5 Best Interior Designers in Illinois

In our quest to bring the beauty and functionality of top-notch interior design into your home, we’ve embarked on an extensive journey. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has poured hundreds of hours into research, diving deep into the vibrant world of interior design across Illinois. We understand the importance of creating spaces that reflect your personal style while enhancing your daily living experience. That’s why we’ve meticulously sifted through countless portfolios, customer reviews, and industry accolades to bring you a curated list of the 5 best interior designers in Illinois.

We know that finding the perfect designer can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But don’t worry, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Our selection criteria were rigorous, ensuring that only the most innovative, reliable, and customer-focused designers made it to our list. So, whether you’re looking to transform your cozy apartment or revamp your sprawling estate, our guide is designed to connect you with Illinois’ finest interior design talent. Let’s embark on this journey together, transforming your space into a haven of beauty and comfort.

Youtopia Designs

When we investigate into the world of interior design, Youtopia Designs stands out for its exceptional service and innovative solutions. Serving a diverse clientele across St. Louis, MO, New York City, NY, Naples, FL, and Ft. Myers, FL, this firm has carved a niche for itself with its client-centric approach.

Website: https://www.youtopiadesigns.com/

Exceptional Service and Innovation

At Youtopia Designs, professionalism is paramount. Clients have consistently lauded their dedication and the smooth process from the initial consultation to the post-construction phase. What sets Youtopia apart is their unique ability to personalize spaces that genuinely reflect the identity of their clients. The transformation of conventional elements, like tray ceilings into eye-catching focal points using wood beams in starburst patterns, exemplifies their creative prowess.

Attention to Detail and Quality

The firm’s attention to detail ensures that every project they undertake has a distinctive character, setting them apart in a crowded industry. Their commitment to quality is evident in their meticulous selection of materials and the management of project timelines, ensuring that deliverables are met without compromise.

Project Management Efficiency

One of the key strengths of Youtopia Designs lies in their efficient project management. Their systematic approach not only streamlines the entire design process but also guarantees timely delivery, much to the client’s satisfaction.

Personalized Design Experience

For anyone seeking a bespoke design experience melded with sophistication, Youtopia Designs is a top recommendation. Their ability to tailor designs that are both functional and visually appealing demonstrates their mastery in interior design. Having garnered high endorsements from industry experts, their reputation precedes them.

For a consultation and to embark on a journey to transform your space with Youtopia Designs, reaching out is easy. Contact them at (314) 556-9811 or through email at [email protected].

In comparison with its peers in Illinois, Youtopia Designs distinguishes itself through a blend of creativity, professionalism, and tailored service. In an industry where innovation and client satisfaction are paramount, they truly set a benchmark for excellence.

Modify Design

Following the spotlight on Youtopia Designs, we turn our focus to Modify Design, another gem in the Illinois interior design scene. This company has built a solid reputation for its bespoke design services that cater to both major renovations and minor space uplifts. What sets Modify Design apart is their adept use of computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM) tools. These technologies enable precise drafting and creation of detailed 2D and 3D visuals.

Clients often praise Modify Design for making it easy to visualize their projects before any construction begins. This clarity and foresight are invaluable, especially in complex renovation projects. Their team’s expertise isn’t just technical. They excel in material and finish selection, ensuring the final product is both budget-friendly and of high quality. This meticulous selection process guarantees a perfect balance between cost and quality, without any compromise.

Custom millwork is another area where Modify Design shines. They offer personalized touches that can truly transform a space. This level of customization is rare and highly sought after by clients seeking unique interior solutions.

The transition from design to actual construction is often fraught with challenges. But, Modify Design’s commitment to construction administration ensures a seamless execution of their designs. Their hands-on approach during the construction phase is a testament to their dedication to perfection.

Beyond their technical prowess, Modify Design’s customer service is top-notch. Their user-friendly website simplifies the process of reaching out for inquiries or service requests. Available after hours, they emphasize customer convenience, showing a clear understanding of client needs beyond the standard operating hours.

In the competetive field of interior design, Modify Design stands out for its comprehensive approach to design, its cutting-edge use of technology for visuals and drafting, and its unparalleled commitment to customer service. For those looking to elevate their space, Modify Design offers a blend of innovation, quality, and client-focused service, making it an exceptional choice among Illinois interior designers.

Website: https://www.modifydesignllc.com/

Hammer & Schmidt Design Inc

Following the impressive profiles of Youtopia Designs and Modify Design, we’re thrilled to introduce Hammer & Schmidt Design Inc. This firm stands out in the Illinois interior design landscape for its remarkable blend of elegance and functionality. Led by the distinguished Principle Peg Hammerschmidt, this team brings over 30 years of experience to the table, making it a powerhouse in both residential and commercial design projects.

What sets Hammer & Schmidt apart is their dedication to reflecting the unique personality of each client through sophisticated, yet practical spaces. They don’t just design rooms; they create living experiences tailored to individual needs and tastes. Their design philosophy centers around personalization, ensuring that every detail, no matter how small, contributes to the overall aesthetic and usefulness of the space.

Another highlight is their commitment to craftsmanship. Custom-made furniture, cabinetry, and doors are not just add-ons but essential elements that enhance both the beauty and functionality of their designs. These bespoke pieces, created by skilled craftsmen, serve as the perfect intersection of art and utility.

Hammer & Schmidt’s portfolio is as vast as it is impressive, spanning across major cities and continents, from California to New York City, and even extending their reach to London and Dublin. This global experience brings a diverse perspective to their projects, enabling them to infuse local elements with international styles seamlessly.

Clients choosing Hammer & Schmidt can expect an unmatched attention to detail and a quality of service that’s second to none. Their ability to exceed expectations, coupled with their innovative solutions and meticulous execution, firmly establishes them as a top-tier choice for anyone looking to invest in premium interior design services. Our review finds that their blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and client-centered design philosophy earns them a well-deserved spot among the best interior designers in Illinois.

Website: http://hammerandschmidt.com/

LU Design Build

Transitioning from other renowned interior design firms like Modify Design and Hammer & Schmidt Design Inc, we find LU Design | Build as a standout fixture in the Illinois design landscape. Specializing in full-scale transformations, they bring visions to life with their detailed and client-focused approach.

Website: https://ludesignbuild.com/

Comprehensive Services

LU Design | Build does not just offer interior design; they provide a holistic package from concept through completion. Their services include personalized consultations, where they meticulously understand client requirements. This ensures a transparent and smooth process, setting them apart from competitors. Their services span across various projects, including kitchen renovations, bathroom makeovers, living room revamps, and commercial space uplifts. They excel in modernizing spaces while respecting the original character, a balance that is often hard to achieve.

Exceptional Portfolio

One glance at LU Design | Build’s portfolio reveals their versatility and keen eye for detail. With a diverse range of styles from contemporary kitchens to luxurious bathrooms, their work is a testament to their design prowess and adaptability. Each project in their portfolio is not just a space redesigned; it’s a story of transformation.

Client Satisfaction and Testimonials

Clients consistently praise LU Design | Build for their ability to rejuvenate spaces. The team is celebrated for not just meeting but exceeding expectations, a sentiment echoed in numerous testimonials. This client satisfaction is a result of their attentive and collaborative approach throughout the design and build process.

Expertise Highlighted in Blogs

LU Design | Build also shares their knowledge and passion through insightful blog posts. These entries not only serve as design inspiration but also demonstrate their authoritative grasp on the latest trends, tips, and solutions in interior design. This dedication to sharing knowledge further cements their reputation as top-tier interior designers in Illinois.

To conclude, for those seeking a transformative design experience with a personal touch, LU Design | Build offers unmatched expertise and dedication. Their comprehensive services, detailed portfolio, glowing testimonials, and informative blog posts showcase their excellence in the interior design industry.

PEEK Interiors


Following our exploration of Illinois’ premier interior design offerings, we’re thrilled to spotlight Peek Interiors. Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, this acclaimed outfit brings a distinctive blend of style, warmth, and authenticity to both interior design and staging. What sets Peek Interiors apart is its bespoke service. Each project is a deep jump into the client’s vision, ensuring results that are as unique as they are captivating.

Our research revealed that Peek Interiors isn’t just about creating visually stunning spaces. They’re masters of marketability. Customers have consistently praised the swift sale of properties staged by Peek, highlighting the company’s knack for transforming empty spaces into must-have homes. It’s evident that their staging prowess not only enhances a property’s appeal but can also significantly increase its market value.

At the heart of Peek Interiors’ success is Deanna, a design virtuoso whose professionalism is matched only by her kindness and dedication. Clients have noted her ability to weave their personal style into the designs, making each project a true collaboration. This personal touch isn’t just refreshing—it’s deeply reflective of Peek Interiors’ commitment to personalized service.

Their portfolio speaks volumes, showcasing an array of properties transformed into picturesque, homely spaces. This ability to create photogenic and inviting interiors is a game-changer for sellers. It’s not just about making spaces look good; it’s about creating a vision of lifestyle and comfort that potential buyers can see themselves living in.

Between the rave reviews and the tangible results seen in property sales, Peek Interiors stands out as a beacon of design excellence. If you’re in the market for interior design or staging services that marry beauty with strategic market insights, Peek Interiors is undeniably a top contender, not just in Illinois, but in the broader Midwestern design scene.

Website: https://www.peekinteriors.com/

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Interior Design Companies in Illinois

In our quest to bring you the definitive list of the top interior design firms in Illinois, we’ve employed a rigorous research methodology that ensures our rankings are objective, fair, and informative. Our approach involves several critical steps, each designed to evaluate the companies on a range of factors that matter most to our readers.

Expertise and Experience

First and foremost, we investigate into the professional background of each firm. We assess their years in the business, the variety of projects they’ve tackled, and the breadth of their design portfolio. Firms like Modify Design and Hammer & Schmidt Design Inc showcase a vast and diverse portfolio that speaks to their seasoned experience. It is their proven track record that initially catches our eye.

Client Satisfaction and Reviews

We pay close attention to what previous clients have to say. Client testimonials, online reviews, and case studies offer insights into the reliability, customer service, and satisfaction levels associated with each firm. Peek Interiors, for example, stands out for its highly praised customer service and the personal touch they bring to each project, as evidenced by glowing client feedback.

Design Innovation and Creativity

Innovation and creativity are at the heart of interior design. We thoroughly examine the firms’ ability to push boundaries and introduce new, exciting ideas into their projects. Our analysis considers how well they blend aesthetic appeal with functionality, creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also perfectly suited to the client’s needs.

Market Presence and Industry Recognition

Having a strong market presence and being acknowledged by peers are signs of a reputable and trustworthy firm. Awards, publications, and memberships in professional organizations, such as the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), signal a firm’s commitment to excellence and industry standards. Companies that have been recognized for their work, like LU Design | Build, receive higher marks in our evaluation.

Value for Money

Finally, we analyze the value each firm offers. This includes not only their pricing structure but also the quality, durability, and practicality of their design solutions. We strive to find firms that balance superb design with cost efficiency, ensuring our readers can find services that fit their budget without compromising on quality or aesthetic.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Designer in Illinois

When considering the makeover of your space, opting for a professional interior designer in Illinois offers manifold benefits. Based on our research and analysis, hiring experts like Modify Design, Hammer & Schmidt Design Inc, LU Design | Build, and Peek Interiors can dramatically enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and marketability of your property. Here, we investigate into the specific advantages you gain by entrusting your design projects to professionals.

Expert Guidance and Personalized Approach

Professional interior designers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. For instance, Modify Design is known for its personalized approach, ensuring that every aspect of the design reflects your style and preferences. This bespoke service guarantees that the final output is not only unique but also resonates with your personal aesthetic.

Innovation and Creativity

With a professional designer, you tap into a rich vein of creativity and innovation. Companies like LU Design | Build are celebrated for their inventive designs that blend form and function in unexpected ways. This creative flair can transform your space into a standout feature of your home or business.

Marketability and Enhanced Property Value

Specialists like Peek Interiors excel in staging and designing spaces with an eye toward marketability. Their designs not only appeal to the aesthetic sensibilities of potential buyers but also significantly boost property value. Their keen understanding of market trends and design strategies ensures your property stands out in the competitive Illinois market.

Time and Budget Efficiency

Hiring a professional designer can save you time and potentially reduce costs in the long run. For example, Hammer & Schmidt Design Inc is adept at managing projects efficiently, adhering to timelines, and working within predetermined budgets. Their experience allows them to anticipate and mitigate costly mistakes, ensuring a smooth design process from start to finish.

Summarizing, the decision to hire a professional interior designer in Illinois like those mentioned above combines the benefits of personalized service, innovative design, marketability, and cost-effectiveness. Each firm, with its unique strengths, contributes to transforming your space into a well-designed, functional, and visually appealing environment.


Choosing the right interior designer in Illinois is a game-changer for anyone looking to transform their space. With firms like Modify Design, Hammer & Schmidt Design Inc, LU Design | Build, and Peek Interiors leading the charge, homeowners have exceptional options at their fingertips. Each of these firms brings a unique blend of creativity, efficiency, and market insight, ensuring projects not only meet but exceed expectations. We’ve seen firsthand how professional interior design can revolutionize a space, blending personal taste with expert guidance to create environments that are as functional as they are stunning. Trusting your project to any of these top designers means investing in a home or business that truly reflects your vision and values.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top interior design firms in Illinois mentioned in the article?

Modify Design, Hammer & Schmidt Design Inc, and LU Design | Build are highlighted as leading interior design firms in Illinois due to their personalized and innovative approaches.

Is Peek Interiors based in Illinois?

No, Peek Interiors is based in St. Louis, Missouri, and is noted for its unique style and focus on marketability.

What are the benefits of hiring professional interior designers in Illinois?

Hiring professional interior designers in Illinois offers benefits such as expert guidance, innovative designs, enhanced marketability, and efficient time and budget management.

How do the mentioned firms contribute to creating visually appealing spaces?

Modify Design, LU Design | Build, Peek Interiors, and Hammer & Schmidt Design Inc contribute through personalized service, creativity, market appeal, and cost-effectiveness, creating well-designed and visually appealing spaces.

Why is innovation important in interior design, according to the article?

Innovation is important in interior design for introducing new concepts, ensuring spaces are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and keeping up with the latest trends to maintain market appeal.

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