5 Best Painters in Kentucky

Kentucky, known for its rich heritage and picturesque landscapes, is also home to some of the finest painters in the nation. As you embark on your next home improvement project or simply wish to refresh your space, finding the right painter is crucial. That’s why we’ve taken the time to meticulously research and compile a list of the top five painters across the Bluegrass State.

Our team at HomeSpot HQ has spent hundreds of hours evaluating various artists and companies, considering factors like craftsmanship, customer service, and value for money. We understand how important it is to rely on a professional who delivers quality and consistency, and we’re excited to share our findings with you.

Whether you’re in Louisville, Lexington, or somewhere in between, our guide is designed to help you make an well-informed choice. Let’s jump into the vibrant world of Kentucky’s best painters, ensuring your next project is as beautiful as it is enduring.

Annapolis Painting Services

About Annapolis Painting Services ...


Annapolis Painting Services stands out in Kentucky for its professional approach and exceptional service quality. Known for their meticulous attention to detail, they have earned a reputation as one of the go-to experts for both residential and commercial painting needs.

Services Offered

Annapolis Painting Services provides a comprehensive range of services including interior and exterior painting, wallpaper removal, and pressure washing. They also offer specialized services like deck staining and restoration, making them a versatile option for various project requirements.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers often praise Annapolis Painting Services for their professionalism and the skill of their painters. They are particularly noted for completing projects on time and with minimal disruption to the daily routine of their clients. Positive testimonials frequently highlight the crew’s neatness and the thorough cleanup following a project’s completion.

Pricing and Value

When it comes to pricing, Annapolis Painting Services offers competitive rates that match the quality of their work. They provide detailed quotes that help clients understand the value they are getting for their investment. Many customers find their pricing reasonable considering the high level of service and lasting results.

Unique Selling Proposition

What sets Annapolis Painting Services apart is their commitment to using high-quality materials and the latest painting technology. This commitment ensures superior finishes and durability, enhancing the overall value offered to their clients.


Summarizing, Annapolis Painting Services combines quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, making them a preferred choice for painting services in Kentucky. Their ability to handle diverse client needs with consistent satisfaction is a strong testament to their expertise and customer-first approach.

Website: https://www.annapolispainting.com/

STB Painting Company

Simply The Best Painting Company - STB ...

Moving on from the highly praised Annapolis Painting Services, STB Painting Company stands out with its extensive experience and dedicated customer service. Based in the heart of Kentucky, STB Painting has carved a niche for itself through relentless commitment to quality and detail.

Website: http://www.stbpaintingcompany.com/

Overview and Services Offered

STB Painting Company offers a robust range of services that include residential and commercial painting, wallpaper removal, and pressure washing. What sets them apart is their specialization in historical building restorations, which requires a delicate and informed approach. Clients consistently note STB’s ability to blend traditional techniques with modern aesthetics.

Customer Experience and Feedback

Customers often highlight the professionalism of the STB team. The company prioritizes clear communication from the initial quote to the final inspection. This transparency ensures that there are no surprises about budget or timeline. Reviews frequently mention the punctuality and tidiness of the crew, a testament to STB’s respect for their clients’ properties and schedules.

Pricing and Value

When it comes to pricing, STB Painting Company adopts a competitive structure that aligns with the quality of services provided. They may not be the cheapest option available, but the value comes from their use of high-quality materials and guaranteed longevity of their paint jobs.

In comparing STB Painting Company to others in the market, their dedication to preserving historical integrity with modern touches makes them a standout option, especially for owners of heritage properties. Their comprehensive service list and positive feedback on customer interaction position them as a top choice in Kentucky’s painting service industry. Their approach and results speak volumes, making them a reliable and wise choice for your next painting project.

Klappenberger & Son Painting

Painting and Handyman Services ...

Following the high praise for previous painting services, we also recognize Klappenberger & Son Painting for their distinctive approach in Kentucky’s painting industry. This company stands out due to their focus on both detail and client education, ensuring that every project meets the high standards homeowners and commercial clients expect.

Website: https://klappenbergerandson.com/

Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Klappenberger & Son emphasize thorough preparation and meticulous painting processes. Customers frequently mention the transparent communication they receive throughout their painting project. From initial consultation to final walkthrough, the team ensures clarity and satisfaction, which reduces common stresses associated with home and business renovations. Their reviews often highlight the professionalism with which each project is handled, showing a consistent commitment to quality that matches their peers in the sector.

Range of Services

One of the critical features of Klappenberger & Son Painting is their extensive service catalog. Not just limited to painting, they offer specialized services like historical property restoration, mold and mildew prevention treatments, and eco-friendly painting options. This versatility allows them to cater to a diverse customer base in Kentucky, from new homeowners to historical conservators.

Price Versus Value

Klappenberger & Son are known for their competitive pricing, justified by the quality of materials they use and the comprehensive services they provide. Clients find great value in their offers, especially given the durability of their work and the detailed attention paid to their needs. The prices might be slightly higher than some competitors, but customers express that the cost is proportional to the high standards of results delivered.

Overall Experience

When we consider their strategic combination of broad services, customer-centric operations, and technical expertise, Klappenberger & Son Painting ranks as a reliable choice for various painting and restoration needs. Their dedication to maintaining the ethos of quality workmanship without compromising on materials or customer preferences sets them apart in Kentucky’s competitive painting landscape.


Manny's painting services

Manny’s Painting Services LLC stands out in Kentucky for their exceptional customer service and meticulous attention to detail. Specializing in both residential and commercial projects, they cater to a broad spectrum of clients with diverse needs.

Website: https://mannyspaintingservicesllc.com/

Quality of Service

One of Manny’s primary advantages is their unwavering commitment to quality. They use high-grade paints and modern techniques that ensure a durable and visually appealing finish. Whether it’s a small room refresh or a large exterior makeover, clients consistently highlight the neatness and precision of the finished work. The team’s professionalism extends beyond just painting; they ensure that all areas are clean post-completion, which significantly enhances client satisfaction.

Customer Experience

Manny’s is particularly noted for their customer-centric approach. They are punctual, always sticking to the scheduled times, and communicate effectively, keeping clients informed throughout the duration of the project. This transparent communication builds trust and eases the typical anxieties associated with home renovation projects.

Pricing and Value

In terms of pricing, Manny’s Painting Services offers competitive rates that align well with the quality and scope of their services. While not the cheapest option available, the value they provide through their meticulous work and reliable service justifies the investment. Clients frequently mention that the cost is reasonable considering the professionalism and outcomes delivered.

Comparison to Others

While other companies like Klappenberger & Son emphasize historical restoration and eco-friendly options, Manny’s focuses broadly on both modern and traditional techniques suitable for a variety of building types. Their flexibility and adaptability in handling different styles and surfaces give them an edge in the competitive market, particularly for clients looking for versatile solutions.

Blue Star Paint & Property Services, LLC

Blue Star Paint & Property Services ...

Blue Star Paint & Property Services, LLC, earns its reputation through remarkable precision and reliable customer service across Kentucky. This company specializes in both interior and exterior painting projects and prides itself on its professionalism and efficiency.

Website: http://www.bluestarpaint.com/

Services Offered

At Blue Star Paint, the range of services covers residential and commercial painting, including but not limited to:

  • Wall painting
  • Ceiling painting
  • Exterior siding painting
  • Deck and fence painting

They also provide minor property repairs related to painting projects, which helps streamline the entire renovation process.

Quality and Materials

Blue Star uses high-quality, lasting paints with a focus on sustainability. Their choice of top-tier, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints not only enhances the durability of their projects but also supports healthier indoor air quality.

Customer Experience

Customers often highlight Blue Star’s timely completion of projects and the crew’s attention to cleanliness and detail. The company ensures that all areas are thoroughly prepped and cleaned post-job, reducing stress and mess for property owners.

Price and Value

With competitive pricing, Blue Star Paint & Property Services offers excellent value, considering the quality of materials used and the comprehensiveness of their service. Their transparent pricing model ensures that customers receive a detailed quote with no hidden fees, fostering trust and confidence from the quote to the final inspection.

By maintaining a skilled team and focusing on customer satisfaction, Blue Star Paint & Property Services sets a high standard for painting services in Kentucky. Their approach not only ensures beautiful, lasting results but also provides a hassle-free experience for all clients.

How We Rank & Compare Painting Contractors in Kentucky

When we review painters in Kentucky, our focus is to provide a clear, honest comparison based on certain critical factors. We take into account their service range, quality of work, customer service, pricing, and eco-friendliness. Here is how we assess and rank these factors among painting contractors:

Service Range and Specialization

  • Annapolis Painting Services: Offers a broad service spectrum including both interior and exterior work in residential and commercial spaces. Known for their versatility.
  • STB Painting Company: Focuses on residential projects with a deep understanding of interior aesthetics and functionality.
  • Klappenberger & Son: Specializes in historical restorations and uses eco-friendly materials, offering a niche service that appeals to owners of historical properties.
  • Manny’s Painting Services LLC: Integrates traditional painting techniques with modern approaches, making them suitable for a variety of project needs.
  • Blue Star Paint & Property Services, LLC: Stands out for precision in execution and reliability. The use of sustainable, high-quality paints positions them strongly for environmentally conscious clients.

Quality of Work

Every company is evaluated based on the finish of their projects, customer feedback, and the materials they use. We inspect portfolios and, when possible, visit sites to see the painters’ work firsthand.

Customer Service

Timeliness, professionalism, and communication are pivotal. We consider client testimonials and direct feedback. Companies that show adaptability and attention to customer needs score highly.

Pricing and Transparency

Cost is always a key consideration. We look for companies offering transparent and competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of materials and service. Detailed quotes that avoid post-project fees are highly valued.


Given the growing concern for the environment, we prioritize companies that use sustainable practices and products. Klappenberger & Son often leads in this category with its commitment to eco-friendly solutions.

By analyzing these factors, we ensure each painting contractor is ranked fairly, helping our readers make informed decisions about who will best suit their painting needs in Kentucky.

Benefits Of Hiring a Professional Painting Service In Kentucky

Hiring a professional painting service in Kentucky comes with a multitude of advantages that can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property but also add to its market value. Here, we explore why opting for experts like the ones we’ve reviewed is a wise decision.

Expertise and Professionalism

When you choose a professional service, you benefit from years of experience and expertise. Companies like Annapolis Painting Services and STB Painting Company bring profound knowledge of techniques and materials that suit Kentucky’s climate and architectural styles. This expertise ensures high-quality finishes that last.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Professional painters provide accurate quotes and stick to timelines. Blue Star Paint & Property Services, LLC exemplifies this with their commitment to timely project completion. They efficiently manage the entire process, from preparation to the final touches, which saves you time and prevents additional expenses due to potential DIY mistakes.

High-Quality Materials and Techniques

Professionals have access to higher-quality paints and equipment that might not be available at your local store. Manny’s Painting Services LLC, for example, offers both modern and traditional painting techniques, using premium materials that ensure better coverage and durability. Klappenberger & Son’s focus on eco-friendly options also highlights the use of sustainable materials that are better for your health and the environment.

Comprehensive Services

Most professional painting services provide a range of offerings beyond just painting. From surface preparation and damage repair to aftercare, companies like Blue Star Paint & Property Services, LLC cover all aspects of painting. This comprehensive approach ensures that the underlying issues, if any, are addressed, resulting in a finish that is both beautiful and long-lasting.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Professional painters often back their services with guarantees or warranties. This assurance means that if there are issues with the paint job like peeling or blistering, the company will address these problems without additional charges, as long as they fall within the warranty period.

Opting for a professional painting service in Kentucky ensures that your investment in your property’s aesthetics is safe, efficient, and of the highest quality. With the right professionals, the results are not just visually pleasing but also enduring.


Choosing the right painter in Kentucky can significantly enhance your property’s aesthetic and increase its value. We’ve explored some top-notch options whether you’re looking for historical restoration eco-friendly practices or modern painting techniques. Each company we discussed brings something unique to the table ensuring that whatever your project needs you’ll find a reliable solution among them. Remember professional painters not only offer superior craftsmanship but also peace of mind that every detail is handled with expertise. Trusting your painting project to one of these recommended professionals could be the best decision for achieving beautiful lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of Blue Star Paint & Property Services, LLC?

Blue Star Paint & Property Services, LLC stands out for its precision, reliable customer service, and a broad range of painting services, both interior and exterior. They use high-quality, sustainable paints and emphasize a customer-centric approach with timely project completion.

How do Klappenberger & Son Painting distinguish themselves in the market?

Klappenberger & Son Painting specializes in historical restoration and eco-friendly options. Their dedication to preserving historical accuracy while using sustainable materials makes them unique in the professional painting industry.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional painting service in Kentucky?

Hiring professional painters in Kentucky offers several advantages including access to expert, professional-quality workmanship, time and cost efficiency, use of high-quality materials and advanced techniques, and assured customer satisfaction. This leads to a safe, efficient investment in property aesthetics with durable and visually appealing results.

What types of painting techniques does Manny’s Painting Services LLC offer?

Manny’s Painting Services LLC provides both modern and traditional painting techniques, allowing them to cater to a variety of customer preferences and project requirements, ensuring versatile and customized service options.

Why should one consider Annapolis Painting Services or STB Painting Company?

Both Annapolis Painting Services and STB Painting Company are renowned for their professionalism and versatility in the painting services they offer in Kentucky. Opting for either company provides assurance of quality service, skilled workmanship, and customer satisfaction.

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