5 Best House Cleaning Services in Wisconsin

In our quest to find the best house cleaning services in Wisconsin, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and delved deep. It’s no secret that a clean home is a happy home, but with the hustle and bustle of daily life, maintaining that sparkle can be a challenging job. That’s where we come in. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has spent hundreds of hours researching, analyzing, and comparing to bring you a list of the top house cleaning services in the Badger State.

We understand the importance of entrusting your home to a reliable, efficient, and thorough cleaning service. It’s not just about the cleanliness; it’s about giving you back your precious time to spend on what matters most to you. So, whether you’re in Milwaukee, Madison, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered. Jump into our guide to discover which cleaning services stand out from the rest and why they’ve earned our seal of approval.

List of the Best House Cleaning Services in Wisconsin

Karen’s Green Cleaning St Paul

When exploring house cleaning services in Wisconsin, Karen’s Green Cleaning in St. Paul stands out for its commitment to eco-friendly practices. This company has quickly gained recognition for providing top-tier home cleaning services that not only meet but exceed customers’ expectations.

Their use of green cleaning products ensures that your home isn’t just visually clean but also free from harmful chemicals. This aspect is particularly beneficial for families with young children, pets, or individuals with allergies. The safety of the environment and your household takes precedence with Karen’s Green Cleaning.

One of the most appreciated features of Karen’s service is its flexibility. Depending on your needs, they offer a variety of cleaning schedules, from one-time deep cleans to more regular appointments. Whether it’s a small apartment or a large residential property, the team at Karen’s Green Cleaning handles it all with the same level of diligence and attention to detail.

Communication with Karen’s Green Cleaning is straightforward and responsive. Booking a cleaning session is hassle-free, thanks to their user-friendly website and accommodating customer service.

Pricing is transparent with no hidden fees, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying for. This transparency, combined with the quality of service provided, presents an excellent value for the investment in your home’s cleanliness and well-being.

In comparison to other cleaning services in Wisconsin, Karen’s Green Cleaning distinguishes itself with its eco-friendly approach, efficient cleaning practices, and customer-centric services. Their commitment to using safe, effective products without compromising on cleaning quality sets them apart in the house cleaning industry.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable, eco-conscious cleaning service in St. Paul, Karen’s Green Cleaning is a commendable choice. Their focus on customer satisfaction, coupled with their environmentally friendly cleaning methods, makes them a standout option for keeping your home clean and healthy.



Following Karen’s Green Cleaning, Mexicleaning stands out as another top option for house cleaning services, particularly for those residing in the Wisconsin proximity areas it serves. Mexicleaning, grounded in St. Paul, MN, has earned a reputation for its comprehensive range of cleaning services tailored to meet varied needs. Born from a mother’s passion for cleanliness and understanding of busy lifestyles, this company extends its services beyond mere homeowners to professionals, students, and those requiring post-construction clean-ups.

What sets Mexicleaning apart is its commitment to ‘Cleaning with Integrity’. This principle speaks volumes in their service delivery, aiming to exceed clients’ expectations through meticulous attention to detail and customized cleaning plans. They offer a flexible scheduling system, which includes same-day cleaning services—a lifesaver for last-minute needs. Their offering spans from standard to deep cleaning, as well as move-in/out cleanings, ensuring they cover almost every possible cleaning requirement a home might need.

Their strength lies in their consistent communication and understanding of client needs, which is critical in the cleaning industry. Mexicleaning prides itself on building long-term relationships with its clients, marked by trust and reliability. Their mission to provide a safe, clean, and positive environment resonates well with clients, mirroring the ethos of Karen’s Green Cleaning in its commitment to customer satisfaction but with a unique focus on a broader demographic.

Expanding from their roots in St. Paul to cover Minneapolis and several other locations, Mexicleaning’s growth is a testament to their quality service and client trust. For those living in or near their service areas, Mexicleaning offers a compelling option worth considering for your next cleaning project.

In comparing both Karen’s Green Cleaning and Mexicleaning, it’s evident that while both prioritize environmental safety and customer satisfaction, Mexicleaning’s appeal lies in its comprehensive service range and adaptability to varied client needs, making them a strong contender in the Wisconsin area’s house cleaning service market.

MaidLikeNew Cleaning & Organizing LLC

Following the exploration of house cleaning services in Wisconsin, MaidLikeNew Cleaning & Organizing LLC stands out for several compelling reasons. Situated in the heart of the Coulee region, this local company offers a unique blend of cleaning and organizing services tailored to meet the needs of every household. Here’s what sets MaidLikeNew apart from the competition.

Firstly, MaidLikeNew emphasizes a personal touch. From the moment you contact them, they prioritize building a supportive relationship, focusing on both the physical and emotional aspects of cleaning and organizing. This approach ensures that their services are not just about making your space look good, but also about making you feel good.

Their use of eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products marks another key differentiator. In today’s environmentally conscious world, MaidLikeNew’s commitment to using locally sourced, sustainable products resonates strongly with clients who are concerned about their carbon footprint and the safety of their home environments.

Also, MaidLikeNew specializes in adding luxurious touches to their service. Their goal is to make you feel as if you are walking into a 5-star hotel every time you come home. This emphasis on luxury, combined with their meticulous attention to detail, places them a notch above the standard cleaning service.

MaidLikeNew also stands ready to tackle challenges, including those posed by COVID-19. Their assurance of providing a clean, safe, and organized space is more crucial now than ever, appealing to clients looking for a reliable service in these uncertain times.

In comparing MaidLikeNew to others, such as Karen’s Green Cleaning and Mexicleaning, each of these services has its strengths. But, MaidLikeNew’s comprehensive approach to combining cleaning with organizing, along with their personalized and eco-friendly service, presents a holistic solution that’s hard to match.

In essence, for those seeking an all-rounded, eco-conscious cleaning service in the Coulee region, MaidLikeNew Cleaning & Organizing LLC offers an exceptional choice. Their dedication to luxury, personalized service, and environmental care makes them a standout option in Wisconsin’s house cleaning service landscape.

MY Cleaning Service

Following the exploration of eco-friendly and personalized cleaning options, we jump into the array of services provided by MY Cleaning Service, a notable contender in Wisconsin’s house cleaning market. This service stands out for several compelling reasons. First, they offer an enticing deal with 20% off your first clean, which includes carpet cleaning – a significant plus for new customers looking to save.

One of the standout aspects of MY Cleaning Service is their versatility. They offer a wide range of cleaning services that cater to both residential and commercial needs. Their monthly deep cleans are particularly beneficial, promising not just a cleaner living space but also a healthier environment by reducing allergens and improving air quality. This focus on health and happiness aligns with the current demand for more holistic home maintenance solutions.

When it comes to commercial cleans, MY Cleaning Service positions itself as a partner in enhancing business productivity and image. They argue that outsourcing cleaning tasks to professionals like them can lead to improved focus on core business activities, cost savings, and minimized liability – a convincing proposition for business owners aiming for efficiency and safety in their operations.

For the Airbnb and VRBO market, the flexibility in scheduling and attention to detail in the cleaning process are highly commendable. They understand the fast-paced nature of rental properties and offer efficient solutions without compromising quality, ensuring a welcoming experience for every guest.

Also, their move-in/move-out and pressure washing services address specific needs that are often overlooked by other cleaning companies. The stress reduction from their move-related cleaning and the aesthetic and longevity benefits of their pressure washing services provide additional value to their clientele.

Finally, the inclusion of car detailing indicates their understanding of the broader spectrum of cleaning needs, suggesting a comprehensive approach to not just house cleaning but overall property maintenance.

Summarizing, MY Cleaning Service offers a compelling package of services with significant benefits for both residential and commercial clients, coupled with attractive introductory offers that enhance its appeal in the competitive Wisconsin cleaning service market.

Serene Clean

Following the discussion of Wisconsin’s finest, Serene Clean distinguishes itself with a heartwarming origin. Founded by Stephanie Pipkin out of a genuine need to manage a busy lifestyle while maintaining a clean home, Serene Clean stands as Western Wisconsin’s top-rated cleaning service. What sets Serene Clean apart is not just its exemplary cleaning services but its deep-rooted company values and personalized attention to detail. Understanding the busy lives of their clients, they cater to families, busy professionals, and pet owners with equal dedication.

One striking feature about Serene Clean is their no-contract policy. This aspect hints at a confidence in their service quality, aiming to build long-term relationships based on satisfaction rather than obligation. Their services are comprehensive, with a keen focus on consistency and personalization, ensuring that every clean meets the high standards they are known for. They leverage checklists and get to know each home’s specific needs, which guarantees the same level of quality with every visit.

A key aspect that many appreciate is their emphasis on family. Serene Clean operates with the mission to bring families closer by freeing up time that would otherwise be spent on cleaning. This approach resonates well with those looking to balance a busy schedule with quality family time.

Also, their team-focused culture is commendable. Serene Clean prides itself on being an exceptional place to work, stressing life balance and personal development for their employees. This internal happiness reflects in the quality of their work, making them a reliable choice for house cleaning services in Wisconsin.

In comparison to other services mentioned, Serene Clean shines with its community-oriented approach, personalized services, and commitment to employee well-being. They might not offer as wide a range of eco-friendly products as Karen’s Green Cleaning or the extensive service adaptability of Mexicleaning, but their dedication to quality service, reliability, and personal touch places them in a league of their own within the Wisconsin cleaning service market.

  • Website: https://serene-clean.com/
  • Contact Details: http://www.serene-clean.com/
  • Address: 206 S Roosevelt Rd Suite 107, Black River Falls, WI 54615, United States

Research Methodology: How We Ranked The Best House Cleaning Companies in Wisconsin

To ensure our review offers value and accurate guidance to our readers seeking the best house cleaning services in Wisconsin, we’ve meticulously designed our research methodology. Our rankings are grounded in a transparent, comprehensive approach that considers a variety of crucial factors.

Company Reputation and Reviews

We started by examining the online reputation of each company, including customer reviews across multiple platforms. This gave us insights into client satisfaction levels, reliability, and service quality. High ratings and positive feedback played a significant role in our assessment.

Services Offered

We scrutinized the range of services provided by each company. Our focus was on flexibility and the ability to meet diverse household needs. Whether it’s standard cleaning, deep cleaning, or specialized services like eco-friendly options, breadth and adaptability were key factors.


Given the growing concern for the environment, we paid close attention to the eco-friendliness of the cleaning methods and products used by these companies. Those prioritizing safe, sustainable practices received a boost in our rankings.

Price and Value

Understanding that budget is a primary concern for many, we analyzed pricing structures to ensure fair, transparent billing practices. We weighed the cost against the quality of service to determine overall value, favoring those that offer exceptional service without overcharging.

Customer Service and Reliability

Finally, we evaluated each company’s customer service and reliability. This included responsiveness to inquiries, ease of booking, flexibility in accommodating special requests, and consistency in delivering high-quality cleaning. Companies excelling in these areas moved up in our rankings.

This methodical approach allowed us to compile a balanced, insightful list of the best house cleaning services in Wisconsin. Our goal is to provide our readers with a resource that helps them make informed decisions, selecting a cleaning service that meets their specific needs and standards.

Benefits of Hiring a House Cleaning Company in Wisconsin

Hiring a house cleaning company in Wisconsin comes with a series of advantages that cater to the modern lifestyle. As we dive deeper into the benefits, it becomes evident why many Wisconsin residents are turning to professional cleaning services.


One of the most significant benefits is the amount of time it saves. In today’s fast-paced world, time is precious. By outsourcing cleaning tasks, residents can focus on work, family, or leisure activities instead of spending hours on chores. Cleaning companies like Karen’s Green Cleaning and MY Cleaning Service are known for their efficiency, allowing for more personal time without sacrificing a clean home.

Eco-Friendly Options

For those conscious about their environmental impact, eco-friendly services like Karen’s Green Cleaning and Mexicleaning provide a guilt-free option. These companies use non-toxic and sustainable products, ensuring a clean home doesn’t come at Earth’s expense. Opting for eco-friendly services reduces chemical exposure in the home and supports a healthier planet.

Customized Cleaning Plans

Flexibility is another perk. Companies such as MaidLikeNew Cleaning & Organizing LLC and Serene Clean offer customizable cleaning plans. Whether it’s deep cleaning, regular maintenance, or organizing services, there’s a plan for every need. This flexibility ensures that customers don’t pay for services they don’t require.

Professional Results

Professional cleaning companies have the tools and expertise to tackle even the toughest dirt and grime. The difference in cleanliness level is often noticeable when compared to DIY cleaning. With advanced techniques and equipment, these services ensure a thorough clean, extending the lifespan of furniture and carpets.

Stress Reduction

Finally, the mental health benefits cannot be overstated. A clean environment promotes a sense of calm and reduces stress. Knowing that cleaning is being handled professionally allows residents to relax and enjoy their homes to the fullest.

In evaluating the top house cleaning services in Wisconsin, we’ve focused on companies that provide these benefits through reliable, high-quality services. By choosing a trusted cleaning service, Wisconsin residents can enjoy a cleaner home, save time, and live a more balanced life.


We’ve explored the top house cleaning services across Wisconsin, from eco-friendly options like Karen’s Green Cleaning and Mexicleaning to the luxury and personalized services of MaidLikeNew. With MY Cleaning Service and Serene Clean rounding out our list, we’ve highlighted the versatility and quality that these companies bring to the table. Choosing the right cleaning service can significantly impact your lifestyle, offering not just a cleaner home but also more free time, eco-conscious cleaning solutions, and a stress-free environment. By selecting from our top picks, you’re not just investing in a clean home; you’re embracing a lifestyle change that prioritizes well-being, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Let these services transform your living space and enhance your daily life in Wisconsin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some top eco-friendly house cleaning services in Wisconsin?

Karen’s Green Cleaning, Mexicleaning, and MaidLikeNew Cleaning & Organizing LLC lead the list of top eco-friendly house cleaning services. MaidLikeNew is particularly noted for its personal touch and luxury offerings.

Why is MaidLikeNew Cleaning & Organizing LLC notable among the services?

MaidLikeNew Cleaning & Organizing LLC stands out for its personal touch and luxury services, offering a premium cleaning experience.

What other cleaning services are highlighted in Wisconsin?

MY Cleaning Service and Serene Clean are also featured for their versatile offerings and commitment to quality, providing Wisconsin residents with a wide range of cleaning solutions.

What are the benefits of hiring a house cleaning company in Wisconsin?

Hiring a house cleaning company in Wisconsin offers numerous benefits including saving time, accessing eco-friendly cleaning options, receiving customized cleaning plans, enjoying professional results, and reducing stress.

How do professional cleaning services contribute to a modern lifestyle?

Professional cleaning services offer more personal time, environmentally conscious cleaning solutions, flexibility in services, superior cleaning results, and improved mental well-being, which are all key to a balanced and modern lifestyle.

Can hiring a cleaning service in Wisconsin lead to better mental well-being?

Yes, hiring a cleaning service in Wisconsin can lead to improved mental well-being by reducing stress and providing residents with a cleaner, more organized living space, contributing to a more relaxed and peaceful environment.

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