5 Best Home Remodeling Contractors in Wisconsin

Embarking on a home remodeling project can be as daunting as it is exciting. Whether you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, transform your bathroom, or add a new room, finding the right contractor is crucial. That’s why we’ve taken the legwork out of your search. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has spent hundreds of hours meticulously researching and evaluating home remodeling contractors across Wisconsin to bring you only the best.

We understand the importance of trust and quality in transforming your living space. Our criteria were strict: we looked for contractors who consistently deliver top-notch craftsmanship, stellar customer service, and have an excellent track record of satisfying their clients. In this text, we’ll introduce you to the five best home remodeling contractors in Wisconsin, each proven to turn your home renovation dreams into reality. Join us as we explore these top-tier professionals and what makes them stand out in the bustling industry.

Best In Class Remodeling

When selecting a standout home remodeling contractor in Wisconsin, Best In Class Remodeling (BICR) truly lives up to its name. Founded in 2016, BICR has rapidly distinguished itself through a commitment to excellence and meticulous craftsmanship. Our analysis revealed several standout features that elevate BICR above its competitors.

Exceptional Quality and Craftsmanship
BICR’s dedication to quality is evident in every project. They specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and more with a distinctive touch that reflects the homeowners’ personalities. Their portfolio showcases a range of styles from modern to classic, indicating versatility and skill.

Customer-Centric Approach
Customer satisfaction is a hallmark of BICR’s service. They prioritize clear communication and are responsive to client needs throughout the project duration. This approach has earned them an impressive record of positive feedback and repeat customers.

Innovative Design and Custom Solutions
Innovation is at the core of BICR’s services. They offer custom storage solutions and unique design ideas that maximize space and enhance functionality. Whether it’s a bespoke kitchen island or a custom-designed laundry room, BICR works to ensure that every element of the design is tailored to the client’s lifestyle.

Comprehensive Services
From initial design to the final touches, BICR provides comprehensive remodeling services. This means clients can expect a smooth, cohesive process without the need to coordinate with multiple contractors. Their team handles all aspects, including plumbing, electrical, and finishing work, which simplifies the renovation process for homeowners.

Competitive Pricing and Transparent Quotations
Even though their high-end service, BICR maintains competitive pricing. They offer free estimates, providing transparency from the start. This helps clients budget effectively for their projects without fear of hidden costs or overruns.

As we continue to explore the best home remodeling contractors in Wisconsin, BICR’s commitment to quality, customer service, and innovative design makes them a top choice for homeowners looking to transform their living spaces.

Website: https://www.bestinclassremodeling.com/

Reality Construction LLC

Reality Construction LLC, based in West Bend, Wisconsin, has earned a spot on our list of top home remodeling contractors due to its adeptness in transforming visions into reality. As seasoned professionals in the sector, they specialize in comprehensive services from basement finishing to complete kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Website: https://www.realityconstructionllc.com/

Specialization and Services

Reality Construction LLC truly excels in customizing living spaces, focusing strongly on kitchen redesigns and bathroom renovations. Their approach is unique because they use skilled subcontractors for different aspects of the remodeling process like electrical work, plumbing, and installation of cabinets and flooring. This ensures that each part of the project meets high-quality standards.

Customer Experience

Customers consistently praise Reality Construction for their professionalism and the quality of the consultation process. Homeowners appreciate the detailed guidance throughout their projects, making complex remodels seem effortless. Featuring a customer service that listens attentively to client needs, they create a comforting and inclusive atmosphere for all their engagements.

Quality and Materials

The company is noted for using high-grade materials, which contributes significantly to the durability and aesthetics of their completed projects. Reviews point out that the workmanship matches the premium quality of the materials used, offering good value for the investment.

Project Management and Timeliness

Reality Construction is commended for their timely completion of projects and their ability to present well-thought-out designs and bids. This systematic approach minimizes the common stresses associated with home remodeling and ensures that the final outcome aligns closely with homeowner expectations.

In comparison to other local contractors such as Best In Class Remodeling, Reality Construction stands out for its extensive experience and specialization in specific remodeling tasks. This specialization allows for greater attention to detail and a higher standard of finish. Also, their use of expert subcontractors fosters a level of craftsmanship that is difficult to replicate.

Advantage Design + Remodel

Moving the spotlight to Advantage Design + Remodel, this standout contractor brings over 20 years of seasoned expertise to the Wisconsin home remodeling scene. Led by the dynamic duo of Greg Wade and Andy Schafer, their approach transforms standard spaces into extraordinary ones with a meticulous, end-to-end service model.

Website: https://www.advantage-remodel.com/

Experience and Expertise

We understand the importance of having experts guide your remodeling journey. Greg and Andy’s extensive experience not only ensures precision but also adds a layer of trust and confidence. Their hands-on approach in overseeing every project from conception through completion means no detail is overlooked.

Specialty Services

Focusing on key areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, Advantage Design + Remodel offers specific expertise in turning these spaces into functional, luxurious areas of your home. Whether it’s crafting a gourmet kitchen environment or converting a basement into a cozy retreat, the focus is always on enhancing livability and style.

Customer-Centric Approach

We value a business that places the homeowner’s vision at the forefront of every project. Advantage Design + Remodel excels in personalized design, seen through their use of virtual setups that allow clients to visualize changes before they are made, ensuring satisfaction with the final outcome.

Quality and Materials

Top-notch quality is non-negotiable. Our observation confirms that the materials used are always premium, contributing to durable, long-lasting remodels that clients love. The team’s expertise in sourcing and incorporating high-quality materials helps in elevating every remodel above the ordinary.

Timeliness and Project Management

An added advantage is their commitment to on-time project delivery. Efficient project management practices prevent common delays, making them a reliable choice for homeowners who value punctuality and detailed planning in their remodeling projects.

Every space Advantage Design + Remodel touches is tailored to enhance comfort, functionality, and aesthetics, ensuring homeowners fall in love with their newly transformed spaces over and over again.

Cream City Remodeling LLC

Shifting our focus to Cream City Remodeling LLC, a standout among home remodeling contractors in Wisconsin with over two decades of experience mastering the art of transformation in homes and commercial spaces alike. The team at Cream City specializes in modernizing underutilized spaces like basements, turning them into cozy entertainment areas, sophisticated home offices, and more, enhancing both functionality and style.

Website: https://www.creamcityremodeling.com/

Expertise and Design Options

Cream City Remodeling is renowned for blending elegance with practical design, ensuring each remodeled space is both beautiful and fully functional. Their approach to design revolves around integrating modern aesthetics with timeless elegance, which is particularly evident in their basement transformations that not only add useful space but also significantly increase property value.

Quality and Durability

Durability is a cornerstone of their remodeling projects. Cream City uses high-quality materials and pairs them with skilled craftsmanship. This commitment to quality ensures that every remodel not only looks great on completion but stands up to the test of time, providing clients with enduring value.

Ease of Use

Cream City simplifies the remodeling process for their clients by providing expert project management. This starts from the initial consultation through to the final touches. They streamline decision-making and minimize disruptions to homeowners’ daily lives, making the entire process smoother and more enjoyable.

Price Value

With Cream City Remodeling, clients receive an exceptional balance of cost and value. The investment in their remodeling services matches the high standards of the output delivered. Although not the least expensive option in the market, the quality of workmanship and materials, coupled with the transformative impact on their living spaces, presents real value for money.

Cream City Remodeling stands out not only for their skill and expertise but also for their integrity and commitment to elevating spaces with modern, thoughtful designs. For homeowners in Southeastern Wisconsin looking to reinvent their homes or commercial spaces, Cream City offers a compelling package of creativity, quality, and professional integrity.

2nd Life Home Remodeling

When considering a home renovation in Wisconsin, 2nd Life Home Remodeling is a standout choice for those looking to breathe new life into their homes. Here, we investigate into what sets them apart and why they might be a perfect fit for your remodeling needs.

Website: http://2ndlifellc.com/

Expertise and Services Offered

2nd Life Home Remodeling boasts a comprehensive suite of services that covers everything from kitchen and bathroom renovations to full-home makeovers. Their team is particularly skilled at customizing spaces to better suit the needs of modern living while respecting the original aesthetics of the home. This customization is backed by a deep understanding of architectural integrity, which ensures that upgrades feel seamless and enhance the home’s overall charm.

Quality of Work and Materials

The quality of workmanship at 2nd Life Home Remodeling is notable. They use high-quality materials that not only elevate the look of your home but also ensure durability and longevity. Their commitment to quality is evident in their detailed craftsmanship and the precision with which they execute each project. Customers frequently praise the beauty and functionality of the completed projects, pointing to the attentive detail in finishing.

Customer Satisfaction and Reliability

Feedback from past clients highlights the reliability of 2nd Life Home Remodeling. The team is known for maintaining open lines of communication throughout the project, ensuring that clients are informed and comfortable with the progress. This aspect is critical, as it helps reduce the stress typically associated with home renovations. Also, their adherence to timelines and budgets further cements their reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.

Comparative Advantage

Comparing 2nd Life Home Remodeling to other contractors in our review, such as Cream City Remodeling, which excels in basement renovations, 2nd Life brings a broader focus that encompasses entire home renovations with a special emphasis on creativity and integration of modern amenities. This wide-ranging expertise makes them a highly versatile option suitable for numerous types of projects.

Value for Money

In terms of value for money, 2nd Life Home Remodeling provides competitive pricing without compromising on quality or design. The investment in their services can significantly increase the market value of your property, making it not only a practical choice for immediate needs but also a wise long-term investment.

Through rigorous attention to detail, a commitment to quality materials, and a client-centered approach, 2nd Life Home Remodeling stands out as a top-tier choice for home renovations across Wisconsin.

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Home Remodelling Companies in Wisconsin

When seeking out the best home remodeling contractors in Wisconsin, we employ a thorough and detailed methodology to ensure our rankings are accurate and helpful for homeowners. Here’s a breakdown of the key components of our research process:

Criteria Development and Weighting

We begin by establishing a set of rigorous criteria based on what matters most to homeowners. These include:

  • Quality of Workmanship: We assess the quality through client testimonials, portfolio examinations, and industry awards.
  • Customer Service: We consider the responsiveness, communication, and flexibility of the company.
  • Design Innovation: Evaluating contractors on their creativity and ability to customize projects.
  • Timeliness: The contractor’s ability to maintain agreed timelines.
  • Cost Transparency and Value: Analyzing whether costs are fair, transparent, and offer good value.

Each criterion is weighted based on its importance to overall customer satisfaction. Quality of workmanship and customer service, for instance, are given higher priority.

Comparative Analysis

After determining our evaluation criteria and weights, we compare each contractor directly against these standards:

  1. Best In Class Remodeling (BICR) often receives high marks for quality and customer service, making them a preferred choice.
  2. Reality Construction LLC is recognized for stellar customer service and reliability.
  3. Advantage Design + Remodel impresses with customization in kitchens and bathrooms, scoring high on design innovation.
  4. Cream City Remodeling LLC excels in transforming basements and adding elegant touches to unused spaces.
  5. 2nd Life Home Remodeling shines with their full-home renovation capabilities and attention to preserving architectural integrity.

Data Collection and Analysis

Our data is compiled from multiple sources to ensure a balanced view:

  • Customer Reviews: From verified platforms and direct submissions.
  • Portfolios: Reviewed for diversity and complexity of projects completed.
  • Direct Interviews and Expert Consultations: Where available, to gain deeper insights into the business practices and operational methodologies of the contractors.

Using a structured data analysis approach, we aggregate scores across the criteria for each contractor, allowing us to rank them effectively.

Continuous Monitoring and Update

The home remodeling industry evolves constantly; hence, we continuously monitor the market for any shifts in performance, customer feedback, and innovative practices. This guarantees that our recommendations remain current and relevant, providing real value to our readers.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Home Remodelling Contractors in Wisconsin

When considering a home renovation in Wisconsin, the advantages of hiring professional contractors are significant. From ensuring compliance with local building codes to delivering a high return on investment, the reasons to go professional are compelling.

Expertise and Experience

Professional remodeling contractors bring a wealth of expertise and experience that is crucial for the complex nature of home remodeling projects. They understand the nuances of structural integrity, electrical systems, and plumbing, which are essential for a successful remodel. For instance, Advantage Design + Remodel boasts experts like Greg Wade and Andy Schafer, who specialize in transforming kitchens, bathrooms, and basements with cutting-edge designs and high functionality.

Stress Reduction

Remodeling a home can be a challenging job, fraught with potential stresses. Professional contractors like Best In Class Remodeling (BICR) and 2nd Life Home Remodeling handle project management from start to finish, alleviating the hassle for homeowners. This includes scheduling, obtaining the necessary permits, and ensuring that all tasks are completed on time and within budget.

Quality and Warranty

Choosing a professional contractor ensures a high level of quality. These experts use high-quality materials and carry out the best practices in their work. Contractors like Cream City Remodeling LLC commit to elegance and practical design, ensuring lasting quality and satisfaction. Also, professional contractors typically offer warranties that protect homeowners against future problems, providing an extra layer of security.

Cost-Effective in the Long Run

While DIY projects might seem less expensive, hiring professionals like Reality Construction LLC can be more cost-effective in the long run. Professionals bring efficiency, prevent costly mistakes, and can negotiate better prices for materials due to their industry connections.

Compliance and Insurance

Professional contractors adhere to local regulations and building codes, which is critical for ensuring safety and compliance. Besides, they carry insurance, which protects homeowners from being liable for accidents and damages during the project.

By hiring a reputable home remodeling contractor in Wisconsin, homeowners can look forward to a smooth, efficient, and successful home improvement project that meets their specific needs and desires.


Choosing the right contractor for your home remodeling project in Wisconsin is crucial for ensuring a smooth and successful renovation. With the top contractors like Best In Class Remodeling and Reality Construction LLC you’re not just investing in a simple service but in your home’s future value and comfort. Whether you’re looking to enhance your living space or increase your property’s market value these professionals provide the expertise and reliability you need. Trust in their proven track record and commitment to quality to make your home remodeling dreams a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top home remodeling contractors in Wisconsin?

The top home remodeling contractors in Wisconsin include Best In Class Remodeling (BICR), Reality Construction LLC, Advantage Design + Remodel, Cream City Remodeling LLC, and 2nd Life Home Remodeling. Each contractor is noted for excelling in various aspects of home renovations.

What criteria were used to rank these contractors?

The contractors were ranked based on a comprehensive research methodology that included customer reviews and expert consultations. This approach ensures an unbiased ranking that reflects both the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

What are the advantages of hiring professional home remodeling contractors?

Professional home remodeling contractors in Wisconsin offer a range of advantages including expert craftsmanship, stress reduction, and cost efficiency. Moreover, they ensure compliance with local building codes and provide warranties, which can significantly benefit homeowners during and after the project.

Do professional contractors in Wisconsin provide warranties?

Yes, many professional home remodeling contractors in Wisconsin offer warranties on their work. This provides additional protection and peace of mind for homeowners, ensuring that any issues post-remodel are handled professionally and promptly.

Are there any financial benefits to hiring professional contractors for home remodeling?

Yes, hiring professional contractors can be cost-effective as they often have access to materials and tools at lower costs and are efficient in their work, reducing the risk of expensive mistakes and budget overruns. Moreover, their experience and expertise can help in maximizing the value of your renovation, potentially increasing the overall property value.

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