5 Best Home Remodeling Contractors in New Hampshire

Embarking on a home remodeling project in New Hampshire? You’re in luck! We’ve sifted through the myriad of options to bring you the crème de la crème of home remodeling contractors in the Granite State. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has dedicated hundreds of hours to research, diving deep into the home service industry to uncover which contractors truly stand out from the rest. It’s not just about who’s the most popular; it’s about who delivers exceptional quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

We understand the importance of making informed decisions, especially when it comes to transforming your living space. That’s why we’ve meticulously evaluated each contractor’s portfolio, customer reviews, and overall service excellence. Our goal? To ensure you have access to the best possible options for your home remodeling needs. So, whether you’re dreaming of a modern kitchen, a luxurious bathroom, or a complete home makeover, rest assured, our top picks are sure to inspire and impress.

New England Pro

When it comes to home remodeling, New England Pro sets the bar high in New Hampshire. Our deep jump into their services, client feedback, and project outcomes has revealed why they earn a spot on our list of the 5 Best Home Remodeling Contractors in New Hampshire.

Website: https://www.newenglandpronh.com/

Specialized Services

New England Pro shines in kitchen and bathroom renovations, custom homes building, and home additions. Their portfolio displays a diverse range of beautifully completed projects that speak to their capability and expertise in the field. For those looking to transform their spaces, New England Pro offers personalized solutions tailored to meet different needs and budgets.

Exceptional Quality and Professionalism

Clients consistently praise the professionalism of owner Carlos Lopes and his team. They are noted for their attention to detail and commitment to delivering quality finishes. Feedback highlights include timely service delivery and effective communication throughout the project duration. This form of professionalism ensures a smooth and satisfiable remodeling experience for every client.

Performance and Reliability

Our review found that New England Pro stands out for its approach to project management and execution. Their team is capable of handling complex projects with skill and precision, aiming to achieve top-notch results every time. The sustainability practices they employ further add value, showcasing their commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding industry standards.

Customer Satisfaction

The glowing testimonials from past clients reinforce New England Pro’s reliability and high standard of work. Customers appreciate the personalized attention they receive, as well as the dedication to meeting their expectations. Such positive feedback underscores the trust New England Pro has built within the community.

Value for Money

Considering the quality of work, range of services, and the overall experience they offer, New England Pro provides excellent value for the investment. Their willingness to accommodate different budgets without compromising on the finish or durability of their work makes them a top choice for those looking to remodel their homes in New Hampshire.

Summarizing, our analysis suggests that entrusting your home remodeling project to New England Pro means working with a team that’s dedicated to excellence. Their expertise, combined with a robust commitment to customer satisfaction, positions them as a standout contractor in the New Hampshire area.

Rick Villandry Remodeling

After discussing New England Pro’s standout services, we zero in on another gem in the New Hampshire home remodeling scene: Rick Villandry Remodeling. Their reputation in Southern New Hampshire soars high for a reason. They bring exceptional quality to various projects such as interior remodels, additions, and creating vibrant outdoor living spaces. Clients have nothing but praise for their meticulous work that transforms homes.

Website: https://nhcarpenter.com/

Quality Craftsmanship and Materials

First off, the hallmark of Rick Villandry Remodeling is their commitment to quality. They leverage high-quality materials in every project. Whether it’s a sleek kitchen remodel or an expansive outdoor deck, the materials used are always top-notch. This commitment ensures durability and aesthetics in equal measure, setting them apart.

Stellar Communication and Service

One of the facets where Rick Villandry Remodeling shines is their communication. Led by Rick and his son Rich, the team makes an effort to guide homeowners through every step. They’re known for being exceptionally professional yet approachable. Clients appreciate the hassle-free experience, marked by clear timelines and regular updates.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is another aspect that gets repeatedly mentioned in testimonials. This team’s willingness to go the extra mile in perfecting every nook and corner ensures that the final outcome isn’t just functional but also stunning. The transformation they bring to spaces is often described as both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Clean Process and Timeliness

Rick Villandry Remodeling is noted for maintaining a clean work environment throughout the project duration. Their daily clean-up ritual minimizes disruptions, making the remodeling process less invasive for homeowners. Besides, they have a track record of completing projects within the promised timeline and budget, which is a significant relief for many.

Given these highlights, our thorough assessment slots Rick Villandry Remodeling comfortably among the best home remodeling contractors in New Hampshire. Their blend of excellent craftsmanship, strong client communication, and commitment to timelines and budgets makes them a top recommendation for anyone looking to elevate their living space.

True East Remodeling

Following the exceptional standards set by New England Pro and Rick Villandry Remodeling, True East Remodeling emerges as another top-tier choice for homeowners in Southern NH. With over 15 years of experience, this contractor stands out for its dedication to delivering professional quality and high customer satisfaction. Specializing in design-build remodeling, True East provides a comprehensive suite of services, including kitchen updates, bathroom renovations, basement finishing, flooring upgrades, and outdoor improvements like decking and painting.

What makes True East uniquely appealing is its user-friendly process. They ensure clear communication from start to finish, framing a step-by-step roadmap that aligns perfectly with the client’s vision. This approach has not only garnered numerous glowing testimonials but has also showcased their capability to transform living spaces dramatically.

Clients have consistently praised True East for its convenience-oriented features, such as free estimates, online payments, and financing options. These facets of their service make starting a dream home project more accessible than ever. Also, True East is known for its reliable handyman services. They handle both significant remodels and smaller projects with equal skill and dedication.

Comparatively, True East stands out for its meticulous attention to detail and a committed approach to each project, ensuring results that often exceed expectations. Their gallery of past work serves as a testament to their ability to create beautiful, functional homes that reflect their unwavering dedication.

In the realm of home remodeling contractors in New Hampshire, True East Remodeling earns its spot as a reputable choice by balancing quality workmanship with considerate client engagement, making it a preferred contractor for those looking to enhance their living environment.

Website: https://trueeastremodeling.com/

G.M. Roth Design Remodeling

When it comes to home remodeling in New Hampshire, G.M. Roth Design Remodeling has set a high bar. With over 35 years of experience, they’ve consistently shown their ability to transform visions into reality. We’ve seen how their 6-Step Process not only enhances the customer experience but also brings a level of simplicity to what can often be a complex undertaking. Their commitment to quality and detail has not gone unnoticed, earning them the prestigious 2023 Guildmaster with Distinction award.

At the heart of G.M. Roth Design Remodeling is a team of professionals who truly excel in their fields. Gerry Roth, with his extensive design and construction experience, has been a driving force in turning clients’ dreams into tangible outcomes. The operational team, led by Dean Rascoe and Spencer Roth, works tirelessly to exceed client expectations and ensure smooth project progress. Heath Coxall’s prowess in overseeing construction operations cements the company’s reputation for reliable and high-quality output.

Clients have frequently lauded G.M. Roth Design Remodeling for their professionalism and superior work quality. This is a testament to their meticulous approach to each project and their dedication to employing only top-notch materials and construction techniques. For anyone seeking dependable, high-caliber remodeling services, G.M. Roth Design Remodeling stands out as a definitive choice.

Their dedication to crafting personalized solutions while maintaining an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction sets them apart in the home remodeling industry. This, combined with their award-winning design expertise, makes G.M. Roth Design Remodeling a respected and sought-after contractor for any New Hampshire homeowner aiming to bring their renovation dreams to life. In our evaluation, their unmatched expertise and client-oriented service truly make them a standout in the realm of home remodeling.

Website: https://www.gmroth.com/

Build Savvy, LLC Design-Build-Remodel

When it comes to home renovation in Southern New Hampshire, Build Savvy, LLC truly stands out for its custom remodeling services. They specialize in turning visions into reality, offering everything from comprehensive whole-home makeovers to detailed kitchen and bathroom upgrades. Also notable are their additions, perfect for those needing in-law apartments or ADUs. Their reputation is built on exceptional craftsmanship, reflecting the unique style and vision of each homeowner.

Clients often praise Build Savvy for its professionalism from start to finish. The team ensures stress-free renovations through consistent communication and a well-organized process. This ensures clients are not just part of the journey but in control of it. Their use of only high-quality materials combined with the latest techniques promises durability and satisfaction across all projects.

Build Savvy doesn’t just focus on aesthetics; functionality is a key part of their design philosophy. By aligning renovations with the client’s lifestyle and needs, they create living spaces that are as practical as they are beautiful. Reviews and portfolios display the trust and confidence homeowners have in Joe, Tracy, and their team. For personalized renovations that go beyond expectations, Build Savvy, LLC is a top recommendation.

Comparing Build Savvy, LLC to other contractors in the region, what sets them apart is their balanced blend of creative design, quality execution, and tailored client experience. Unlike some contractors who may specialize in one area, Build Savvy covers a comprehensive range of services, ensuring they can handle any aspect of home renovation. Their commitment to using only the best materials and techniques also places them a notch above in terms of durability and satisfaction.

For homeowners in Southern New Hampshire looking to upgrade their homes with a touch of creativity and precision, Build Savvy, LLC is a standout choice. Their ability to merge aesthetics with functionality, backed by a professional and communicative team, ensures every project is a reflection of the homeowner’s vision and lifestyle.

Website: https://www.buildsavvy.com/

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Home Remodelling Companies in New Hampshire

To ensure our review is thorough and valuable, we’ve adopted a comprehensive research methodology for ranking and comparing the top home remodeling companies in New Hampshire. Our approach consists of several key steps, honed to provide the most accurate and helpful insights for homeowners looking into home renovations.

Criteria for Evaluation

First and foremost, our evaluation hinges on several critical criteria:

  • Quality of Work: We investigate into portfolios and case studies to examine the craftsmanship and finish of completed projects.
  • Customer Feedback: Reviews and testimonials from previous clients provide insights into satisfaction levels and common experiences.
  • Experience and Expertise: We consider the company’s tenure in the business, range of services, and specialty areas to assess their capability to handle diverse projects.
  • Professional Certifications and Awards: Recognitions from industry bodies and awards are indicators of excellence and reliability.
  • Cost Transparency and Value: Companies that provide clear, upfront pricing and demonstrate value for the money score higher in our comparison.

Data Collection Process

Our data collection is both broad and deep, involving:

  • Interviews with past clients to get firsthand accounts of their experiences.
  • Consultations with industry experts to understand what differentiates an average remodeler from an exceptional one.
  • Analysis of online reviews and ratings on trusted platforms to gauge general public opinion.
  • Scrutiny of company websites and portfolios to assess their professionalism, breadth of services, and creativity.

Comparing and Ranking

With the collected data, we compare companies side-by-side based on our evaluation criteria. This helps us gauge not only the absolute performance of a company but also how it stacks up against competitors in New Hampshire. We pay close attention to consistency in quality, customer service, innovation in design, and overall value for money.

By following this meticulous and detailed approach, we aim to offer our readers clear, unbiased, and comprehensive reviews. We believe in empowering homeowners with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions on their home remodeling projects, ensuring they partner with contractors that best fit their needs, budget, and expectations.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Home Remodelling Contractors in New Hampshire

When considering a home remodel, the advantages of hiring professional contractors cannot be overstated. In New Hampshire, with its unique blend of historic homes and modern architecture, selecting the right contractor plays a pivotal role in the success of a renovation project.

Expertise and Experience

Professional remodeling contractors bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. With years of experience, they understand local building codes and regulations—a must for ensuring your project meets all legal requirements. Our top picks, like New England Pro and G.M. Roth Design Remodeling, have demonstrated an ability to navigate these complexities with ease. Their teams are skilled in a variety of tasks, from simple upgrades to complete overhauls, ensuring your project is handled efficiently from start to finish.

Quality of Work

Quality craftsmanship is a hallmark of professional contractors. Companies like Rick Villandry Remodeling and True East Remodeling have built reputations for delivering high-quality finishes that stand the test of time. This not only improves your living space but can also increase the value of your home.


While the initial cost may seem higher, hiring professionals is cost-effective in the long run. These contractors are adept at sourcing materials at competitive prices and avoiding costly mistakes. Build Savvy, LLC, for instance, is praised for its ability to merge functionality with design while keeping budget considerations in mind.


Taking on a remodeling project by yourself can be time-consuming. Professional contractors like those we’ve reviewed manage the entire project timeline, ensuring the work is completed swiftly and within the agreed timeframe. This saves homeowners the hassle of balancing project management with their everyday lives.

Warranty and Assurance

A significant benefit of hiring trusted professionals is the warranty provided on their work. This assures homeowners that any issues arising post-remodel can be addressed without additional costs. Our research has found that companies like G.M. Roth Design Remodeling offer extensive warranties, giving homeowners peace of mind.

In our search for New Hampshire’s best home remodeling contractors, we’ve looked at hundreds of companies. We zeroed in on those that offer the perfect blend of skill, quality, and value—ensuring your home is in good hands.


Choosing the right remodeling contractor in New Hampshire can significantly impact the outcome of your project. We’ve explored some of the best in the business, each bringing their own unique strengths to the table. From the expertise and experience of New England Pro to the cost-effectiveness and time-saving services offered by Build Savvy, LLC, there’s a contractor suited to every need and budget. Remember, investing in a professional means investing in peace of mind, quality, and value for your home. Armed with our insights, you’re now better equipped to make an well-informed choice that’ll bring your dream home to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top home remodeling contractors in New Hampshire?

New England Pro, Rick Villandry Remodeling, True East Remodeling, and G.M. Roth Design Remodeling are some of the top home remodeling contractors in New Hampshire.

What are the benefits of hiring professional contractors in New Hampshire?

Hiring professional contractors in New Hampshire offers benefits such as expertise, experience in the field, high-quality work, cost-effectiveness, time savings, and warranties on their services.

Are there warranties provided by these contractors?

Yes, companies like Build Savvy, LLC and G.M. Roth Design Remodeling provide warranties for their work, ensuring long-term satisfaction.

How were these contractors ranked and compared?

The contractors were ranked and compared based on quality of work, customer feedback, experience in the industry, certifications, cost transparency, and overall value provided to homeowners.

Why is it important to choose a professional contractor for a remodeling project?

Choosing a professional contractor is important because they bring expertise and experience, which ensures the quality of work, efficiency in project completion, and often cost savings by avoiding common mistakes.

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