5 Best Interior Designers in Michigan

Transforming a house into a home is an art, and finding the right artist is crucial. In Michigan, where the landscape is as diverse as its people, the quest for the perfect interior designer can seem daunting. That’s where we come in. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has dedicated hundreds of hours to meticulously research and analyze the best in the business, ensuring you don’t have to navigate this journey alone.

We’ve sifted through countless portfolios, scrutinized client testimonials, and evaluated project outcomes to bring you a curated list of the 5 best interior designers in Michigan. Our goal? To connect you with professionals who not only understand your vision but can turn it into a reality, making your space a true reflection of you. So, whether you’re remodeling a cozy cottage on the lakeshore or giving a city loft its edge, our handpicked selections are sure to inspire and impress.

Patricia Interiors, LLC

When it comes to exceptional interior design in Michigan, Patricia Interiors, LLC stands out for its outstanding commitment to quality and personalized service. Their team combines classic and contemporary styles brilliantly, making any space not just elegant but highly functional. This blend is perfect for those looking to add a sophisticated yet modern touch to their homes.

One of the key strengths of Patricia Interiors is their attention to detail. Every aspect of their design process is meticulously handled, ensuring that each space reflects the personality and lifestyle of their clients. This tailored approach has garnered praise from customers across the board. Their professionalism is consistently highlighted in reviews, with many appreciating how their spaces turn into harmonious interiors that truly feel like their own.

Another point that sets Patricia Interiors apart is their adeptness at translating client visions into reality. They possess a deep understanding of different preferences and styles, which allows them to craft spaces that clients love. Their portfolio, showcased on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram, speaks volumes about their capability to deliver both beauty and satisfaction.

Their craftsmanship is noteworthy. With a strong focus on quality, Patricia Interiors ensures that every project they undertake is executed with the finest materials and finishes. This commitment to excellence is evident in the longevity and durability of their designs, making them a wise choice for anyone looking to invest in their space.

In comparison to other interior designers in Michigan, Patricia Interiors, LLC provides a unique balance between aesthetic appeal and functional design. Their ability to listen and adapt to client needs, combined with their expert craftsmanship, makes them a top contender. If you’re in search of a design team that will go above and beyond to personalize your space, Patricia Interiors, LLC is undoubtedly a great pick. Their track record of satisfied clients and beautifully designed homes places them high on our list of the 5 Best Interior Designers in Michigan.

Website: https://patriciainteriorsllc.com/


In our search for the top interior designers in Michigan, Pophouse truly stands out. Based in Detroit, they’re not just about creating beautiful spaces. They focus on making environments that feel good to be in. This detail matters because design is about more than just looks. It’s how a space makes you feel.

Pophouse’s work has caught nationwide attention. They’ve been praised by Interior Design Magazine, bagging the Best of 2022 award for the Rock Ventures project and Best in Design 2023 for Rocket Mortgage Marketing. These accolades are not just for show. They highlight Pophouse’s skill in marrying form and function with each project.

One thing we admire about Pophouse is their commitment to integrating clients’ stories into their designs. This approach transforms standard offices into personalized workspaces. Their work on the Translation Headquarters, which won the Detroit Design Award for Office Space, is a perfect example. This project shows how they elevate everyday areas into inspiring environments.

Experts in the field commend Pophouse for their ability to blend artistic vision with practicality. Their upcoming projects, The Jackson and Bottom Creek, North Branch, are eagerly awaited, showing their ability to innovate and look ahead.

For anyone in Michigan looking to elevate their space, Pophouse is a top contender. Their projects do more than just fill a space. They enhance productivity and well-being, making them not just designers but partners in creating spaces that work for you. Their focus on the human experience, backed by industry recognition, sets them apart in a crowded field. Whether it’s a commercial or residential space, Pophouse tailors its approach to meet the unique needs and personalities of its clients, making each project a bespoke masterpiece.

Website: https://pophouse.design/

Navy Lane Design

After diving into the details of what makes a great interior designer in Michigan, it’s hard not to be impressed by Navy Lane Design. Led by the talented Jennie, this firm stands out for transforming visions into reality. Known for making design processes smooth, Jennie brings her real estate development experience to the table, which significantly benefits her clients.

Website: https://www.navylanedesign.com/

Unique Design Philosophy

Navy Lane takes a bold step away from the conventional with their design philosophies. One striking example is their approach to kitchen designs, avoiding upper wall cabinets. This choice not only modernizes the space but also creates an open and airy feel. It’s a testament to Jennie’s commitment to tailored design, ensuring each project suits the homeowner’s style and needs.

Client-Centric Approach

Clients have nothing but praise for Navy Lane. John and Karen’s story highlights the firm’s expertise in handling both new builds and redesigns seamlessly. The focus is always on the client’s vision, ensuring a personalized touch in every corner. This bespoke approach makes Navy Lane a preferred choice in West Michigan and beyond.

Attention to Detail

Our review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the meticulous attention to detail. Jennie’s hands-on approach guarantees that no detail is too small, from the initial planning stages to the final touches. This precision is evident in their portfolio, showcasing diverse projects that all bear the hallmark of quality and innovation.

User-Friendly Experience

Finally, the user-friendly website, crafted by Kylie Buss, reflects Navy Lane’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction. It’s easy to navigate, offering potential clients a glimpse into the firm’s philosophy and projects. This level of accessibility and transparency is crucial in building trust with future clients.

In comparison to others in the industry, Navy Lane Design holds a distinctive place. Their commitment to unique design solutions, client satisfaction, and meticulous attention to detail sets them apart. For those seeking a personalized and stress-free design journey, Navy Lane is undoubtedly a top contender in Michigan.

HG Makeovers

Following the creative footprints of Pophouse and Navy Lane Design, HG Makeovers shines as a beacon of interior design excellence in Michigan. Known for striking the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetic allure, HG Makeovers stands out for its innovative approach to enhancing living spaces. Let’s jump into what makes this firm a top pick for those seeking to elevate their home’s ambiance.

Website: https://hgmakeovers.com/

Tailored Design Services

At the heart of HG Makeovers is the belief that every space has potential. Their consultation and design services are not one-size-fits-all but rather meticulously tailored to bring out the unique essence of your home. The complimentary interior design discovery call is a standout feature. It’s a golden opportunity for clients to glimpse the transformative impact HG Makeovers can have on their space.

Innovative Approaches

What sets HG Makeovers apart is their dedication to innovation. Their recent projects showcase a capacity not just for designing spaces but for reimagining them. Be it a cozy apartment or a sprawling estate, the team excels in transforming ordinary interiors into captivating, functional living environments. This attention to detail and creativity places them at the forefront of interior design solutions.

Personalized Touch

The soul behind HG Makeovers, Hollie G, brings a personalized touch that’s rare in the industry. Her journey and passion for design translate into each project, offering a blend of authenticity and professional expertise. This personal connection not only inspires trust but also ensures that every space reflects the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle.

Accessibility and Focus

Located conveniently in Bloomfield Hills, MI, HG Makeovers is accessible and committed to making your design journey seamless. Their results-focused approach guarantees that every consultation leads to tangible, aesthetic, and practical enhancements to your home. Choosing HG Makeovers means partnering with a team dedicated to transforming your living space into your dream home.

In comparison to others in Michigan, HG Makeovers’ blend of personalized service, innovative design, and heartfelt dedication positions them uniquely. Whether you’re looking to refresh a single room or undertake a whole-house makeover, HG Makeovers offers a compelling case for why they should be your go-to interior design partner in Michigan.

Davis & Davis Interior Design

Following the vibrant presentations of Pophouse, Navy Lane Design, and the personalized touch of HG Makeovers, we turn our focus to Davis & Davis Interior Design. This firm has definitively marked its presence in Michigan’s interior design landscape. Known for their masterful balance between function and aesthetics, Davis & Davis Interior Design has a rich portfolio that beautifully showcases their expertise in creating spaces that not only look stunning but also enhance the user’s experience.

Their work spans a wide range of projects, from commercial venues like O’Hare International Center I and retail spaces such as Snipes, to private residences and community-focused designs including Cranberry Park and the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan headquarters. This variety in their project scope highlights their adaptability and innovative approach to design solutions.

What sets Davis & Davis apart is their award-winning design for a Private Residence at the 18th Detroit Design Awards. This accolade is a testament to their commitment to excellence and their ability to craft spaces that resonate with quality and aesthetic sophistication. Their design philosophy centers on elevating the human experience through meticulous planning and creative execution.

Plus, their recognition in significant publications such as Great Lakes by Design and DBusiness Magazine, which featured team member Jamie Jordan’s promotion to partner, underlines the industry respect and credibility they have earned over the years. Such mentions reiterate their standing as thought leaders in the design community.

Experts laud Davis & Davis for their consistent innovation and functionality in design. Their approach not only makes spaces visually appealing but also significantly impacts usability and satisfaction for the people using them. The firm’s commitment to assembling a talented team ensures that clients receive unparalleled service and outcomes, firmly establishing Davis & Davis Interior Design as a top choice in Michigan for anyone looking to transform their space.

Their values, team ethic, and proven track record in delivering award-winning designs make Davis & Davis Interior Design a compelling option amongst Michigan’s best interior designers. This firm undoubtedly shines with its focus on creating meaningful, impactful design solutions that prioritize client satisfaction and design quality.

Website: https://www.davisinteriordesign.com/

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Interior Design Companies in Michigan

When evaluating the best interior design firms in Michigan, our approach is meticulous and data-driven. We prioritize transparency in our review process, ensuring our readers have a clear understanding of how we differentiate and rank these esteemed companies. Here, we’ll outline the criteria and methods we use to assess and compare interior design firms, highlighting our commitment to providing well-rounded and informative insights.

Comprehensive Portfolio Reviews

We start by examining the portfolios of each firm. Portfolios reveal a firm’s style range, creativity, and experience in handling diverse spaces. We look for projects that demonstrate innovative solutions and personalization, reflecting the client’s personality and functional needs.

Client Feedback and Testimonials

Client reviews offer invaluable insights into a firm’s reliability, customer service, and ability to deliver on promises. We consider both positive and negative feedback, focusing on how firms handle challenges and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Awards and Recognitions

Achievements in the form of awards or recognition by reputable industry bodies serve as a testament to a firm’s expertise and excellence in design. We give weight to these accolades as they reflect peer and public acknowledgment of a firm’s skills and innovations.

Service Range and Specializations

The scope of services and areas of specialization are crucial factors. We assess whether firms offer comprehensive services, from consultation to project completion, and their expertise in specific design aspects or types of spaces, ensuring they cater to a wide variety of client needs.

Price Versus Value Analysis

Understanding the value proposition of each firm is essential. We compare their pricing against the quality of work and the range of services offered. This analysis helps identify firms that provide exceptional value for money, balancing cost with quality.

Our goal is to empower our readers with the knowledge to choose the interior design firm in Michigan that best suits their aesthetic preferences, functional needs, and budget. By following this research methodology, we ensure our rankings and comparisons are fair, detailed, and most importantly, useful for anyone looking to transform their space.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Designer in Michigan

When looking to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of a space, hiring a professional interior designer in Michigan offers significant advantages. We’ve observed first-hand how the right expertise can transform an area, making it more aligned with the user’s lifestyle and personality. Below, we jump into the key benefits.

Tailored Design Solutions

One major advantage is the ability to receive tailored design solutions. Michigan’s top interior designers, like Pophouse and Navy Lane Design, excel in creating personalized spaces that reflect the unique preferences and needs of their clients. From bespoke furniture pieces to custom layout plans, they ensure every detail complements the homeowner’s lifestyle.

Access to Exclusive Resources

Professional interior designers have access to a wide range of exclusive resources and vendors not readily available to the public. This includes high-quality materials, furnishings, and décor. By leveraging these resources, designers like HG Makeovers and Davis & Davis Interior Design can introduce unique elements that elevate the space’s overall aesthetic and functionality.

Time and Budget Management

Efficient time and budget management is another crucial benefit. Professional designers have the expertise to manage a project from conception to completion, ensuring timelines and budgets are adhered to. Their experience allows them to anticipate potential issues and address them proactively, saving both time and money in the long run.

Enhanced Property Value

Investing in professional interior design can significantly enhance the property’s value, an essential aspect for homeowners in Michigan considering future resale. A well-designed space not only attracts potential buyers but can also command a higher price, making it a wise investment.

Stress Reduction

Undertaking a design project can be overwhelming. Professional designers alleviate this stress by handling the intricacies of the project. With firms like those mentioned above, clients can enjoy a seamless process, from the initial design concepts to the final touches, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Summarizing, hiring a professional interior designer in Michigan offers a comprehensive suite of benefits, from customized design solutions and exclusive resources to efficient project management and stress reduction. For those looking to elevate their space, choosing a seasoned professional from Michigan’s top interior design firms can be a transformative decision.


Choosing the right interior designer in Michigan is a transformative decision that can elevate your space to the next level. With the firms we’ve highlighted, from Pophouse to Davis & Davis Interior Design, you’re equipped with a guide to some of the best talent in the state. Their commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and exceptional design solutions stands out. Whether you’re looking for a complete makeover or subtle enhancements, these professionals offer the expertise and resources needed to achieve your vision. Trusting your project to one of these top interior designers means investing in a seamless, stress-free process with results that are sure to impress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some top interior design firms in Michigan?

Pophouse, Navy Lane Design, HG Makeovers, and Davis & Davis Interior Design are among the top interior design firms in Michigan. These firms are recognized for their innovative and customer-oriented design solutions.

How were these interior design firms ranked?

The interior design firms were ranked based on a comprehensive evaluation of their portfolios, client feedback, receipt of awards, the range of services they offer, and their overall value proposition to clients.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer in Michigan?

Hiring a professional interior designer in Michigan provides several benefits, including access to tailor-made design solutions, exclusive resources, efficient time and budget management, an increase in property value, and a significant reduction in the stress associated with home renovations or designing.

Why is hiring from Michigan’s top interior design firms considered a transformative decision?

Hiring from Michigan’s top interior design firms is considered transformative because it leads to customized design outcomes, efficient project management, and a stress-free experience, all of which culminate in enhanced living or working spaces that meet or exceed client expectations.

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