5 Best Electricians in Rhode Island

When it comes to finding a reliable electrician in Rhode Island, the stakes are high and the choices many. We understand how crucial it is to trust the person who handles the wiring that powers your home or business. That’s why we’ve taken the time to sift through countless options to pinpoint the top five electricians in the Ocean State. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has dedicated hundreds of hours to researching, vetting, and ranking these professionals to ensure you get the best service possible.

We’ve analyzed everything from customer reviews and service offerings to licensing and professional accolades. Our goal? To make your decision as straightforward and informed as possible. Whether you’re renovating your home, tackling an emergency repair, or setting up a new office, our list is designed to connect you with the best electrical expertise in Rhode Island. Join us as we illuminate the path to dependable and skilled electricians who stand out in the field.

M&M Electric, Inc.

M&M Electric, Inc.


M&M Electric, Inc. stands out in Rhode Island for its commitment to excellence and comprehensive service offerings. With decades of experience, this company has established itself as a trusted provider of electrical solutions for both residential and commercial clients.

Services Provided

M&M Electric offers a broad range of services, ensuring they meet all client needs. Their key offerings include electrical installations, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. They specialize in wiring new constructions and remodeling projects, making them a go-to for homeowners and builders alike.

Customer Satisfaction

Clients consistently praise M&M Electric for their professionalism and attention to detail. Reviews highlight the team’s punctuality, clean workspaces, and effective communication. This feedback underscores their reputation as one of the most dependable electricians in the state.

Licensing and Certifications

M&M Electric is fully licensed, and all personnel are highly skilled, holding up-to-date certifications. This assures customers that all projects meet stringent safety and quality standards, giving them peace of mind.

Pricing and Value

When compared to other local service providers, M&M Electric’s pricing is competitive, offering good value for money considering the quality of service and customer care they provide. They offer clear, upfront cost estimates, which helps in making informed financial decisions without hidden surprises.

Summarizing, our examination suggests that M&M Electric, Inc. excels in providing reliable, high-quality electrical services that cater to a wide range of needs. Their strong customer service and competitive pricing make them a top choice for anyone in need of electrical expertise in Rhode Island.

Website: https://www.mmelectricri.com/

Kelco Electric, Inc.

Electrical Contractor

Following our review of M&M Electric, Inc., we turn our attention to Kelco Electric, Inc., another top-notch electrical service provider in Rhode Island. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Kelco Electric stands out for its commitment to providing efficient and reliable electrical solutions.

Website: https://www.kelcoelectricri.com/

Services Offered

Kelco Electric, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet both residential and commercial needs. From simple home electrical repairs to complex commercial projects, their team handles:

  • Electrical inspections
  • Wiring and rewiring
  • Panel upgrades
  • Outdoor lighting installation

Customer Feedback

Clients consistently praise Kelco Electric for their punctuality and professionalism. Reviews often highlight the technicians’ expertise and their ability to explain electrical issues in understandable terms, making customers feel both informed and at ease.

Pricing and Transparency

Kelco is known for its straightforward pricing model. Unlike some competitors, they provide clear, upfront quotes without hidden fees, which helps clients budget effectively for their electrical projects. This transparency is a key factor in their high customer retention rates.

Licensing and Credentials

Kelco Electric, Inc. prides itself on staying up-to-date with the latest electrical standards and certifications. This dedication ensures that all services provided are not only compliant with current regulations but also prioritize safety and efficiency.

Why Choose Kelco?

Choosing Kelco Electric means opting for a reliable partner who values integrity and quality. With their robust service offerings, commendable customer service, and transparent pricing, they make a strong case for being one of the best electricians in Rhode Island.

As we explore the options available across the state, Kelco Electric’s reputation and client satisfaction rate certainly place them high on our list for recommended electricians.

Mister Sparky

Mister Sparky -

Mister Sparky stands out in Rhode Island for its punctuality and customer service. Known as “America’s on-time electrician,” they live up to this claim by offering a unique on-time guarantee. If they’re late, your service is free. This commitment makes them a top choice for timely and reliable electrical services.

Wbsite: https://www.callnec.com/mister-sparky-ri

Customer Experiences

Customers frequently praise Mister Sparky for their professionalism and efficiency. Many reviews highlight the technicians’ ability to explain complex electrical issues in simple terms, ensuring that homeowners understand the services being performed. Positive feedback often notes the respect shown to customers’ properties, such as wearing boot covers and cleaning up any mess made during service.

Services Offered

Mister Sparky provides a full range of electrical services, from standard maintenance and repairs to full system installations. Their expertise includes handling:

  • Circuit breaker replacements
  • Lighting installations
  • Whole-home surge protection
  • Electrical safety inspections

This extensive service list ensures that they can cater to all residential electrical needs.

Pricing and Value

Although their pricing tends to be on the higher end, the value is justified by their guaranteed punctuality, exceptional service quality, and comprehensive service warranties. Customers can also take advantage of their transparent pricing model, which includes detailed quotes before any work begins, avoiding surprises on the final bill.

The combination of reliability, skilled craftsmanship, and robust service offerings makes Mister Sparky a recommended choice for those prioritizing quality and dependability in electrical services in Rhode Island.

Hartman Electrical Services

Hartmann Electrical

Hartman Electrical Services stands out in Rhode Island for their commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. Our research shows they excel in handling both residential and commercial electrical needs. Their team is known for meticulous attention to detail and an impressive commitment to safety standards, which is crucial in the electrical services industry.

Website: https://hartmanelectricalservices.com/

Services Offered

Hartman Electrical Services offers a comprehensive list of services:

  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Full home rewiring
  • Energy-efficient lighting solutions
  • Emergency electrical repairs

Customer Feedback

Customers consistently praise Hartman Electrical Services for their reliability and professionalism. Feedback highlights that Hartman’s electricians are courteous, punctual, and very knowledgeable. They are particularly noted for leaving workspaces clean and for minimal disruption during major installations or repairs.

Pricing and Value

While Hartman’s pricing is competitive, it reflects their high quality of service and the expertise they bring. They provide detailed quotes that help customers understand where their money is going, contributing to a high level of trust and transparency. Many clients perceive this as good value for money considering the peace of mind and quality assurance they receive.

Licenses and Certifications

Hartman Electrical Services is fully licensed and insured, adhering strictly to local and national electrical codes and standards. Their electricians regularly undergo training to stay updated on the latest safety protocols and technologies.

Hartman’s strong standing in Rhode Island’s electrical services sector is well earned. They combine technical proficiency with exemplary customer service, making them a dependable partner for electrical solutions. Their dedication to safety and education ensures they remain a top choice among residents and businesses seeking reliable and skilled electricians.

Toner Electric Company

Electrical Contractor - Middletown, RI ...

Toner Electric Company distinguishes itself in Rhode Island for its innovative solutions and customer-centric approach. This seasoned electrical service provider caters to both commercial and residential projects, featuring an impressive array of services. From routine electrical maintenance to more complex system installations, Toner Electric shows a broad capability spectrum.

One notable strength is their responsiveness. Clients often highlight how prompt the company is in addressing emergency calls, a crucial trait for urgent electrical issues. Also, their technicians’ professionalism and meticulousness in following safety procedures stand out. Toner Electric invests in continuous training for their team, ensuring they are adept with the latest electrical standards and technology.

In terms of project diversity, Toner Electric is adept at handling new construction electrical setups, major renovations, and system upgrades. Noteworthy is their specialization in smart home technology installations, which are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners seeking modern conveniences and energy efficiency.

Here’s a snapshot of what customers appreciate about Toner Electric Company:

  • Quick Response Time: They offer prompt service, often vital during electrical emergencies.
  • Professionalism: Staff is not only skilled but also courteous and respectful of properties.
  • Advanced Skill Set: Capable of implementing cutting-edge electrical solutions.

Pricing at Toner Electric is competitive, bearing in mind the high standard of service delivered. Their transparency in billing and detailed quotes also helps clients trust their pricing structure, which aligns with the high-quality results they provide.

Though their services might command a premium compared to some local competitors, the value is considered justified given their comprehensive service offerings, high customer satisfaction rates, and reliability in both scheduled and unscheduled scenarios.

Summarizing, Toner Electric Company is a trusted name in Rhode Island’s electrical sector, revered for its expert handling of a variety of electrical needs, adept customer relations, and a forward-looking approach in adopting new technologies.

Website: https://www.tonerelectric.com/

How We Ranked The Best Electricians in Rhode Island

When deciding how to rank the best electricians in Rhode Island, we focused on several key factors that influence both the quality of service and customer satisfaction. Here’s a breakdown of the criteria we used:

Criteria for Evaluation

  1. Customer Reviews and Feedback: Feedback from real customers carries significant weight. We thoroughly analyzed online reviews and testimonials to gauge overall satisfaction.
  2. Range of Services: We evaluated the variety of services offered by each electrician. Those providing a wider range of services, including cutting-edge technologies like smart home installations, scored higher.
  3. Punctuality and Responsiveness: How timely the electricians responded to service calls and their punctuality at job sites were crucial factors. Electricians like Mister Sparky who are known for their punctuality received a higher ranking.
  4. Professionalism and Expertise: Professional conduct and depth of electrical knowledge were assessed. Toner Electric Company, noted for their professionalism and expertise, especially in smart home technology, stood out.
  5. Licenses and Certifications: Proper credentials ensure that an electrician is qualified to perform electrical work. We verified licensing to ensure compliance with state regulations.
  6. Safety Standards and Practices: Given the nature of electrical work, adherence to safety protocols is essential. Companies like Hartman Electrical Services that excel in safety were rated favorably.
  7. Pricing and Value for Money: Affordability coupled with quality service was a deciding factor for many customers. We considered overall cost-effectiveness when ranking each electrician.

Data Collection

We employed a combination of direct customer feedback, service analysis, and operational efficiency assessments. We also looked into various third-party review platforms and checked with Rhode Island’s state licensing board to confirm the credentials and standing of each electrician.

Continuous Monitoring

Our rankings are not static; we continually update them based on new information and customer feedback. This dynamic approach ensures that our rankings reflect the current market conditions and service standards, helping potential customers make well-informed decisions when choosing an electrician.

Reasons To Hire a Professional Electrical Contractor in Rhode Island

When considering updates or installations in your home’s electrical system, hiring a professional electrical contractor in Rhode Island offers numerous benefits. Here are the main reasons why:

Safety First

The primary reason we stress hiring professionals is safety. Electrical work is hazardous. Without proper training and tools, it can result in serious accidents or fires. Professional electricians in Rhode Island are trained to handle these dangers efficiently. Companies like Hartman Electrical Services are noted for their commitment to safety, ensuring that all work meets stringent safety standards.

Quality of Work

Professional electricians bring quality and reliability. They are certified and understand the complexities of electrical systems, from simple wiring to smart home technology installations. For instance, companies like Toner Electric Company offer innovative solutions to modernize your electrical setups efficiently, ensuring long-term functionality without frequent issues.

Compliance with Regulations

In Rhode Island, electrical work must comply with local and national electrical codes. Professional electricians are updated on these regulations, which helps prevent legal troubles that could arise from non-compliance. For example, M&M Electric, Inc. is recognized for their adherence to these regulations, providing peace of mind alongside their electrical services.

Effective Problem Solving

Professional contractors, like those at Mister Sparky, who are known for their punctuality, also bring a wealth of experience that allows them to identify and solve electrical issues swiftly. This expertise can save you time and reduce the risk of potential problems in the future.

Cost Efficiency

While it might seem counterintuitive, hiring professionals can actually be cost-effective. They can get the job done right the first time, preventing costly mistakes and future repairs. Kelco Electric, Inc., with its focus on providing quality services at competitive prices, exemplifies how professional services can offer long-term savings.

By ensuring to work with reputable and skilled electricians highlighted in your area, you’re investing in safe, efficient, and durable electrical solutions for your home.


Choosing the right electrician is crucial for ensuring the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical systems. We’ve explored some of the top electricians in Rhode Island who not only meet but exceed expectations with their professionalism and innovative approaches. Whether you need a standard electrical maintenance check or a complex smart home setup you’re in good hands with any of the professionals we’ve discussed. Remember investing in quality electrical services not only enhances your home’s functionality but also its safety. Trust in these experts to guide you through any electrical challenge with ease and confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some of the top electrical service providers in Rhode Island?

M&M Electric, Inc., Kelco Electric, Inc., Mister Sparky, and Hartman Electrical Services are reputable electrical service providers in Rhode Island. They are known for their experienced services and positive customer feedback.

What makes Mister Sparky stand out from other providers?

Mister Sparky is recognized for its punctuality and offers a broad range of electrical services. This makes them a reliable choice for timely and diverse electrical needs.

Why is Hartman Electrical Services known for safety?

Hartman Electrical Services emphasizes safety standards in all their projects, making them a top choice for homeowners who prioritize safe electrical solutions in their properties.

What innovative solutions does Toner Electric Company offer?

Toner Electric Company specializes in smart home technology installations and is known for their innovative, customer-centric approach to electrical solutions.

Why is it important to hire professional electrical contractors in Rhode Island?

Hiring professional electrical contractors in Rhode Island ensures compliance with regulations, effective problem-solving, and cost efficiency. Reputable contractors like those mentioned provide safe, efficient, and durable electrical solutions for homes.

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