5 Best Interior Designers in Idaho

In our quest to uncover the hidden gems of the home service industry, we’ve turned our attention to the scenic state of Idaho, renowned not just for its potatoes but also for its burgeoning interior design scene. We understand how daunting it can be to sift through endless options in search of that perfect designer who can transform your space into a reflection of your personality and style. That’s why our team at HomeSpot HQ has dedicated hundreds of hours to research, meticulously combing through portfolios, client testimonials, and design accolades to bring you the crème de la crème of Idaho’s interior design talent.

We’re excited to share our findings with you, highlighting the 5 best interior designers in Idaho who stand out for their creativity, expertise, and ability to turn houses into homes. Whether you’re looking for a modern makeover, a rustic retreat, or a blend of both, our carefully curated list is your gateway to making your interior design dreams a reality. Join us as we investigate into the heart of Idaho’s design excellence, ensuring you’re well-equipped to make an well-informed choice for your next home project.

Peace of Mind Interior Design and Home Organization

When looking for top-notch interior designers in Idaho, Peace of Mind Interior Design and Home Organization stands out. With over two decades of experience, they truly understand the essence of making a space both functional and beautiful. They offer a wide range of services that cater to various needs, whether it’s a kitchen or bath remodel, office organization, or getting a property Airbnb-ready.

One of the key attributes that set them apart is their geographical reach. Serving areas like Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, and McCall means they are accessible to a broad audience. Their expertise isn’t just limited to design; they offer professional packing and unpacking services, which are invaluable for those moving.

Their projects reflect a deep understanding of the struggle many face in balancing work, parenting, and home management. By focusing on customized solutions, they manage to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. This personalized approach ensures that each project is unique and addresses the specific needs of their clients.

Affordability is another significant advantage of opting for Peace of Mind. They operate with low overhead costs, allowing them to offer competitive rates without compromising on quality. This makes high-quality interior design and home organization services accessible to a wider audience, ensuring that more people can enjoy the benefits of a well-organized and beautifully designed space.

Compared to other designers in Idaho, Peace of Mind Interior Design and Home Organization distinguishes itself by offering a holistic service package. Whether it’s for a home, office, or rental property, they have the skills and experience to tackle projects of any scale. Their commitment to alleviating the overwhelm for their clients through expert design and organization makes them a top choice for anyone looking to enhance their living or working environments.

Website: https://www.peaceofmindcreate.com/

Lisa Jane Co. – Interior Design

Following the insightful introduction to Peace of Mind Interior Design and Home Organization, we now turn our focus to another standout firm in Idaho’s vibrant interior design scene: Lisa Jane Co. This firm, spearheaded by the exceptionally talented Lisa Jane, brings a fresh perspective to both residential and commercial design projects. With a solid foundation in interior design from her academic studies in Salt Lake City, Utah, Lisa Jane offers a blend of professionalism and personalized service that sets her firm apart.

Website: https://lisajaneco.com/

Comprehensive Approach

Lisa Jane Co. prides itself on a holistic design process that starts with an initial consultation and extends to the final installation. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the project reflects the client’s vision and needs. The firm’s collaboration with architects and builders, along with its meticulous project management, guarantees that design solutions are not only creative but also practical and sustainable.

Personalized Services

What truly sets Lisa Jane Co. apart is the firm’s dedication to delivering personalized services. Lisa Jane has an innate ability to understand her clients’ desires and transform these into space that aligns with their vision. Weekly communication updates add a layer of transparency and collaboration, deeply valued by clients.

Professionalism and Trust

The professionalism exhibited by Lisa Jane and her team, combined with their expertise in space planning, has earned the firm high praise and trust from clients. Past projects showcase an impressive level of creativity and care, directly reflecting Lisa Jane’s commitment to elevating spaces to their full potential.

When comparing Lisa Jane Co. to other interior designers in Idaho, it’s evident that this firm offers a unique combination of a thorough understanding of client visions, exceptional communication, and a polished final product. These elements make Lisa Jane Co. a highly recommended choice for those seeking a refined and tailored design experience. The firm’s focus on education and collaboration stands out, providing clients not just with a service, but with an enriching design journey.

MK Interiors, LLC

Following the insights into Peace of Mind Interior Design and Home Organization and Lisa Jane Co., we’re excited to bring MK Interiors, LLC into the spotlight. Known for their expert residential design services, MK Interiors transitions spaces in Eagle, Boise, Meridian, and surrounding areas of Idaho into stylish and functional havens. Their focus is not just on creating visually appealing rooms but also ensuring that every design element enhances livability according to the client’s needs.

Website: https://www.mkinteriorsboise.com/

Expertise and Services Offered

MK Interiors stands out for its comprehensive range of services, from new build selections to complete home makeovers. Their meticulous approach to design plans and walk-throughs guarantees the functionality and form of every space, matching the client’s vision. Mood boards from MK Interiors are particularly helpful, allowing clients to visualize and make confident decisions about their space.

Tailored Design Approach

Clients praise MK Interiors for the personalized designs that cater to individual needs, whether it’s a home office or a great room. Their portfolio of before and after transformations is a clear testament to their dedication towards creating comfortable, functional, and beautiful spaces. What sets them apart is their commitment to capturing the client’s style and personality in their designs.

Efficient Sourcing and Communication

The organized sourcing and procurement process of MK Interiors streamlines the selection of furniture and styling items, making the design process seamless and efficient. Their no-fluff approach ensures that every design element has a purpose. Also, clients value their clear communication, making the journey to a beautifully designed home more accessible and enjoyable.

In comparison to other interior designers in Idaho, MK Interiors, LLC offers a unique blend of tailored service, expert design, and efficient process management. Their ability to understand and execute client’s visions with a detailed, organized approach sets them apart, offering value that goes beyond the price, making them a preferred choice for residential design services in Idaho.

Sonia Barney Design

After exploring several top-tier interior design options in Idaho, we’re excited to spotlight Sonia Barney Design. Located in Idaho Falls, this firm emerges as a beacon of innovation and understanding in the world of interior design. With over 20 years of experience at the helm, Sonia Barney herself has curated a team adept at merging functionality with luxury. Here’s why we believe Sonia Barney Design should be on your radar.

Website: https://www.soniabarneydesign.com/

Expertise and Specialization

One of the standout features of Sonia Barney Design is its diverse range of services. From detailed cabinetry design to overseeing full-service interior projects, the firm demonstrates a meticulous approach to every aspect of design. Specializing in creating custom spaces that reflect personal style and passion, Sonia Barney Design moves beyond standard finishes, promising spaces that tell a unique story.

Tailored Design Process

The firm’s ability to craft serene environments, especially suitable for families with specific needs, like Sonia’s own experience with her two autistic sons, greatly adds to its appeal. This personal touch ensures a stress-free and customized design experience. Clients have lauded the firm for its creativity, excellent organization, and consistent communication throughout the design process.

Functionality Meets Luxury

Sonia Barney Design stands out for steering clients away from common pitfalls and towards solutions that are both cost-effective and visually stunning. Emphasizing the balance between luxurious aesthetics and practical functionality, the firm excels at transforming living and workspaces into sanctuaries of comfort and productivity.

Client Satisfaction

Client feedback highlights the firm’s reliability and ability to exceed expectations. The dedication to not just meeting but surpassing client needs makes Sonia Barney Design a highly recommended choice among interior design firms in Idaho.

Summarizing, if you’re looking to elevate your space with a blend of luxury, functionality, and personalization, Sonia Barney Design offers a compelling option. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and a stress-free design journey positions them as a premier choice in Idaho’s interior design landscape.

Kirsten Brockner Interiors

Continuing our exploration of the best interior designers in Idaho, we turn our attention to Kirsten Brockner Interiors. With a reputation for excellence, this firm stands out for its client-centered approach and stunning, functional designs. Kirsten, hailing from Idaho, brings over 20 years of experience to the table, making her a formidable force in the interior design world.

Kirsten’s background is impressive. After earning her degree in Interior Design from BYU-I, she has honed her skills to specialize in creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also immensely practical for families. This focus on family-oriented designs sets her apart in a crowded field, ensuring that each project she undertakes enhances the quality of everyday living.

One of the standout features of Kirsten Brockner Interiors is the personalized service. The journey begins with a complimentary call, allowing Kirsten to fully understand her clients’ visions and preferences. This initial consultation paves the way for a design process that’s both engaging and stress-free for the homeowner. It’s this meticulous attention to client needs that has garnered widespread praise for Kirsten’s work.

Her portfolio is a testament to her versatility and expert eye. From kitchen remodels that marry functionality with style to cozy family rooms designed for relaxation and togetherness, Kirsten’s projects reflect a deep understanding of what makes a house a home. Also, her access to a broad network of suppliers means she’s always at the forefront of industry trends, able to bring fresh ideas and the best materials to her clients’ doorstep.

In comparison with other interior designers in Idaho, Kirsten Brockner Interiors offers a blend of experience, personalized service, and a keen focus on creating family-friendly spaces. This makes her a top choice for those looking to transform their homes into a reflection of their style and needs, without the overwhelm commonly associated with such projects.

Summarizing, if you’re seeking an interior design solution in Idaho that combines innovation, client-focused service, and a deep commitment to creating livable, beautiful spaces, Kirsten Brockner Interiors is a standout option. Her process, designed to minimize stress and maximize satisfaction, ensures that every project reflects the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle, making Kirsten a leading choice in the Idaho interior design scene.

Website: https://kirstenbrocknerinteriors.com/

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Interior Design Companies in Idaho

When we jump into evaluating the top interior design companies in Idaho, we don’t just skim the surface. We have developed a comprehensive research methodology that ensures each firm is analyzed extensively and fairly. Here’s a deeper look into our evaluation process.

Personalized Services

First, we evaluate how personalized the services are. Personalization is key to achieving a dream space that reflects one’s lifestyle and preferences. We’ve observed Kirsten Brockner Interiors offering a complimentary call to understand clients’ visions, which stands as a benchmark in personalization. Companies that show a genuine intention to dive deep into clients’ needs are rated higher.

Innovative Design Approaches

Innovation drives the interior design industry forward. We assess each company’s ability to incorporate innovative design solutions tailored to the Idaho lifestyle. We noted that firms like Peace of Mind Interior Design and Lisa Jane Co. lead in this area, offering creative and out-of-the-box solutions.

Experience and Portfolio Versatility

A rich history and a versatile portfolio speak volumes. We jump into the years of experience and the range of projects each firm has undertaken. Kirsten Brockner’s 20 years of creating family-oriented spaces set a high standard. We look for evidence of versatility and expertise in handling different design challenges.

Access to Suppliers and Materials

The breadth of a designer’s network can significantly influence the project’s outcome. Access to a wide variety of suppliers and materials allows for a more tailored and unique design solution. Our review takes into account how well-connected each firm is within the industry, which directly impacts the quality and exclusivity of the designs.

Client Feedback & Satisfaction

Nothing speaks louder than client satisfaction. We thoroughly review customer testimonials, ratings, and feedback. Positive client experiences with stress-free design processes, as highlighted by customers of Kirsten Brockner Interiors, provide crucial points in our evaluation.

Pricing and Value

Understanding the value proposition is essential. We analyze how each company positions itself in terms of pricing and the quality delivered. Firms that offer exceptional design value without compromising on quality score highly in our ranking.

Commitment to Functional, Livable Designs

Finally, we highlight firms’ commitment to creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also highly functional and livable. Kirsten Brockner Interiors’ focus on family-friendly spaces exemplifies this commitment. We value designers who prioritize functionality without sacrificing aesthetics.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Designer in Idaho

When we look at transforming a space into a place that feels like home, the expertise of a professional interior designer becomes invaluable. In Idaho, where the blend of natural beauty and community warmth is essential, hiring a professional interior designer offers several benefits that directly impact the quality of living and aesthetic appeal of our homes. Here, we break down why investing in such expertise is a smart choice.

Saves Time and Alleviates Stress

One of the biggest advantages we have found is the time and stress that professional designers save. They handle every aspect of the design process, from conceptualization to final touches. This means we don’t have to juggle finding contractors, sourcing materials, or managing timelines. Interior designers streamline the entire process, allowing us to focus on our daily lives without the added pressure of overseeing a design project.

Access to Exclusive Resources and Vendors

Interior designers in Idaho have access to a wide network of exclusive resources and vendors. These contacts are not readily available to the general public. By leveraging these relationships, designers can find unique furnishings, fabrics, and materials that elevate the design of a space. This access also often comes with trade discounts, which can help manage overall project costs.

Customization and Personalized Services

Personalization stands at the heart of top Idaho interior design firms. These professionals go beyond cookie-cutter solutions, offering designs that reflect our personal style and functional needs. The designers’ attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the space is thought out and tailored to suit our lifestyle. Whether it’s incorporating family heirlooms or ensuring the design is child-friendly, a personalized approach makes our home truly ours.

Professional Assessment and Increased Home Value

Bringing a professional perspective into our homes can reveal possibilities we never imagined. Interior designers conduct a thorough assessment of the space and propose solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Also, a well-designed home by a professional not only enhances our immediate enjoyment but can also increase the property’s market value. It’s a win-win situation.

Achieving a Cohesive Look

Capturing a cohesive look throughout the home can be challenging. Interior designers excel in creating a harmonious design that flows smoothly from room to room. Their expertise in color theory, spatial arrangements, and styling ensures that the entire home feels united in design while still allowing each room to express its unique character.


Choosing the right interior designer in Idaho can transform your home into a personalized retreat that reflects your style and meets your family’s needs. From Kirsten Brockner Interiors’ focus on creating family-friendly and stress-free environments to the myriad benefits that professional designers bring to the table, it’s clear that investing in interior design services is a worthwhile decision. They not only save us time and grant access to exclusive resources but also enhance our homes’ value and ensure a cohesive aesthetic. Let’s embrace the expertise of Idaho’s finest interior designers to craft spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Kirsten Brockner Interiors stand out among Idaho’s interior design firms?

Kirsten Brockner Interiors is distinguished by its focus on creating family-friendly spaces with personalized designs. They emphasize a stress-free design process, tailoring their services to meet the unique needs of each client.

How can hiring a professional interior designer in Idaho save time?

Professional interior designers have the expertise to manage the design process efficiently, from concept to completion. They save clients time by handling all aspects of the design project, including dealing with vendors and contractors.

What are the benefits of accessing exclusive resources through interior designers?

Interior designers have access to exclusive resources and vendors, offering clients unique furnishings, fabrics, and materials that aren’t available to the general public. This access can significantly elevate the quality and uniqueness of your home’s design.

How do interior designers in Idaho personalize their services?

Interior designers in Idaho tailor their designs based on each client’s personal style and functional needs. They offer customized solutions, ensuring that the space not only looks stunning but also fits the lifestyle and preferences of the homeowner.

Can professional interior design increase my home’s value?

Yes, professional interior design can enhance your home’s value. Designers conduct professional assessments that contribute to a cohesive and attractive look, making your property more appealing to potential buyers and increasing its market value.

What is the importance of a cohesive look in home design?

Achieving a cohesive look throughout your home is crucial for aesthetic harmony and functionality. Interior designers ensure that all elements of a space—from color schemes to furniture layout—work together seamlessly, enhancing the overall feel and flow of your home.

How do interior designers enhance the functionality of a home?

Interior designers enhance a home’s functionality by carefully planning spaces to meet the specific needs of its occupants. They consider factors such as traffic flow, furniture placement, and storage solutions, making the home more comfortable and user-friendly.

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