5 Best Electricians in Delaware

When you’re in need of top-notch electrical services, finding the right professional isn’t just a matter of convenience—it’s essential for safety and efficiency. That’s why we’ve put in the legwork to round up the five best electricians in Delaware. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has invested hundreds of hours researching, vetting, and verifying the best in the business to ensure you get reliable and proficient service.

We understand that the stakes are high when it comes to electrical repairs and installations. Each electrician on our list has been evaluated based on their certification, experience, customer feedback, and their ability to handle a variety of electrical tasks. Whether you’re rewiring an older home, updating your lighting, or installing smart home gadgets, we’ve got you covered.

Wirepro Electric

Wire Pro Electric


Wirepro Electric stands out in Delaware for its comprehensive electrical services. Known for its reliability and efficiency, this company caters to residential and commercial clients, providing everything from basic wiring to advanced electrical system installations.

Certification and Experience

The technicians at Wirepro Electric are fully licensed and continuously trained to stay up-to-date with industry standards and new technologies. With over 20 years of experience, they have built a reputation for expertise and safety in all electrical tasks.

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews often highlight the professionalism and promptness of Wirepro Electric’s service. Many appreciate the clear communication and upfront pricing. A significant number of reviews also commend the team for their problem-solving skills and courteous demeanor during service calls.

Service Range and Specialties

Wirepro Electric offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Electrical repairs and installations
  • Panel upgrades
  • Smart home system integration
  • Custom lighting solutions

They also specialize in energy-efficient installations, helping clients reduce their overall energy consumption through advanced technology.


Compared to other local electricians, Wirepro Electric is highly competitive in both pricing and service quality. Their adaptability in handling both small and large scale projects makes them a preferred choice for diverse electrical needs across Delaware.

Price and Value

Their pricing structure is transparent and competitive, reflecting the quality and reliability of their service. Clients find Wirepro Electric’s services a great value, especially considering the longevity and safety of their electrical solutions.

Website: https://www.wireproelectric.com/

Aquarius Plumbing & Electric

Aquarius Plumbing & Electric LLC: Home Page

When looking for reliable electrical service providers in Delaware, Aquarius Plumbing & Electric emerges as a standout choice. Our review explores their offerings, customer service, and reliability to help you make an well-informed choice.

Website: https://www.aquariusplumbingandelectric.com/

Services Offered

Aquarius Plumbing & Electric specializes in both residential and commercial electrical services. They handle everything from simple repairs to full electrical system installations. Notably, the company also provides plumbing services, making them a versatile choice for combined maintenance needs. Their service list importantly includes:

  • Electrical inspections
  • Wiring and rewiring
  • Panel upgrades
  • Plumbing repairs and installations

Customer Experience

Customers often report high satisfaction with Aquarius Plumbing & Electric. They are praised for their punctuality and efficiency. What sets them apart is their attention to detail and patient explanation of the work needed, which ensures that clients fully understand the services being provided. They also offer emergency services, enhancing their reliability for urgent needs.

Pricing and Value

Aquarius Plumbing & Electric is recognized for their straightforward pricing. They provide detailed estimates with no hidden fees, which customers appreciate. Their competitive pricing paired with the dual expertise in both electrical and plumbing services presents excellent value to their customers.

Comparison to Industry Standards

While comparing to other local competitors like Wirepro Electric, Aquarius Plumbing & Electric holds its own by offering comprehensive services that cover both electrical and plumbing issues. This dual-service approach is somewhat unique in the area and adds significant value for customers looking to streamline their home or business maintenance.

By balancing quality service with comprehensive offerings, Aquarius Plumbing & Electric demonstrates a robust commitment to meeting the diverse needs of Delaware residents and businesses. Their ability to resolve complex electrical and plumbing issues with transparent pricing and efficient service is what keeps them at the forefront of the industry.

Mister Sparky of New Castle County

Mister Sparky of Salt Lake

Mister Sparky of New Castle County has carved out a strong niche in the Delaware market with its unambiguous motto, “On Time, You’ll See, Or The Repair Is Free!” This pledge not only highlights their commitment to timely service but also sets a high bar for accountability in electrical repairs and installations.

Website: https://www.mistersparky.com/

Service Offerings

Mister Sparky offers a comprehensive suite of electrical services that cater to both residential and commercial needs. Their offerings include electrical repairs, installations, and system maintenance. This company is known especially for its expertise in areas such as circuit breaker replacements, wiring updates, and smart home integration.

Customer Service

Feedback from customers often praises Mister Sparky for their professionalism and punctuality. Clients appreciate the knowledgeable technicians who take the time to explain complex electrical issues in simple terms. Also, their 24/7 emergency service is highly valued for its responsiveness, providing peace of mind to clients dealing with sudden electrical issues.

Pricing and Guarantees

Pricing at Mister Sparky is competitive within the local market. Their unique selling point is the aforementioned on-time guarantee, which underscores their commitment to reliability. This policy not only compensates for any delays but also builds trust with their client base.

Comparisons and Conclusions

Compared to other local competitors like Aquarius Plumbing & Electric, Mister Sparky tends to focus more intensively on electrical services rather than combining them with other offerings like plumbing. This specialization ensures high expertise but might limit the convenience for customers looking for a one-stop shop for all home service needs.

Summarizing, Mister Sparky stands out in Delaware’s electrical services sector with its strong emphasis on punctuality, customer-focused service, and a broad range of electrical expertise. Their dedicated approach to client education and satisfaction via guarantees and insightful interactions positions them as a top contender in the region.

Stanley Electric LLC

Stanley Electric NJ

Transitioning from Mister Sparky’s specialized electrical services, our attention next goes to Stanley Electric LLC. Located centrally in Delaware, Stanley Electric is known for its exceptional residential and commercial electrical services.

Website: http://www.stanleyelectricnj.com/

Services Offered

Stanley Electric caters to a variety of electrical needs ranging from basic wiring and lighting installations to more complex tasks like full electrical system overhauls and maintenance contracts. Their services cover:

  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Installation of fixtures and outlets
  • Home automation
  • Electrical inspections
  • Preventive maintenance
    This breadth of services makes Stanley Electric a versatile choice for different customer needs.

Customer Experience

Clients often report high satisfaction with Stanley Electric, citing their reliability and meticulous attention to detail. The company is praised for its responsive customer service and the professionalism of its staff. Unlike other firms that might rush jobs, Stanley Electric is noted for taking the necessary time to do the job right, ensuring safety and functionality.

Pricing and Value

Stanley Electric’s pricing structure is competitive and transparent, which customers find reassuring. They offer free estimates, which is a valuable add-on, letting clients understand potential costs upfront. The combination of fair pricing and high-quality service delivers excellent value, making Stanley Electric a strong competitor in Delaware’s electrical services market.

Reliability and Trust

Building on a foundation of trust, Stanley Electric ensures customer peace of mind with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their services. Also, the longevity of their business in the region, coupled with favourable reviews on multiple platforms, bolsters their reputation as dependable and trustworthy.

From our reviews, we see Stanley Electric as an outstanding provider that balances cost effectiveness with expert service, standing out in a crowded market through its steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence.

Innovative Electrical Contracting Inc.

Innovative Electrical Contracting ...

Innovative Electrical Contracting Inc. stands out in Delaware for its pioneering approaches to electrical solutions. The company, founded in 2005, has built a strong reputation based on its reliability and innovation in tackling complex electrical projects.

Website: https://innovativeelectricinc.net/

Services Offered

Innovative Electrical Contracting Inc. offers an extensive range of services, including residential and commercial electrical installations, repairs, and upgrades. They are particularly noted for their custom electrical work, which caters to the unique needs of each customer. One of their standout services is the installation of electric vehicle charging stations—a service not widely available with all competitors.

Customer Satisfaction and Reliability

Our research and customer feedback highlight that Innovative Electrical Contracting Inc. excels in customer satisfaction. They maintain high standards, evident from their prompt response times and precision in project execution. Customers regularly commend the professionalism and knowledge of their electricians, emphasizing the staff’s ability to explain complex electrical issues in understandable terms.

Pricing and Value

In terms of pricing, Innovative Electrical Contracting Inc. offers competitive rates that align well with the quality of service and expertise they deliver. They provide detailed quotes that help customers understand the costs involved before committing to a service, ensuring transparency and trust in their pricing structure.

Comparison With Peers

Compared to others in the Delaware electrical services market like Stanley Electric LLC and Mister Sparky, Innovative Electrical Contracting Inc. distinguishes itself with its bespoke electrical solutions and more advanced service offerings like smart home automation and renewable energy options. Although their prices might be slightly higher, the value brought by their innovative services justifies the cost.

Reflecting on their track record and service range, Innovative Electrical Contracting Inc. ranks highly for anyone needing dependable and advanced electrical services in Delaware. Their commitment to harnessing new technologies and ensuring customer satisfaction makes them a preferred choice in the region.

How We Ranked The Best Electricians in Delaware

To determine the best electricians in Delaware, we utilized a comprehensive and transparent methodology based on several key factors:

Expertise and Experience

Firstly, we evaluated each company’s expertise and years of experience in the field. Companies like Wirepro Electric and Aquarius Plumbing & Electric boast extensive knowledge and solid industry longevity, which significantly contributed to their high rankings.

Customer Service

Customer feedback plays a pivotal role in our rankings. We analyzed online reviews and testimonials to gauge customer satisfaction. Mister Sparky of New Castle is often highlighted for its exceptional customer focus and punctuality, which is a crucial factor in emergency electrical services.

Pricing Competitiveness

Affordability without compromising quality is essential. Stanley Electric LLC, for instance, is recognized for its fair pricing structures and transparency in billing, factors that many customers appreciate and consider when selecting an electrician.

Range of Services Offered

A broad service offering can cater to more customer needs under one roof. Companies like Innovative Electrical Contracting Inc. provide diverse services including innovative solutions like smart home automation, appealing to a tech-savvy market.

Commitment to New Technologies

Adaptation to and integration of new technologies were also crucial criteria. Innovative Electrical Contracting, known for installing electric vehicle charging stations, scores highly here, showing a commitment to progressive, eco-friendly solutions.

Through analyzing these factors, we ensure our recommendations are well-rounded, addressing not just the basic needs but also the comprehensive service capabilities these companies offer. This methodology helps us maintain a fair and balanced perspective throughout our evaluation process.

Reasons To Hire a Professional Electrical Contractor in Delaware

When considering electrical work in Delaware, hiring a professional contractor is essential for ensuring safety, compliance, and quality. Here, we explore why it’s beneficial to rely on top-rated electricians like those previously discussed.

Ensuring Safety

Professional electricians bring expertise that’s crucial for safely handling electrical systems. With their thorough training and certifications, they follow strict safety codes to prevent hazards such as electric shocks and fires. Companies like Wirepro Electric and Stanley Electric LLC are known for their stringent safety standards, which safeguard both their clients and staff.

Compliance with Regulations

Delaware’s electrical standards and building codes are complex and continually evolving. Professional electrical contractors are updated on all regulatory changes, ensuring that any work done on your property complies with local laws. This compliance is vital for avoiding legal complications that could arise from unauthorized or non-compliant work.

High-Quality Work

The quality of electrical work directly impacts the functionality and durability of your electrical system. Electricians like Aquarius Plumbing & Electric, known for their meticulous attention to detail, ensure that installations and repairs are performed with the highest standards, so prolonging the lifespan of your electrical systems.

Wide Range of Services

A professional contractor offers a comprehensive suite of services, from basic wiring assistance to more complex installations like smart home automation and electric vehicle charging setups. Innovative Electrical Contracting Inc. is celebrated for their broad range of services, meeting both conventional and modern electrical needs.


While DIY approaches might seem cheaper, professional services can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent repairs and upgrades. The competitively priced services of companies like Mister Sparky of New Castle County combine cost-effectiveness with reliable service, making them a smart choice budget-wise.

By choosing professional electrical contractors in Delaware, you guarantee that your electrical projects are conducted safely, to standard, and with the highest quality, all while accommodating both your immediate and advanced service needs.


Choosing the right electrician in Delaware is crucial for ensuring safety, compliance, and the highest quality of service. We’ve explored some of the best in the state, each bringing something unique to the table. Whether you need advanced smart home automation or reliable general electrical repairs, these professionals have you covered. Trust in their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction for any project you might have. Remember, a good electrician isn’t just a contractor; they’re a partner in maintaining and improving your home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top electrical service providers in Delaware?

Wirepro Electric and Aquarius Plumbing & Electric are highly regarded for their expert electrical services, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing.

What makes Mister Sparky of New Castle County stand out?

Mister Sparky is noted for its punctuality, customer-focused approach, and broad expertise in electrical services, ensuring reliable and timely service.

What services does Stanley Electric LLC offer?

Stanley Electric LLC specializes in both residential and commercial electrical services, focusing on reliability, attention to detail, and fair pricing.

What criteria were used to rank the best electricians in Delaware?

The ranking was based on expertise, customer service, pricing competitiveness, the range of services offered, and commitment to adopting new technologies.

How does Innovative Electrical Contracting Inc. differentiate itself?

Innovative Electrical Contracting shines with its progressive solutions like smart home automation and electric vehicle charging stations, emphasizing eco-friendly services.

Why is it important to hire professional electrical contractors in Delaware?

Hiring professional contractors is crucial for ensuring safety, compliance with regulations, high-quality work, access to a wide range of services, and cost-effectiveness.

What safety and regulatory standards do Delaware electricians adhere to?

Electricians like Wirepro Electric and Aquarius Plumbing & Electric maintain high safety standards and adhere to all local regulations to ensure meticulous, compliant work.

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