5 Best Interior Designers in Nebraska

In our quest to uncover the hidden gems of the home service industry, our team at HomeSpot HQ embarked on a journey through the heart of Nebraska. We’ve poured hundreds of hours into research, digging through portfolios, analyzing reviews, and even consulting with industry insiders to bring you an authoritative list of the 5 best interior designers in the state. It’s not just about finding someone who can pick out a nice sofa or paint color; it’s about discovering those creative minds that can transform a space into a reflection of your personality and style.

We understand how daunting it can be to sift through an endless sea of options, which is why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Our criteria were stringent, prioritizing innovation, customer satisfaction, and an impeccable sense of style. So, whether you’re looking to revamp your living room or embark on a full-scale home renovation, we’re confident our curated list will guide you to the best interior designers Nebraska has to offer. Join us as we unveil the crème de la crème, ensuring your next design project is in the most capable hands.

Miller Interior Design

In our quest to spotlight the best interior designers in Nebraska, Miller Interior Design earns a distinguished place on our list. Founded by the visionary Keith Miller, a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), this Seattle-based firm stands out not just for its geographical reach but for the transformative experiences it offers through its designs. With more than 25 years of crafting stunning and functional spaces, Miller Interior Design excels in reflecting the essence of its clients in every project.

What sets Miller Interior Design apart is its dedication to personalization. The firm actively listens to its clients’ desires and lifestyle needs, seamlessly weaving them into the fabric of their designs. This attention to detail ensures that each space is not only aesthetically pleasing but also wholly representative of the individuals who inhabit it. Whether it’s a cozy family home, a sophisticated commercial area, or a dynamic multi-family housing project, the team at Miller manages to infuse a sense of identity and purpose into every corner.

Creativity and practicality are the hallmarks of their work. Clients and industry professionals alike commend the firm for its ability to tackle challenges with a blend of intelligence and imaginative design. This approach results in environments that are as functional as they are enchanting, a balance that’s hard to achieve but consistently delivered by Miller Interior Design.

Their portfolio speaks volumes of their capability to mesh awe-inspiring aesthetics with everyday functionality. From historic recreations to branded commercial spaces, each project is a testament to their team’s skill in creating environments that resonate with vibrancy and warmth.

In the competitive landscape of interior design in Nebraska and beyond, Miller Interior Design shines brightly. Their evocative designs, client-centered philosophy, and unwavering commitment to blending form with function place them at the forefront of firms capable of truly transforming a space. For those seeking interiors that mirror their persona and lifestyle, Miller Interior Design is a choice par excellence.

Website: https://millerinteriordesign.com/

Stephanie Bruntz Designs

Transitioning from the inventive approach of Miller Interior Design, we find another gem in Nebraska’s interior design scene: Stephanie Bruntz Designs. What sets this firm apart is its deep commitment to crafting spaces that reflect the homeowner’s personal narrative. Located conveniently in Kearney, NE, this full-service design firm specializes in turning ordinary rooms into extraordinary living experiences.

Website: http://stephaniebruntzdesigns.com/

Expertise That Stands Out

When it comes to areas like kitchens and bathrooms, Stephanie Bruntz Designs truly shines. Their ability to transform these spaces into warm, inviting areas where memories are made is unmatched. But, their talent doesn’t stop there. They are also skilled in reimagining wet bars, closets, and laundry rooms, enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of your home.

A Client-Centric Approach

One of the firm’s most commendable qualities is its dedication to understanding the unique story of each client. This client-centric focus ensures that every design choice reflects the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle. Their design process is not just about aesthetics but about creating a functional space that resonates with the clients’ desires.

Starting Your Project with Confidence

For those considering a home renovation, Stephanie Bruntz Designs offers a free project evaluation. This step makes it easy for clients to start their projects with confidence. Their goal is not just to meet expectations but to exceed them, ensuring an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

In the competitive landscape of interior design in Nebraska, Stephanie Bruntz Designs stands out for its ability to blend beauty with functionality. Their dedication to client satisfaction, coupled with their remarkable design expertise, makes them a top choice for anyone looking to enhance the appeal of their home. Reach out to them to explore how they can bring your vision to life.

KB Interior Styles LLC

Following our exploration of Nebraska’s top interior design firms, we’re turning our attention to KB Interior Styles LLC, another notable contender in this competitive landscape. This company has carved out a unique position through its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality service delivery. Let’s investigate into what makes KB Interior Styles LLC stand out.

Website: https://www.kbinteriorstyles.com/

Exceptional Service and Quality

We’ve observed that KB Interior Styles LLC consistently receives outstanding feedback for its dedication to service excellence. The firm’s focus on enhancing customer happiness through superior workmanship and professional conduct is unmistakably apparent. The owner, Kerry Bulen, brings an extensive experience to every project, ensuring that outcomes not only meet but exceed expectations. This hands-on approach has been instrumental in building a trustworthy reputation.

Tailored Customer Experience

What sets KB Interior Styles LLC apart is its commitment to understanding and fulfilling clients’ specific desires. The team’s ability to view projects through their clients’ eyes guarantees a personalized experience, a factor that distinctly separates them from competitors. Whether it’s interior or exterior painting, cabinet painting, or power washing, they offer a range of services catering to both residential and commercial clients, showcasing their versatility and adaptability.

Financing Options through Hearth Partnership

One of the most customer-friendly features is the partnership with Hearth to provide financing options. This initiative is indicative of KB Interior Styles LLC’s understanding of customers’ financial needs, offering a seamless financing process without affecting credit scores. For many, the possibility of a 0% interest plan is a game-changer, making professional design services more accessible to a broader audience.

Our review concludes that KB Interior Styles LLC stands as a beacon of reliability and quality in Nebraska’s interior and exterior design landscape. The combination of expert guidance, honest estimates, and personalized attention ensures that clients’ design dreams can turn into reality. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their space with professional, detail-oriented, and customer-focused design services.

Lee Douglas Interiors

Transitioning from KB Interior Styles LLC, which established its mark with practical and accessible interior design solutions, we spotlight another titan in Nebraska’s dense design forest: Lee Douglas Interiors. Standing out for its profound blend of aesthetics and functionality, Lee Douglas Interiors crafts spaces that visually dazzle while serving every practical need.

First and foremost, their service spectrum is impressively broad, encompassing remodels, custom builds, and in-depth interior consultations. This versatility means they can adapt to any project scale, making them a top pick for diverse needs. What truly sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to match every budget. They skillfully select high-quality materials and finishes without inflating costs, proving high-end design doesn’t always come with a high-end price tag.

Clients have consistently lauded their keen attention to detail. Choosing the perfect paint color or embarking on a comprehensive renovation, clients feel heard and valued. Patience and meticulous planning are Lee Douglas’s forte, ensuring that every design reflects the homeowner’s personality and vision. Their designs aren’t just about trends; they achieve a timeless elegance that ensures your space won’t feel outdated as years pass.

The team’s approachability and dedication to creating comfortable, stylish living environments are frequently highlighted in client testimonials. The spaces they curate don’t just look good; they feel like home, blending comfort with luxury.

In comparison to its peers in Nebraska, Lee Douglas Interiors shines for its holistic approach to interior design. They don’t just create beautiful rooms; they craft experiences, fostering spaces that encourage relaxation and reflection. Their impressive ability to remain within budget while offering unique, timeless designs places them in a league of their own. For anyone in Nebraska looking to upgrade their living space, Lee Douglas Interiors presents a compelling choice, merging affordability with unparalleled aesthetic appeal.

Website: https://leedouglas.com/


Transitioning from Lee Douglas Interiors, which carved its niche with a holistic approach and timeless designs, our focus shifts to WAYS Interiors. WAYS stands out in the Nebraska design landscape for its compelling blend of approachability and aesthetic appeal. Founded in 2017 by Lisa, WAYS Interiors has blossomed into an all-female powerhouse, deeply connected with the Omaha community and beyond. Lisa’s initial inspiration, sparked over a casual glass of wine, has fueled a design philosophy that balances beautiful with attainable, making high-end design accessible to all.

Clients cherish WAYS for its dedication to creating spaces that are not just visually stunning but also highly functional. This balance epitomizes the ideal of crafting a home to love and live in. The team’s expertise spans residential, commercial, and even exterior spaces, showing a versatility that’s hard to find.

What sets WAYS apart is not just its design talent but its commitment to the community. The firm’s heartfelt response to events like local tornadoes highlights a genuine care for clients and community alike. This empathetic approach, combined with their design prowess, fuels strong word-of-mouth referrals, underscoring their reputation in the industry.

Services offered by WAYS are comprehensive, covering everything from residential and commercial projects to outdoor spaces. This broad service range, coupled with a straightforward design process, ensures that every client’s journey is collaborative and fulfilling. Their portfolio, rich with examples of their work, showcases a team capable of turning any space into a welcoming, beautifully designed environment.

In a market filled with options, WAYS Interiors distinguishes itself by weaving together practical functionality with approachable design. Their story, rooted in organic growth and a passionate start, resonates with clients looking for unique, meaningful transformations in their spaces. For those in Nebraska seeking to refresh or reinvent their surroundings, WAYS Interiors presents a compelling choice, backed by a team dedicated to design excellence and client satisfaction.

Website: https://waysinteriors.com/

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Interior Design Companies in Nebraska

When we set out to rank and compare the best interior design companies in Nebraska, our approach was meticulous and multifaceted. We believe in providing our readers with comprehensive and credible insights that help them make informed decisions. Here’s how we did it:

Industry Reputation

First, we looked into each company’s reputation within the interior design industry. This encompasses years in business, awards won, and recognition from industry peers. Companies like KB Interior Styles LLC and Lee Douglas Interiors have set high standards with their award-winning designs and extensive experience.

Portfolio Analysis

We delved deep into the portfolios of these firms to understand the breadth and depth of their work. It’s essential to see a wide range of styles and projects, from residential to commercial. This diversity reflects the firm’s adaptability and creativity. WAYS Interiors, for example, impresses with its unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal across various settings.

Customer Feedback

Direct feedback from clients provides invaluable insights into a company’s performance. We sought out testimonials, reviews, and case studies. Positive feedback on customer satisfaction, like what WAYS Interiors receives for its approachable yet high-end design solutions, speaks volumes about a firm’s dedication to its clients.

Services Offered

Our analysis also covers the range of services offered by each firm. Comprehensive service offerings indicate a firm’s capability to handle diverse client needs from start to finish. We appreciate firms that provide a full spectrum of services, including design conceptualization, project management, and execution.

Community Engagement and Approach

A unique aspect we consider is the firm’s engagement with the community and its approach toward design. Companies that contribute to local development or incorporate sustainable practices score higher in our ranking. WAYS Interiors, for instance, is noted for its community involvement and empathetic approach to design, which sets it apart.

Value for Money

Finally, we evaluate the value for money. This doesn’t mean looking for the cheapest option but rather assessing the quality of work relative to the cost. Our goal is to highlight companies that deliver exceptional design value that justifies their pricing.

By considering these factors, we aim to give our readers a clear, honest, and comprehensive overview of interior design companies in Nebraska. This methodology ensures we present a balanced view, showcasing firms that excel in design creativity, customer service, and overall value.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Designer in Nebraska

When you decide to enhance your space, bringing in a professional interior designer can transform your environment and how you experience it. In Nebraska, where the blend of urban and rustic styles presents unique design opportunities, hiring a professional holds even more value. Here’s why:

Expertise in Maximizing Functionality

One of the key benefits is their ability to maximize the functionality of any space. Whether it’s a cozy home or a spacious commercial area, designers have the knack for optimizing layouts, improving flow, and ensuring every inch serves a purpose. With our highlighted firms, like WAYS Interiors, this expertise translates into creating spaces that are not only beautiful but smartly arranged to serve your daily needs efficiently.

Access to Exclusive Resources and Trends

Professional designers bring with them access to resources and trends that might not be readily available to the public. This includes high-quality materials, custom furniture, and the latest design innovations. By working with top-notch firms in Nebraska, you’re tapping into a world of exclusive design elements that elevate your space beyond the ordinary.

Saving Time and Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Let’s face it, design projects can be time-consuming and fraught with the potential for costly mistakes. A major benefit of hiring a professional is their ability to steer your project clear of common pitfalls. They understand how to budget effectively, select the right materials the first time around, and coordinate with contractors, saving you time, money, and stress.

Personalized Design That Tells Your Story

Perhaps most importantly, professional interior designers in Nebraska have a talent for translating your personal style and story into the design. Firms like KB Interior Styles LLC and Lee Douglas Interiors stand out for their commitment to reflecting the client’s personality and vision within their work. This personalized approach ensures your space is not only functional and beautiful but deeply resonant with who you are.

Boosting Property Value

A well-designed space doesn’t just look good—it can also significantly boost your property’s value. Whether you’re updating a commercial property or revamping your home, professional design work makes your space more attractive to potential buyers or renters, offering a tangible return on investment.


Exploring Nebraska’s interior design landscape reveals a wealth of talent and innovation. With firms like KB Interior Styles LLC, Lee Douglas Interiors, and WAYS Interiors leading the charge, homeowners have fantastic options at their disposal. Each of these firms brings something unique to the table, from WAYS Interiors’ commitment to making luxury design accessible to all, to the personalized and deeply resonant spaces crafted by KB Interior Styles LLC and Lee Douglas Interiors. The benefits of engaging a professional designer are clear: not only do they bring a wealth of expertise and exclusive resources, but they also offer the potential to save time, avoid costly mistakes, and significantly boost property value. For anyone looking to transform their space in Nebraska, these top interior designers offer the perfect blend of style, functionality, and personalization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some top interior design firms in Nebraska?

KB Interior Styles LLC, Lee Douglas Interiors, and WAYS Interiors are renowned for their exceptional services and dedication to customer satisfaction in Nebraska. Each firm brings a unique approach to design, ensuring beautiful and functional spaces.

When was WAYS Interiors founded, and what makes it stand out?

WAYS Interiors was founded in 2017 by Lisa. It distinguishes itself through its commitment to making high-end design accessible to everyone, its empathetic approach to clients, and its deep commitment to the community.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer in Nebraska?

Hiring a professional interior designer in Nebraska offers several advantages, including expert guidance in maximizing space functionality, access to exclusive resources and trends, time savings, avoidance of costly mistakes, personalized designs that reflect the client’s narrative, and potentially enhancing property value.

How do professional designers like KB Interior Styles LLC and Lee Douglas Interiors impact personal space?

Professional designers like KB Interior Styles LLC and Lee Douglas Interiors excel at translating an individual’s style into their space’s design. They create environments that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply resonant with the client’s identity, making the space truly personalized and impactful.

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