5 Best Movers in Virginia

Are you planning a move in Virginia and feeling overwhelmed by the countless moving companies to choose from? You’re not alone. Finding a reliable mover that fits your needs and budget can be a challenging job. That’s where we come in. Our team of experts has dedicated hundreds of hours to researching and evaluating moving companies across the state to bring you the top five best movers in Virginia.

We’ve sifted through customer reviews, services offered, pricing, and company reputations to determine which movers stand out from the rest. This article is designed to simplify your decision-making process, ensuring you partner with a mover that makes your transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. By the end of this read, you’ll be equipped with the information you need to make an informed choice, saving you time and avoiding potential headaches. Let’s immerse and discover the best movers Virginia has to offer.

JK Moving Services

JK Moving Services

Continuing your journey to find the perfect moving partner in Virginia, JK Moving Services stands out for its exceptional offerings and dedication to customer satisfaction. As a reputable name in the moving industry, JK Moving Services has earned its position through consistent performance and a strong commitment to quality service.

Website: https://www.jkmoving.com/

Comprehensive Services

JK Moving Services provides an all-encompassing range of options tailored to meet diverse needs. Whether you’re relocating your household or your business, they’ve got you covered with:

  • Residential moving services, ensuring your personal belongings reach their new home safely.
  • Commercial moving services, designed to minimize downtime and keep your business operations smooth.
  • Long-distance moves, offering reliable solutions for those relocating outside Virginia.
  • Storage solutions, providing secure, climate-controlled spaces for short-term or long-term needs.

Advanced Technology and Resources

Embracing innovation, JK Moving Services incorporates advanced technology and resources to enhance your moving experience. Customers benefit from:

  • GPS tracking, allowing you to monitor the progress of your move in real-time.
  • Modern, eco-friendly vehicles, ensuring a more secure and efficient move.
  • A personalized online portal for easy management and tracking of your moving process.

Commitment to Customer Care

The cornerstone of JK Moving Services’ reputation is its unwavering commitment to customer care. With:

  • A dedicated move coordinator assigned to each client, simplifying communication and ensuring a personalized moving plan.
  • Professional, background-checked movers, guaranteeing trust and safety throughout the moving process.
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees, providing peace of mind and clarity in budgeting for your move.

Choosing JK Moving Services means partnering with a mover that prioritizes your needs, offering peace of mind and a seamless transition to your new beginning in Virginia.

Hampton Virginia Military Veteran Movers.

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When looking for a mover in Virginia that understands the unique needs of military personnel and veterans, Hampton Virginia Military Veteran Movers come highly recommended. This team, composed of veterans themselves, brings a level of discipline, reliability, and respect to the moving process unmatched by typical moving services. Their firsthand experience with military relocations ensures they’re adept at handling the complexities and nuances these moves often entail.

Services Tailored for Military Moves

Hampton Virginia Military Veteran Movers offer an array of services designed to alleviate the stress of moving for military families. Their offerings include:

  • Packing and Unpacking: They provide comprehensive packing services, utilizing high-quality materials and techniques to protect your belongings, including delicate and valuable items.
  • Storage Solutions: Understanding the transient nature of military life, they offer flexible and secure storage options for short-term or long-term needs.
  • Vehicle Transportation: Whether relocating across the country or overseas, they can arrange for safe and efficient vehicle transportation.

Benefits of Choosing Veteran Movers

Opting for movers who share a military background offers numerous advantages:

  • Understanding of Military Schedules: They’re familiar with the tight timelines and unpredictability of military schedules and are flexible and accommodating as a result.
  • Trust and Reliability: Military movers bring a sense of discipline and integrity to their work, ensuring your belongings are handled with the utmost care and respect.
  • Seamless Communication: Veterans understand the importance of clear, efficient communication, making them ideal partners during the stress of a move.

Assurance of Quality Service

Choosing Hampton Virginia Military Veteran Movers means you’re partnering with a team that prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction. They’re committed to providing a high-quality service that respects your time, property, and the unique demands of military life. Each move is approached with the precision and planning of a military operation, guaranteeing a successful and stress-free relocation. Transitioning to your new home in Virginia with the aid of these veteran movers ensures a seamless move, allowing you to focus on what’s truly important – your family and future endeavors in your new community.

Website: https://hamptonmovingcompanies.com/


MyProMovers | LinkedIn

Transitioning seamlessly from the dedicated services offered by Hampton Virginia Military Veteran Movers, MyProMovers emerges as another preferred choice for individuals seeking exemplary moving services in Virginia. Famous for its commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction, MyProMovers provides a comprehensive suite of moving solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of their clients.

Website: https://www.mypromoversdc.com/

Comprehensive Moving Services

MyProMovers excels in offering a broad range of services that cater to every moving necessity. Whether you’re planning a local move within Virginia or gearing up for a long-distance relocation, MyProMovers designs its services to ensure a smooth transition. They specialize in residential moves, commercial relocations, and even delicate tasks like piano and fine art moving. Their full packing services eliminate the stress of preparing your belongings, ensuring everything is safely and securely wrapped for transport.

Stress-Free Moving Experience

Understanding the common anxieties associated with moving, MyProMovers strives to provide a stress-free experience. Their team of professionals is trained to handle your belongings with the utmost care, employing the latest techniques and equipment to safeguard items during transit. With MyProMovers, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your move is handled by experts, from meticulous packing to efficient transport and careful unloading.

Customer-Centric Approach

One of the hallmarks of MyProMovers is their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. They work closely with you to tailor a moving plan that fits your schedule, budget, and specific requirements. Responsive communication keeps you informed every step of the way, ensuring clear, seamless coordination throughout the moving process. MyProMovers sets itself apart by valuing feedback and continuously striving to enhance their services based on client input.

Embarking on your next Virginia move with MyProMovers guarantees not only the expert handling of your possessions but also a remarkably smooth and tailored moving experience. Their combination of comprehensive services, a stress-free moving approach, and a customer-centric philosophy solidifies MyProMovers as a top contender in the Virginia moving industry.

BestMovers LLC

Transitioning seamlessly from the excellence of MyProMovers, BestMovers LLC stands out as a premier choice among the best movers in Virginia. This company shines in delivering exceptional moving services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients. With a strong focus on reliability and customer satisfaction, BestMovers LLC offers a comprehensive range of moving services that encompass both local and long-distance relocations.

Website: https://bestmoversllc.com/

Services Offered

Offering a full suite of moving solutions, BestMovers LLC excels in residential, commercial, and specialized moving services. Their residential moving package ensures a smooth transition for families, handling everything from packing to unpacking with utmost care. For businesses, BestMovers LLC provides efficient commercial moving services, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuity. They also have expertise in handling valuable items such as antiques and fine art, guaranteeing their safe transport to your new location.

Customer Satisfaction and Reliability

At the heart of BestMovers LLC’s operation is a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. They pride themselves on their punctuality, transparent pricing, and the ability to handle any moving challenge with grace and professionalism. Reviews consistently highlight the team’s dedication, efficiency, and courteousness, underscoring BestMovers LLC’s status as a trusted moving partner.

Tailored Moving Plans

Understanding that each move is unique, BestMovers LLC offers customized moving plans to meet the specific requirements of their clients. Their experienced team works closely with you to assess your moving needs, offering guidance and support throughout the entire moving process. This personalized approach ensures a seamless move, tailored precisely to your timeline and budget.

To conclude, BestMovers LLC seamlessly extends the list of top movers in Virginia, providing a robust solution for anyone looking to relocate within or outside the state. Their comprehensive services, coupled with an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, make them an exemplary choice for your next move.

Major Moving

Warrenton, Haymarket and Bristow Moving ...

After discussing various renowned moving companies in Virginia, it’s crucial to underline the significance of choosing a mover that not only caters to your specific needs but also brings a high level of expertise and reliability to the process. Major Moving, another top contender in Virginia, stands out for its exceptional services, making your relocation seamless and stress-free.

Website: https://majormovingdmv.com/

Tailored Services

Major Moving offers tailored moving solutions that adapt seamlessly to your unique circumstances. Whether you’re moving a small apartment or a large corporation, Major Moving designs a plan that fits your specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that every aspect of your move is covered, from precise packing to transportation and setup at your new location.

Experienced Professionals

One of the reasons Major Moving ranks among the best is its team of experienced professionals. With a deep understanding of the moving industry and the challenges that come with it, they handle your belongings with utmost care and professionalism. This ensures not only the safety of your items but also a timely and efficient moving process.

Cutting-edge Technology

Embracing cutting-edge technology, Major Moving sets itself apart by utilizing advanced tools and equipment. This technology-centric approach streamlines the moving process, making it faster, safer, and more efficient. From tracking shipments to efficiently managing logistics, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing your moving experience.

Customer-Centric Approach

Customer satisfaction is at the core of Major Moving’s operations. By offering transparent pricing, prompt communication, and flexibility, they place your needs at the forefront. Their commitment to exceeding customer expectations is evident in the personalized services and the careful handling of every move.

Summarizing, choosing Major Moving means opting for a company that combines tailored services, seasoned professionals, innovative technology, and a customer-centric approach. This makes them a premier choice for anyone looking to relocate within Virginia, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free moving experience.

How We Ranked The Best Moving Companies in Virginia

In evaluating and determining the best movers in Virginia, a comprehensive methodology was adopted to ensure the rankings reflect reliability, customer satisfaction, and service quality. This section outlines the criteria used to assess and rank the top moving companies, like JK Moving Services, Hampton Virginia Military Veteran Movers, MyProMovers, BestMovers LLC, and Major Moving, as highlighted in the previous section.

Criteria Used for Ranking

  • Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Customer feedback across multiple platforms was critically analyzed. Companies with high ratings and positive reviews, detailing customer experiences and satisfaction, ranked higher.
  • Services Offered: A diverse range of services, including residential, commercial, local, and long-distance moves, contributed to the rankings. Companies offering specialized services like packing, storage solutions, and military moves received additional points.
  • Experience and Expertise: The years in business and the professional background of the staff played a significant role. Movers with extensive industry experience and a track record of handling complex relocation tasks were prioritized.
  • Certifications and Awards: Recognitions like industry certifications, accreditations from moving associations, and awards were considered. Companies with notable accolades demonstrated a commitment to quality and excellence.
  • Customer Support: Efficient and responsive customer service was a key factor. Companies providing comprehensive support through various channels, including consultations and after-move assistance, were favored.
  • Pricing Transparency: Firms offering clear and upfront pricing without hidden fees were ranked higher. The ability to provide accurate estimates and flexible pricing options influenced the rankings.


Using the above criteria, a weighted scoring system was employed to evaluate each company‚Äôs performance in these areas. The process involved collecting data from company websites, consumer review sites, industry publications, and direct customer interviews. These insights were then compiled and analyzed to assign scores reflecting the movers’ overall quality, reliability, and value to customers in Virginia.

This rigorous evaluation ensures you can trust the rankings to make an well-informed choice for your moving needs, whether you’re relocating a small apartment or a large corporation in Virginia.

Reasons To Hire a Moving Company in Virginia

Selecting a professional moving company in Virginia ensures a hassle-free and efficient transition to your new location. Here’s why engaging a moving company is a practical decision for your next move.

Expert Handling and Security

Professional movers, like JK Moving Services and Major Moving, offer expert handling of your belongings. With years of experience and specialized training, their teams ensure your items are packed, loaded, and transported with the utmost care. This expertise minimizes the risk of damage during transport, providing a sense of security for your valuable possessions.

Customized Services

The top movers in Virginia, including MyProMovers and BestMovers LLC, provide customized moving solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re relocating a small apartment or a large corporate office, these companies offer a range of services from packing and unpacking to storage and special handling. Customization allows for a more personalized and efficient moving experience.

Time and Energy Savings

Organizing and executing a move can be overwhelming and time-consuming. By hiring a professional moving company, you delegate the heavy lifting and logistics, freeing up your time and energy to focus on other important aspects of your transition. Companies like Hampton Virginia Military Veteran Movers excel in efficient operations, ensuring your move is completed within the desired timeframe.

Access to Professional Equipment and Materials

Moving companies come equipped with professional-grade equipment and packing materials, ensuring your belongings are transported safely. From sturdy boxes and bubble wrap to lifting straps and furniture dollies, having access to the right tools makes a significant difference in the safety and speed of your move.

Stress Reduction

Finally, one of the most compelling reasons to hire a professional moving company in Virginia is the reduction of stress. Knowing that experienced professionals are managing every aspect of your move allows you to focus on settling into your new home or office. With their customer-centric approach, companies like Major Moving prioritize your peace of mind throughout the moving process.

Summarizing, hiring a moving company in Virginia offers a blend of professional expertise, customized services, and stress reduction. These benefits make the investment worthwhile, ensuring a smooth and successful move.


Choosing the right moving company in Virginia is crucial for a seamless transition. You’ve seen the top picks, each offering unique advantages from expert handling and security to customized services and stress reduction. Whether you’re moving a small apartment or a large corporation, companies like JK Moving Services, Major Moving, and others ensure your belongings are in safe hands. Remember, it’s not just about moving; it’s about making your next chapter start on the right foot. With the insights provided, you’re well-equipped to make an well-informed choice, ensuring a smooth, stress-free move tailored to your needs.

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