5 Best Basement Remodeling Contractors in Vermont

We all know that transforming a basement can breathe new life into a home, adding valuable living space and boosting property value. But finding the right contractor for the job in Vermont can be a challenging job. That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation for you. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has spent hundreds of hours researching and vetting local contractors to bring you the top five basement remodeling experts in the Green Mountain State.

We’ve scrutinized portfolios, read customer reviews, and checked credentials to ensure that you get reliable and high-quality service. Whether you’re dreaming of a cozy family room, an efficient home office, or a vibrant entertainment area, these professionals have the skills to turn your basement ideas into reality. Let’s jump into the essentials of choosing the best contractor for your remodeling project, making your decision an informed and straightforward one.

Vermont Renovation and Remodeling

When it comes to enhancing your living space, particularly your basement, selecting a top-notch contractor in Vermont is crucial. We have identified five of the best basement remodeling contractors who stand out for their exceptional skills and reliability.

1. Green Mountain Basement Solutions

Green Mountain Basement Solutions excels in transforming basements into vibrant living areas. Their use of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient practices not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves the sustainability of your home. Clients praise their punctuality and meticulous attention to detail.

2. Maple Leaf Renovators

Known for their craftsmanship, Maple Leaf Renovators bring a touch of elegance to every project. They specialize in both modern and traditional designs, ensuring that your basement matches the overall style of your house. Their clients often highlight the team’s professionalism and the smooth communication throughout the project duration.

3. The Basement Crafters

The Basement Crafters are renowned for their innovative solutions and custom designs. Whether you want a home theater, a playroom, or an extra bedroom, they deliver with creativity and precision. Reviews frequently mention their ability to stick to budget and deadlines, making them a reliable choice.

4. Vermont Home Spaces

Vermont Home Spaces focuses on maximizing the functionality of your basement. They offer various services, from simple renovations to complete transformations. Customers appreciate their adaptive approach and the functionality of the spaces created, which perfectly fit the needs of any family.

5. Alpine Basement Finishing

Alpine Basement Finishing stands out for their fast execution and high-quality finishes. They are particularly noted for their thorough clean-up after project completion, which leaves you with a ready-to-use space. Their efficiency and the quality of the finished product receive high marks from clients.

Each of these Vermont contractors brings something unique to the table. From sustainable practices to custom designs, they ensure that your basement remodeling is handled with expertise and care, increasing both the comfort and value of your home.

Website: https://vermontrenovationandremodeling.com/

Clar Construction

When selecting a contractor for basement remodeling in Vermont, Clar Construction stands out for its comprehensive service and expert guidance. Since 2004, we have specialized in transforming spaces with a focus on custom solutions such as decks, custom cabinetry, and built-ins alongside basement remodels. Our commitment to clients is evident through every stage—from initial consultation to project completion.

Detailed Planning and Commitment to Quality

We pride ourselves on detailed upfront planning. Clients appreciate knowing the cost and detailed plans before any work begins. This transparency helps in managing expectations and ensures there are no surprises. Our designs are meticulously crafted to meet specific client needs and preferences, making each project uniquely personalized.

Integrated Team Approach

Our locally owned and operated team functions seamlessly, providing reliability and exceptional craftsmanship. The integration of production partners, vendors, and office staff under one roof enhances our project efficiency and coherence. This approach ensures that every aspect of the project aligns perfectly with the client’s vision.

Performance and Client Satisfaction

Clients of Clar Construction often highlight our adherence to budget and timelines, which are crucial for the successful completion of basement remodeling projects. Our finished basements not only enhance the comfort and value of homes but are also praised for their aesthetics and functionality. The quality of our work is reflected in the enduring materials and finishes we use, as well as the skilled hands that craft them.

Overall, our disciplined, client-centered approach and comprehensive planning make us a top choice for basement remodeling in Vermont. The consistency in our project outcomes and client testimonials speak to our capability and reliability in delivering high-quality, customized living spaces.

Website: https://clarconstruction.com/

Green State Builders, LLC

When it comes to basement remodeling in Vermont, Green State Builders stands out with its unique team-based approach. We pride ourselves on our in-house team, which includes Master Carpenters, a Master Plumber, and a Master Electrician. This means that from the initial design through to the final touches of paint, every part of your basement remodel is handled by seasoned experts, ensuring cohesion and high-quality results.

Green State Builders, LLC is particularly suited for clients who are looking for an all-inclusive service. Given that we manage all aspects of kitchen and bath renovations seamlessly under one roof, clients can expect similar excellence when remodeling their basements. Our capabilities extend beyond simple renovations to include complex electrical systems and intricate plumbing work, all done without the need to subcontract. This not only speeds up the project timeline but also maintains consistency in the quality of work delivered.

Our services include a free in-office consultation, allowing us to discuss your vision and requirements without any initial financial commitment. For those who wish to understand the specifics of what the project entails, an in-home consultation is available for $125. This session is crucial for tailoring the design to the specific nuances of your space and starts the concrete planning process.

Besides, for a comprehensive approach, we offer a customized design package starting from $500. This package includes a preliminary estimate, helping you budget effectively for the scale of your basement project.

Choosing Green State Builders means opting for a streamlined, transparent, and thoroughly professional experience. We dedicate ourselves to transforming your basement into a dynamic and valuable part of your home, enhancing both its utility and appeal.

Website: https://www.greenstatebuildersvt.com/

Vt Custom Remodeling

When it comes to basement remodeling in Vermont, VT Custom Remodeling stands out for their meticulous craftsmanship and personalized service. Specializing in residential construction and remodeling, VT Custom Remodeling brings a wealth of experience to each project, ensuring their work not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

Expertise and Specialization

VT Custom Remodeling offers comprehensive services that cover all aspects of basement remodeling. From initial design to final touches, they handle every detail with precision. Their expertise includes custom carpentry, transforming bare basements into functional living spaces, be it home offices, playrooms, or entertainment areas. They are particularly noted for their exquisite staircases, which can become the centerpiece of a newly remodeled basement.

Quality and Materials

We observe that VT Custom Remodeling uses high-grade materials, ensuring that the beauty of their work lasts for years. Whether it’s the durability of the tiles used in flooring or the sturdiness of the wooden stairs, the quality of materials stands up to the demands of daily life. This commitment to quality materials significantly enhances the overall durability and aesthetics of the remodeled areas.

Client-Centered Approach

Clients often appreciate VT Custom Remodeling’s dedication to understanding and fulfilling their individual needs. The team’s approach is hands-on, working closely with homeowners to tailor every aspect of the project to the client’s taste and functional requirements. This personalized interaction not only sets them apart but also often leads to high customer satisfaction and ongoing relationships.

Price and Value

While VT Custom Remodeling may not be the least expensive option in Vermont, the price reflects the personalized service and high-quality outcome. They offer a good balance between cost and value, which is a crucial factor for many homeowners investing in long-term home improvements.

Performance Comparison

Compared to other contractors like Green Mountain Basement Solutions and Alpine Basement Finishing, VT Custom Remodeling excels in custom solutions and client engagement. While others might focus on more standardized remodels, VT Custom Remodeling thrives in creating unique, tailored spaces that reflect the homeowner’s personality and needs.

Summarizing, when looking for a contractor that offers thorough involvement and outstanding craftsmanship in basement remodeling, VT Custom Remodeling is a noteworthy choice. Their attention to detail and robust project management result in both aesthetic appeal and functional enhancements to your home.

Website: https://vtcustomremodeling.com/

Horizons Home Renovation, Llc

Horizons Home Renovation, LLC stands out as a leading choice for basement remodeling in Vermont. They are known for their exceptional attention to detail and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. With years of experience in the industry, Horizons Home Renovation has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality workmanship and reliable services.

Diverse Services Offered

We find that Horizons offers a comprehensive range of remodeling services. From simple makeovers to complete transformations, they handle every aspect of basement renovations. This includes plumbing, electrical work, insulation, and custom carpentry. Their ability to manage all elements of a project simplifies the process for homeowners, which is a significant advantage.

Client-Centric Approach

Clients have consistently praised Horizons Home Renovation for their dedication to meeting individual needs and preferences. They actively involve homeowners in the decision-making process, ensuring that the final outcome aligns with the client’s vision.

Quality of Work

One of the most impressive aspects of Horizons Home Renovation is the quality of their work. They use high-grade materials and modern techniques to ensure durability and aesthetics. Their projects not only enhance the visual appeal of a space but also its functionality, adding significant value to the property.

Cost Efficiency

When it comes to pricing, Horizons offers competitive rates that correlate well with the quality and scope of their services. They provide transparent quotes and detailed contracts, avoiding any hidden costs. This transparency in pricing helps clients plan their budgets more effectively, making Horizons a good choice for those looking for value for money.


Overall, Horizons Home Renovation, LLC excels in delivering personalized and high-quality basement remodeling services. Their expertise, coupled with a genuine concern for client satisfaction, makes them a preferred contractor in Vermont for homeowners looking to enhance their basement spaces.

Website: https://www.hhrenovation.com/

How We Rank & Compare Basement Remodelling Companies in Vermont

When we evaluate basement remodeling contractors in Vermont, we focus on several critical factors that shape our rankings and comparisons. Here’s a closer look at our methodical approach to ensure our readers receive transparent and practical guidance in choosing the right contractor for their needs.

Experience and Reputation

We start by assessing the years of experience each company has in the remodeling industry, specifically with basements. Companies like Horizons Home Renovation, LLC and VT Custom Remodeling have built strong reputations through years of delivering quality work and maintaining high customer satisfaction rates. Their long-standing presence in the industry often translates to a deeper understanding and better execution of basement remodeling projects.

Quality of Workmanship

We inspect portfolios and user testimonials to gauge the standard of workmanship each contractor offers. High-quality results consistently seen in projects by Clar Construction and Alpine Basement Finishing indicate their dedication to excellence. We also consider the variety of projects completed, looking for innovation and attention to detail.

Customer Service

Understanding how contractors communicate and support their clients through the remodeling process is essential. Companies like Green State Builders, LLC, and Vermont Home Spaces are noted for their excellent client communications, ensuring homeowners are involved and satisfied throughout the process.

Cost Efficiency

We compare the overall value—considering both service quality and cost. Contractors providing detailed, transparent quotes and competitive pricing while maintaining high-quality outcomes rank higher in our evaluations. We balance affordability with quality to recommend builders who deliver both, like Maple Leaf Renovators.

Comprehensive Services

Our ranking favors companies offering extensive services, from initial assessments and custom design to construction and finishing touches. A comprehensive approach, as seen with Clar Construction and VT Custom Remodeling, simplifies the process for homeowners and provides a seamless remodeling experience.

By weighing these factors, we ensure a fair and detailed comparison that helps our readers make informed decisions when choosing a contractor for their basement remodeling needs in Vermont.

Benefits of Hiring Basement Remodeling Contractors in Vermont

When remodeling a basement in Vermont, hiring specialists like the ones we’ve discussed can bring significant advantages. Even though Vermont’s unique climate challenges, such as cold temperatures and potential moisture issues, local contractors are well-equipped to handle these specific conditions, ensuring durable and long-lasting renovations. Here are the crucial benefits of working with Vermont’s top basement remodeling contractors:

Expertise in Local Building Regulations

Contractors in Vermont are familiar with local building codes and regulations. This knowledge ensures that all renovation work is compliant, minimizing risks of non-compliance penalties. With professionals like Vermont Home Spaces and Alpine Basement Finishing, you get peace of mind knowing every aspect of the construction meets local standards.

Comprehensive Services from Start to Finish

From initial design consultation to final touches, Vermont’s contractors like Horizons Home Renovation, LLC, and VT Custom Remodeling offer all-encompassing services. This turnkey solution simplifies the remodeling process, saving time and reducing stress for homeowners. Also, these contractors frequently provide customizable options tailored to each client’s specific needs, making every basement space efficient and uniquely personal.

High-Quality Materials Adapted to Climate

Vermont contractors prioritize the use of materials that can withstand local weather conditions. For instance, Green Mountain Basement Solutions and The Basement Crafters use moisture-resistant materials that are essential in cold and damp environments. This not only ensures the longevity of your basement but also enhances its energy efficiency, which is critical in maintaining manageable heating costs during Vermont’s chilly winters.

Enhanced Property Value

A well-executed basement remodel can significantly increase a home’s market value. Contractors like Maple Leaf Renovators focus on both aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that your remodeled basement appeals to potential buyers if you plan on selling your home. Their expertise can transform a basic basement into a striking feature that stands out in the real estate market.

By appointing experienced and knowledgeable contractors, Vermont homeowners can achieve high-quality, compliant, and stylish basement spaces that offer both immediate satisfaction and long-term benefits.


Choosing the right contractor for your basement remodeling project in Vermont is crucial. We’ve explored some of the best options available, each offering unique strengths and specialized services. Whether you’re drawn to the comprehensive services of Clar Construction, the meticulous craftsmanship of VT Custom Remodeling, or the client-centered approaches of Horizons Home Renovation, there’s a contractor ready to meet your specific needs. By selecting a skilled and experienced team, you’ll ensure that your basement transformation is not only compliant with local regulations but also beautifully executed to enhance your home’s value and functionality. Trust in these professionals to bring your vision to life with precision and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some top contractors for basement remodeling in Vermont?

Green Mountain Basement Solutions, Maple Leaf Renovators, The Basement Crafters, Vermont Home Spaces, and Alpine Basement Finishing are highly recommended for basement remodeling in Vermont. Additionally, Clar Construction and Green State Builders, LLC are noted for their comprehensive services and client-centered approaches.

What makes VT Custom Remodeling stand out among Vermont contractors?

VT Custom Remodeling is distinguished by its meticulous craftsmanship and personalized service. They are renowned for their custom solutions and strong client engagement, making them a top choice for bespoke basement remodeling projects.

What unique approach does Green State Builders, LLC offer?

Green State Builders, LLC utilizes a team-based approach with in-house experts in basement remodeling. This allows them to handle every aspect of a project internally, ensuring consistency and quality throughout the renovation process.

What advantages do Vermont homeowners have by hiring local remodeling contractors?

Local Vermont contractors provide expertise in addressing regional building regulations, which is crucial for compliance and safety. Their use of high-quality materials suited to the local climate and the potential for increasing property value through professional and stylish basement remodels are significant advantages.

How does Horizons Home Renovation, LLC excel in its services?

Horizons Home Renovation, LLC is known for its exceptional attention to detail and client-centric approach. Their commitment to high-quality workmanship positions them as a leading choice for homeowners looking for reliable and meticulous basement remodeling services in Vermont.

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