5 Best Interior Designers in West Virginia

Transforming a space into a personalized sanctuary isn’t just about choosing the right furniture or color palette; it’s about capturing the essence of those who live there. That’s why finding the right interior designer is crucial, especially in a place as rich with history and natural beauty as West Virginia. We’ve scoured the state, tapping into local expertise and assessing countless portfolios to bring you the top five interior designers in West Virginia.

Our team at HomeSpot HQ dedicated hundreds of hours to research, ensuring that our recommendations are not only based on aesthetic excellence but also on client satisfaction and innovation. We understand that our readers look for reliable, insightful advice that stands out from the rest. So, whether you’re looking to revamp your cozy mountain home or infuse modern charm into your historic townhouse, our guide is crafted to help you make an informed choice, connecting you with the best local talent that West Virginia has to offer.

Yeager Design & Interiors

Yeager Design & Interiors (YDI) has established itself as a pinnacle of interior design excellence in West Virginia. With a vast showroom spanning over 4,000 sq. ft. located at 168 Great Teays Blvd., Scott Depot, WV, YDI offers a rich array of unique furniture, decor, and lighting that appeal to both residential and commercial clients.

One of the standout features of YDI is their flexibility in service offerings. They are not only equipped to handle any scope of work with their in-house installation and contractor teams, but they are also willing to collaborate closely with contractors provided by clients. This ensures that every design reflects the individual tastes and needs of their clients, making each project truly personalized.

Client satisfaction at YDI is notably high, which is a testament to their detailed and client-focused approach. From the initial design consultation, which is available upon request, to the final installation, every step is handled with precision and a deep commitment to quality. The staff’s expertise and attentiveness help in making the design process seamless and enjoyable for clients.

Also, YDI’s physical presence through their brick-and-mortar showroom allows clients to experience their design aesthetics and quality firsthand before making a decision, adding a layer of trust and assurance to the investment. Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm, and Saturdays until 5 pm, their doors are open for inspiration.

In comparison to other top interior designers in West Virginia, YDI stands out with their extensive showroom, comprehensive services, and client-centric approach, making them a top choice for anyone looking to transform their space in West Virginia.

Website: https://yeagerdesignandinteriors.com/

Stemple Interiors, LLC

When seeking an interior design firm in West Virginia that offers a blend of professionalism and creative flair, Stemple Interiors, LLC is a commendable choice. Owned and spearheaded by Shayla Stemple, a West Virginia University alumnus, this firm has carved a niche in providing personalized and innovative interior solutions.

Website: http://stempleinteriors.com/

Expertise and Experience

Shayla’s extensive experience includes roles like running the Interior Design Department at Omni Associates – Architects before founding this company in 2018. Her intimate familiarity with both commercial and residential projects allows her to tackle any design challenge with unique insight and customization.

Design Philosophy

Stemple Interiors prides itself on creating spaces that truly reflect the client’s style and needs. Their philosophy, “Creating a Space That Fits YOU,” ensures that each project is not only about aesthetics but also about functionality, budget, and timely delivery. This approach results in interiors that are tailored and transformative.

Client-Centric Approach

Their commitment to client satisfaction is paramount. Stemple Interiors engages clients at every step, ensuring their input and preferences are central to the design process. This collaborative approach helps in creating spaces that clients love and resonate with, making Stemple Interiors a preferred choice among homeowners and business owners alike.

Services Offered

Equipped to handle diverse needs, from new constructions and major renovations to simple room updates, Stemple Interiors offers flexibility across various project sizes and requirements. Importantly, this adaptability does not compromise the quality or the creative expression that Shayla and her team bring to each project.


For those in West Virginia looking to redefine their spaces, Stemple Interiors combines practical experience with creative customization, making them a top-tier choice for comprehensive and client-focused interior design solutions. Their transparent, inclusive, and client-centered service model stands out in a field often challenged by one-size-fits-all solutions.

The Design Center, LLC-Sue Marks

When considering interior design in West Virginia, The Design Center, LLC, led by Sue Marks, stands out for its bespoke and client-focused approach. Founded in 1996, this firm demonstrates a profound commitment to reflecting each client’s unique tastes and personality, rather than imposing a specific style.

Website: https://www.thedesigncenterllc.com/

Personalized Design Services

With a vast array of services ranging from simple consultations to full-scale home remodeling, The Design Center ensures flexibility to meet diverse client needs. Whether it’s choosing the right color palette, furniture, or custom window treatments, Sue Marks and her team provide expertise and guidance every step of the way. They excel in transforming spaces to feel completely personalized and tailored to the client’s vision.

Expertise and Recognition

Sue Marks is not only the founder but the driving force behind The Design Center’s success. As a member of the Interior Design Society and holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management/Design, her qualifications are robust. Over the years, Sue has garnered multiple awards from the Frederick County Maryland Builders Association, demonstrating her skill and creative vision.

Client-Centric Approach

The Design Center prioritizes a collaboration that makes clients feel part of the process. This approach is evident in their strategy of engaging clients from the initial consultation, ensuring their ideas and expectations shape the project outcome. Even more, their flexibility in scheduling (with by-appointment service that respects clients’ time) and project budgeting shows a clear respect for client needs and circumstances.

Achievements and Reliability

The evidence of The Design Center’s excellence is not just in awards but also in the testimonies of numerous satisfied clients. They effectively use space and resources to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of a space, making them a reliable choice for anyone looking to reinvent their home or commercial space.

For those seeking an interior designer who respects their budget, style, and time, The Design Center, LLC under Sue Marks’ guidance is an exemplary choice in the tri-state area.

Remarkable Interiors

Following notable design firms like The Design Center, we now turn our focus to Remarkable Interiors, another key contender in the realm of West Virginia’s top interior design services. Remarkable Interiors stands out for their innovative approach and commitment to integrating client preferences with contemporary design trends.

Website: https://remarkableid.com/

Portfolio and Design Aesthetic

Remarkable Interiors showcases a diverse portfolio that spans residential to commercial projects, demonstrating their flexibility and creative reach. Their design aesthetic is particularly noteworthy for its harmonious blend of modern and traditional elements, making each space not only beautiful but also highly functional. The attention to detail in their use of space and color sets them apart.

Customer-Centric Service

What truly defines Remarkable Interiors is their dedicated customer service. They ensure a deeply personalized experience by actively involving clients in the design process. This approach allows clients to feel more connected to the transformation, resulting in interiors that genuinely reflect their personalities and needs.

Expertise and Professionalism

With a team led by seasoned designers, Remarkable Interiors offers expertise that covers every aspect of interior design, from initial concept to final execution. Their professionalism is evident in how they handle each project with meticulous care, adhering to project timelines and budget constraints, which assures clients of their reliability.

Transparency and Communication

They maintain transparency in every interaction, providing clients with updates and accommodating changes with ease. This level of communication enhances the overall client satisfaction and trust, marking Remarkable Interiors as a top choice for anyone looking to elevate their space in West Virginia.

To conclude, Remarkable Interiors earns its spot among West Virginia’s elite interior design firms through a strong portfolio, client-focused services, and a seamless blend of style and functionality. Their commitment to client satisfaction and high standards of professionalism make them a compelling choice for diverse interior design needs.

Suzanne Perilli Designs

As we venture further into the realm of top-tier interior design studios in West Virginia, Suzanne Perilli Designs rightfully claims its spot. Nestled in Historic Downtown Lewisburg, this full-service studio is not just about creating spaces; it’s about tailoring environments that reflect the unique lifestyle of every client.

What sets Suzanne Perilli Designs apart is their broad spectrum of design aesthetics. From the serene, Pastel Chic resort living to the robust ambiance of Mountain Lodge decor, their portfolio is a testament to their versatility and creative depth. The studio handles both residential and commercial projects, implementing distinctive design elements that stand out in settings ranging from posh doctor’s offices to sprawling resorts.

Practicality and beauty go hand in hand in their projects. For instance, one of the Florida homes designed by Suzanne features stunning ombre cornice boards from Osborne & Little, showcasing an effortless blend of function and style. This attention to detail and the ability to customize designs per client’s preferences underscore their superiority in the field.

Also, Suzanne Perilli Designs isn’t just about aesthetics. They prioritize functionality, ensuring that every design is livable and meets the day-to-day needs of the client. This reflects their deep understanding of interior design not just as an art but as a crucial part of everyday life.

Their commitment to client satisfaction is evident from their transparent communication and punctuality, aligning them with client expectations right from the conceptual stage to the final touches. This client-centric approach fosters trust and results in spaces that are not only visually appealing but also perfectly aligned with the client’s vision and requirements.

To conclude, Suzanne Perilli Designs continues to be a benchmark of excellence and creativity in West Virginia’s interior design landscape, effectively balancing client desires with impeccable design execution.

Website: http://suzanneperillidesigns.com/

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Interior Design Companies in West Virginia

When ranking and comparing interior design companies in West Virginia, we employ a detailed and systematic approach to ensure fairness and accuracy. Our methodology revolves around several key factors that collectively determine the quality, reliability, and overall excellence of each firm. Here’s a breakdown of our evaluation process:

  1. Client Reviews and Testimonials: We begin by gathering and analyzing client feedback from multiple sources. This includes direct testimonials, online reviews, and ratings from reputable industry websites. These insights help us understand how well each company meets client expectations in real-world projects.
  2. Portfolio Analysis: We thoroughly examine the portfolio of each interior design firm. Our focus is on diversity of design, creativity, and how well each project aligns with the client’s vision. Attention to detail, innovative use of space, and aesthetic appeal are crucial markers of a designer’s expertise.
  3. Service Scope and Specialization: We assess the range of services offered by each firm. This includes full-service design, project management, and bespoke solutions. Special attention is given to firms that offer unique specialties like eco-friendly designs or historically accurate renovations, which cater to niche market needs.
  4. Industry Experience and Team Expertise: Longevity in the interior design industry often translates to a wealth of experience. We consider the background and qualifications of the team members, specifically looking for certified and award-winning professionals who bring proven skills to the table.
  5. Local Market Understanding: As local nuances play a significant role in interior design, we evaluate each firm’s knowledge of West Virginia’s style trends and local materials. This ensures the firm can seamlessly integrate local aesthetics into contemporary designs.
  6. Accessibility and Customer Service: Responsiveness to client inquiries and the ability to communicate clearly and promptly are tested by interacting with the firms directly. This helps us gauge the customer service experience potential clients might expect.
  7. Pricing Transparency and Value: We compare pricing models among the top firms to determine which offer the best value for money. Transparent pricing without hidden fees is key in our evaluation.

By applying these rigorous criteria, we strive to provide an objective, comprehensive, and insightful ranking that helps prospective clients choose the right interior design partner in West Virginia. Each firm is given a score based on its performance in these areas, which we then use to compile our list of the top five interior designers in the state.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Designer in West Virginia

When choosing to enhance or renovate our living spaces, hiring a professional interior designer in West Virginia can bring a plethora of benefits that go beyond just aesthetics. Here, we outline the key advantages.

Expertise and Knowledge

Professional designers are equipped with specialized knowledge about spatial arrangements, color schemes, and materials that suit different environments. For instance, designers like those at Yeager Design & Interiors, have mastered the art of blending functionality with style to create spaces that are not only beautiful but also practical for everyday use. Their expertise ensures that every inch of space is utilized well, often leading to innovative solutions that might not have been considered otherwise.

Time and Stress Reduction

Taking on the task of redesigning a home can be overwhelming. This is where professionals come in handy. They handle all phases of the design process from concept to completion, thereby reducing the stress and time we need to invest. Companies like Stemple Interiors, LLC offer full management of projects, which includes dealing with contractors and ensuring deadlines are met, making the remodeling process smoother and more enjoyable for us.

Cost Efficiency

While it seems counterintuitive, hiring a designer can actually save money. Professionals have access to a wider range of resources, often at a lower cost due to industry connections. For example, The Design Center, LLC, led by Sue Marks, is known for its cost-effective approach without compromising on quality or style. By avoiding costly mistakes and efficiently managing budgets, interior designers can keep the project within financial constraints.

Local Industry Insight

Interior designers in West Virginia possess valuable insight into the local trends, climate, and available resources. This regional knowledge ensures that designs are not only trendy but also appropriate for the local environment. For example, Suzanne Perilli Designs prioritize sustainable practices and materials that are well-suited to West Virginia’s climate, advocating for designs that are both modern and environmentally conscious.

Choosing to work with a professional interior designer in West Virginia helps us attain a tailored, cohesive look while ensuring that all aspects of the design process are handled efficiently. Their breadth of knowledge, efficiency in project management, cost-saving strategies, and local insights provide tangible benefits that greatly enhance the overall outcome of our projects.


Choosing the right interior designer in West Virginia can significantly enhance your space and lifestyle. We’ve explored some of the best in the state, each offering unique strengths from full project management to cost-effective, tailored solutions. Whether you’re looking to blend style with functionality or need insights into local trends, these professionals have you covered. Trusting your project to one of these top designers not only saves time and stress but also ensures a polished, cohesive look tailored to your needs. Let their expertise transform your environment into a place you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top interior design firms in West Virginia?

The top interior design firms in West Virginia include Yeager Design & Interiors, Stemple Interiors, LLC, The Design Center, LLC led by Sue Marks, and Suzanne Perilli Designs. These firms are known for their client-focused approaches and transformative designs tailored to fit clients’ lifestyles.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer in West Virginia?

Hiring a professional interior designer in West Virginia offers multiple benefits such as expert design knowledge, time and stress reduction, cost efficiency, and valuable local industry insights. These professionals ensure that the design is both functional and stylish, meeting the specific needs and preferences of the client.

How do professional designers like those at Yeager Design & Interiors deliver value?

Professional designers at Yeager Design & Interiors deliver value by blending functionality with aesthetics. This approach ensures that every space is not only beautiful but also fully utilizable, enhancing the overall usability and appeal of the environment.

What services do companies like Stemple Interiors, LLC offer?

Stemple Interiors, LLC offers full project management services, overseeing a project from initial design concepts through to final installation. This comprehensive service ensures a seamless process for clients, as every aspect of the interior design project is handled professionally.

How does The Design Center, LLC, led by Sue Marks, manage costs?

The Design Center, LLC, under the leadership of Sue Marks, focuses on cost-effective approaches without sacrificing quality or style. They utilize strategic planning and resource management to optimize expenses while achieving desired design outcomes.

Why is local industry insight important in interior design?

Local industry insight, as demonstrated by Suzanne Perilli Designs, is crucial because it ensures that designs are not only trendy but also appropriate and sustainable within the local environment. This insight allows designers to create spaces that truly resonate with the local culture and climate conditions.

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