobwelldonepainting.com/

A&D COLOR Painting Company LLC.

Residential & Commercial Painting ...

After exploring the unique features of other painting services in Vermont, we now turn our attention to A&D COLOR Painting Company LLC. This company has carved out a significant niche in the Vermont painting market by prioritizing customer collaboration and detailed craftsmanship.

Services Offered

A&D COLOR Painting Company LLC caters to both residential and commercial projects, offering a range of services including interior painting, exterior painting, and wallpaper removal. Their flexibility in handling different project sizes and their expertise in various painting techniques makes them a versatile choice for diverse painting needs.

Quality and Materials

One of A&D COLOR’s strongest points is their dedication to using eco-friendly and high-quality materials. They choose paints with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels which not only minimizes environmental impact but also ensures the safety of occupants. This aligns them well with Vermont’s overall eco-conscious values.

Customer Experience

Clients of A&D COLOR Painting Company LLC often highlight the company’s professionalism and the ease of communication. The painters ensure thorough discussion of the project expectations and timeframes upfront, which helps in minimizing any misunderstandings. Also, they are noted for their punctuality and cleanliness, maintaining a tidy work environment throughout the project duration.

Comparative Advantage

Although A&D COLOR does not specialize in as many additional services as A Blaze Of Color Painting Company LLC, their focus on core painting services and eco-friendly options presents them as a strong contender in Vermont’s competitive painting landscape. Their approach to customer service and quality craftsmanship positions them particularly well for clients who value sustainability coupled with high-end results.

Their expertise and commitment are clear indications of their role as one of the top painting services in Vermont, ensuring that every project they undertake meets a high standard of excellence and client satisfaction.

Website: https://www.adcolorvt.com/

How We Rank & Compare Painting Contractors in Vermont

When selecting the best painters for inclusion in our review, we employ a robust and transparent ranking method. Here’s how we ensure that each painting contractor listed is among the top in Vermont:

Criteria Used for Evaluation

  1. Quality of Service: We examine the finish and durability of the paint jobs. High ratings in customer testimonials and case studies where service quality is evident give contractors an edge.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: We analyze customer reviews and feedback to gauge satisfaction levels. This includes timeliness, professionalism, and the painter’s ability to meet client expectations.
  3. Materials Used: Contractors using high-quality, eco-friendly paints score higher due to the growing demand for environmentally responsible options.
  4. Experience and Expertise: Companies with extensive experience and specialized skills are favored. We look for certifications and awards that validate their expertise.
  5. Cost Transparency and Value: Pricing clarity and how well the costs are communicated and justified are crucial. We consider overall value, including guarantees and after-service support.
  6. Innovation and Technique: The adoption of new technologies and innovative methods are also considered. This includes the use of new painting techniques that ensure better results and efficiency.
  • Direct Comparisons: We directly compare the offerings of each contractor against those of their competitors about the above criteria.
  • Client Interviews and Feedback: Engaging with previous clients gives us deeper insights into the real-world performance of the painting contractors.
  • Project Analysis: We evaluate detailed case studies or portfolio examples that demonstrate their skill and commitment to quality.

By maintaining strict adherence to these criteria, we ensure that our list of top painters not only meets but exceeds expectations for quality, reliability, and satisfaction among Vermont homeowners and business owners.

Benefits Of Hiring a Professional Painting Service In Vermont

When it comes to refreshing the look of our homes or workplaces, the quality of paint and the expertise of the painters play crucial roles. In Vermont, hiring a professional painting service brings a multitude of benefits, ensuring that the outcome is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. Let’s discuss the advantages of opting for professionals over DIY methods.

Expertise and Experience

Professional painters bring years of experience to the table. This expertise means they are well-versed in dealing with various painting scenarios, including tricky surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. For instance, companies like Green Mountain Painters and Lafayette Painting Inc. are known for their meticulous attention to detail, which can drastically improve the look and feel of any space.

Quality Materials and Tools

The top painters in Vermont, including A Blaze Of Color Painting Company LLC and A&D COLOR Painting Company LLC, use high-quality, often eco-friendly paints and materials. These materials ensure a longer-lasting finish, which means our paint jobs remain vibrant and durable against the harsh Vermont weather.

Timely and Efficient

Hiring a professional ensures that the project is completed in a timely manner. Professionals like A Job Well Done Painting LLC are known for their efficiency, seamlessly managing the painting process from prep work to the final touches without unnecessary delays.

Stress-Free Experience

Managing a painting project can be stressful. By hiring a professional service, such as those listed as Vermont’s best, all aspects from planning, preparation, and execution to cleanup and final inspections are handled by the team. This turnkey solution is invaluable for both residential and commercial clients.


While it might seem counterintuitive, hiring professionals can be cost-effective in the long run. Professional painters can accurately estimate the amount of materials needed, and their experience minimizes costly mistakes. Also, the durability of their work means fewer repaints in the future.

By relying on the expertise of Vermont’s best painters, we ensure not only a visually pleasing result but also a smart, long-term investment in our properties. Their focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and innovative techniques translates into a superior painting service that stands the test of time.


Choosing the right painting service in Vermont can transform your home or business space into a masterpiece of color and quality. By highlighting the best painters across the state we’ve shown that whether you’re looking for eco-friendly options or impeccable craftsmanship these professionals have you covered. Trusting these top-rated painters means you’re not only enhancing the aesthetic of your property but also investing in its longevity and value. Let their expertise guide your next project and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with flawless results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top painting services in Vermont?

Green Mountain Painters, Lafayette Painting Inc., A Blaze Of Color Painting Company LLC, A Job Well Done Painting LLC, and A&D COLOR Painting Company LLC are highly recommended for their exceptional service, use of eco-friendly paints, and customer satisfaction.

Why should I hire a professional painting service in Vermont?

Hiring professional painters ensures expertise with high-quality materials which results in a more efficient, stress-free painting experience. Professionals provide not just visual appeal but also long-lasting durability, making it a cost-effective solution for your painting needs.

What are the benefits of using eco-friendly paints?

Eco-friendly paints reduce the exposure to toxic chemicals, making it safer for your family and the environment. They also tend to have low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which helps in maintaining better indoor air quality.

How does professional painting add value to my property?

Professional painting significantly enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property, which can increase its market value. Quality painting also protects surfaces from wear and tear, extending the lifespan of the materials used in your home.

Is it cost-effective to hire professional painters?

Yes, hiring professional painters can be cost-effective. They complete the job efficiently with minimal waste and can often source materials at a lower cost due to industry contacts. Additionally, the long-lasting results can save you money on frequent touch-ups and repairs.

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