5 Best Interior Designers in Colorado

In our quest to elevate your living spaces, we’ve embarked on an exciting journey across Colorado, diving deep into the world of interior design. It’s a realm where creativity meets functionality, and where each space tells a unique story. We understand how crucial it is to find the right designer who not only aligns with your vision but also transforms your space into a reflection of your personality. That’s why we’ve invested hundreds of hours, leveraging the expertise of our seasoned team at HomeSpot HQ, to meticulously research and evaluate the best interior designers the Centennial State has to offer.

Our commitment to excellence and our passion for home improvement drove us to sift through countless portfolios, scrutinize client testimonials, and engage with industry professionals. We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. The result? A carefully curated list of the 5 best interior designers in Colorado, each with their own unique flair and a proven track record of creating breathtaking spaces. Whether you’re looking for a modern minimalist design or a cozy mountain retreat vibe, we’re confident our selections will inspire and guide you in transforming your home into the sanctuary of your dreams.

Alignable Interior Design

When embarking on the path to discover the finest interior designers in Colorado, Alignable Interior Design quickly emerged as a top contender. Their award-winning work stands out for its clean lines, soothing color palettes, and modern layouts that don’t just look luxurious but are immensely livable. This firm, nestled in the heart of Chattanooga, Tennessee, has caught industry attention, even earning a prestigious portfolio feature in Pottery Barn.

Their approach to design is tailored and thoughtful. Michelle Nelson, the principal designer, goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. Her personalized consultations can be easily accessed across various platforms, making the design process convenient and accessible for everyone – especially those new to the world of interior design. This level of service is supported by their commitment to precision and the importance they place on truly understanding their clients’ needs.

The introduction of no-obligation informational calls further demonstrates their dedication to providing tailored design solutions. By offering these calls, Alignable Interior Design ensures that prospective clients can explore their services without any pressure, a rare and commendable approach in the industry.

In comparison to other interior designers in Colorado, Alignable Interior Design distinguishes itself through its modern and clean design philosophy, paired with a client-centric service model. The recognition by Pottery Barn not only underscores their quality work but also places them in a league of their own. For those seeking a contemporary, elegant living space that reflects their personal style, Alignable Interior Design comes highly recommended by industry experts. Their professional demeanor, combined with the ability to transform contemporary design concepts into comfortable, elegant environments, makes them a standout choice.

Given the high level of quality, personalized service, and industry recognition, Alignable Interior Design offers exceptional value for those investing in their living spaces. Their attention to detail and commitment to satisfying their clients’ visions ensure that they not only meet but exceed expectations.

Website: https://www.alignableinteriordesign.com/

Interior Design by Kimberly, LLC.

Interior Design by Kimberly

When searching for an exceptional interior designer in Colorado, Interior Design by Kimberly, LLC. stands out for its client-focused approach and impressive design transformations. With over a decade of experience in the interior design industry, Kimberly has established herself as a partner rather than just a service provider in the design process. Her commitment to understanding and bringing to life the unique visions of her clients is what sets her apart.

Website: https://interiordesignbykimberly.com/

Extensive Experience and Network

Kimberly boasts a vast network of professionals, including top architects, builders, and artists, which she leverages to achieve the best results for her clients. This network, combined with her trade discounts, allows clients access to high-quality materials and services at a reduced cost. It’s this blend of resources and Kimberly’s experience that contribute to making her services highly valued.

Unique Design Approach

Her ability to fuse modern touches with historical design elements ensures every space is not only beautiful but also reflects the personal style and personality of each client. This unique approach to design has earned Interior Design by Kimberly, LLC. glowing recommendations from experts and clients alike. Testimonials often highlight Kimberly’s knack for creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces tailored to each client’s needs and desires.

Client-Centric Service

Kimberly’s dedication to open communication stands out. She ensures clear and ongoing dialogues with her clients, guiding them through every step of the design process. This transparency builds trust and allows for a collaborative relationship where clients feel heard and valued.

Outstanding Portfolio and Reviews

The portfolio of Interior Design by Kimberly, LLC. showcases a wide range of styles and spaces, reflecting Kimberly’s versatility and skill. Positive reviews from satisfied clients reiterate her ability to transform any space into a place one loves to be in, further cementing her as a top choice for those looking to enhance their living or office spaces in Colorado.

To conclude, for anyone in Colorado looking to elevate their interior, Interior Design by Kimberly, LLC. offers a perfect blend of experience, client-centered service, and innovative design. Contacting Kimberly could be the first step to loving where you are.

Julie Kay Design Studio, LLC

Julie Kay Design Studio

When searching for the best interior designers in Colorado, Julie Kay Design Studio (JKDS) stands out for its unique blend of functionality and beauty in design. Led by Julie, the studio excels in transforming living spaces into inviting, family-oriented interiors that don’t compromise on style. What sets JKDS apart is its full-service approach, extending from custom new builds to detailed consultations and curated furnishing selections, ensuring every design need is met with unmatched expertise.

Julie’s gift lies in her ability to harmoniously merge family heirlooms with modern trends. This results in spaces that are not only visually stunning but also rich in sentimental value. This approach is particularly noted by the Hansons and the Farrands, whose testimonials praise JKDS for creating magazine-worthy homes while maintaining a realistic budget. This blend of affordability and aesthetic appeal is rare and cherished in the interior design realm.

Clients applaud the studio for their emphasis on creating designs that appeal to all senses, aiming to curate peaceful and inspiring family environments. It’s this attention to sensory experience that sets JKDS’s designs a notch above. Also, the studio’s free downloadable tips offer immediate, practical value for those looking to enhance their home’s beauty effortlessly.

Their curated shop features unique, natural, and textural items, allowing homeowners to infuse their spaces with special touches that reflect their personalities. The studio’s dedication to customer satisfaction is further highlighted by the offer of a free 15-minute consultation call, emphasizing their commitment to accessible and personalized service.

Being featured in notable publications affirms JKDS’s esteemed position in the interior design industry. This recognition speaks volumes about the studio’s credibility and the high quality of their work. In a state teeming with talent, Julie Kay Design Studio shines for its holistic approach to design, prioritizing both aesthetics and functionality, setting a high standard for interior design in Colorado.

Website: https://www.juliekaydesignstudio.com/

Senger Design Group

Following our exploration of top interior design firms in Colorado, we turn our attention to Senger Design Group. This firm stands out for its impeccable reputation and over 30 years of experience in creating stunning spaces. Their portfolio is diverse, covering everything from modern corporate offices to elegant hospitality venues.

What sets Senger Design Group apart is their meticulous attention to detail and a collaborative approach. They work closely with clients and specialized trades to ensure every aspect of a project is perfect. Their designs not only look fantastic but are also highly functional, reflecting a deep understanding of their clients’ needs.

Clients have consistently lauded Senger Design Group for their ability to exceed expectations. Be it a business looking to enhance its workspace or a homeowner aiming for a stylish yet practical living area, Senger Design Group has proven to be a reliable choice. Their team’s expertise ensures that projects are not only visually appealing but also contribute positively to the local community.

The value Senger Design Group offers lies not just in their aesthetic designs but also in the seamless process they provide their clients. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, their process is structured to deliver maximum satisfaction. While they might not be the cheapest option in Colorado, their commitment to quality and client satisfaction ensures that clients receive great value for their investment.

In comparison to other designers we’ve discussed, like Julie Kay Design Studio, Senger Design Group brings a slightly different approach with a strong focus on both aesthetics and functionality. While JKDS excels in creating family-oriented, functional beauty, Senger Design Group specializes in balancing sophisticated designs with practical solutions across a broader range of spaces.

For those in Colorado looking to embark on an interior design project, considering Senger Design Group is a must. Their exceptional service, combined with over three decades of design excellence, makes them a standout choice in the interior design industry.

Website: https://sengerdesigngroup.com/

Denver Design Group

Following the trail of exquisite designs and unparalleled craftsmanship in Colorado’s interior design scene, we’ve set our eyes on Denver Design Group (DDG). Renowned for its full-service approach, DDG eclipses ordinary design expectations by offering a unique blend of services that cover the spectrum from full remodels to conceptualization. Here’s what sets them apart in our review.

Website: https://www.denverdesigngroup.com/

Comprehensive Services

What caught our attention first was their ability to transform spaces from ground zero to masterpiece. Whether you’re looking for a modern farmhouse kitchen or an elegant bathroom retreat, DDG’s portfolio speaks volumes. Their range of services, including custom furniture, kitchen and bathroom design, window treatments, and more, ensures every corner of your space is touched by creativity and elegance.

Client-Centric Approach

DDG shines bright with its client-focused methodology. They engage deeply with clients, marrying personal styles with the latest design trends. Earth tones, bold colors, and dark wood, expected to dominate in 2024, are just a snippet of their trend-forward mindset. Their dedication to reflecting a client’s personal style while staying on top of design innovations makes them a leader in creating spaces that are both timeless and contemporary.

Customer Service and Problem-Solving

The firm doesn’t just stop at design; their customer service and creative problem-solving are noteworthy. Positive testimonials from clients underline DDG’s commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding expectations. Their thorough planning process ensures that every project is a success, from start to finish.

The Value Proposition

When it comes to investing in your space, value for money is key. DDG stands out by offering a premium service that balances cost-effectiveness with high-quality outputs. The value lies in their tailored approach, ensuring that every dollar spent transforms into an element of your dream space.

In the competitive landscape of interior design in Colorado, Denver Design Group holds its own. Their ability to blend trends with individuality, coupled with a firm commitment to client satisfaction and intricate attention to detail, positions them as a top choice for anyone looking to elevate their home or office space.

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Interior Design Companies in Colorado

When we set out to rank and compare the best interior design companies in Colorado, we committed to a thorough and fair methodology. We understand how crucial it is for our readers to trust our recommendations. So, here is how we approached our task.

Project Portfolio Review

Firstly, we delved deep into the portfolios of each company. We examined their range of projects, looking for diversity in design styles and the ability to meet various client needs. Companies like Julie Kay Design Studio and Denver Design Group stood out for their adaptability and creativity.

Client Feedback and Company Reputation

We pored over client reviews and testimonials for every interior design firm on our list. Our goal was to gauge client satisfaction, looking for evidence of companies going above and beyond. Firms like Senger Design Group, with its track record of exceeding client expectations, ranked highly in our evaluation.

Service Range and Specialization

We compared the services offered by each designer, from full remodels to custom furniture creation. Our focus was on firms offering comprehensive services that cater to a broad spectrum of needs. Denver Design Group, for example, excelled with its full-service approach.

Cost and Value for Money

Understanding that budget is a significant factor for many, we analyzed each company’s pricing structure against the quality and scope of their work. We looked for firms providing transparent, competitive pricing while maintaining high design standards.

Experience and Industry Recognition

Finally, we considered each company’s experience in the industry and any awards or recognitions they had received. Firms with a long-standing presence in Colorado, like Senger Design Group, were noted for their expertise and reliability.

Overall, our ranking methodology balanced these factors to identify companies that offer exceptional design work, customer satisfaction, and value for money. This comprehensive approach ensures that our recommendations are both trustworthy and helpful to those looking to enhance their spaces with top-notch interior design services in Colorado.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Designer in Colorado

Hiring a professional interior designer in Colorado comes with numerous advantages. Let’s explore the benefits that could make a significant difference in your interior design project.

Tailored Design Solutions

Each of the five top interior designers in Colorado offers tailored design solutions that match your unique style and needs. From Alignable Interior Design’s client-focused approach to Denver Design Group’s (DDG) ability to create masterpieces, customized solutions are a primary benefit. These designers listen to your ideas and transform them into a well-planned and aesthetically pleasing space.

Access to Exclusive Resources

Professional designers have access to materials, furniture, and decor that aren’t available to the general public. By hiring firms like Julie Kay Design Studio or Senger Design Group, you gain access to exclusive resources that can elevate your space. These designers know where to find unique pieces that align with your vision, giving your interior a distinct look.

Cost and Time Efficiency

A common misconception is that hiring a designer is overly costly. In reality, designers like Interior Design by Kimberly, LLC., help prevent costly mistakes and make decisions that can increase your home’s value. They are skilled at managing budgets and timelines, ensuring your project doesn’t just meet deadlines but also saves money where possible.

Professional Assessment and Cohesion

Professional designers offer an expert assessment of your space that leads to a solid plan of action. Firms such as Julie Kay Design Studio (JKDS) execute projects with a cohesive look in mind, ensuring that each element complements the other perfectly. This level of detail and professionalism ensures that no aspect of your space feels out of place.

Stress Reduction

Embarking on a design project can be overwhelming. But, choosing a top interior designer in Colorado like those mentioned can significantly reduce stress. From project management to handling supplier relationships, professionals take the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to enjoy the transformation process without the hassle.

Summarizing, the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer in Colorado include receiving tailored design solutions, access to exclusive resources, cost and time efficiency, professional assessment for a cohesive look, and significant stress reduction throughout the project. These advantages make it clear why hiring a professional is a wise investment for anyone looking to transform their space.


Choosing the right interior designer in Colorado can significantly impact the success of your space transformation. We’ve explored the top firms that not only meet but exceed expectations with their client-centered approaches and impressive outcomes. Remember, investing in a professional does more than beautify your space; it brings tailored solutions, exclusive resources, and a stress-free experience to the table. Trusting your project to any of these top designers ensures a blend of creativity, efficiency, and professionalism. Let’s transform your space into something extraordinary together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top interior design firms in Colorado?

The top interior design firms in Colorado are known for their client-focused approaches and successful project transformations. They have been ranked based on thorough research methodologies, considering project portfolios and client feedback.

How were the interior design firms in Colorado ranked?

The interior design firms in Colorado were ranked based on a comprehensive research methodology that evaluated their project portfolios, client feedback, and various other factors that demonstrate their capability and success in delivering top-notch interior designs.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer in Colorado?

Hiring a professional interior designer in Colorado offers several benefits, including tailored design solutions that meet specific needs, access to exclusive resources, cost and time efficiency, professional assessment for cohesive outcomes, and significant stress reduction during the transformation process.

Why is hiring a professional interior designer in Colorado considered a wise investment?

Hiring a professional interior designer in Colorado is considered a wise investment because it not only ensures a beautifully transformed space but also provides cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, and access to exclusive resources and expertise, which altogether enhance the overall value of the project.

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